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During this crisis, as the heroes scatter to find a reversal to Klarion's magics, Superboy's girlfriend Tana Moon is brutally murdered by an agent of the Agenda, marking a turning point in the Kid of Steel's life, and Wonder Girl began to bloom into her role as a hero, even abandoning her wig. Jack Knight Starman , impressed with the competence and intelligence he witnessed in the then-adult Courtney Whitmore , the second Star-Spangled Kid, would later pass his Cosmic Rod and the Starman mantle on to Courtney, spurring the precocious heroine to later become Stargirl.

The crisis also marked the entrance of future teammates, Empress , and a newly de-aged Lobo , or Li'l Lobo. In the aftermath of these events, negative public opinion against the young crime-fighters subsides, and the team reconciles with their friends and mentors in the Justice League and with the government. Superboy temporarily loses his powers but regains his ability to age normally.

The team relocates its headquarters to an abandoned hotel in the Catskills and takes a temporary leave of absence to recuperate, allowing for a substitute team consisting of Beast Boy , Flamebird , Batgirl , Captain Marvel, Jr. When Cissie is selected to represent the United States in the archery games for the Summer Olympics at the encouragement of her mother, the team accompanies her to Australia and thwarts an effort to sabotage the games by the criminal nation of Zandia. Cissie, a natural-born marksman, wins the gold medal for the US, effectively gaining her celebrity status without the need of her heroic identity.

They team up once again with Empress, finally learning her true identity, much to Anita's chagrin.

Mars Making the New Earth - Full Documentary

Young Justice quickly warms up to the young mystic and welcomes her within their ranks, though Cissie initially rejects Anita out of resentment towards feeling replaced. The team later make an expedition to outer space at the behest of Doiby Dickles, former sidekick to Green Lantern Alan Scott , and former member of Old Justice, to free his previous home-world Myrg from invading forces. In this adventure they encounter Li'l Lobo once again, who agrees to join them for the expectation of violence.

Robin begrudgingly allows the team to accept Lobo's help in this instance, primarily out of a desire for any chance of evening their odds for success. After liberating Myrg and returning home after yet another brief excursion to New Genesis, in which Secret meets and unwittingly strikes up a rapport with the despotic Darkseid , Lobo continues to exercise his presence with Young Justice and participating in their adventures for no real reason that anyone within the group can discern, though he is never officially accepted as a member. He develops an attraction for Empress; a mildly interested but mostly apathetic Anita obliges to go on a date with him at one point.

In the midst of intergalactic war, Young Justice is drafted into the combat strictly for search and rescue purposes. When the team crash lands and is left stranded on Apokolips, tensions explode between Superboy and Robin and those suspicions are brought to light as Superboy, Wonder Girl, Impulse, and Cissie all express concerns regarding trust, effectively leaving the team divided. The group agree to put the matter aside for the time being as they attempt to get off of Apokolips. The team quickly begins drawing enemy fire; Impulse is left shaken and temporarily traumatized when one of his super-speed "scouts" vibrational "clones" Impulse learned to make of himself that could function independently for short time periods is killed in the line of fire, giving the lackadaisical hero a harsh confrontation with his own mortality; Li'l Lobo is all but annihilated by Parademons , ultimately finished off by the Black Racer.

The rest of the team is taken captive and put into the care of Granny Goodness, where she and her Female Furies subject them to various cruel forms of mental torture. Secret is taken to confer with Darkseid, who had taken an interest in the powerful, yet naive young heroine the last time they had met. Secret, who had recently began to learn more about her powers and her connections with the afterlife and who had consequently began to ponder her true nature, is informed by Darkseid that she is "evil. Due to Li'l Lobo's ability to replicate clones of himself for every drop of his blood spilled, the team is aided by an army of Lobo clones who are unleashed on the Apokoliptian forces.

They lash out against everyone and everything around them before turning on each other and killing one another off to the last surviving Lobo. The team finally makes good on their escape from Apokolips in the midst of the chaos, with the help of one additional genetically inferior teenage Lobo that had remained hidden from the fight in their spaceship.

Ashamed of his perceived inferiority and cowardice, this less imposing, less threatening Lobo re-names himself "Slo-Bo. In the aftermath of this adventure, for the first time frightened for his life, Impulse decides to quit the team, retiring from his super-hero life altogether. He is joined by Robin, who decides to sever ties with the team out of hurt feelings inflicted by teammates that he feels no longer trust him.

After the loss of two founding members, they are joined by former Justice League mascot Snapper Carr , who agrees to assume Red Tornado's mentoring position; with his own unique form of counsel, Snapper attempts to help the remaining members get their feet back on the ground.

To re-bolster their ranks, the team soon recruits the older Ray as its newest member. Meanwhile, in an effort to help Secret come to terms with her tragic past and assuage her concerns over what she considers her "true nature," Snapper arranges for Suzie to be taken in by the Spectre Hal Jordan in a mentoring capacity. The full details of her life and death are brought to light, as well as her role as a "gatekeeper" between the realm of the dead and the living. She is never shown divulging the information of her origin to her teammates, though she does supply them with her true name, Greta Hayes.

Impulse and Robin later return in their civilian identities when Bedlam once again recreates the world to suit his will. In this new reality, Young Justice consists of distorted, and in some cases amoral, parodies of their actual selves. With YJ once again in full force, the team decides to take a vote on who should become team leader; following Robin's return, they question whether or not he deserves the position of leader, particularly in light of having quit the team so abruptly.

In the end, Wonder Girl, having blossomed into a competent, level-headed heroine since her more awkward days hiding under her wig and goggles, and also having stuck with the team through thick and thin since close to its beginning, wins the election, and is given full blessings from former leader, Robin. Though Robin loses his leadership position, he continues to act as the team's chief tactical mind, similar to Batman's role with the JLA. Wonder Girl assumes responsibility just in time to lead Young Justice to its next challenge.

When Empress's father is kidnapped and murdered by her super-villain grandfather, Agua Sin Gaaz, a prominent and powerful resident of the nation of Zandia, populated primarily with criminals, Young Justice assembles a legion of young heroes to assist in Sin Gaaz's apprehension, including Stargirl, Jakeem Thunder, Lagoon Boy, Kid Devil, and dozens of others. The assault on Zandia is met with an equally staggering assemblage of villains, resulting in an all-out battle royal. Empress confronts Sin Gaaz, but the villain is defeated and murdered by Bonnie King-Jones , passing off as her own daughter.

After Sin Gaaz's demise, Empress is left in the care of two newborn infants suddenly created in his lab - the reincarnations of Anita's own deceased parents. Afterwards, as Young Justice prepares to boost its image and expand by agreeing to star in a new reality show, Secret learns that her father is to soon be sentenced to death for the murder of her brother, Harm.

When they refuse and later condemn her after freeing her father anyway, a betrayed Secret erupts in a fit of anger, violently attacks her friends, and agrees to leave Earth for Apokolips with Darkseid, at last giving in to his offer of tutelage. Impulse confesses his fear over his own lack of regard for his own life; Empress, now left to care for two newborn infants faces the possibility that her career as a superhero may be over; Slo-Bo, with his physically inferior body, is slowly beginning to degrade; Cissie at last establishes peace with her mother; and Superboy and Wonder Girl finally confess their feelings for one another.

When Secret finally attacks in a final confrontation condemning her friends for failing her, Robin admits their failings and appeals to Secret's reason and inner goodness.

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Upon breaking down in tears and giving up the people she had previously consumed, Secret is confronted and scorned by an angered Darkseid. The Justice League would next recruit Hawkman into their ranks, and in his first case with the team they would battle against Joe Parry who would use an alien Panacomputer to create Super-Duper a composite based upon Batman , Wonder Woman , Flash , Hawkman , and Green Lantern.

Destiny's dream powers and manipulated into fighting the Joker , Chac and other threats. Back in action the Justice League would end world chaos caused by Andrew Helm out-of-control Corti-Conscious Machine, [46] clash with the Key , [47] and Professor Ivo would build a device to steal the JLA's powers, however a side effect would endow the Flash with his comrades powers as well and he would defeat Ivo.

To the Leagues surprise Metamorpho would refuse outright membership but accepts being the group's standby member. The two teams first must deal with the threats caused by Solomon Grundy and Blockbuster who ended up being transported to the others Earth due to the crisis. While battling the foe Mongo a duplicate of Aquaman was created and dies in battle, leaving the Justice League to believe their comrade is dead and put on a funeral in his memory, however Aquaman defeats Mongo and reveals to his friends that he is alive and well.

In another reality spanning adventure, the Justice League and Justice Society of America would both be faced fighting the Black Spheres, strange energy beings from another universe that are absorbed into average people granting them super-powers and turning them evil. Destiny once more plagues the Justice League by forcing them to swap bodies with their foes Penguin , Dr. Ultimately, the heroes foil this plot, defeat Destiny and all his men.

Anomaly a time traveler from the Depression Era who believes super-heroes are a determent to the world. This plot would ultimately be thwarted by the combined efforts of the surviving members of the Justice League, Justice Society and Red Tornado, whom would defeat T.

Young Justice (New Earth)

Morrow and restore their fallen comrades to life. The League next thwart an invasion of America by Generalissimo Demmy Gog [80] and battle the amoebic creature Neverwas and return it to pre-history. However, the League would learn of this frame-job and clear Green Arrow's name. When reports of a costumed vigilante named the Creeper reach the attention of the JLA, they would go out in investigate to see if the Creeper is a friend of a foe. During this case, their investigation would be made complicated due to the intervention of the Mind-Grabber Kid , a young hero jealous of the Justice League's notoriety, and has been manipulated by aliens from outer-space.

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The League would lose another member when they would join their comrade Martian Manhunter to Mars to prevent its destruction by Commander Blanx. While the entire Martian civilization ultimately is destroyed, Blanx is defeated and Martian Manhunter leaves the group to lead the surviving Martians to find a new home in space.

Aquarius , a sentient star from Earth-Two , attempted to get revenge on his masters by destroying the multiverse with Starman's Gravity Rod. During this encounter, the Superman of Earth-One would meet his Earth-Two counterpart for the first time. In the climax of the battle, Black Canary would decide to return with the Justice League back to Earth-One , [88] however unknown to everyone at the time, the Black Canary that accompanied them back to Earth-One was not Dinah Drake Lance, but her daughter Dinah Laurel Lance who was temporarily given her mothers memories and endowed with powers that would manifest shortly after she arrived on Earth-One.

The Arrow himself would change his appearance and become more of a social activist, pressuring the group to combat social ills over super-villains.

Injustice Society (New Earth) | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Snapper was tricked into betraying the secret location of the cave headquarters to the Joker, which resulted in his resigning from the team in shame. The team built a geosynchronous space station, that was 22, miles above the equator, which they had to defend against The Joker and other threats.

Through this period, membership was limited to seven members. It was the largest and most powerful team lineup to date, although seldom did the League members assemble. The League's twelve-member limit Sometimes explained as the "No duplication of powers" policy was conceded to be a charter provision about numbers, once the League had formally removed the limitation and admitted Hawkwoman and hoped to admit more members.

The policy change allowed Zatanna and Firestorm to be admitted as well!

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The satellite would the League's home for the next several years. Members were able to teleport to and a from the satellite using teleportation centers located across the planet. League members took turns on watch duty, monitoring Earth from the satellite and dispatching the League as needed.

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  • This era of the League is commonly referred to the "Satellite League". The underpinnings of the League began to strain, as most of its most important members found themselves devoting less time to the JLA for a variety of reasons; Flash experienced a personal tragedy in his life while the "Big 3" of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were committed to their own caseloads. When the satellite was destroyed by the Green Martians , Aquaman decided that the destruction of the satellite was a way to disband the JLA and start over.

    The satellite faced its final and complete destruction during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, when it was destroyed by a self-detonating Red Tornado that had been sabotaged and tampered with by the Anti-Monitor. It was never rebuilt. The satellite was rendered extremely damaged and effectively inoperable just prior to Aquaman's decision to disband the team.

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    The League was in a time of transition. Not just in headquarters but in members too. The detachment of some members, such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman caused the three charter Justice League members to resign active duty with the team. At the same time, the Flash left the team to confront his manslaughter trial and investigate the disappearance of his wife. Hal Jordan had been temporarily expelled from the Green Lantern Corps and resigned from the League as well to sort out his life.

    Aquaman subsequently reformed the Justice League. Based in Detroit, this era is referred to as Justice League Detroit. Superman eventually defeated him, but not before he was able to reboot the history of existence starting at the Big Bang. There was no longer a Multiverse, and the one true Earth's history now contained elements of both Earth-One and Earth-Two.

    Extreme Justice (New Earth)

    The League and the Justice Society of America had always coexisted in the same timeline. Light , and Oberon. This time, the unscrupulous financier and liaison Maxwell Lord appeared. The team also takes up a new residence, this time in Metropolis. The team continued to grow until the decision was made to split it into two teams: A new JLA would form after a new villain calling himself Know Man kidnapped Doctor Destiny and used his powerful reality altering abilities to cause many of the world's heroes to briefly forget their superheroic identities.

    Know Man revealed a seemingly insane plot to transform the entire population of earth into metahumans--a move that he said was necessary to combat an oncoming evil. The world's greatest heroes were on the job, however, and Know Man was stopped and forced to flee. The then-current Justice League, which had essentially been reduced to Metamorpho , Ice , and a couple of others were operating out of the Overmind 's defunct space ship. That ship was destroyed and Metamorpho seemingly killed after the arrival of the Hyperclan , a team of superpowered aliens who arrived on Earth, offering to transform the world into a paradise.

    To that end, they rounded up several supervillains and summarily executed them, drawing the opposition of Earth's heroes. Only by joining together could the heroes defeat them. This group decided they would be the core lineup of an all new JLA. Using Martian and Kryptonian technology, the team quickly built a new base, the Watchtower , on the surface of the moon.

    The team then decided to have a recruitment drive— Hitman , Damage , and Max Mercury did not make the cut, but a mysterious woman named Tomorrow Woman did. She quickly turned out to be a highly advanced android built by T. Morrow and Professor Ivo to be a plant inside the League—but they gave her too much free will and she self-sacrificed to save the others. She was given a hero's funeral. The team soon got called out to California, where the angel Zauriel has come to Earth, pursued by renegade angels working for Asmodel. Soon, Asmodel himself shows up and most of the team has to battle him while Superman--currently in his blue energy form--has to stop Neron and the Demons Three from causing the moon to fall out of the sky.

    Once he's successful, he wrestles Asmodel to a standstill while Zauriel and GL manage to build a device with his power ring that banishes the other angels off the Earth. Back on the Watchtower, the team is caught off guard and knocked unconscious by the villainous Key. He and his robot minions hook them up to a virtual reality machine, causing each of them to live a different life in VR as part of a plot to take over all of space and time. Luckily, Green Arrow Connor Hawke beams up to the Watchtower he was coming for a second interview and recovering his Dad's old trick arrows from the Trophy Room, he manages to almost single-handedly take down Key and his robots.

    Green Arrow is inducted as a member of the League. Luthor had acquired the Rock of Ages , which granted him extensive power, and built a secret lair for the Gang on an orbiting satellite. Building hard light holograms in the form of the Justice League members, the Injustice Gang commenced an attack on Star City , massacring many people before the League could stop the holograms. During the battle, Aquaman sensed the mind of his brother, Ocean Master, controlling one of the holograms and this helped put the team on the right trail. After taking a timeout to deal with the Genesis event, the League gets back on the trail and soon uncovers the truth about Luthor and his new gang.

    Green Arrow is corrupted by Circe into becoming a mole, while Batman manages to contact Mirror Master and get him to become a turncoat in the Gang. Superman and Martian Manhunter attempt to infiltrate the Gang's lair, only to discover it booby trapped. Meanwhile, Metron arrives and warns the team about Luthor's possession of the Rock of Ages.

    Traveling faster than light, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Flash end up returning to Earth fifteen years in the future--a future where Darkseid has conquered the Earth after the destruction of the Rock of Ages.