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It may be a practical joke. Before I go further, I should warn you that there are huge spoilers below. And not without reason! Everyone suspects him of being a turncoat while simultaneously giving him access to their most important secrets, go figure. I personally would have ended the book halfway through, and just made Hale the bad guy. Who could blame him The EFF are the bad guys. Did you know that the National Security Agency ops budget: I did not know this. This one is actually pretty accurate. These and other details are embedded in a stew of unintentional comic awfulness that really defies summarization.

Not to read, mind you. I really could not recommend this book less, and am considering sending Dan Brown a bill for the time I spent reading it. It's a work of fiction. What's next, criticizing the Harry Potter series for how unreal it is? It's a Dan Brown issue, he can't understand the difference between a computer program and magic. Well your review certainly saves my bucks, as I was planning to buy it at month end. Who Will Gaurd the Gaurds? I hated this American arrogant about spying for safety and security ,while that never been used but for excuses to fight and concur countries for Oil..

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? He really got a very interesting formula That's the sign of him , he knows how to thrill you and to surprise you with real unexpected twists. Like the ring, oh That Ring.. I thought I will miss Langdon so much, yet there's still touristic historical visits, blowing mind information, not just about Internet and digital codes, but even more.

Like the atomic bombs and ,of course, NSA.. Dan Brown proven that he is way bigger even without Langdon.. Without Wax is the sign and trademark of Dan Brown's novels, That's a fact.. No matter how do I like this novel or not -still at P. Without Wax, Mohammed Arabey hide spoiler ] View all 19 comments. There's a reason why everyone talks about The DaVinci Code and not about this book. Anyway, I was bored and a copy of this was sitting at the library for a quarter and I thought "WTF, mate, I'll give it a go.

Did I wake you? Come over and play. We can sleep in before we head north. It really does read '"Mmm. David then proceeds to postpone their plans to celebrate their six-month engagement due to something hush-hush, like maybe his being a big homo. C'mon, what sort of man is going to pass up some sweet, sweet lovin' before disappearing on a mystery mission? The kind who likes other men, that's what kind. A handful of pages later, it becomes clear that Dan Brown has read too many Clive Cussler novels as we're treated to a description of David Becker: His strong jaw and taut features reminded Susan of carved marble.

Over six feet tall, Becker moved across a squash court faster than any of his colleagues could comprehend. After soundly beating his opponent, he would cool off by dousing his head in a drinking fountain and soaking his tuft of thick, black hair. Then, still dripping, he'd treat his opponent to a fruit shake and a bagel. Stud have the same initials as the author? Why would anyone want a sharp green wit?

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And is 'fruit shake' some sort of code for gay sex? Is that why he is still dripping? So then, after all this ran through my immature little mind, I remembered I had other books to read--books that didn't suck horrifically within the first ten pages. Yay for other books! Oh, and I sold it to a used book shop for a dollar, so it was worth the quarter. Yay for used book shops! View all 44 comments. Tampoco esta Robert Landon. Nor is Robert Landon. The NSA has intercepted a code but can not decipher it. The only clue is hidden in the body of Ensei Takado, who died in Spain.

Digital Fortress

Aug 26, K. I work in the Information Technology field so relating to this book was easy for me. So, this book glued me from start to finish. My officemate has been telling me that this is his favorite Dan Brown book. Hurray, I am now a Dan Brown completist! I liked the story. NSA has a program that can track personal conversations around the world. One employee gets angry so he becomes a whistleblower. This lust for her body and for power as usual basically becomes the driving force for all these men to outwit or kill each other or even themselves.

The plot is a little overpopulated by characters and the twists are a bit too many to become coincidental. Just like any other first time novelists, Brown was trying to prove that he could intricately weave a suspenseful yet unbelievable plot. Wikipedia says that this book was based on real-life incident in cryptography. The story seems to tell me that Dan Brown not only did his thorough research on the topic but was also able to anticipate what NSA would do. This one was not coincidence, I think. I just did not have any idea how a novelist could have access to NSA. Or maybe I am reading too many suspense-thriller books Robert Ludlum, Jeffrey Archer, Ken Follett, John Grisham, etc that my rational thinking is now tainted with all these far-fetched possibilities or thoughts.

Dan Brown was born on the same year I was, i. Wimps cannot do just those.

Matthew Green

I like Dan Brown definitely not for his literary prowess, i. He just does not sit down and types away his thoughts. He backs those up with facts. He goes to the museums in Paris or Capital Building, looks up on all the writings or symbols on the wall, paintings, towers. He reads history and current events and incorporates those to his plot. We just cannot ignore the fact that he knows his trade. His books deserve to be read. His efforts deserve to be appreciated.

View all 21 comments. Mar 23, Archit Ojha rated it it was amazing Shelves: Never could I put my popcorn down. A complete and comprehensive review on my lists this year! Dan Brown is not just Da Vinci Code! This is a pretty good cyber-thriller. It resonates well in a world where data security and hacking are a part of the daily news. Check it out if you are a fan of fast paced thrillers with lots of suspense.

It has short chapters, too, which I like a lot. View all 3 comments. View all 5 comments. Apr 07, Fabian rated it liked it. This thriller is fast hooray! It is relevant to modern times and some reviewers have gone as far as calling it plausible. But it must be said that its an adventure less compelling than The Da Vinci Code, even more contrived; devoid of interesting characters but plagued with dead ends, ineffective repetitiveness, empty journeys. While many characters deal with differently major or minor catastrophes, the short chapters speed by.

The plot, if dissected, would resemble this: There are codes and puzzles along the way, easy to decipher and sometimes overly-explained by these tech- and only tech- minded, overpaid, individuals. Because it was educational, fun, sometimes I say this with a grain of salt unpredictable, it should be read. Expect no Waugh or Hawthorne, but Crichton, or at least a worthy imitation. It is definitely a dumb action adventure but if it captures you, and it will, then just take the ride.

It's as harmless as impersonating the protagonist: But something within the human machine will be processed in some way, surely. My book group chose this book and I will never forgive them. Digital Fortress is about the government and secrecy. Susan Fletcher works for a super top s My book group chose this book and I will never forgive them. Susan Fletcher works for a super top secret government agency called NSA that cracks codes to read emails and save the world.

How do I remember that her name is Susan Fletcher? Susan Fletcher is the best code breaker NSA has. Susan Fletcher is also beautiful and perfect and everyone loves her and wants to do her. Susan Fletcher has a brilliant mind. Susan Fletcher is also very attractive. Susan Fletcher is also smart. Dan Brown wrote the book Digital Fortress. If you do not drink and are into health, do push ups or squats or something instead of pounding booze. Susan Fletcher was supposed to be on a vacation with her finance David Becker.

David Becker is beautiful and smart. David Becker plays squash and no one minds when David Becker puts his entire head into the water fountain to wash away the sweat. David Becker is that amazing. Susan Fletcher thinks thoughts to tell the reader how important NSA is. Seriously, how is this guy a big name writer? Dan Brown wants to get to the important things like telling the reader how intelligent and beautiful Susan Fletcher and David Becker are. Susan Fletcher and David Becker are engaged.

Susan Fletcher and David Becker have been engaged for six months.

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Susan Fetcher stays underground in the NSA bunker trying to figure out what is wrong with their giant, enormous, massive, expensive, costly, top secret, classified translator project. The computer is used to cull through email and crack codes and save the entire planet. It has done so successfully. But now it has found a code that it cannot crack and Susan Fletcher has to use her beautiful body and intelligent mind to solve the problem. Meanwhile, in Spain, David Becker is on a crazy journey of his own. He has to find a ring because it somehow has something to do with this code.

He is able to follow thin clues to track the ring from person to person. Oh, and also David Becker is given stupid coincidences that tell him where to go next. David Becker is smart and is able to use these giant arrows to find the next person to talk to.

Dan Brown- Digital Fortress and Deception Point

Luckily Dan Brown quickly tells information to make me pay attention to a specific character in his book Digital Fortress and I, the reader, can get back to the important part which is remembering that Susan Fletcher and David Becker are engaged and they are both very intelligent and very beautiful. The crazy ending was kind of fun because everyone was in the same place sort of screaming and trying to solve the problem before the entire government was shut down, but other than that… What the fuck, America?

This is one of our top selling authors? Not only do I not care for this type of story, I could not get past the writing. How does this happen? Apparently they all hated the book too, including the two people who suggested it for this month. Way to make the rest of us pay for your mistakes. View all 16 comments.

Diana Doctor This is why I like reading reviews! Wish I had read this before reading the book. It would have been fun I can imagine myself laughing at every page This is why I like reading reviews! It would have been fun I can imagine myself laughing at every page than torture. Bhanu I wish I had read this review before picking up the book. Not even the ending was fun! Apparently, the brilliant and beautiful Susan Fletcher, who is I wish I had read this review before picking up the book.

Apparently, the brilliant and beautiful Susan Fletcher, who is the head cryptographer of the NSA, could not even crack a single code in the entire book. Jul 25, Hendrata rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I learned that Dan Brown is a bad writer and I will never read any of his other books. I also am upset at my friend for recommending me this book. There is a scene where the heads of NSA along with some of the smartest people on Earth were trying to solve a riddle left by the bad guy as a I learned that Dan Brown is a bad writer and I will never read any of his other books.

View all 9 comments. A Good Thriller, if you ignore a few things. View all 7 comments. May 14, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm not sure what to believe after reading this book. I've always liked Dan Brown's books because he writes so realistically, using big words to belittle readers about how little they know. Or so I thought. After reading this book, I did a little snooping of my own OK, those were big words too, I just used Google and realised that most of the technology, computers and cool machinery did not exist.

In fact, Goodreads was an excellent source of information of unhappy reviewers tearing down this bo I'm not sure what to believe after reading this book. In fact, Goodreads was an excellent source of information of unhappy reviewers tearing down this book's credibility. Gee, I was really hoping that those stuff were as cool as mentioned in Digital Fortress.

But that asides, there are some historical facts and figures that ARE real, if not as cool. Although I can't say that Brown's books are an excellent crash course for a myriad of whacky subjects, his writings definitely introduced readers to an entirely whole new world that most of us would have otherwise never have dreamt about.

Digital Fortress | The Dan Brown Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Having that said, I can't say that Brown's writing style is my favourite. His books usually start off well, but kind of go downhill somewhat at the end. His plot developments are not the best I've come across, although how he comes up with them in the bloody first place is unthinkable.

But I must say, there is a significant similarity between the plots in most, if not all, of his books. It doesn't take a cryptologist to figure it out. Now before this I've only read 3 of his books OK that may be quite a lot already and my recent awareness of such similarity has indeed taken out most surprises within Brown's novels.

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