The Vanishing Moon

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Review of The Vanishing Moon () — Foreword Reviews

About The Vanishing Moon In The Vanishing Moon, Joseph Coulson writes with insight and beauty about the American working-class, about the strength and strain of family bonds, and about tragic incidents that haunt the human psyche over a lifetime. Also by Joseph Coulson. See all books by Joseph Coulson. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The Woman in the Dunes.

The Lost Carousel of Provence. Secret Passages in a Hillside Town.

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All Quiet on the Western Front. Something Great and Beautiful. Dinner at the Center of the Earth.

The Best Kind of People. Henry Prize Stories Charles Bovary, Country Doctor.

The Vanishing Moon

The End of the Moment We Had. The Silence of the Girls. The first narrator, Stephen Tollman, looks back on his early adventures with his older brother, as both boys try to shield their siblings from the confusion and vulnerability of financial ruin. Stephen returns to finish the story, struggling to hold his own against the currents of memory and abandoned dreams.

Told with the compression and intensity of a poem, The Vanishing Moon is a novel of desire, unyielding necessity, and the people and places that inevitably disappear from our lives.

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This novel captures the collective memory of an American working-class family, with all its pain and poetry. In its dramatic sweep, the book becomes nothing less than a history of the twentieth century in the United States.

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Joseph Coulson is what we used to call with apologies to the vegetarians a meat and potatoes storyteller: Television and magazines showed pictures of the dead: Not even the gardens along Lake Shore Drive had lilacs that year. Describing The Great Depression, Coulson uses language and memory to soften a brutal reality: Banks closed and soup kitchens opened.

Small business collapsed in a flurry of pink slips. The air was empty of fear.