Scritti di Giuseppe Mazzini Politica ed economia, volume secondo (Italian Edition)

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Italy -- History Mazzini, Giuseppe, Source: Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Erratum slip inserted Topic: John Arthur Ransome , Sir, Faith and the future -- Lamennais -- Byron and Goethe -- On the genius and tendency of the writings of Thomas Carlyle -- Carlyle's History of the French revolution -- On the minor works of Dante -- From the pope to the council -- Europe: Giuseppe Mazzini e la primi fase del suo pensiero letterario; l'aurora di un genio.

Mill, Cobden, Carlyle, Mazzini, T. Includes bibliographical references and index Topics: Six radical thinkers; Bentham, J.

Book digitized by Google and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Faith and the future. Melegari, Luigi Amedeo, The makers of modern Italy: It is helpful to reread this extremely well-known passage: He was also acutely aware, and would become even more so thereafter, of the differences and dissimilarities that characterized the numerous states of the peninsula, also from a jurisdictional and administrative point of view: For Correnti and Maestri, There would be as many administrative topographies as there are ministries, and even this would not be enough, because, for example, the Ministry of Finance has divided the Kingdom into five regions for public debt, into six for legal consultations on disputes, into fourteen for land registries, into eighteen for the Treasury Offices, into twenty-seven for the Offices of Indirect Taxation, and into fifty for the administration of state-owned land.

It is helpful to consider the reasoning he set forth: Cavour to Giacinto Carini, All translations from the Italian are mine.

Only in some cases have I preferred, due the complexity of the translation or the importance of the quotation, to report the original Italian text in the notes. Among others, by Adriana Petracchi: Amministrazione centrale e amministrazione periferica da Rattazzi a Ricasoli — , Milano , p. Cavour e il suo tempo, vol. Storia dello Stato, Bologna , p. As Cavour himself remarked to Carini: Liberazione del Mezzogiorno, vol. The obligatory reference here is Benedict Anderson: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, London La nazione del Risorgimento.

On this point, see Luca Mannori: Saggio politico-militare, Lausanne , p. I will cite only the works of Petracchi: Amministrazione centrale; Ernesto Ragionieri: I comuni, Vicenza ; Antonio Amorth ed.

Space and Administrative Boundaries at the Birth of the Italian Kingdom

Le province, Vicenza These topics have recently been considered anew with the publication of the relevant documents and minutes of the parliamentary offices and committees by Pier Luigi Ballini: Il Governo dal centro. Emmanuel de Las Cases: Luigi Mascilli Migliorini, vol. These ideas were taken up, with some variations, by Durando: On the theory of the natural border, which was developed in the second half of the 16th century, see Daniel Nordman: Eugenio Balbi, Torino , p. On Balbi, a famous geographer and statistician, see Mario Gliozzi: Dizionario biografico degli Italiani, vol. Il Nipote del Vesta-Verde.

Strenna popolare 6 , p. Organizzazione del potere e territorio. On knowledge and representations of the territory of the peninsula, see Claudio Cerreti: Considerazioni politiche, Bastia Durando in particular suggested four combinations. As compensation for the loss of the papal territories, for example, he proposed allocating Sardinia and Elba, in addition to Rome and Civitavecchia, or alternatively Sicily, to the Holy See; the rulers of Tuscany would receive Sicily, or Savoy and Nice, or Sardinia and Elba, plus additional financial compensation; the Bourbons of Lucca would be given Savoy and Nice, or alternatively Sardinia and the island of Elba, or even Sicily; Durando: Atti del Parlamento italiano.

The first parliamentary assembly of the new Kingdom of Italy continued the numbering of the Subalpine Assemblies of the Sardinian state, referring to itself as the eighth legislature and thus underlining the continuity of the two states.

Scritti di Giuseppe Mazzini, Politica ed Economia by Giuseppe Mazzini on Apple Books

Likewise, the first King of Italy retained the same ordinal number he had used as King of Sardinia-Piedmont: Studi e ricordi, Firenze , p. On Galeotti and his work, see Luca Mannori: Nascita di un liberale. Leopoldo Galeotti tra locale e nazionale in una antologia di scritti — , Pistoia , p. On the structure of federalist theories in Italy and their fundamental weakness, see most recently Luca Mannori: Territorio, amministrazione, opinione pubblica, Trento , p.

Francesco Bonini et al. This reference to the Aragonese principle, which was also taken up by Daniele Manin, is prominent as an epigraph in a text written in ; see Giuseppe Mazzini: Rivista contemporanea 22 , p. Mario Boneschi, Firenze , p. Statistica del nuovo Regno. Annali universali di statistica, economia pubblica, legislazione, storia, viaggi e commercio, Ser. Il programma dei moderati, Milano ; Nicola Raponi ed. The commission met in Turin, from its seventh meeting onwards in a room at the Palazzo del Parlamento, which had been closed following the granting of special powers to the king due to the outbreak of hostilities, and it worked feverishly from 10 to 26 May.

Correnti had earlier used the same phrase in the pages of the same journal to object to the fact that the city of Milan was being treated in the same way as the other provincial capitals; Cesare Correnti: Atti del Convegno di studio svoltosi a Torino e a Saint Vincent dal 3 al 7 settembre , Milano , p. Rivista di storia del Risorgimento e di storia contemporanea 11 , p. On the mythologizing of the Theresian local system by Cattaneo and others, see Ettore Rotelli: After Lombardy, the law of In a confidential letter to Cavour dated From a letter from Cavour to the King dated 3.

La liberazione del Mezzogiorno, Bologna , p.

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Cited from Umberto Pototschnig: Andiamo dunque adagio, assai adagio nel demolire il di lui sistema amministrativo; studiamolo bene, osserviamo sapientemente come funziona la di lui macchina, […] e poscia ci indurremo ad applicare varie delle sue regole amministrative nelle altre provincie. Annuario geografico italiano , p. The piece is reproduced anastatically in a recent article; see Lucio Gambi: Rivista di geografia storica del mondo antico e di storia della geografia 7 , p.

Strenna popolare 5 , p. Strenna popolare 8 , p. See also Cesare Correnti: Strenna popolare 1 , p. On Correnti as a scholar and politician, see Marco Soresina: Una biografia di Cesare Correnti, Milano Alquanto meno popolose e soprattutto meno estese sono le sette provincie della Sicilia: Ma per contro le 14 divisioni degli Stati Sardi rappresenterebbero le provincie napoletane, e i dipartimenti francesi.

On the genesis of the unitary administrative divisions, see Luigi Blanco: Scritti in onore di Ettore Rotelli, Pavia , p. The boundaries between the disciplines of statistics and geography were extremely permeable throughout the first half of the 19th century; see Giovanni Favero: VI, from which the citations that follow are also taken: Codesti gruppi, che chiameremo Compartimenti, rendono per avventura immagine o degli antichi Stati in che era divisa la nostra patria, o delle Regioni nelle quali alcuni divisavano poter opportunamente scompartire il territorio nazionale.

Quaderni storici 12 , p. Quaderni storici 43 , p. See Pietro Maestri anon. Annuario economico-politico, Torino ; Pietro Maestri: The obligatory point of reference here is Roberto Ruffilli: Federalismo e Mezzogiorno, Roma , p. A similar theory had already been formulated in Roberto Martucci: Cavour e Garibaldi nel , Torino , p. Della circoscrizione provinciale e specialmente della provincia di Modena, Torino , p. As we read in a petition from the citizens of the Tuscan Province to parliament printed in Siena in March Both letters are reproduced in La liberazione del Mezzogiorno, vol.

According to the same author, who emphasizes the extremely close ties between Piedmontese administrative reforms and the administrative system of the Kingdom of Italy, the original reform projects also derived from the discussions in Piedmont, and in particular from the work and direction of Gustavo Ponza di San Martino, as evidenced by a letter from Minghetti to Giuseppe Pasolini dated 23 April ; Petracchi: Considerazioni statistiche ed economiche, Milano , p. Similarly, although of different political orientation, especially on the regional issue, see Leone Carpi: If you are not the copyright holder or its agent and if the content is clearly infringing the copyright of a well-known work, please select "Infringes a well-known work" from the dropdown menu.

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Scritti di Giuseppe Mazzini, Politica ed Economia

You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. Giuseppe Mazzini Italian pronunciation: His efforts helped bring about the independent and unified Italy in place of the several separate states, many dominated by foreign powers, that existed until the 19th century. Log in to rate this item.

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