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  1. Forty years on from the Rumble in the Jungle, Kinshasa is a city of chaos
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Bgrtiyup-lah angin yang lemah lambut: Barang dimana di-tiyup angin di-sana-lah iya chondong: Ta'-sebab kerana angin pokok kayu mahu-kah bergoyang: Straits a switchback railway. Balai perangin or balai peranginan: Perangin is also used of a weather-cock. Tempat perangin or ptranginan: Short sharp breathing; panting, puffing.

Short quick breathing; shorter, quicker and less loud breathing than that translated by engah; the sound of a nose being blown. To begin, to commence. To expand, to spread intransitive. White as the colour of a fighting-cock. Officer, military officer; Ht. Sorcery, witchcraft, evil by sorcery.

Manners, ways, character; Ht. An honorific expression used Turkish gentlemen of good but destitute of any official Opium; v. An idiomatic word giving a sense of doubt, indefiniteness or interrogation to the expression in which it occurs; how; why; somehow; whatever; somewhat. What is he a man of? Jikalau ada apa-apa gadoh: I how many people? Pressure between two surfaces; being caught, wedged, pressed or squeezed between two separate objects, as a sheet of paper in a printing press.

I the planks one on each side nearest the keel in a Malay boat; 2 a trusted friend or supporter. Johor a cake of pressed pulut flour. Sri Rama ; a sugarmill. Bahwa negeri Makkah itu me'mberi upeti ka-ntgeri Yamtan: Mecca sent tribute to Yemen; Ht. The second member of an embassy; a secretary of legation. Handsome; wellor effectively dressed; presenting a consistently favourable appearance. Obliteration; effacement; expunging or blotting out. Jika banyak hujan habis azus tanaman-nya: Kedah the removal of defilement; satisfaction. Apuskan apa-lah arang di-muka kita ini: Drifting; floating; being borne along by tides, waves or currents; driftwood; flotsam.

Laksana apong di-permain gelombang: A creature of circumstance. Foul of odour ; fetid. Neat, spruce, smart; Cr. The form hapek occurs; Ht. Kedah tale-bearing, mischief-making by repeating to a person uncomplimentary remarks made about him by another; Selangor inconsistent talk; the talk of dotage; the talk of a man who is all praise one day and all blame the next.

A thin cake made of dough; a "hopper," in Anglo-Indian language: A cake of dough somewhat resembling an apam, but not prepared in the same way. Beli telor nmmbuwat apum Champor dengan sakar putis; Kena terchekek betul halkunm, Kalau ta'-lepas nyawa habis: Putis is only a Penang occasional pronunciation of puteh. A Malay curried dish; KI. Tanpak api di-Tanjong Tuwan: Api kechil baik padam: The word merapi, a variant of berapi, is also used in this last sense. This gun-shield was only put on when the ship went into action. Dmngan tiga buwah perahu menjunjong apilan: The second and last call to prayer.

Quotation, quoting the words Near, intimate; Panch. To be settled, done or satisfied. A root; the fibres of a root; a generic name for scandent or creeping plants. Tiyada rotan akar pun berguna: Berakar-laih perkataan itu dalam hati: Maka kembang kumkzuma itupun berakar-lah di-tapak tangan tuwan putesri itu: The form ikral is occasionally found; Ht. Honouring; respect; rever ikna'. Person of the Holy Trinity. I, the first person singular; see. Greatest; greater; extremely great. God is greatest; God is most great.. The transaction or putting through of any business. Full of life; nimbleness; grace; Sej.

Leyden , ; Ht. Kedah to come to life again. God most perfect; Sh. Approach to; motion towards; to; in the direction of. Budak yang akan mengaji: Surat yang akan di-kirimkan: Tanam lalang ta'-akan tumbohpadi: Jiwa keduwa sudah berakan: The pronoun of the first person in familiar language; I; me; myself; acknowledgment; admission; recognition as one's own; taking the responsibility for anything upon oneself. Orang yang berkhabar itupun bukan-nya si-engkau si-aku: A ku semuwa or aku sakaliyan: Daripada hari ini hamba akuwi anak-lah akan orang muda: Di-mana-lah buleh sghaya dapat orang mengaku: Tiyada aku mengaku akan diri-ku pandai: I do not pose as a learned man; I do not admit myself to be learned.

Beraku-akuwan hcndak menangkap Jaya Asmara: Burong agut or burong agut-agut or burong gut-gut: The name is also given to the jelly so made and improperly to another kind of jelly somewhat resembling it.

In many cases, owing to the conditions of Malay orthography, it is difficult to say whether agus or agas III. August; the month of August. Great; mighty; powerful; dignified, stately. The word is also used of ladies, apparently with the mere meaning of beautiful.

Bukan-nya orang negeri agong tiyada-lah tahu akan chara behasa 'adat orang agong-agong: A gong; better gong, q. Conjecture; the making of statements which are intended to approximate to the truth as far as possible; estimating; judging. The word is also applied to feints which look like blows but are not really so. Penjelemaan dewa agak-nya datang kamari: A necklet or neck ornament worn by women and children; Sh. The name given to a species of tortoise unidentified. Male, masculine, manly; in the Straits the word is sometimes used with the meaning " tall. Besar again tinggi sa-perunjong Rupa laksana sa-machatm patong: The alif is often elided in pronunciation by coalescence with the final vowel of the preceding word, while the lam is often given a sound in harmony with the initial consonant of the following word.

Thus bustanu-alkdtibin would be pronounced bustdnu-'l-katibin, and bustdnu-al-salalin becomes bustdnu-'s-sala. Appurtenances; the plural of alat, q. A kind of sword; also called L halamang and lamang. A lawn or open space in front of a house or palace; also halaman and laman. The name of a piratical people from Mindanao. Godhead, divinity, divine nature. Apa puteh di-tengah laut? What is that patch of white in the sea? It is a large jellyfish, dead, but in appearance alive. Biyar di-sini mati beragan: Crowing of a baby; chuckling; teasing by mimicking sounds rather than actions; the chuckling of a child in its sleep said to be due to the influence of the uri spirits.

A share by calculation or agreement; the arrangement of shares; the share agreed to-in contradistinction to the act of subdividing behagi and to the share actually paid out after allotment untok. Fairness; evenness; equality; s ' moderation. Nuracha timbangan biyar-lah ugahari: The form ugahara occurs; Bint. A latan and kealatan: Maka baginda pun imengalatkan kapal duwa buwah: Colouring the edge of anything-used especially of women touching up the eyelids with a black cosmetic preparation gerang with a view to giving greater lustre to the white of the eye; Sh.

Lightness, brightness of lightning. Sprawling on the ground in a careless or disrespectful way; Kl. Flowing; a floating crocodile-line, v. Darah pun mnzegalir saperti ayer sebak: Kalau ttuwan mengalirkan kapaljangan di-rosakkan muwatan sehaya: Alir is also used of a rattan line used for catching crocodiles. This line is not fastened to the bank, but when the crocodile has taken the bait the line floats, and the fisherman is so enabled to trace it.

Tali alir is the line itself; urnpan a. The deep channel of a stream; the channel where the river is deepest and the current swiftest; Kedah a hollow; a pool or backwater scooped out on the bank of a stream, but not the main channel. Foundation; basis; framework; lining; pedestal; the stand, frame or background upon which anything is set.

Alis-nya yang bagai taji di-bentok: Delicate, refined; better halus, q. Position at right angles to anything; cross; across. Of little extent or account; in slight degree; in small measure. Api dengan ayer alang-kah bedanya: A lang-alang is also used sometimes idiomatically in the sense of "at all.

Kalau kaseh alang-alangan Biyar ta'-usah sa-kali-kali: A common Malay familiar appellation timang-timangan applied usually to the third child in a family. Probably derived from II. Riau, Johor si-alang and Kedah to'alang: To narrowly scan anything held in the hand; cf.

Tun Omar sailed backwards and forwards with his one ship: Also pronounced olang; cf. To shield, to cover. Lalu berangkat ber-siram ka-alongan: A generic name for a number of birds of prey; see s. A curve, an arc. The name of the first letter of the alphabet. Di-tukar-nya alif itu dengan fatlhah: Slow, quiet, sedate, unassuming in manner. Lemnah lemIbut alap santun: Kedah a green bird species unidentified. Jangan-lah alpa kapada barang swatu: The curves or windings in the blades of some varieties of the kEris; also lok, q.

A pimp; a "pinaig mu-da"; see Ht. A thunderbolt; also halilintar and hlalintar, q. The name of a medicinal drug. A wardrobe; a cupboard; Ht. Medicinal rubbing; rubbing the body with a round stone, egg, or ball of rice over the affected part. The theoretical object of this medicinal massage in many cases is to extract a foreign body which may be doing the injury by means of the attraction of the ball of egg or rice, and in some cases a hair or other small object is afterwards picked out of the ball of rice and shown to the patient as proof positive of the success of the treatment.

Ground-swell; a long low rolling of the sea, as distinct from waves covered with foam ombak or waves immediately after the cessation of the wind gelombang. Maka laut itupun bsralun-lah saprti gunong: Saperti mengalun bunyi rayat: The word is confined to tales from the Javanese; Sh. In Borneo Brunai the word is used of a path. Driving away; also halau, q.

A pestle, in pounding rice; also, in pounding areca-nut for the tender gums of an old man, the iron chisel-shaped pounder which cuts the areca-nut into small pieces under repeated blows.. A lahkan, metngalah and mnegalahkan: Berpanah-panahan keduwa-nya suwatu pun tiyada beralahan: Alah is used of loss in gambling. Jangan bagai orang be'judi, alah hendak me'mbalas, menang hendak lagi: But tewas is often used in speaking of games, and alah of war; main yang mana kami tewas dan epeprangan yang mana kita alah: Change of position, alteration of place; moving, shifting.

Naik bukit, turun bukit, Jumpa papan sa-keping, Hendak aleh tiyada teraleh: Being worsted; getting the worst of a conflict or competition; being defeated. A lah-lah raja Kidahindi itu uleh raja Iskandar: King Kidahindi was defeated by King Alexander; Sej. Alah bisa uleh biyasa: Allah sabong mnnang sorak: Aleh haluwan, or a. Tinor beraleh sa-belah barat: Divinity, divine nature, Godhead. A tree parkia szmatrana; Pijn. Confusion; better halai, q. The word ali-ali is used of I the usual sling as the word is understood in Europe ; 2 a peculiar native weapon partly made of wood; 3 a stone to which a string is attached, the string and stone being cast away together.

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This last weapon is also known as ali-ali berantai. To; up to; as far as. Ginger; better haliya, q. A kind of cloth; also haleja, q. A centipede; also lipan and halipan, q. Generalization, including all; also awCUm, q. Ummu'l-bulddn " mother of the provinces"; the chief town or capital. A very small insect; a sort of flea. A word used by Malays as an Arabic equivalent for ada-pun in the expression amrma ba'adnu for ada-pun kenmudiyan daripada itu. The position of an Imam; the presidency of a mosque. Berjalan dengan amdn dan sejahtera: Security, safety, protection of life and property; Pel.

A fruit, the horse-mango, mangifera fcetida; also called bachang, menmbachang, and machang. An artificial embankment; Ht. Also embarang and embarong. Lac, sometimes solder, sealing' wax; the material used for making fast the haft of a blade in the handle. To pursue; better hambat, q. The breadth of a sail as measured by the bolt-rope.. A long, swishing stroke; striking with a long, flexible switch or any similar instrument. Kedah to swim with a peculiar swishing side-stroke; cf. The soft heart of the upper portion of a palm tree.

This heart is eaten as a vegetable; see Ht. Chari umbut kena buku: Anger, wrath; usually imarah, q.

Forty years on from the Rumble in the Jungle, Kinshasa is a city of chaos

The joining of two letters or words in pronunciation, as when bi ismi Allahi is pronounced bismillahi. An " Imam" or president of a Malay mosque; a religious leader. The food consumed by the fish is believed to be responsible for the varieties in these substances. This material is supposed to have strong medicinal properties. Insipidity; tastelessness; flat; vapid; loss of savour. Strewing, scattering; also better hambor, q. A species of sea-gull. Blowing, making a current of air.

The air round or appertaining to anything; circumambient atmosphere; the air round a sick man which he is supposed to infect, and within the limits of such infection; the current of air caused by a passing object. Flight; a hasty or precipitate retreat from any place. The cross-beam over a door; the lintel; lying or resting in mid-air or between two supports. If this door does not touch the ground it is a pintu a. Menentang bagi bulan mengambang: A kind of knapsack; a basket held on the back by four strings, one passing over the head tali kepala , one over each shoulder tali bahu and one attached to the bottom of the basket tali emnban.

The lifting of the waves, surging up.

Kinshasa's traffic robots: 'I thought it was some kind of joke' - in pictures

The pith of the ambong-ambong is used for making lamp-wicks and artificial flowers. These blocks support the base of the benteng, q. A familiar appellation timangtimangan sometimes given to the eldest of a Malay family. A colloquial form of the word ambil, to take.

An idiomatic word expressing the number of occasions on which a thing is done; case; instance; time. The bleating of a sheep or goat. Masok ka-dalam kandang kambing mengembek masok ka-dalam kandang kerbau me'nguwak: Also bek and debek. Mother; a respectful designation for aged ladies. Di-sambut embok lalu di-riba-nya: Kapada segala kakang dan embok: Taking over; receiving into one's possession; taking and retaining-as distinct from merely moving or lifting up. Inggeris pun datanglah mengambil negeri Melaka dari tangan Holanda: Perak ore-bearing drift; J.

Rebounding, bounding back by the force of elasticity. Maka letmbing itu egngambul jatoh ka-tanah: Not quite dry, still damp of an object having been wet and not yet being quite dry ; cf. Roundish, but not globular as the turned leg of a table. A tent-flap; a sun-sail on a verandah. A wave, a billow. Rayat berombak bagai sigara: Menguwap bagai orang ombak: A thick plain rug used as a mattress; cf. A contrivance to increase the carrying power of a boat; bundles of bamboos lashed to the side of a boat to increase its buoyancy. Also tlamtpong peahu and gandong.

A scarf worn swung over the shoulder to support a burden on the back; carrying a child in this manner; Sh. A rope or band enabling a porter to secure a heavy burden borne on the back, several bands being so used; cf. Permata jatoh di-rumput, Jatolt di-rumpult gilang; Kaseh enmpamna embun di-hujong rumput, Datang nmatahari neschaya hilang: Jbrangkan atas api sampai embun: When preserved, this fish is known as ikan kntbal imas. The name of a plant Ht. An exclamation of astonishment. A maid of honour; a damsel in waiting at a Court. A pet name timang-timangan for girls. Willingness in certain expressions only.

A small sum or contribution to complete the amount required; making up the required amount; adding the balance; Majm. The piston of a Malay bellows, especially the lower plate of it. A fish-trap like a jeenmal. That portion of the root of a tree which is buried in the ground; the buried or hidden portion of anything-such as a stake or tooth. Terchabut dengan umbi akar-nya: A kit dapat akar umbi behasa Mdlayu: I got hold of the very root of the Malay language; Ht.

Umbi buwah suroh ambilkan: Umbi is, however, apparently used of the visible root of a tree in one passage of the Ht. Koris; Konang-konang terbang sa-kawan, Hinggap di-umbi kayu chendana; Kenang-ke-nang untong-mu tuwan, Baik-lah pergi ka-mana-mana: Dangling; hanging down loosely. Beruimbai-rumbai is also used of falling tears; Sh. Very; exceedingly; surpassingly; exceptional character. Kesukaan yang amat sangat: Tuhan yang amat melihat dan amtat mtnenngar: God who is all-seeing and all-hearing; Ht. A mati, amat-amati and m7mperamat-amati: Di-peranatl-amati-nya perbuwatan balai itu: Saparti nabi kasehkan umrnat: To examine, to test.

Order, command, edict; decree, especially a decree of God. A mar dan nah: God's commands and his prohibitions; Ht. Wajib mengikutkan amar, wajib meninggalkan nahi: Dato' seri amar diraja: A fruit; the hog-plum, spondias mangifera. Antra jangan sangka kedundon g: A lah matzl bertimbang enggan chungkil amris akan pembayar-nya: Gold, golden; a term of endearment. A nugget is ketui emas and jongkong eT'as. Also mas, which is the more common form in colloquial language. A weight; one-sixteenth of a bongkal or tahil. Sa-umpania tanah yang tiyada berbaja lagi: Terkenangkan benar-lah umpamaan Melayu: Ku umpamakan dengan sa-pohun kayu yang amat rendang di-tengah padang: I compare him to a very umbrageous tree in the midst of an open plain; Ht.

Kedall a Iish; better known as ikan palaga. The coupling of animals, sexual connection; also hamput.! Straits Settlements the fourth day of the week commencing with Monday ; Thursday. Pmpat persagi or e. Pergi berempat pulang bertiga: Wedging or squeezing in between; better himpit, q. Abuse, evil-speaking, cursing; also upat.

25 Facts About Albinism We Might Want To Be Aware Of

Di-umpati uleh marika-itu akandaku sebab baik dengan orang puteh: The gizzard; also pedal and hImpedal, q. Gall, bile, the gall-bladder; Muj. Of carpets, rugs, etc. Spreading, expansion, the act of spreading out; v. Near, nearly, almost; v. A pent-house, a shed. Dashing or flinging down; better hgmpas, q.

Easy, light; usually gampang, q. Drifting, driftwood, an equivalent of apong, q. Teampong-ampong Sultan Yakhyd di-dalam bahar itu: Sultan Yahya was drifting about in the sea; Ht. Barring, damming; constructing a barrier to check the flow of a stream; rare an alluvial mine. Di-suroh-nya gmpang sungai itu: Layar tupang sehaya balekkan, Laju-nya tidak dapat di-empang: I will back the sprit-sail, the boat's speed cannot otherwise be checked; Pel. Crushed rice, a preparation of rice plucked, crushed and cooked before it is quite ripe.

Maka ya-itu-lah yang di-santap uleh baginda saperti mnping: Emping dan Wklapa dan gula: Pengezping, or lesong pengemping: Striking or laying a broad flat surface on another surface of the same character; the noise made by striking water with the flat of a paddle or any other similar flat object.

Sa-pelempap, sa-te'mpap or sa-telempap: A soft spot in fruit; softness in fruit as the result of a slight over-ripeness; the softness of a well-boiled potato. Batu pun empok jangankan hati manusiya: Sewing a border on a piece of cloth; the border so sewn on. Kain berompok dengan slkhalat: A generic name for a number of plants; see s. A mpun tuwanku, beribu-ribu ampun: Jika saperti Bukit Kdf sakali-pun besar dosa-nya kita ampuni: Bait, fodder, food to attract animals.

Di-tabor-nya umpan padi di-dalam jaring itu: Umpan habis, ikan ta'-dapat: Mati ikan karena umpan: Kapal belayar dari A rakan, A mbil gaji jadi jemudi; Mati ikan karena umpan, Mati sehaya karena budi: Upholding; supporting; sustaining; holding up by pressure from below. The word perempuwan a woman has been derived, according to Von de Wall, from ampu. Klinkert, who discards this derivation, gives, however, tengku anpuwan the title of a raja's principal wife as a derivative of ampu. The two capitals have been intertwined in more recent events too.

At least three of those involved in the plot, including the unnamed killer himself, reportedly fled Kinshasa, crossed the river and may have gone into hiding in Brazzaville. Tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of DRC citizens who have found work in Brazzaville face periodic expulsions. Many were already displaced within DRC and now live in desperately poor camps around Kinshasa. But the sheer disparity in size between the two nations — the DRC with a population of 80 million, Congo-Brazzaville with less than five — and the two cities, is a factor that restrains any outright hostility.

In recent months, as the DRC has slid into a bloody political crisis, anxious looks have been cast in both directions across the fast-moving waters between the two capitals. Kabila failed in a bid to change the constitution to allow himself to stand for a third term and his electoral mandate expired in December, prompting widespread violence in which more than 40 people are thought to have died. He went on to win elections held last year. Through the rusting gates, beyond the money changers with their stacks of eroded Congolese francs and the photocopiers where vital documents could be duplicated or triplicated, scores queued for tickets in the sweltering heat.

Porters lugged suitcases, plastic bags wrapped in twine, multicoloured sacks and children. Armed police cradled Kalashnikovs and watched the chaos. For some, the purpose of the trip was relatively mundane: For others, the trip was more urgent. A luxury 4x4 drew up metres from the ramps leading to the ferries. A tall slim woman emerged, flanked by a heavy-set man carrying a radio.

90 best blanc images on Pinterest | White embroidery, Dressmaking and Embroidery machines

Six porters were rapidly hired, and five giant suitcases plus an Italian-manufactured baby seat distributed. Four surly teenagers wearing baseball caps and skinny jeans followed. LxL, MxM, or crack. Death Note - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: Mais les jeux sont-ils vraiment faits? Sauront-ils se servir de leurs armes tout compte fait? Because It Defies Logic by Paper.

Bullets reviews Maybe I'm destined for misfortune my entire life. All I ask for is to start my life over again - forget all the wrong I've done, and dedicate the rest of my existence to doing good. Maybe it's too much to ask for. They just happen because there's ground to let them happen. Or maybe because some changes are possible Matt, homophobic, Mello, gay, and the ground's giving in under their feet Le retour de Camus et Milo au Sanctuaire, pour la suite de leur quotidien, pour le meilleur et pour le rire The Crown Prince Vegeta and royal chambermaid, Bulma, have developed a hideous attraction for one another under the oddest of circumstances.

As she resists her longing and he questions his desire, will they be driven by lust or ruled by love? Ajout d'un chapitre bonus, en attendant les autres! Teenage Dirtbag by iFluffRaver reviews Light Yagami - Most popular boy in high school, smart, attractive, polite, exactly the kind of guy you'd want to take home and meet your mother.


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Ce sourire qui illuminait sa vie, il finit par le retrouver chez la personne la plus proche du Sagittaire. Ce n'est pas lui Lettres by Asrial reviews Camus, Milo. Having to buy freedom by rain angst reviews When Light was fourteen he was sold into prostitution in order to pay off his family debt.

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