The Greek Billionaires Innocent Princess (The Royal House of Karedes, Book 5)

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I really wanted to like this one but was the writing was good,but I found the hero to be too cold!!

I really wanted to like this one but was disappointed. I just couldn't believe the hero's love for the heroine!

Oct 29, Tia rated it liked it. This was a good novel. I couldn't believe how low Kitty's self esteem was all because of that asshole that took advantage of her. Jan 04, Lynsey A rated it really liked it Shelves: Another enjoyable story from a first time author read for me. Nikos was a good hero, not cruel. Kitty, the heroine had quite a few self-esteem issues but other than that this is a good read. Nov 15, Brenda rated it really liked it Shelves: I remembered reading this book years back and liking it a lot. Liked both Kitty and Nikos - Nikos, a little more, in spite of his arrogance. A childhood full of hardship and marriage with a cruel woman had toughened him and made his heart cold.

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His emotional scars ran too deep and it wasn't easy for him to lower his guard and trust anyone. Still, he did his best to make his marriage a companionable one. I liked how he took time off after the wedding ceremony to show her around the city since she I remembered reading this book years back and liking it a lot. I liked how he took time off after the wedding ceremony to show her around the city since she was new to it, listening and admiring her knowledge of his city, encouraging her in her work, helping her transform from drab to glam even if by force --like the time he ripped off the black dress she was wearing because he wanted her to wear the red dress.

At least, it gave a boost to her confidence. It was funny how regretted his decision when he had to fend off other guys who were eyeing his wife in her new glamorous state. In future you can wear something beige and baggy to hide your delectable body from everyone but me.

The Greek Billionaire`s Innocent Princess

Instead his eyes narrowed and he tightened his arms around her so that her pelvis came into direct contact with the shockingly hard ridge of his arousal. Although, Kitty was suffering from low esteem, she was a nice and caring person. She and Nikos helped one another to overcome some of their issues and learnt a lot from one another. Nikos didn't even realize that he'd begun to share with Kitty about the issues that still haunted him namely his guilt of failing to protect his aborted child.

The book was full of angst, which is why I think it got ingrained in my memory. Just as I started re-reading book, some scenes instantly flashed in my mind. Like some I mentioned above and also -- the scene where Nikos ended up with a bruised jaw courtesy of Seb --Kitty's brother and his best friend-- after the two find out that Nikos is the father of her child.

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He went from furious to someone in deep pain as he spoke about the loss of his child to her, to offering her the position of the president of the charitable fund he'd started and ended up worrying over her health. He looked down at her pale face and frowned when she swayed unsteadily on her feet. Do you think you could worry about other people a bit less, and yourself a bit more? But, I liked the fact that Nikos had gone to the casino because he was scared to go home knowing the fact that inevitable had taken place - that he'd fallen in love with his wife and further realizes his place was no more in these vacuous places but rather at home with his wife.

I really liked how stunned he was to see his what his wife had done and loved the presents they exchanged thereafter. It would've been so much nicer had there been an epilogue showing them with their baby. Also, a closure for that Vasillis idiot who had shredded Kitty's confidence like perhaps new, glamorous Kitty telling him with full confidence to FO when they meet. Although, the book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Overall an enjoyable read Feb 03, Amanda Sheila rated it it was ok Shelves: Because the ending is just unbelievable.

Katarina or Kitty forgive him that easy after every thing Nikos said. I don't like it, I don't enjoyed it. The story went promising at first but after a while I can't feel Nikos' affection. It's like he didn't even like her.

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This book could be better. Nov 23, Demetra rated it it was amazing Shelves: In my best Harlequin Presents of the year. May 21, Cady Lorenzana rated it it was amazing. I tried my very best not to shout while reading it. Its a very pleasant read and I enjoyed it so much.

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The characterization were great and oh, I fell in love with Nikos despite of his past. Sep 23, elstaffe rated it it was ok Shelves: No more than what usually appears in HP, I guess Jan 08, Jenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the first book I really loved from this author.

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The heroine was an amazing woman shy and slightly insecure about her body originally but as a princess she was wonderful. She was caring, compassionate and her love changed the hero irrevocably. Nikos seemed cold and unemotional but his sad lonely past broke my heart. In reality he is a very vulnerable man who was deeply betrayed by his first wife and is devastated by the loss of his unborn child.

He thinks he will never find the courage to This is the first book I really loved from this author. He thinks he will never find the courage to love again let alone trust a woman but Kitty is so patient with him she really shot her love through his defenses.

Sep 21, Widala rated it liked it. It's a nice story, but not enough drama for my taste. Kitty was sweet even though she had a very low self-esteem. Nikos was an arrogant jerk but he had a difficult past and had been betrayed by his ex wife. And they healed each other. As a part of the House of Karedes, this book didn't really contribute to the development of the series and could be read as a stand alone. Aug 09, Kellison rated it it was ok. I'm surprised I even finished reading this one.

Plump Princess Kitty has a one-night encounter with her brother's friend Nikos Angelaki who thinks she's a waitress. When it results in Kitty's pregancy, they are pretty much forced to marry. Kitty struggles with body image problems and much prefers doing research for the Arista's Museum of History rather than shop. I loved that he was taking the time to get to know her, realizing that she wasn't like his "other women": Yet he also dared to push her out of her comfort zone, acting pretty autocratically. So there were pluses and minuses to Nikos' actions toward his wife.

Book 5 of "The Royal House of Karedes" series in the volume that contains Jun 03, Marjdomingo Obeso rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Mar 12, Sally rated it really liked it. The book is good and very exciting. Mar 11, Natalie rated it liked it. I'm just discovering this author. I think this is only my second book thus far I've read by this author. At this time I can't remember how I rated her other book, but for this book I was very mixed. I've grown up on Harlequin Present novels. I don't know how long Ms.

Shaw has been writing for the HP line, as I mentioned I'm new to her books, but I do feel she fits in well with other notable HP authors. This book started out well. I'm always a fan of books where heroines aren't described as gorgeou I'm just discovering this author. I'm always a fan of books where heroines aren't described as gorgeous, stunning, a model, etc.

Plain heroines are a joy to read about because we romantic readers love to see a strong heroine see to the inside of a person and not only focus on looks. I enjoyed the story up to the point of the conflict resolution. I'm trouble as a reader to see the hero be so contemptuous of the heroine and think incorrect thoughts and speak harsh words, then in the end everything is forgiven in the blink of an eye. Perhaps I'm being too harsh myself. All I can humbly say is that I was pretty taken aback at the resolution of this book.

Not that I want messy, but the "I love you" revelations kind of seem to flow along, like a placid river. Feelings were revealed and all was forgiven and forgotten. Maybe I'm bloodthirsty, but when a hero acts that badly, I, as the reader, hope for the hero to be humbled a bit by his past actions, and for that humbleness to be shown. Not in a huge way, but for the hero to realize that Aug 23, Naima rated it it was ok Shelves: Ada beberapa hal yang menurutku absurd.

Di sini diceritakan bahwa princess Katarina Karedes mendapat tugas untuk menyelenggarakan pesta di istana. Ceritanya saking sibuknya dan selain itu juga bukan kegemarannya lupa tidak membeli gaun yang pantas untuk pesta dansa yang diselenggarakannya. Alih2 berpakaian bak seorang putri dia malah terlihat seperti seorang pelayan. Pli jika dibandingkan pada karya Chantelle trapped by vialli's vow yang kemarin kubaca, aku cukup kecewa.

Secara dia kan putri raja, salah satu saudara perempuannya juga pintar dalam hal fashion, masak iya ia tidak punya gaun yang indah dan pantas dipakai untuk pesta dansa? Selain itu aku juga cukup kecewa di bagian akhir cerita yang sepertinya datar saja tanpa konflik yang berarti. Datar dan lurus aja seperti jalan tol.

Terus terang aku mengharapkan lebih. Apalagi di tengah cerita si tokoh antagonis muncul untuk menjelek2kan sang hero. Tapi sepertinya itu tidak menghasilkan konflik yang berarti karena dengan mudah ditepiskan oleh sang hero. Jadi bintang 2 udah cukup murah hati untuk kusematkan di buku ini. Oct 01, Roub rated it did not like it.

Sep 16, RomLibrary added it Shelves: She hides fact she is princess. He thinks she is waitress at ball. They get together in beach and cave. Pregnancy and get married. He didn't want to get married due to bad first marriage. She is not plump. She flees, her confide She hides fact she is princess. Feb 26, Kasumi Ren rated it liked it. The ending was abrupt and felt a bit flat for me. It was starting to get tense in their relationship when they each felt the distance growing. At the ball, Greek shipping tycoon Nikos Angelaki mistakes homely Kitty for a waitress.

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