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The dogs are almost always harbingers of change in Crusie novels, much like the house is a harbinger of change in Barbara Michaels novels I love me some Barbara Michaels. Who has serious commitment issues and never dates women who are near his age. But as Quinn changes her life, he starts to notice her—and she starts to notice him.

One of the things that Crusie really hammers home in this book is how nearly everyone in their small town is willing to cut Bill a tremendous amount of slack with his behavior and how, in places, the local power structure reinforces and encourages it. I found it all too realistic and a little bit frightening. The school principal makes any number of spurious accusations because, to him, the most important thing is the baseball team and winning the championship so the levy for a new stadium will pass.

Crazy For You

And something else I noticed on this reading: It eventually becomes clear that Bill just sort of insinuated himself into her life: He is stifling and the sections from his point of view are chilling. As well as the upheavals in the relationships between the other characters? This is, quite clearly, a feminist book. Their goals in the books tend to center on having stable relationships with men, but in the genre in which Crusie writes, that is to be expected.

Her heroines tend to be solidly middle aged and with careers and interests outside of getting married which I really enjoy. So to sum up: They would start a conversation very decisive and positive about a new direction, and then in the space of a sentence return to indecision, confusion, and complacency. Since that is personally frustrating, I spent most of the book feeling anxious and angry at them.

More than one man, including the MC at times, was entirely patronizing towards the female MC, Quinn, her best friend, Darla, and other female characters in the book. That's not just a frustrating thing for women to read, but also for men who take offense at the portrayal of overbearing, dictatorial male characters. More than once I really wanted to pull my hair out. This is after that same ex kidnapped her dog, locked her in a supply closet, and vandalized her home among other things. No one in their right mind would have waited that long to contact police concerning him.

I know that her responses lent action and development to the story, but if she had been less accepting of certain behavior then she could have avoided some of the scrapes she found herself in. But maybe that's why my real life is so boring! But the negative reaction is coloring any positive feelings I have for it overall. I'll give it 2. Jul 07, Vintage rated it it was ok Shelves: What the was that? The blurb and the cover may be the most misleading ever.! Reading this book is like going to watch and ending up with.

It's the Rachel Dolezal of books, it identifies with Rom-Com. She finds a dog she wants to keep, he say no. Nick her ex BIL, best friend and secret crush helps her. From here on out it continues in the cutesy light-hearted contemporary rom-com What the was that? From here on out it continues in the cutesy light-hearted contemporary rom-com fashion and tosses in a big wallop of psychological creepy drama. Bill goes off the rails and view spoiler [begins stalking Quinn.

He breaks into her house numerous times; he and the football obsessed, weenie principal sabotage her loan so she'll move back with Bill; he locks her dog out and reports that it bit him so the dog will get putdown and almost is, he sabotages her house with loose railing etc, the principal wants to start a rumor she's being inappropriate with a student, Bill picks up her dog and THROWS IT, and a bunch more physical and emotional abuse under the creepy guise that she needs to be with him.

Guess what bothers me most? No one wants to do anything because the football team is losing now, and they blame Quinn. I find that all too believable. Okay, that's one manly option. Option number two, is Nick. He's the sweet bad boy with charm and a manwhore of epic proportions and was married to her sister. Okay, I can work with the first and even the second part of the equation if he changes. He stops having sex with women younger than him, realizes he loves Quinn, but is such a weenie about commitment that he freaks after they have sex, and turns dismissive and rude.

She gets upset, but is willing to give him another chance. There is a side plot with Q's best friend married to Nick's brother, and stupid must run in packs. BF leaves her husband because things aren't working. He has to figure it out himself. Sweetie, he is a man. He is incapable of figuring out what you need and want. For what it represents itself as it failed completely as Bill's actions were all too realistic, creepy and sad. The guy was sick, and I felt sorry for him. Not to mention, after all her changes she ended up with stupid Nick. Apr 17, Jacob Proffitt rated it liked it Shelves: Nick was too much of a loner jerkwad to be attractive as love interest and Quinn a bit too stubbornly stupid to be sympathetic as main character.

The secondary characters elevated the story somewhat as they were more sympathetic and attractive than either Nick or Quinn—saving this from two-star territory, but only just. Todo lo que escribe esta chica me gusta. Pero no me ha enamorado. Apr 05, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: This was one of Crusie shorter books, and honestly it was funny but it was also really disturbing at the same time. Quinn is the main character and she is tired of being the sister who is always calm and collected and nice to everyone. She always ignores what she really wants because she thinks people need to see her as being the responsible one in her family.

When she decides to adopt a dog from the pound and takes it back home her live in boyfriend Bill tells her she can't have the dog. Quinn This was one of Crusie shorter books, and honestly it was funny but it was also really disturbing at the same time. Quinn digs in her heels and refuses to give the dog back. So Bill takes it upon himself to return the dog.

When Quinn finds out she realizes Bill is not the right man for her and she moves out. This is where things begin to get a little disturbing. Bill begins stalking Quinn and doing ridiculous things to get her back. It gets progressively intense until I was shocked at the lengths he went to. On the other side of this story, the non psychotic man in Quinn's life is Nick. He's been her best friend for a number of years, and she thinks he is just the right man to have a fling with. But he doesn't want to ruin their relationship so he tries his best to stay away.

I can say that that plan did not work. There were a few side plots that were funny, but I just couldn't give this 5 stars when I was really upset with the main storyline with Bill. It wasn't funny, and i don't particularly like that she tried to make it be something lighthearted. If not for the Bill aspect, I would have given it the full 5. Siempre que leo a Jennifer Crusie me parece estar viendo una sit-com americana.

Hasta espero escuchar las risas grabadas cuando ocurre algo gracioso. Los conflictos me parecieron originales y me llegaron: Pero todo en tono de comedia. Ni entre normales y trastornados. Jul 14, Thenia rated it liked it Shelves: The story of Quinn, a woman fed up with the bland life she'd been living, who decides it's time for some changes. It starts with a dog that she rescues and wants to keep, which leads to her breaking up with her boyfriend who'd been railroading over her while she let him, and the changes have a ripple effect on her closest friends and family.

Free from the constraints she'd put on herself for years, she realizes she has the hots for Nick, her best friend who was married to her sister once upon a ti The story of Quinn, a woman fed up with the bland life she'd been living, who decides it's time for some changes.

Free from the constraints she'd put on herself for years, she realizes she has the hots for Nick, her best friend who was married to her sister once upon a time. Nick, who also has had the hots for her for years, does not want to jeopardise their friendship and resists her advances, but soon enough they succumb to the attraction between them. Unfortunately, they've got issues to sort out, one among them view spoiler [Quinn's ex, who turns out to be a tad more psychopath than they'd realized. He doesn't accept her breaking up with him and is determined to win her back, from trying to get rid of her dog, to sabotaging her new house, to cornering her and hurting her to make her return to him hide spoiler ].

All's well that ends well in the end, with view spoiler [Quinn having been caught assaulting her, sent to prison hide spoiler ] , while Quinn and Nick are finally happy together. Light and fluffy, with a bit of unexpected creep factor. I found this JC book to be very chaotic, but still I liked it. There's a lot going on with different characters that come full circle. Complicated, funny, romantic, sexy and quirky Quinn McKenzie parece tener la vida perfecta: Lo negativo creo que se lo lleva la parte d Quinn McKenzie parece tener la vida perfecta: En cuanto a personajes tenemos bastantes y me gusta encontrar varias historias aparte de centrarse en los personajes principales.

It had been a while since I read this book, and I couldn't really remember why. I bought it in the first place for the same reason I look at other chick lit books - there's a dog in it. Other than that, there's no other reason to like it until you read it. It certainly wouldn't pass the Bechdel test, but to be fair, none of the men talk about anything but women, either. And the premise is pretty tired. A woman is in a rut, and she decides to make some changes. It is the execution It had been a while since I read this book, and I couldn't really remember why. It is the execution that sets this book apart.

It has a pure examination of relationships between men and women, about marriage, about what keeps a relationship fresh, about the subtleties in the way someone treats you that makes it a bad or good relationship, or simply one that needs work.

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As per usual, the protagonist's changes send waves through her circle of friends and family, but in this case, it shows how little changes multiply, how some changes seem appealing, but wind up messing up a good thing, while others make massive improvements, but how any change is bound to bring a whole host of emotions and experiences both good and bad. The misunderstandings are, unlike some chick lit, not brought about by contrivances, but by the differences in ways men and women, and these characters in particular, think.

It also provides an excellent example of how madness spirals. And as for the dog, there is less and less of her as the book goes on, but she's still pretty darn adorable throughout and plays a fairly significant role in the climax. Jan 12, Qing rated it did not like it Shelves: While this one started off like one, it quickly devolved into something that wasn't really fun to read. Everyone's angry and short-tempered, which is annoying in itself, but then there's the ladies of the books with the exception of Edie whom are just so unreasonable and rather high maintenance. I felt sor 1. I felt sorry for the guys, though a couple times they did need a smack to the back of their head.

At least Nick came around relatively quickly. Definitely felt sorry for Bill, even though got all creepy. Though one thing I don't get is why the ladies had to make it so difficult for the guys to come back. It's like, well they did me "wrong" highly subjective and now they need to pay to come back. Maybe it's just me, but so what? They realised what they did wrong, done deal. Crusie is one of my favorite authors, so I always enjoy re-reading her books. This is a great one for alphabet challenges on character names as you have a female Q - Quinn and a male Z - Nick Ziegler.

Quinn decides to get out of her rut and go after what she wants for a change. Crusie always writes interesting characters. What could have been better: I kept waiting for him to have a brain tumor or something to explain it.

Pretty Terrible | Crazy for You, Jennifer Crusie

Lean esta historia, tienen de todo. Amor, risas, drama, suspenso. Sep 25, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: I couldn't get into the characters that much. It was about a school teacher, Quinn, her family and friends. It was about relationships that weren't going well, some were breaking up. Some got back together later. Nothing really excited me. Even after seeing her end up with Nick, which was a happy ending, I felt as if too many details were missing.

The story wasn't as fulfilling as I would have liked. Number of sex scenes: Setting current day, sm Kind of nice. Setting current day, small town USA. Nov 28, Brenda rated it really liked it Shelves: I had a great time reading this: It was funny and surprisingly steamy!

Crazy for You

It has an appropriate title, really. Mar 24, Nakeesha rated it it was amazing. Jennifer Cruise never rarely disappoints! This story was near perfect. It was party fiction with 5 POV's. I'm not a fan of party fiction, and initially I thought I'd be putting this back on the shelf. But she had me before the end of the first chapter!

Reader Interactions

Once upon a time, there was a mutt, and before the happily ever after this mutt would change everything and then put it back together again. Katie, the mutt, sneaks into Quinn's life and puts a wrecking ball in her seemingly perfect relationship wi Jennifer Cruise never rarely disappoints! Katie, the mutt, sneaks into Quinn's life and puts a wrecking ball in her seemingly perfect relationship with champion high school coach, Bill. Bill and Katie's showdowns rival Harry Potter and Voldemort.

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  • Katie forces Quinn to re-evaluate her life and Quinn starts making small, and gradually big changes, the first of which is to dump Bill, who loses it in a spectacular fashion. Quinn starts digging on her best friend, and ex-brother in law, Nick who's hidden his flame for her for decades.

    Nick's brother, Max, is inadvertently affected by Quinn's changes when his wife, Darla, decides to make some changes herself that don't go to well for Max. At the core of this book Cruise is exploring the various ways people demonstrate, or take for granted, their love. Quinn grasps for self-love.

    Bill stalks obsessive love. Nick tries to maintain the ruse of his love for his sisterly BFF. Max wants to hang on to the smoldering flame of his marriage, while Darla wants fuel thrown on the fire. These people 'in love' all commit the same acts in the name of love, yet Bill is reviled because his attentions are unwanted, Nick is not taken seriously because his attentions have been given so freely and frequently to many, and Max is snubbed for his consistency with soul mate.

    Not only was this book thought-provoking, its hilarious and un-put-downable! I love you Cruise! One thing about Crusie's novels: