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When -- when did I ever refuse an accommodation? All of you know me here -- when did I ever refuse? Directly or indirectly, the individual would be paying for a portion of the cost of the surgery he was about to undergo. I imagine that, long before he signed the medical permission slip, he would check into the price he was going to pay, just like he checks the price of the new car before signing on the dotted line. But that will change Within the next decade, Medicare will flip. That is, more money will go out of the system each year than comes into it. That is not hyperbole; it is reality.

Not for any valid reason; only for a political reason.

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This bill is about power and politics, to our great detriment. It is not about health care. You certainly need major medical insurance, for the obvious reasons mentioned above. But what on earth makes you think that your HMO can provide prescription drugs, x-rays, and Band-Aids more conveniently, more appropriately, more effectively, and less expensively than if you paid for them as your grandparents did?. In order to have the health care bill score at under a trillion dollars, the law mandates that revenues covering the cost of the bill -- that is, increased taxes and fees -- would go into effect immediately.

But the services covered by the bill would not begin for three years.

What The Hell Are We Going To Do About The Boomers?

So, the decade covered by the cost estimate includes 10 years of collecting money, but only seven years of providing services. The other guy, with an HMO, makes full use of his health care coverage. Which approach was more effective? Which was more efficient. What are the implications of each? They are about to take a huge step toward managing our lives to a greater degree than ever before.

Baby Boomers Part 3 Australia 1950 / 60's

I do not want, I would not expect, I would not ask for, and I would adamantly refuse to accept any taxpayer handout to pay for a medical procedure which I could not afford. It is a matter of principle to me. He is burying it under a cloud of gobbdy-gook Because the more people learn about his desire and his plan But I am driving a 19 year-old car with , miles on it. More frequently these days, it has to call in sick. And if my car is sick, then I am sick. Now, I am the only person I know driving a 19 year-old car with , miles on it, but surely I am not the only person whose car gets sick from time to time.

After all, I am no good to the company if my car prevents me from getting to work. Think about it; which has been more annoying to you, dealing with your doctor, or dealing with your car dealer? Well, friends, relief is just a moment away. The outcome has been predetermined: The government will increase premiums even more on those who have insurance through their employers, and penalize further those who pay their own medical bills without insurance or government assistance. Employers will drop health care coverage. The Next Shoe Nearly everone agrees that that it would be good for the government to ensure that all children have health insurance.

And how could anyone disagree? Health insurance is a good thing, especially for children, who cannot provide for themselves. And so it would be The deceit that the proponents have used is disgraceful. And yet, it worked. For some reason, no mention of the anniversary was made by the White House -- no cake and ice cream, no expensive wine, no low-calorie truffles That does not seem right to me. The voters who were most supportive of the man from hope and change are the ones who will be most crippled by it. That reality not buried deep in the 2, pages of the law.

It is right in front of us. They will never benefit from this foolish, selfish, immoral spending binge. We -- primarily the unions, and the politicians, and the government employees -- have and will benefit. But we will never have to pay the price. In , the debt was just under a trillion dollars. In , it was about three trillion. A decade ago, it was just under 6 trillion. In the last decade, we have more than doubled the debt.

So, at a mere half-trillion dollars more each year, we will still add ten trillion dollars to the debt in the next 20 years. Exactly how is that going to happen? The interest payments do not go away under that scenario. No; we have to go further; we have to reduce the debt And that means not just balancing the budget; it means having an annual surplus -- a surplus that we can use to pay off some of that debt. Lunch for forty of the diners cost less than four dollars each.

Several diners got a check indicating that they owed nothing for their meal -- absolutely nothing. Instead of paying for their meal, they were paid money because For them, Woody Allen was right: I can do without. I prefer to go where they like and appreciate American tourists, and where they speak English.

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That is why I also avoid Miami. And it has nothing to do with the issues facing us in our everyday lives. But that is precisely my point. We avoided the massive crowds and the commercial hangouts. If we have to spend 50 weeks a year fighting rush-hour traffic perhaps we should spend two weeks where there are no crowds, no lines, and no hassles. No, I am not talking about Bali High, Brigadoon, or some other fantasy location. I am taking about the trails and streams and hills and valleys of our state and national parks.

Imagine two loaves of bread, stacked end to end. That is the size of the box in which the tent was packed. This supposedly unfolds into a self-supporting, fully equipped tent six feet by eight feet, and four feet tall at the center.

What The Hell Are We Going To Do About The Boomers?

Oh, I could unpack it, but what do you suppose the odds were that I could ever get it back into that box? There is no such thing as having too many batteries. There are few things more stupid-looking than some dork with skinny legs and white knees sitting on a tree stump in front of a campfire with a PC in his lap, playing solitaire. Walking down the road at a campground is an entirely different experience! Princess and I took a late night walk almost every day. Tents to the right of us, RVs to the left of us; and each one with a story to tell - some much louder than others.

One guy that could have been a double for the Bluto character in the Popeye comics camped in a small tent barely big enough for him. Not surprisingly, he was quite a snorer; his trademark sound was like a foghorn in the night. No chance we would get lost with his endless homing signal. As we walked past his tent, I swear the tent expanded and contracted to the beat of his snoring.

But you get the idea. You will not hear of great deals on camping vacations at Expedia or Travelocity.

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We got up early one morning and hiked out to Laurel Falls. What amazed me was the total silence We were on the trail and at the falls for over 90 minutes. Growing Up in the 50s and 60s. It's a Wonderful Christmas: The Best of the Holidays The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention chambers jim memory growing remember lane era today childhood boomers school born atlanta grew personal decade age war trip forgotten. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. My husband and I, both born in , find ourselves daydreaming of our childhood these day. We're now retired and have oodles of time on our hands, yet we keep busy anyway and love reminiscing. My husband is loving this book.

We just got it today, and he's out on the front porch with his head in this book.

I enjoyed reading all the great reviews which sold me on ordering this book. It's good to know that others our age miss, yes, MISS these days. They were simple days, but we didn't know it; parents weren't our "friends", but they were our bedrock; and doing chores didn't come with an allowance. To this day, I still keep my head down while walking Now, if my husband will just read faster, I'll get my chance to follow suit. Jim Chambers' delightful Recollections: Chambers' memories match my own closely, although I am almost ten years older and spent the s in a suburb of Washington, D.

Clearly, he supplemented his recollections with a lot of research into popular culture: Speaking as a professional historian, I must say that I found no major and only a few minor issues over which to quibble in this book. For example, early on, Chambers regards the Korean War as fought in in South Korea, whereas in fact it lasted from to as he later acknowledges , and involved fighting largely in North Korea as well as in the South. In the larger sense, some readers might prefer to read more about the s' darker side, as, for instance, the economic troubles of the recession years, and It was a much maligned decade, and often justly so.

Granted, Chambers does mention such problems as racial segregation, and other, less Norman Rockwell-like aspects of the time. Should he have dwelt more on such matters? It depends on his intent. He has given us a faithful account of his Fifties, as he meant to do, and it is inappropriate to criticize an author for failing to write some other book from what he intended.

In fact, he was remarkably open-minded and even-handed in discussing the shortcomings of the Fifties, when he does mention them. If you can recall the Fifties, you will say, often, "Yes, it was like that," or "Oh, yes, now that you mention it, I do remember that! The past, after all, is a "strange country"; so you will, I think, be glad to have this brief, but pleasurable, guide to such a foreign land.

Travel is broadening, in time as well as space. I am a Baby Boomer - Jim Chambers is one of the original baby boomers, so he has more memories of the 50's, but it is a wonderful look back to a time of wonder, of innocent fun, and discovery. Ah but we did. Born and bred in Atlanta, the Virginia-Highland area, there were so many memories Mr. Chambers brought up and it is a great read. There are some of the items I mention that probably blend from the '50's into the '60's, so some notes of my memories may be blurred as a little kid in Atlanta tottling around, child of a Greek-American family, Greek my first language.

Neuman and him saying "What me, worry? The children's shows the local television stations had - again probably melding from decade to the next - Officer Don Kennedy on WSB and Skippy Ray McKay - all showing cartoons and whipping the kids in the audience into frenzies. Miss Boo, with her fake spider. Miss Boo was a witch. Go figure - I thought she was funny - but I was a little bitty, ok? All funny kids shows that no one would miss and you'd be an instant celebrity if you were seen on them. Chamber's books gave me great memories, growing up with The Varsity, the longest drive in restaurant in the world, near GA.

Wish there had been pictures other than the cover, but it would be too expensive to have them on the pages the items were mentioned. But I think this book should be a mandatory read for every Baby Boomer. It brings back a time where we made our own food, and entertainment and lived to tell about it! It is a gem of a book that waits to be explored.