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  1. L'Isle joyeuse (Debussy, Claude)
  2. L'Isle joyeuse
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In , Debussy escaped to that island of joy with Emma Bardac, who became his second wife. Leaping LH thirds boldly interrupt, before a whole-tone scale moves the trills and spirals down an octave, and the piece proper begins. Whole-tone murmuring and a mysterious theme using the interval of a third give way to sudden splashes of brilliance, like waves breaking on the shore, only to retreat and then rush in again. Into B major for a hands crossed, two-against-three section, full of busy-ness and energy, with sudden dynamic changes giving light and shade.

L'Isle joyeuse (Debussy, Claude)

The trills and spirals break in, no longer hesitant but insistent and clamouring, a last boarding-call for tardy travellers to the island. And then the voyage begins, Ondoyant et expressif , and we can almost feel the rise and fall of the swell beneath the hull as the boat makes its way across the sunlit Mediterranean. A tempo, and strictly in time, for glittering demisemiquavers which dart about. The tonal centre then moves away from a bright E for the quiet mystery of the ondoyant theme in a whole-tone guise.

In the distance, pp subito , can be heard a drumbeat. Note to self — do get it right…. Pictures — Background and Perspective notesfromapianist.

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Thanks for your kind words. Yes, the piece needs both brilliance and a gentle touch when necessary! The Island of Discussion Hedgehog's Quill. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Evocations of Water for Piano Solo.

The World's Most Beautiful Music. Complete Works For Piano. Children's Corner; Pour le piano. The Complete Original Jacket Collection. Suite Bergamasque; Children's Corner; Estampes; etc.

L'Isle joyeuse

The Great Pianists, Vol. Michael Studer [Box Set]. Gaspard de la Nuit. Complete Works for Piano, Vol. The 99 Most Essential Debussy Masterpieces. An Introduction to Claude Debussy. The Complete Piano Music, Vol.

L'isle joyeuse - Wikipedia

Solo Piano Music; Fantaisie; Ravel: Sviatoslav Richter Archives, Vol. The Very Best of Debussy. Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel: Complete Works for Piano Solo, Vol. Complete Piano Music Vol.

Seong-Jin Cho - L'isle joyeuse, L. 106 [ Live From Yellow Lounge Berlin ]

The Complete Piano Music. The Complete Solo Piano Music. Masters of the Keyboard. Musiques de la Mer Sea Music. Walter Gieseking Performs Debussy. Complete Works for Orchestra. Piano Works, Orchestral Works. Music of Tribute, Vol. Pour le piano; La Mer; Images, L. Preludes I; L'Isle joyeux. Preludes; L'Isle joyeuse; Chopin: Great Pianists of the 20th Century: The Complete Edition Box 1.

The Complete Edition Box 2.

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The Best Ever Piano Classics. The Complete Works for Piano. Sviatoslav Richter Out of Later Years.

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Orchestral Works [Box Set]. Piano Music by Claude Debussy. Singing on the Water: Walter Gieseking plays Debussy. Complete Piano Music, Vol. Romantic Piano Favourites, Vol.

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