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This book presents essays expanding on themes useful for teaching, preaching, and Bible study; bibliographies; charts; two maps; and an index of ancient sources. Mark is the 14th commentary to appear in the BCBC series, sponsored by six denominations: Believers Church Bible Commentary. What would you like to know about this product? Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the product in the fields below, and we'll answer you in the next hours. You can unsubscribe at any time. Sign in or create an account. Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc.

Believers Church Bible Commentary By: Product Close-up This product is not available for expedited shipping. Teach the Text Commentary [Hardcover]. The Knowledge of the Holy. Teach the Text Commentary.

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Sacra Pagina [SP] Paperback. He is the author or editor of several other books and numerous articles and book reviews. The letter convinces Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld that the grace-gift of faithfulness leads to worship. He is professor of religious and theological studies at Conrad Grebel College.

Martin takes Bible students into the rich text of the letter to the church at Colossae and the highly personal letter to Philemon. Martin draws on his experience as pastor, teacher, and writer to engage the reader in the complexities of the text. All the while, he focuses on a Christ-centered biblical theology and the amazingly revelant pastoral concerns that shaped these letters.

In commenting on Colossians, Martin highlights a wholistic Christology in contrast to the past and present perversions of the gospel. In the section on Philemon, he draws attention to the social implications of the koinonia of faith for the servants of Jesus Christ. He wrote several other works including Preparing for Church Membership: Elias invites us to listen in while Paul and his missionary companions encourage and warn believers in ancient Thessalonica.

Elias shows Paul dealing pastorally with everyday concerns of church life while reminding his converts about the big picture. What God has done through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will yet be brought to glorious completion. Today, apocalyptic biblical texts are often ignored or misused. But Elias tells how the gospel proclaimed to the Thessalonians undergirds the nurture of churches marked by faith, love, and hope. Elias studied at the University of Saskatchewan, and graduated in from Mennonite Biblical Seminary.

He has been teaching at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary since In this volume, author Paul M. His interpretive process includes both a vertical reading of each book separately and a horizontal reading of the themes found in all three letters. Augsburger , president and professor emeritus of Eastern Mennonite University. Petersburg, Florida from to Following this eight-year experience of pastoring an urban church, he attended Princeton Theological Seminary where he earned his ThM in Biblical Studies in In he was ordained bishop and supervised pastors in five congregations for 25 years.

Peter empowers believers to be communities of hope, not retaliating for the abuse they suffer, but bearing witness of their Lord by word, lifestyle, and doing good. Daryl Charles shows how 2 Peter and Jude are relevant since the church still faces ethical compromises and pastoral dilemmas. Their apocalyptic imagery stresses that the concerns of Christian faithfulness and faith are absolutely crucial. The church needs such moral exhortation. Martin , distinguished scholar in residence, Fuller Theological Seminary.

He writes on issues of faith and culture, Christian ethics, ecumenism, and the contemporary relevance of the general epistles for the Christian community. He served as president emeritus of Mennonite Biblical Seminary. Written during a time of church schism that has left Christians confused and questioning their status before God, the author of 1, 2, 3 John argues that the Christian life has two fundamental markers: In his commentary, J. McDermond shows that that these two crucial concepts are as relevant and important today as they were back then.

Cohick , associate professor of New Testament, Wheaton College. He is the professor of Christian ministry and spirituality at Messiah College and has also taught in England and Kenya. The message of Revelation speaks to Christians for all times, and historically has especially encouraged persecuted groups. Today Christians in many parts of the world are also at opposition to the worldview of the time. Revelation gives strength to those who are oppressed, and John R.

The commentary includes clear biblical commentary, relationships between various portions of Scripture, and applications drawn from the Anabaptist tradition and the larger Christian community. Yeatts is on the faculty of Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, currently teaching psychology and religion in the School of the Humanities. Yeatts began his professional life in pastoral and denominational ministry, serving the Brethren in Christ denomination as Christian education staff.

Faithlife Your digital faith community. Logos Powerful Bible study tools. Faithlife TV A Christian video library. Faithlife Proclaim Church presentation software. Chapters 3 vols. The Preacher's Outline and Sermon Bible 43 vols. Proverbs John Phillips Commentary Series 27 vols. Products Believers Church Bible Commentary 26 vols. Believers Church Bible Commentary 26 vols.

George Neufeld, Thomas R. Yoder Martin, Ernest D. Overall Outline The commentaries are organized into sections according to the major divisions of the text. Each section is comprised of five parts in order to provide a balance of exegesis, theological reflection, and life appropriation: Genesis by Eugene F. Matties Judges by Terry L. Roop Psalms by James H.

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Martens Ezekiel by Millard C. Lind Daniel by Paul M. Lederach Hosea, Amos by Allen R. Guenther Matthew by Richard B. Gardner Mark by Timothy J. Faw Romans by John E. Toews 2 Corinthians by V. George Shillington Ephesians by Thomas R. Martin 1 and 2 Thessalonians by Jacob W.

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Elias 1—2 Timothy, Titus by Paul M. Daryl Charles 1, 2, 3 John by J. McDermond Revelation by John R. Herald Press Publication Date: A careful scholar, sound theoretician, and sensitive interpreter, the author brings many years of teaching and research to this rich and evocative volume. Sometimes resources for peace can be found in the most unexpected places. Brensinger addresses an ecumenical audience from the perspective of a believers church in a reciprocal relationship with the Bible.

He deals with problems of violence and war, while holding to the biblical mandate of peace. With pastoral and scholarly background, Brensinger provides all the basics one expects. He identifies with the faith of the biblical writer, who struggles with the vision of Moses and reaches toward the great prophets and Jesus. Ruth, Jonah, Esther Author: The strength of the Anabaptist hermeneutic is its sensitivity to the human elements of the biblical text and the practical implications of the biblical message for believers today. Combining the best of recent scholarship with a high regard for the authority of Scripture, Roop makes us all grateful that these three short books have been preserved in the canon for our inspiration and edification.

It is a commentary that is well informed on critical issues but, more importantly, is alive and alert to theological, pastoral concerns. Waltner reads the Psalms in and for the church, and makes connections that will serve the pastoral, liturgical, devotional life of the church. We can be grateful for this important contribution. In place of a pedantic verse by verse approach, this thematic treatment of Proverbs provides a surprisingly contemporary manual on some critical issues of Christian discipleship.

Mark: Believers Church Bible Commentary

Miller offers very helpful pastoral insights for the 21st-century preacher. Lapp, Franconia Mennonite Conference. This is a superb volume. Douglas Miller enables us to see how tremendously appropriate Ecclesiastes is for our times. It makes no apology for its firm location in the Anabaptist tradition and its author has taken seriously various types of feedback from the Christian community. The book is a delight to read and is strongly recommended for pastors, church leaders, and anyone wishing to engage with the prophetic tradition in a way that makes for peace and for the ethical living without which communities cannot be built or sustained.

McDonald, lecturer in New Testament, Ushaw College Few things are more thrilling to a reader than authors who know their subject so intimately that they seem to inhabit the world they write about. My hope is that readers will take this call to heart. Clear, concise, critically responsible, and informed by a deeply felt pastoral concern.

Judges (Believers Church Bible Commentary) by Terry L Brensinger PDF

He shows the same problems today. It expresses outstanding scholarship with utter simplicity and clarity. A superb guide, explaining Mark in its first-century setting and interpreting its meaning for today. I have waited a long time for this commentary! But until now, few commentaries have thoroughly embraced the emerging paradigm, which seeks to read Romans in its original historical and social context.

Believers Church Bible Commentary | Best Commentaries Reviews

Even less has percolated into the life of the church at large. John Toews makes it possible for all thinking Christians to understand Romans. In structure and style, this commentary successfully bridges the gap between biblical scholarship and church life and witness. Keenly sensitive to the precarious relationship between Paul and the Corinthians, Shillington unpacks the arguments in this difficult letter with creative insight and careful exegesis.

A very helpful resource! Gives penetrating challenges to Anabaptist and mainline pastors and laity. Dawn, teaching fellow in spiritual theology, Regent College, Vancouver Explores lofty confessional peaks and rich fields of practical application. Deftly handles even difficult passages, blending careful scholarship with a gospel interpretation that is provocative, fresh, and trustworthy. Students and pastors seeking a fair presentation of various sides of the scholarly debate will be rewarded, and the believers church movement will find much here to sustain its efforts.

Kendall Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary Elias has done an impressive job of remaining faithful to the text while making 1 and 2 Thessalonians accessible to pastors, teachers, and lay Christians. This is a remarkably readable commentary on the Pastoral Epistles. It successfully and perhaps uniquely provides sound exegesis at a level that is adequate for the preacher; sets the theological themes in their wider biblical contexts; and surveys the history of the interpretation and influence of the letters, particularly in the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition.

I warmly commend this attractive presentation, which should greatly encourage and assist exposition of these fascinating letters. Howard Marshall , University of Aberdeen, Scotland This commentary by Paul Zehr provides helpful guidance to interpret important but difficult passages in a contemporary Anabaptist manner. Zehr is alert to current ecumenical and evangelical scholarship on the pastorals, to the historical and cultural contexts reflected in these books, to the difficult issues of authorship, and to the energy of these letters for the well-being of healthy church leadership.

Esau, former Mennonite pastor and denominational administrator With careful scholarship and a Christ-centered hermeneutic, Paul Zehr has given to the church an insightful guide in understanding the Pastoral Epistles. He seeks to work carefully with the cultural background of these scriptures, their context in the larger Scripture, and in applications to our setting. Erland Waltner and J. Combines scholarly approaches to these neglected books with clear exposition and timely application. Use of Anabaptist sources will appeal to a wide audence: We applaud the volume heartily.

Martin , distinguished scholar in residence, Fuller Theological Seminary Solid biblical exposition in a reader-friendly format. Offers careful and deatiled anaylsis of these books in clear, accessible language. Quotes Anabaptists working out understandings of faith under intense suffering. Valuable for pastors, Sunday school teachers, and serious students. McDermond is well informed on traditional and contemporary evaluations of the letters, well aware of their weaknesses, and well able to draw on their strengths.

This is a commentary to use with confidence. Dunn , Emeritus Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, Durham University This commentary takes on difficult questions of how these New Testament books spoke to their first-century context and what contemporary Christians should make of their advice. McDermond refuses to get hooked by traditional dualistic interpretations, instead reading the Johannine correspondence as basic theology and functional ethics intertwined.