$50 Grocery Challenge: Eating Healthy Without Being Wealthy

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Legumes This is a broader category that includes beans as well as peas and lentils. Edamame This superfood, which is a green soybean, is a tasty snack or salad topping. Discover more snack ideas for your clean-eating shopping list in 50 Clean-Eating Snacks. Lean options are a good source of the protein that builds lean muscles, which, in turn, burn more calories. Avoid the antibiotics found in some of these foods by choosing organic when available. Chicken Breasts Get the protein without the fat found in other meats by making Baked Parmesan Chicken this week.

Eggs Packed with protein, eggs are an ideal superfood. Non- or Low-Fat Greek Yogurt, Plain Avoid flavored brands with refined sugar, and mix in your own fresh berries or nuts to add flavor. White flour is stripped of nutrients, making it an empty source of calories. Instead, add nutrient- and fiber-rich whole grains to your clean-eating grocery list. Quinoa This is a power-packed superfood, so try one of our quinoa recipes —we have so many to choose from!

Whole Wheat Pasta Yes, you can enjoy pasta as part of a better lifestyle. These foods often make meal prep easier. Baked treats are fine in moderation. White Whole Wheat Flour This flour is an unrefined whole grain flour that retains most of its nutrients unlike the white version. This flour is often preferred in baking because of its lighter texture.

Try this recipe for Whole Grain Tortillas. Nuts and seeds are small but mighty. They deliver a host of good-for-you benefits, from omega-3 fatty acids to unsaturated good fats. No clean-eating grocery list would be complete without healthy oils and condiments for your cooking, baking, and snacking. Coconut Oil Unrefined coconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Also, check out Lose Weight with Coconut Oil. Balsamic Vinegar This vinegar is the foundation for many healthy salad dressing recipes, such as Strawberry Balsamic Dressing.

If you need fresh herbs, find them in the produce section. Oregano Try this flavorful Oregano Chicken and Orzo. Dill Top burgers or nosh on fresh veggies with Dill Yogurt Spread. Rosemary Add this side to your menu plan this week: Low-Fat Milk Non-flavored milk offers a healthy boost of protein. Boot processed coffee creamers with our clean-eating Coffee Creamer. Almond Milk Ground almonds make this milk alternative rich in antioxidants. Discover how yummy it can be in Chocolate-Cherry Almond Shake. Coconut Milk Made from pressed coconut meat, this alternative delivers plenty of nutrients, like potassium, zinc, and folate.

Try it in Coconut Curry Cauliflower. Green Tea Unsweetened green tea, a no-calorie superfood, is included in many of our smoothie and drink recipes, such as Green Tea Mango Smoothie. This clean-eating grocery list is a good place to start. Get access to the best clean-eating recipes with our SkinnyMs. Recipe Collection of Fan Favorites. How on earth do I print this article without having to copy and paste each page into a Word document? TBFMB, There really is no easy print button for articles yet though the ziplist feature works well for recipes , although we will be making some changes to the site in the coming months, and this is a feature we will be adding.

We will look into adding this list as a free download to make things easier. Michelle, Whole grains are healthy and used in clean eating, just not refined grains such as white flour or white bread. Typically a paleo diet doesn't allow grains or legumes. I don't know much about it so I could be wrong.

7-Day High-Fiber Meal Plan: 1, Calories - EatingWell

I lost 45 pounds in 6 months so, I think I have some room to talk about dieting. The real trick is flavoring with out saturated fats, oils, salt or sugars. The best way to do this is use seasoning with herbs rather then sauces, my favorite is low sodium greek seasoning. Stick to the produce aisle, the aisle with the canned and shelf-stable goods, and the frozen vegetable section. Shop the loss leaders. Most chain grocery stores have a weekly advertisement about their sale items. Oftentimes these prices are so good that the store will not make any money on them, and will even take a loss.

Your decision is to be one of the smart customers. Let another customer fulfill the store's expectation that the impulse buys and unnecessary purchases will cover their costs. Buy what they're promoting, and nothing else but what you really need to cook cheap but healthy meals. On such a tight budget, there is no room whatsoever for letting food go to waste. Keep track of what is in your refrigerator and your fruit bowl. Pull any perishable items out to the front of the shelf where you will see them everyday.

Make it a high priority to use stuff up before it goes bad. Also reconsider every scrap of food that you would otherwise throw away. Maybe you don't like to eat chicken skin. But did you know that the fat in it can be rendered down? It's called schmaltz , and it's used a lot in Jewish cooking. That's a few tablespoons of fat that can replace butter or cooking oil in another dish.

Losing weight on a 50$ dollar budget- Sample meal plan - Grocery List

Waste not, want not. So start thinking outside of the box when it comes to your food. Produce your own food: This one is going to be a tough sell for those who don't already raise some of their own food.

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Eggs and vegetables that are "free" to me have been the cornerstone of many, many meals for us during these months of the challenge. Who was it that said, "Experience is something you get after you need it. But you can make long term plans to do these things. Or make friends with someone who already does. Gardeners often have extra food, and they nearly always have weeds to pull and work that should really get done if only they could find the time. Trust me on this one. Some hunters have extra meat that they'd be willing to barter for.

Offer to trade a little labor for some food. You may also pick up some skills or tips to help you do it better yourself when you can. And by the way, chickens love kitchen scraps, which helps enormously with 6. Unless you're practicing one of the options mentioned in 7, other sources of protein are usually cheaper than meat. Eggs, dried beans, and tofu, and sometimes even dairy are all fine, protein-rich alternatives. I'm not saying you need to become a vegetarian. But unless you hunt, raise animals for meat, or have already stocked up on a lot of meat before you begin trying to live within this budget, meat is going to have to play a small role in your diet.

Get past the idea that a proper lunch or dinner must include a large serving of meat. Instead, think of meat as a garnish or a flavoring ingredient.

The Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery List- 50 Foods

We often put a few slivers of parboiled bacon on our homemade pizza. The whole rice-and-beans idea sounds pretty dismal, I admit. But have you tried Cuban black beans lately? Or the combination of lentils and basmati rice with some sauteed onions and herbs? Give it a try. You may surprise yourself with how good these cheap alternatives can be. If you already know how, you're well situated for this budgetary challenge.

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If not, then learn the basics. This is not the time to try to master chicken Kiev or beef Wellington. Learn to cook pasta with fresh or frozen vegetables and a few pantry staples such as canned tomatoes and olive oil. Learn to make potato-garlic soup. Learn to bake bread - it's a lot easier than you may think. Turn to the library for solid cookbooks on the basics. All of these books will give you clear instructions on how to prepare simple, healthy foods. Have a meal plan and a shopping list. Inventory your pantry and freezer, then sit down with a pen and paper to create a meal plan for the week.

Build on what you already have. Then look at those store fliers and see what you can add without spending much money. List the meals you will prepare from those items and plan for leftovers wherever you can.

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Create a shopping list of what you need to buy and then stick to it like glue when you shop. Unless you see a spectacular unadvertised deal that you know you can incorporate into your meal plan, shop for only what is on your list. Don't go to the store hungry, or with hungry kids. This is going to surprise many people. But when you're on a very tight grocery budget, coupons are rarely a good strategy. Few coupons are available for the most basic cooking ingredients. You may save a dollar on that frozen dinner, or that over-processed, over-packaged snack item.

But you're probably better off spending the same after-coupon amount on potatoes, beans, or pasta. A large banana and a mug of tea brewed at home will be about as much as one serving of frozen orange juice. By sticking with basic ingredients you'll avoid the chemical additives and preservatives as well. Coupons will save you a little money if you insist on paying the premium for processed foods. But it's nearly always the better route - financially and health-wise - to buy basic ingredients and prepare the food at home. Now coupons for TP, those are worth using.

I'm not saying that doing all - or even any - of this is easy. After all, I failed every time I tried with this Challenge, even with all the advantages I had. Living on so small a grocery budget will require discipline and effort. If you plan carefully enough, know how to cook, and have some sources of "free" food either from storage, gleaning, or your own production , this should be doable. Finally, a serious note. I've written all of the above from the perspective of someone choosing this strict budget as a voluntary challenge.

If you're reading this because your immediate financial situation is so dire that this is not an option but a necessity, then seek help from a foodbank, a church, or any charity that will help you put food on the table. This is not a time to stand on pride. My understanding is that it takes months to be approved for the foodstamp program, so you may not be able to rely on it in the short term, but get the process started as soon as possible.

By the time you're approved, you may not need it and you can graciously decline the aid. But better to give your future self that option than ignore a valuable resource that may make all the difference. If you are looking ahead to serious longterm financial constraints, then you should seriously consider every possibility of growing or raising your own food. Newer Post Older Post Home. A major goal is to demonstrate how much food a non-expert can produce in my particular climate and hardiness zone, with the soils native to my immediate area.

We have gardens of annual and perennial plants, keep laying hens and honey bees, and regularly bite off more than we can chew. Another major goal is to pay off our mortgage as fast as possible. Here I blog about frugality, self-reliance, gardening, cooking and baking, food preservation, practical skills, half-baked experiments, and preparing to thrive in a lower-energy future. View my complete profile. Plainsong, by Kent Haruf. People who teach and inspire me. Lessons and Carols this Saturday 3 days ago. The Next Industrial Revolution?

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