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I think that it could have been done much better and made into a great book. As far as I got from the book their entire relationship consisted of either having sex or him doing things that annoyed the hell out of her We're never told, just that he is "exotic. Jul 27, Spuffed rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Sci-Fi Romance Smut Readers.

I enjoyed this book more than a lot of the sci-fi erotica books that i have read in the past. I won't give you my typical "quick rundown" as other reviewers have already done so. I was very surprised about the different cast of characters in this novel. They were fresh for me as we got a close view of the politics of this group of women building a new colony. We saw first hand through the leader along with the major-general, the "governors", the doctors and the support staff. We also I enjoyed this book more than a lot of the sci-fi erotica books that i have read in the past. We also got a look at the common woman and how crowd mentality works.

This gave the book more depth than one usually expects from sci-fi erotica and made it that much more enjoyable.

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Pretty good but as other reviewers have mentioned, the author is fairly light on descriptors of physical appearance. If I haven't been in such a sci-fi reading mode lately, I might have had a harder time imagining the characters appearance than I did. So be prepared to flex your imagination on this one- you won't get further physical descriptions later on.

Why this got a 4 star instead of a 5 star rating: The sentence structure was often convoluted, long and basically ass-backward which forced me to reread sentences occasionally until I realized that they weren't necessary to understand what was going on anyway. And that's a super short example. Sometimes sentences were so long they became a huge paragraph and could have easily been split up into multiple sentences or at least varying lengths.

Ending was a little short for me. It provided a satisfying conclusion of events but was done in a very terse manner that it became unsatisfactory as a whole. An all female crew of colonists land, after 15 long years, on the 9th orb of a solar system, preparing to colonize it. Surprisingly, they find that it's already been occupied by a group of humanoid creatures who appear non-threatening but exhibit odd social behaviors.

O'Connor is k First line: The Ninth Orb delivers in O'Connor style. I only write reviews when the book is either really good or a total fail. This, was a definite WIN for me. All around I loved it all the way through to the end of the epilogue, re read it right after I finished and still wanted more it was that good.

The story develops somewhat slowly for what I usually prefer I usually like the steamy sex to start soon but that's just me but even though it took awhile to develop, I enjoyed every bit of the development and the waiting was well worth it for me. Don't let the cheesy cover fool you, I was hesitant at first because it all seemed kind of cheesy sci-fi to me but it wasn't, almost not at all actually. Feb 10, Laz the Sailor rated it really liked it Shelves: The sci-fi premise and the development of the alien species was very well done. Yes I know that there is a terrestrial basis for it, but still, it was creative and well implemented.

The first sex scene between our heroine and the alien males was scary and hot at the same time. The concept and execution of the characters was that goo The sci-fi premise and the development of the alien species was very well done. The concept and execution of the characters was that good. A spaceship crewed by Earth women lands on a distant planet ready to colonize only to find a colony of alien men already there. This is a story of integration, tolerance, sexiness, and finding out different customs. It is also about coming to terms of living a menage lifestyle. The Brood cannot be separated, so if you want a guy you get at least 4 or maybe more.

Once again I enjoyed this Kaitlyn O'Connor book. Love Kaitlyn's writing style Have re-read this book as I just love it. A great futuristic, menage sci-fi book. Jan 11, Tridian rated it did not like it. Alot of focus is put on the culture differences and the interactions between the women in the story I got annoyed and then bored. May 11, Lyndsey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Since I somehow forgot to mark this book as read it will be marked so today.

However, I've read it about 5 times by now. It's a little slow in places but I love the story anyways! If you like aliens and multiple partners then I would definitely recommend this story! Oct 25, Lyndi W. Wow, that cover is It almost makes you want to squint and look a little harder. You know where I'm talking about. May 25, Gab rated it it was amazing. This book was great. Sci-fi, humour, good world building and concepts, and romance with cool twist.

Be aware does involve sex involving multiple partners. They find their neighbors are Xtanian men sent to a neighboring planet in exile based on there being too many males and not enough females. Will the two species come together? Long, drawn out, has errors, otherwise an okay read. What makes it drawn out is it holds lots of details about little things and suspicions, but not enough important information or fulfilling climax.

For instance, the DNA samples indicate the Xtanians are human.

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The DNA is the same, but there are no explanation if the races are the same why there are so many differences. The females apparently have pinchers for hands, and they are massive blobs that I imagine are similar to Jabba the Hutt. All males have horns, but only some have wings.

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Okay, H singles out one male, never really indicates she has reason to attach herself to his brothers, but then, BOOM she loves them. Meh, that kind of fell flat. The taboo of the aliens were met with little hesitation. I wish there was less unnecessary information and more feeling and depth of the characters. Sep 10, Lula Pantoofle rated it really liked it Shelves: I think if there was a prize for the book cover you'd die of embarrassment showing to the check out teller then this would be a contender.

I also liked the story.

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Our heroine, Eden, lands on a habitable planet with her crew of women only to find that the planet is already colonised by a big group of men. The story is based around the two cultures meeting and integrating. And by integrating I think you know what I mean Tu I think if there was a prize for the book cover you'd die of embarrassment showing to the check out teller then this would be a contender.

Turns out Eden accidentally chooses Baen and his hoard of telepathic brothers as her mates. But it turns out their idea of mating is not actually that great. Queue a bit of sadness and some interesting times where the guys 'learn' how earth girls do it. It was a fun story. I liked that no one was coerced which is often a repetative theme in this genre.

The only thing I did miss was the lack of dialogue. Baen doesn't really say a lot and we end up getting a huge amount of Eden's internal dialogue, some of which I was skipping by the end. But on the whole, a good book I would read again. This book definitely had a very unique concept and execution that subtly raises a few questions regarding every day society.

The book was very engaging and interesting read, some concepts that were seriously questionable appealed to me me or I should say my vagina, but no one is asking. This book definitely made me feel a type of way. Although, once you start using your head to read this book instead of your vagina there are some severe gaps in the narrative and logistics. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

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The Ninth Orb

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The Ninth Orb : Kaitlyn O'Connor :

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