Fair Market vs Free Market

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While the events of have caused many to correctly conclude that the rules governing markets were broken although few of them realize that important rules such as mark-to-market and the uptick rule were altered in , right before the biggest problems began , this should not cause them to lose faith in free enterprise.

The Fundamental Difference between Fairs and Markets

By free enterprise, we mean the ability of anyone to start a business without the permission of the government and to compete against other businesses without interference from the government, as long as they do so without practicing actual violence or fraudulent deception. Of course, free enterprise also requires the Rule of Law and the enforcement of contracts, which is a legitimate and necessary role of the government. However, in many other countries an individual cannot start a new business without permission from the government, and the ability to compete against existing businesses is prohibited by a system of cronyism and legal prohibitions on competition.

We don't believe that faith in free enterprise is going away in this country, and that is very important. We would encourage our readers to be advocates for free enterprise within their own circles of influence, and not to let problems with markets derail their own faith in this important component of human freedom.

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For later posts on this same topic, see also: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. See full list of country rankings. By Steven Nickolas Updated May 19, — 6: Understand the main aspects of a capitalist system and how they contrast with the tenets of other types of economic systems, In a free market economy, the law of supply and demand, rather than a central government, regulates production and labor.

One promotes free market conditions, the other incorporates elements of centralized economic planning. Read more to learn Learn about the law of supply and demand, the relationship between supply and demand, and how it affects the housing market.

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Find out what economists mean by physical capital, how it contributes to the productivity of labor and why it is a crucial The market is just a tool, and in fact a very useful one. It makes no more sense to lash out against markets than to lash out against the wheel. The reality is that conservatives have been quite actively using the power of the government to shape market outcomes in ways that redistribute income upward.

Is Capitalism Moral?

However, conservatives have been clever enough to not own up to their role in this process, pretending all along that everything is just the natural working of the market. And, progressives have been foolish enough to go along with this view. Poole comments on the political theater being played out with every Trump tweet.

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*Fair* Market Capitalism

Hear more on The Rick Smith Show website. Their constant tactic is to use logical fallacies to sidetrack the discussion. Here is how you can respond.

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