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Great War | Great Read

Drawing from his book, Verdun: Petra DeWitt, historian and professor of history at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, the government attacks and questions of loyalty that German Americans had to endure throughout the course of American involvement in World War I. Included with Museum admission and free for members. The Guns of August by Barbara W. Those interested in joining the discussion should register by emailing kaitestover kclibrary.

How Europe Went to War in The story is told through the eyes of a young German soldier during World War I and follows his personal transition throughout the course of the War. This special screening of The Woman and the Stranger is a deft exploration of the themes of love and longing, friendship and trust during times of war and takes place during World War I. In conjunction with her novel, Smith will discuss the Gold Star Mothers. Join awarding-winning author Ann Bausum for an engaging discussion about her research and findings for, Stubby the War Dog: Nor did Mary A. Ryan, a nurse who lived at Garfield Ave.

She was going home to see her folks in County Clare, Ireland. This city lost no time building a towering monument to those who sacrificed in the war, and that is why the nation and the world will look here Thursday for the commemoration of the th anniversary of the day the United States entered the European bloodbath. Some scholars see parallels between the world of the early 20th century and the state of things today.

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Naish was a year-old engineer from England who had worked for the city of Kansas City. Finding love late in life, he promised his new bride a trip to England.

Friends advised against the crossing, given the situation raging in Europe. Saunders, who had waist-length hair, was plucked out of the sea and survived the sinking of the Lusitania on May 7, She lived until Less than two years after the Lusitania, the Rev. John Sauer spoke at St. He felt the need to call upon all German immigrants here to be faithful to the American government.

But he said their former homeland should not be destroyed. Things were heating up in the heartland. On March 24, , The Kansas City Times announced a patriotic rally would be held that night, with two bands and drill squads from all the high schools.

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More than 17, people jammed the pro-war rally at Convention Hall, which was decked out in red, white and blue bunting. It cheered the flag. It cheered every mention of war.

Kansas City in WWI, Lessons of Great War reverberate today | The Kansas City Star

At the same time, Russian immigrants in Kansas City were meeting at the Jewish Educational Institute to celebrate the revolution in the old country. The next day, Kansas Gov. Arthur Capper proclaimed April 6 would be Loyalty Day. An Army recruitment rally was held at the old Turner Hall at 12th and Oak streets. All the while, for more than 18 months, more than 50 women had been meeting at the Nonquitt Building, Grand Ave. The cause for which America is taking up arms today is the same cause of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for which it took up arms in Sheyda Jahanbani, an associate professor of history at the University of Kansas, notes that much of the ensuing patriotic fervor was encouraged by the government through the Committee on Public Information, which deployed speakers to town halls and distributed war pamphlets and posters.

Less than three weeks after the armistice, a committee of Kansas Citians headed by lumber tycoon R.

Long and other local big names organized an effort to create a memorial of gratitude and appreciation for those who served. A national architectural competition resulted in a structure of monumental size.

National World War I Museum and Memorial

The commanding hill above Union Station, which was just a few years old at the time, was chosen. When the site was dedicated in , it was the only time that all five allied commanders were together in one place at the same time. The crowds at those dedications would not be eclipsed in Kansas City history until the Royals victory rally north of the memorial after the World Series.

During restoration of the Liberty Memorial early this century, space was prepared below the deck for an expansive new museum. At first, when the fragile balance of power in Europe collapsed in , the U. The breakout of war was the culmination of a lot of things, including nationalism, imperialism and protectionism, said Jay Sexton, a Kinder Institute professor of history at the University of Missouri.