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And he said unto me, "Where is Jesus, my brother, that I may go to meet him? Mary relates to Jesus that when his Twin finally found him, "He embraced you and kissed you, and you also did kiss him and you became one and the same being.

Maxwell's demon

When the human self and the divine "I" are interconnected they can achieve perfection and eternity. At first initiates experience themselves as the eidolon, the embodied personality, and see the Daemon as a Guardian Angel or Heavenly Twin. The more mature initiate, experiences the Daemon as a higher manifestation of their own Higher Self or Soul. To those blessed with the final vision of complete Self-knowledge or Gnosis, the Daemon is found to be more awesome still.

Valentinus puts it like this: Each Soul is a part of the one Soul of God.

27 Employee Reviews

To know oneself therefore is to know God. In the ancient Mysteries the initiates used to say: The Pagan sage Sextus writes: Gnostic means "Knower," but it is not some piece of spiritual information that Gnostic initiates know. According to the ancient Gnostic sages who have traversed the path of Self-knowledge and reached enlightenment, when, we finally discover who we are, we discover that there is only one Perfect Being, one God.

Julia Brennan - Inner Demons (Lyrics)

Backed by a group of followers, the Master is conducting ceremonies in the cavern below the Church to summon up Azal , a force of evil. The Doctor and Jo reach the mound and the Doctor rushes inside to stop the dig, but it is too late. The tomb door opens and icy gusts of wind rush out, while the eyes of a gargoyle , Bok , flare with a reddish glow.

Captain Mike Yates and Sergeant Benton arrive at the village the following morning, but the Brigadier, arriving later, finds himself unable to enter the village, as there is an invisible dome-shaped barrier, 10 miles in diameter and one mile high, surrounding it that causes anything trying to enter to heat up and burst into flame. He contacts Yates and is briefed on the situation while the Doctor and Jo return to the dig where they find a small spaceship in the mound, which has been condensed.

From this, the Doctor realises that the Master is trying to conjure up an ancient and all-powerful demon , who is seen on Earth to be the Devil but is actually an alien. The third summoning, however, could signal the end of the experiment, and the world. Azal says on his third appearance, he will decide if Earth deserves to continue existing.

If so, he will give it to the Master. Azal then vanishes in another heat wave. The Doctor is captured by a mob of villagers working for the Master. They tie him up to a maypole and plan to burn him alive, but with the help of Miss Hawthorne and Benton he escapes. They try to interrupt the ritual but are taken prisoner. As Jo is prepared as a sacrifice to Azal, the Brigadier manages to get through the heat barrier and enter the village.

The Doctor manages to avoid Bok, who is guarding the Church and gets into the cavern, where the Master is expecting him. The Doctor and the Master both try to appeal to Azal but for opposite reasons. The huge, devil-like figure decides to give his power to the Master, and fires electricity at the Doctor to kill him. However, Jo, steps in front of the Doctor, asking Azal to kill her instead. Azal is unable to comprehend this illogical act of self-sacrifice, and his power turns against him, destroying himself and the Church. The audition sequence went on to be written into episode four.

Producer Barry Letts was keen to write for the show and decided that a story dealing in black magic would be interesting as well as frightening. Script editor Terrance Dicks had reservations however, stating that people may view it as Satanist , and so it was reworked as strictly scientific with occultist themes. The Master was originally intended to worship the demon in a church set, standing on an altar. However, owing to fears that this might upset religious viewers, the scenes were reset in a crypt. This was subsequently revised again, and the crypt was called a cavern, although the set clearly resembled a church crypt.

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His wife suggested a friend of hers, Robert Sloman , who was a playwright and journalist. Together they worked on the script in the evening after work. At the time, however, the BBC frowned upon production staff writing for their own series and so Letts and Sloman decided on the pseudonym Guy Leopold [2] - Sloman's son and Letts' middle name respectively. The working title for this story was The Demons , which was commissioned on 17 December The scripts were completed by mid-February and worked on by Dicks, who had barely completed work on them by the time the story went into pre-production in March.

Director Christopher Barry had worked on Doctor Who before, but wasn't particularly keen to return as he preferred to concentrate on less genre-specific productions.

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  6. However, he liked the script due to the rural setting and his interest in archaeology. Much of the serial was filmed on location in Aldbourne , Wiltshire. The location shoot was awarded two weeks' filming, more than double the usual amount at the time, leading to a lot of the finished story being set outside, rather than in studio.

    Filming began on 19 April and saw pleasant, sunny weather for the first week, leading to sudden overnight snow in the second week — causing filming to be delayed.

    High Spirits – Demons At The Door Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

    Some episode one scenes were filmed at night — a rarity for the show, although some of these scenes were filmed during daylight with a dark filter put over the camera lens. Filming for the serial caused great excitement in Aldbourne, with a lot of the village residents appearing as extras, as well as the Headington Quarry Morris dancers performing a routine in episode four. The cast included David Simeon who himself was from Wiltshire where the story was being filmed.

    He had previously appeared in the Inferno story a year earlier. Comedy actress Damaris Hayman starred throughout the five episodes as Miss Hawthorne in a central role.

    Demons At The Door Lyrics

    Hayman herself had an interest in the supernatural and helped out during production as an unofficial adviser. Future television presenter and Sooty puppeteer, Matthew Corbett had a brief role in the final episode as a hooded coven member who objects to the sacrifice of Jo Grant, and was suggested to the production team by friend Katy Manning. After three days of studio taping, work on the serial was completed on 16 May , less than a month before transmission of the final episode.

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    This last episode contains footage of a model church being blown up; the scene was realistic enough to lead many viewers to believe that the BBC had actually blown up a church as part of the filming. The BBC received a number of letters complaining about this.

    The clip of the Brigadier's helicopter blowing up as it crashes into the heat shield is borrowed from the James Bond film From Russia with Love. The incantation that the Master uses in summoning Azal is actually the nursery rhyme " Mary Had a Little Lamb " said backwards, as well as Damaris Hayman's name said backwards.

    Following transmission of episode one, the story was discussed by BBC1 controller Paul Fox and Richard Levin, head of television design, who both commended the quality of the script and production. This was a relief to Barry Letts, who due to the extra location filming, had gone over budget on the serial. The closing credits used were for those of episode 5, necessitating the BBC1 continuity announcer naming the cast and crew from earlier episodes.

    This version was abridged and unsuitable for transmission as it was not of broadcast standard the US recordings were made on a domestic Betamax VCR from a repeat in