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Insights are getting lost in a “volume of crap”

Are there warranties provided by the installer? Knowledge of financial offerings — Is the business able to explain local incentives, tax credits, and local bank financing opportunities that may be available to you. Responsible pricing — Does the cost estimate support a liveable wage? Knowledge and expertise in the field — Does the business have licensed or credentialed staff who will be reviewing or participating in the project?

Social Responsibility — Are green practices part of the installers culture use of recycled products, etc. Supporting Local — Does the installer support the local community? The consumers expect to get fair treatment in the market place and avoid unscrupulous or sharp business dealings.

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They envisage a fair market environment that facilitates and supports several consumer rights:. With the advent of electronic media in marketing, and the mass information storage capacity of computers, consumer privacy has become a great concern. Hence, consumers want to ensure privacy of information. The consumers want to be able to cast off the invasive marketing methods, and threat of entry into the private system of consumers.

Consumer information is the most important element for consumer protection and policy decisions. It is the solution to issues ranging from online transactional threats, behavioural targeting , loss of privacy and other problems. Making an uninformed investment in the stock market can result in huge financial losses to consumer, the similar rule applies to daily purchases. Being an informed consumer is advantageous to the economy, market and consumers. An informed consumer is capable of making sensible decisions, gains an insight about a product prior to its purchase.

The Informed Buyer (@the_informed_buyer) • Instagram photos and videos

This insight equips the consumer with the data to arrive at an evidence based conclusion. It is the responsibility of the consumer to get all the information about the potential purchase and associated background before making a decision to buy it. Transparent information about the terms and conditions associated with the product or service can facilitate a plenty of regulatory requirements to redress the consumer related grievances.

Consumer information also harmonises and solve consumer problems, create awareness and guide their behaviour. Another important objective that is achieved by informing the consumer is impact on Competitive policy. This will enable the traders and service providers to give greater information to consumers about their product, educate them about the product quality and other specifications.

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In addition to the compliance to the legal obligations, the business firms also have their planned, tactical and important business- related reasons behind informing the consumer. The business organisation ensure consumer's expectation management by equipping them with certain knowledge about the commodity. Taking on the role of trusted advisor in the buying process and offering useful advice and fielding questions can build trust and nurture prospects.

Buyers respond to experts who can offer alternative solutions presented in a way that is objective, not predatory. Touting how much better your organization is will backfire if a prospect views it as yet another sales pitch. They are more technically savvy and can use the latest tech tools to find information they need. If you try to snow them, they will tune you out.

Social Selling Kenton believes that the channel can deploy social tools to great advantage by sharing insights that demonstrate expertise and inform. Help them instead with white papers, webinars, events, and blog posts. Well, we sell security. How much do you need?

Becoming an informed buyer

Take a different approach, when, for example, when you share a report on LinkedIn about a security breach, you raise the question how much would be the cost to an organization if you were the focus of a security breach headline. And then the discussion is how to make sure that the company is covered and what types of things it would need to do to protect itself.

Take look at this article. They want viewpoints to help them get a better handle. Instead of blindly sharing posts, your value-add is the ability to help them understand solutions and get a deeper view, maybe on the experiences that other people have had using these products—as well as the pitfalls. A well-informed solutions salesperson should add their insight and put filters on the firehose of information that these IT guys see every day.

Here's a look at some cybersecurity issues every InfoSec specialist should be aware of in the coming months of Most studies documenting employee behavior with regards to cyber security paint an unsettling picture.