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  2. Discover the Secrets to Becoming a Confidently Attractive Man
  3. So what happened!?

I pass all of their tests. I am the true alpha. Having frame just happens to be the easiest things to accomplish. In other words, being overwhelmingly rich and not insane could get you laid, regardless of if you're a beta or not. There are women who openly call their boyfriends beta cowards, which makes me believe that a woman can fuck a man even if she thinks he's a beta, if you're doing overwhelmingly well in the other areas.

If she's broke as shit and is about to get evicted, then walks in MR moneybags, she's going to get wet. It's just not the most optimal path. You can get laid, it just won't be like the movies. Being beta doesn't mean you'll die a virgin. It depends on the situation and you cannot affirm such things. I have a friend who is 6'3, has a great face, and is naturally in great shape. Never hit the gym until a month ago, but has always been naturally muscular.

He's almost 19, and since he has no idea how to talk to girls, he hasn't ever kissed one. Lol I'm 6'6 and 19 and am similar to that friend of yours. Only difference is I realized how bad I am with woman and now I'm on my way to fucking them. This man is "ugly". Over history, women have chosen a more than they've chosen b. That's why "ugly" men make up the vast majority of the male population, while "beautiful" men are rare. One man's 10 is another man's I would add the frame that girls are girls irregardless of their being blessed by physical attractiveness.

This applies even to the hottest of the hot. That's not the point, it doesn't matter which eye. The point is so you focus on staring at her eyeball and not on the anxiety of eye contact. And I would further add: It creates a smoldering sexual vibe. Yeah, I should have bailed at this point too. Went further into fantasy island as things continued. It is basically a summary of a lot of the RSD crap. If women would rather fuck weak handsome men than dominant ugly ones, ugly men would have been bred out of existence by the remorseless logic of natural selection.

Instead, we see the opposite. This indicates that throughout our evolution, the female humans who chose to mate with men based on preferences which superseded facial symmetry out-survived those who cared about looks alone. Maybe it turns out that in the jungle, having Ghenghis Khan as a husband is a lot more likely to keep you safe than shacking up with Justin Bieber. While your OP had a lot of ways of thinking that were good for self esteem or frame or whatever , like just being enough, this is BS imo. Firstly, bad looks don't always come from parents.

They are affected by age of conception, environment in the womb, environment up until puberty, and sometimes just freak mistakes of genetics. Secondly, women act towards good looking men in exactly the same way as men act towards good looking women. Character, 'frame', wealth, status, etc all become secondary. Good looks make all of us 'weak at the knees', reason goes out of the window and instinct takes over. There are countless examples of this, either with people catfishing on tinder with a good looking profile acting like complete prats and still getting a number, or twattish, narcissistic youtubers taking their shirt off for 'a prank' and still getting adoring looks.


Even in my own, and I suspect most people's experience, we all remember the ease in which good looking mates could simply ask and get with a minimum of effort. It sucks, but it's true. No, because in the past women needed men in their lives in order to survive.

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And even today, ugly women can still have sons, and they don't get bred out the ugly women, not their sons. Maybe it turns out that in the jungle , having Ghenghis Khan as a husband is a lot more likely to keep you safe than shacking up with Justin Bieber. Highlighted the important bit there. We don't live in the jungle anymore, in case you didn't notice. Your limbic brain is still programmed to the challenges of the ancestral environment environment the jungle whether you like it or not.

On the other side motor vehicles kill more than 10, times more people than their arachnid and reptilian rivals. How many people have you heard of with a phobia of cars? Cars are useful though. A phobia of cars would be an evolutionary disadvantage, even though they're dangerous. Most people don't have a phobia of fire either, because it's more useful than it is dangerous. I think a crucial element is missing from how to build this frame. You must have a reliable "pack" of comrades who will have your back when times get rough.

I really think this is the essence of frame: You can't defy biology. If you're not strong, your mind will know it, and it will deliberately force you to defer to stronger men and act submissive to avoid conflicts. Someone mentioned it recently in another post: The only way to really overcome this fear is to get strong.

More specifically, you need high testosterone levels as well as strength. That is the biological basis of having a stronger frame. I've read most of the posts here and have also authored some of the top ones and routinely answer questions PM'd to me. I can say without reservation that this is probably the most usable and therefore valuable post ever on TRP and OP has written down my belief and experience word for word.

This also should help move TRP away from the "new way to approach" and "top 10 game tricks" style posts to "change yourself" type posts. The only tidbit I would add is: The opposite of confidence is anxiety and if you are more relaxed than the girl, that will look like super-confidence to her. I actually liked this a lot. It's very logical when you think about it. It's super easy for me to talk to any girl when i'm drunk but that doesn't happen when i'm sober unfortunately. Besides the ones you've already mentioned..

It doesn't matter what you say. It's how you say it. Talk about a Burger King wrapper someone littered. Just do it with fun confidence. A solid opener I saw recently on the seduction subreddit is "Are you as interesting as you look? Personally, I tend to just walk up to the girl with relaxed dominant body language and good posture, make solid eye contact as in: This is standard boring "getting to know you" type conversation. What do you do, where do you go to college, etc. Friends in common, hobbies, interests.

Challenge the girl by teasing her about something. Demonstrate sexual intent by complimenting her about something. Girls never get bored of it. Other than that, just wing it. What you say isn't all that important. Learn to "vibe" with people in a natural way -- letting the conversation spontaneously emerge, rather than needing to go in there with something prepared. Text game is a different animal. Personally I would focus on gaming her properly in real life.

Women aren't evolved to choose mates on the basis of text conversations, so if a girl isn't standing directly in front of you there's about a zero percent chance of moving things forward. When she's at an emotional high, lead her to come get a drink with you after college or whatever.

If you don't have a needy vibe, then never. The way this was once explained to me is as follows:. Imagine that you're at college studying engineering. Suddenly, you get a call from Jeff Bezos, asking you personally to come work for him at the highest levels at Amazon. You stutter down the phone that you'll have to think about it. Obviously, you want the job but don't want to appear desperate, and you're overwhelmed by how much responsibility you would have. He says that's fine. He proceeds to call you every few days over the coming weeks, asking if you've made your decision and continuing to highlight the ways he thinks the job will be a great fit for you.

He clearly is the higher value person in the situation. Theres a girl im trying to plate from uni, and shes always giggly and happy around me, responds well, even texts, but everytime I try to set something up she becomes really flakey. I think you're a funny guy and I like all the attention you pay me, but kindly walk back into the Friendzone that you just tried to walk out of. She is now free to pursue a relationship, er, "plate-ship" with you. Fact is if a really handsome guy approaches a woman, this whole "shit-testing to the max" does not really apply, as they are more compliant.

Whats your take on that? If she's in his league, then sure, she'll plow the road for him, but if he's too far above her, she will often reject him as a preemptive strike, because she realizes she's just a pump-n-dump. Most women "know" subconsciously how attractive a man her beauty can hold, whereas men will swing for the fences, because that's what we do. Honestly I think this is the best guide in this genre I've ever read, at least in recent memory.

The buttery slide analogy in your blog post was fantastic as well. Keep up the great work. So a strong frame is all it takes, huh? Listen, it's true the hottest women date all types. Sometimes they date hot male models. Sometimes they date low-life gangstas or drug dealers. Sometimes they date rich old men. But they're never going to date an average guy because of his "strong frame.

This is not what I see in real life. This is what exists in the theoretical bubble you've created in your mind an in attempt to boil pickup down to one easy thing. Let's deal in reality. That's what women look for. You need to be perfect in one of those categories or above average in all of them to have a chance with the hottest women.

Even the average women these days. Ok, here's the reality. Our minds are wired in such a way that we will find confirming evidence everywhere to support what we already believe. This is called confirmation bias. If you believe like I once did , that women are ONLY attracted to looks-height-money-status, you'll see confirming evidence for that everywhere, while unconsciously blocking out any evidence that contradicts it.

This is how normal brains work. I have found that viewing attraction as if it is purely about frame gets me better results than viewing attraction as if it's purely about status. And if one lens through which to view of the world gives me happiness and sex and pleasure, and the other one doesn't, then I'll choose to see reality through the first lens. This post explains what worked for me. But you don't have to adopt my lens of viewing the world if you don't want to.

It's a free country. This is maybe the most blue pill comment I have read on this sub in months. What's your amazing seduction method, whiner? Anyone who has a seduction method obviously are not getting laid. People, not just women, can tell an organic personality vs a guy who has obviously researched pick up tricks.

This particular article reads as a little rapey with the whole rejection isn't really rejection bullshit. Haven't had sex in 4 years and my life has never been better I'm dead serious on both counts. What I lose there I make up for in a myriad of ways. Mentally and physically I have never been better. I'm 7 for 7 on chicks over at my place so far for anyone wondering. First time over, all of them with clothes off within the first hours. This advice is trash i'm sorry but I gotta say it. The best quick real advice I've ever seen for you guys to read would be the 16 commandments of poon google it.

No offense, but this looks more like "Abussive women are ok because it's all TRP in the end, you are just a cuck libtard who doesn't get it" self-delussion than actual advice. If she says "Oh, you are such a player, I bet you say the same to all the girls" she is shit-testing you. If she sets you on fire, she is a crazy psycho. No shit test, no bullshit. Its her fault, it's not yours for not being "manly enough".

They are very good and valid advices, but if taken in it's entirety, this can be read as an "always be alert because life is a total chaotic war". Nah man, sometimes I wanna relax with a girl. If she shit-test me, I will go with another who actually prefers to talk about random shit before fucking wildly. Wow, this was actually very helpful. Yeah, that was personally the big insight for me that took me years of approaching to finally get. Glad you got the main message I was trying to drive.

I'm building a red pill media company. That requires that I build an audience. Building an audience requires that I offer value to people. So right now, I do that by writing about my experience with game. I'm starting to see reading comprehension suffers on this sub. Like the previous commenter, I have had one successful relationship after another since I was 17 and I am in my most fulfilling one yet. Dude, get over yourself. That is laughably douchey.

And if we are to talk about projection The whole time I was reading this I couldn't help imagine you as the pre-experiment Captain America. But you know what was great about pre-experiment Captain America? He already had a woman who loved him for who he was because he was a kind and funny person. Not because of his 'strong frame'.

Priceless Alpha Male Lessons From RSD MAX

Do you know what sub you're in? Literally that's the exact opposite of the mantra. Read the sidebar, and quit spewing idiocy. Search for "Just be yourself" in this sub and see the results, then see yourself out. If "just being myself" got me women, I would never have had the need to come here. Want a long lasting, successful relationship? Be you, and be you 2 because that's how you find compatible women. Women who like you for who you are when you are the most you.

If it hasn't worked, you haven't found others compatible, it takes time and patience. Not everyone can be with anyone. Want to fuck girls at a college bar for the rest of your life? Lift weights and develop your inch thick 'strong' frame. Enjoy paying for her shoes the rest of your life. Right, but you're missing the context of TRP. There are plenty of blue pill betas out there who are "just being themselves," and they're getting eaten alive left and right by the women they love.

Fundamentally, women love different than men. But I needed to be taught how to be a man, in our 21st century feminized society that's not something that comes natural. I'm proud that you popped out like that, but you're overlooking the realistic struggles that cause many men to come here. Give the girl plausible deniability. Make up a silly excuse for her to come home with you. You can't stay more than 30 minutes though, cos I have an early morning tomorrow so don't think anything's happening between us tonight because as soon as I let you pet my cat I'm kicking you out.

It's all about plausible deniability. That's because women through their desire to be ambiguous in order to further their sexual strategy have made "getting laid" and "harassing her" exactly the same. It need not be like this. A girl could simply say "sure, let's fuck" or "no thanks", in which case seduction and harassment would look completely different.

But they intentionally make seduction look like harassment to absolve themselves of all responsibility. Women are rude to get rid of guys they don't like, and rude to guys they adore to test them. The behaviour is the same. That's why seduction and harassment look the same. This post is pure gold - so many lessons many of us have experienced but never been able to understand in this complete a context - and so well distilled. I'd like to add some key points based on reading and experience 9s. You covered most of the points quite well.

A While in public and at bars direct and forward is a major demonstration of value, at small parties I've always done well playing coy. I focus on the high status males because they're great company Sooner or later the HB8s and HB9s will begin compliance testing "hey get me a drink", "tell me your name", "how do you know John and Cindy?

At some point they'll be very curious and there'll be a minute period where you get peppered with shit tests. If you make it through, soon the girls pretty much start grabbing you and you pick one. However if you're smart you'll know that HB8s and HB9s are highly fueled by preselection. B Which brings me to point 2: If you're interacting with HB8s and HB9s you would do well to play off girls against each other. I've even had gay guys flirt with me at the bar while I'm picking up a girl. The girl will usually respond by rubbing my crotch or similar. For most of the hottest girls I've been with, there have been 2 or 3 in the running on that same night.

Also when your out with HB8s and HB9s if another one crosses your path, flirt, sneak in a kiss and grab a number. Expect Hb8s and HB9s to be emotional rollercoasters - it's the estrogen. From day 1 to the end. These women can seem crazy! You absolutely must be masculine back or they will misbehave. Put them in their place, be firm. All that's missing is style's C's vs U's routine. Basically a call to early PUA, built on the premise that any lardass can impress women with his personality.

I like the post. I think a lot of it is actually very true. However if you assume all girls will bang you you're in for a rough time. Especially if you lead with "Wow your bitchy cheerleader act turns me on" that's how you get a drink or a punch in the face. There's a line people need to realize between being "Alpha" or "frame" or whatever else you want to call it and fucking weird. You leaving with your head up high is not a defeat.

It's just a redirection. I wish this sub would make up its mind about what really attracts women and stick with it. I get that several factors are at play in terms of attraction: Looks, Money, Status, confidence, dominance, body language, social skills. But since the subject is on getting laid with bombshells, there is a minimum threshold that must be met for such women to want casual sex, and that threshold is Looks.

Height, muscles, mass, symmetrical face structure. These are the very first things women notice when a man approaches, and the primary measure by which she determines whether she will sleep with him www. If he at least looks good, then he can play conversational gymnastics. I can't believe this is being stickied and upvoted as if short, fat, skinny men are finally going to be banging 10s just by "being more confident" and passing tests.

I guarantee OP is 6ft with decent looks and some muscular build. Nowhere did I deny that. And yeah, I lift and take care of myself like anyone else here. My experience is this: I've been ugly skinny, small, bad acne. I've been semi-"handsome" some muscles, decent face, nice clothes. The reactions from women are not all that different. I spent a long time trying to work on my looks, but I was still basically celibate.

It's when I first started to approach, and then mastered the art of enduring tests, that my game exploded. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. RED - or start your own, free! Official Rules Endorsed Contributors: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The reason for this is obvious when you think about it: Ok, here we go: Want to add to the discussion?

Women would rather fuck an ugly guy with a strong frame than a handsome guy with a weak one For those stuck in the rut of, "I'll start approaching women after I do xyz self-improvement", this one is for you. It's either not about investnent or the post is a bit off. Now imagine that situations has happened to you nearly a dozen times. Jesus the hamster is strong with you. Though it is true that owning the tests increases attraction. Attracting Women Because, women.

Below is a repost of a brilliant article which points out that a 'no' from a woman is quite often a barely veiled Female Psychology Deep inside her mind.

Discover the Secrets to Becoming a Confidently Attractive Man

Everyone wants more pleasure. Some people try and pretend they don't, but they're getting secret pleasure from that denial. What Women Want in Bed: Female Psychology , Seduction. Sex and Seduction The down and dirty on all the juicy bits. Get Women To Like You. Getting her to like you is a waste of time. Sure she's beautiful, and I bet you've never met anyone else like her before either, but trying to get her to like you isn't going to help you get what you About Brian Brian is a firm believer in living in the present. Read more about Brian here.

If you don't wake up every day stoked to live your life, you have to sign up below: As a response, I either get uninterested statements hours later, or more commonly, no response. Therefore, all text game is is selling you. You are advertising yourself to her over the phone. A positive person full of great opportunity, endless energy, and vibrance. What do we have control over then? We have control over our ability to play the game. What is a successful, high value lifestyle? No matter what you love to do. I am a girl and I can tell you, 1. Girls LIKE when you show interest in them!

  • A Manual of Buddhist Philosophy: Cosmology: Volume 51 (Trubners Oriental Series);
  • Three Simple Rules That Will Improve Your Text Game Instantly!
  • Three Simple Rules That Will Improve Your Text Game Instantly;

What girl would WANT to wait five minuets to hear from you? It makes me mad if a guy I really like shows less interest in me than i do him. How do you talk to women your dating to build rapport while texting without making you seem needy that you need to build it…also how to text her fun exciting stuff thats not boring to create attraction.. All this through texting. I agree with the fellow female above. This IS terrible advice! If a guy does not pursue me and show interest I am out of there!

He can easily act like an interested adult without coming off too needy. Just the photo alone of the author of this article was a REAL turn off. This guy knows nothing about woman. Maybe he knows something about immature girls that do not know better. But my girl never made me feel like i asked something odd or told me that she hate it when i ask or say…. I even ask her that if she had food breakfast, lunch and dinner and how is her day going…and i even say good night take care sweet dreams sleep tight love and hugs….

So what does that mean.. Jo — The article is written more for single guys I believe. You definitely always want to stir emotion. How are you doing is the same washed up, recycled, no thought opener. Nowadays what stands out is being clever, period. If you are looking for clever responses there is an app called Alpha Text that is 1 on the market right now in terms of content and quality. Definitely worth checking out. I vouch for it. TO the ladies who are upset about the article, relax.

You missed the point. By having fun and interesting conversations. Look, if he texts you then he is interested. If he gives you fun engaging conversation even better. Many Women honestly believe that men should chase them and they should have the option to pick and chose from all the guys running after them, and tons of foolish guys reinforce this notion by showering attractive women with attention they have not earned at all! So why are you single? But I always make it clear that an opener that will grab my attention will elicit a much more positive reaction.

Enjoy your lack of creativity. I know my worth, and I invest a lot into myself and my own life. I acnt understand that. Edwin — Thanks for commenting! I definitely understand the situation. My experience taught me all these games may or may not wrk. You pretty beautiful gorgeous weird confusing awesome creatures.

Many girls, will be attracted to this, that is true. Those are the wrong girls.

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The perfect text for the situation, I say, would start with a statement, preferably funny with a subtext about you, and still showing a bit of interest. A well planned statement, however, can make the difference. Women are all about subtext. The best you can do is put some. St Stephy — Thanks for commenting! How long have you known her? Can you give me a bit more background into the interactions? Stop texting her, calling, tweeting, liking her on facebook, etc. These girls are interested in you liking them, not in you.

Is this a behaviour you are familiar with? I also cant like hangout or anything with her she lives far. So im trying to get her through text any help? Oscar — Focus on changing her mood not her mind. I think what is really needed is a solid mix here. I agree that if a girl takes 10 mins to respond, wait a little bit, but not 10 mins every time, switch it up and make it seem like your actually out and about doing stuff and you cant reply at regular intervals. Better yet get up off your ass and go do something, she might be impressed that you dont sit on the couch all day.

Make that statement that sets you apart, tell a couple of jokes, and right when you feel like you dont know what statement to make next, BOOM ask her how her day is and make the conversation about her. Then ask her to hang out tomorrow or something. Im not saying keep a stable but not putting all of your eggs into one basket makes life a little easier to handle. Nick83 — Thanks for commenting. Texting is about keeping things fun and fresh. Being predictable is the easiest way to become boring!

In this situation I would just focus on meeting other women and not getting too focused on this one in particular. Sometimes things flow and sometimes not. Seems a bit needy. And always make sure your texts are interesting and have something for her to respond to. Focus more on having texts that open conversations. We also have an ebook on texting available here: What am I supposed to say? When guys ask me questions like this, I assume this is the extent of your conversational skills and I lose interest. Take too long to respond and my attentions move on.

C — Thanks for commenting! The truth is the easiest way to have more interesting things to talk about is to have a more interesting life. What hobbies or passions do you have? Do you have a bucket list? How are you spending your free time? Crazy, all this just to get a piece if azz!

Anyone who gets played deserves it. True love is not about games. When 2 people truly have a connection, there are no games. It blossoms on its own, naturally, in a mature, respectful manner. Honestly this might work on some women but not all females!

So what happened!?

I am an attractive lady and have plenty of men persuing me as well as women. When some is not just themselves and real I cut them out right away I can tell they are playing games. People that play games are easy to spot and are a huge turn off! This game is for basic bitches suffering from major insecurities. OK so there is this girl that I find really attractive. But the problem is I never see her around and when I do it is with a bunch of her female friends. Should I message her or keep waiting hoping to see her alone in public?

Austin — Thanks for commenting.