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International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry e-book. Download The Eagles Die: The peaceful evening suddenly erupts into a life or death struggle. Officer Torres hears a bang and instantaneously feels pain rip into his chest. For a street cop, bad things go down in.

Shit happens faster then you can think. Your outer body experience begins.

PDNJ by Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette - Issuu

Time stops; motion is blurred, and sound is distorted. Your heart pounds like the pistons in a speeding out of control locomotive. Blood races to your extremities and your endorphins kick in. The madman fires twice at Officer Rogers missing him, and turns his focus back onto Officer Torres who is running desperately seeking cover. The assassin chases after Officer Torres and opens fire again on the wounded officer. Fire erupts out of the 9mm muzzle while hot brass shell casings eject in succession and bounce off the asphalt with a hollow ring.

The 9mm bullets strike him in the left arm and right buttocks. Officers Sergei and Kennedy hear the shots and quickly glance at each other baffled and immediately start racing to the alleyway. Officer Torres bleeding and in pain finds cover behind a parked motor vehicle and readies his revolver. The opposing forces nearly run into each other. I was two or three steps ahead of Roy running closest to the wall when the suspect exited out of the alley. He see us, then unloads his firearm at us.

I was just able to hug the wall and I raised my firearm, took aim and fired one shot. I could see people in the background. I chased the suspect around the corner of Marlboro Street but lost sight of him. I can hear Jorge around the corner in pain so I went back to help him. I then realized Roy was shot too. I had no idea he was shot. Everything happened so fast. It was all over in about a minute and a half. Officer Torres fires off four rounds at the fleeing bastard. Both officers were in critical, but stable condition.

The Boston continued on page A Killed in the Line of Duty: Boston Police Detective Roy Joseph Sergei continued from page A19 Police Ballistics unit recovered 15 discharged 9mm cartridge cases stamped WIN 9mm, 1 lead fragment, 1 silver tip jacket 9mm lead bullet, and 1 empty magazine brand name Sig Sauer. The suspect makes his daring getaway, and a nationwide manhunt is under way. On October 26, , Detective Roy Sergei was thought to be on the road to recovery when he suffered a fatal heart attack caused by an embolism that was directly related to his wounds.

A thousand blue uniforms stood silent in formation as their police badges glistened in the sun. The sparkling ocean of blue pays its final respects as the flag draped coffin goes silently by. Officers walked in cadence alongside the hearse, as well wishers said a silent prayer. The bagpipes resonated in the distance as the American flag whipped in the wind held steady by the Honor Guard.

He assembled his team and went full force into his investigation. Our investigation turned into a homicide. The Homicide unit let us continue the investigation since we were already deep into the investigation. I made it a personal commitment to seek out the individual who killed Officer Sergei. He would remember everything. Roy loved being a cop, and he died doing what he loved. My world ended, but I had to climb out of a hole for my children.

Terminology for Health Professionals (Terminology for Allied Health Professional) book download

He was meticulous when it came to note taking. He kept every report, and he remembered everything. We had many laughs; he was a great guy! When I came back to work and walked through the door, Roy was standing there with a big smile and he handed me a big envelope. After roll call I opened it and it contained more money than I made in a week!

Roy took it upon himself to start a collection for me. That is the kind of guy Roy Sergei was. He was such a genuine and good hearted person. That act of human kindness truly touched me. To this day, I still have the signed Welcome Back card. The year long manhunt ended with the capture of the animal by authorities in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The cop killer was extradited back to the United States to stand trial for the murder of Detective Roy Sergei and attempted murder of Officers Torres, Rogers, and. Kennedy among other charges. A panel of nine women and seven men deliberated for 11 hours and found Otsuki guilty of first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Officer Sergei and attempted murder on Officer Torres. The scumbag was sentenced to life, plus twenty years, without the chance of parole and is caged at Walpole State Prison. The San Francisco P. Marshals went above and beyond to help us out.

We kept things under wrap and tied everything together with the help of our counterparts and brought justice to the Sergei family. He served in the U. Marines as a machine gunner and saw combat in Vietnam. Officer Sergei was appointed February 5, , and worked in Districts 6 and 4. His badge number was He left behind his wife, Mary Ellen, two teenage daughters, Michelle and Diane, and an infant son, Brendan. Detective Sergei is buried at St. Boston Police Detective Roy J. Sergei, you are gone, but not forgotten.

Stay alert, Stay alive. No, for the complete frauds that they truly are. The point is this: I, and most Boston police obnoxious and arrogant people officers I know, earned our money by while trying to prevent ourselves working 70, 80 or 90 from choking them to death. I earned my pay. And ever, the following thoughts occurred to me: I cannot work any other then you know what?

I pay tend bar, act as a lawyer in a criminal case, or engage in any business which is licensed thousands in property taxes, local taxes, by the city or might tend to have the ap- state and federal taxes. I have four kids, two pearance of comprising my position as a in college and two more who will be in the next year or two.

I work hours a police officer. You, of course, my nosy neighbor who week. Of course, you will only read these facts here in the Pax, as the major media is committed to a campaign of disinformation and misinformation in order to further their agenda. We have repeatedly printed publicly available information here in the Pax regarding the fact that Massachusetts has a prevailing wage category listed with the Divi-.

It is also important to remember that police officers are independent of the contractor and primarily employees of the state or municipality. A flagman is owned lock, stock and barrel by their employer and is bound to do what they are told. A police officer can tell a contractor what, where and how they will conduct their work and under what conditions.

Have any of your utility bills decreased? Utilities and contractors are not concerned with lowering taxes or utility bills. They are concerned with maximizing their profits. If you honestly believe in the myth of the benevolent utility company looking to save money for their customers by eliminating police officers and utilizing lower-paid, illegal-alien flagmen as I heard one moron call a radio talk-show and actually support , then you are indeed an idiot.

And many, many municipalities in other states have contacted the City of Boston and the BPPA to explore our detail system and examine how they might increase the numbers of officers on the street at no expense to the taxpayers. Cost savings with flagmen over police in a highly-unionized state like Massachusetts? Rose, Area C Editorial Comment: This article was originally published in December This article is republished with the following in mind: Considering the amount of new hires within this department and due to the current atmosphere concerning Paid Details conducted by Police Officers and the fact that the article is once again very timely.

Sounds like a beat, a drum beat, why it is a drum beat. Why would someone be beating a drum, today in the beginning of December? December, a month of celebration, the month to spread good cheer, the month of all months to show compassion and lend a hand to our neighbors. It must be the Salvation Army, no?

A new song perhaps, no, it sounds too familiar to be a new song. The main drummer for the beat is usually the Boston Globe, the beat usually emanates from Morrissey Blvd. The percussion section plays background, they like to dabble in back rooms and make deals behind closed doors. Their stockholders want a bigger piece of the pie; they want to earn more money. Well my friend, if you stop paying for details, you can put that extra buck into earnings and profit. But, their overall worth and value to these companies will raise the bottom line stock and profit margin, maybe the public should investigate which politicians in the state own stock in these same companies or their parent companies.

The FACT is that we, the Boston Police Patrol Officers are not to blame for the increase in crime, that we are not the reason people are shooting each other in the streets. The fact is that officers are ordered to cover ALL overtime prior to performing one voluntary paid detail, and then that officer is prohibited from performing a voluntary paid detail. That we protect the public, that we actually look out for pedestrian safety at these sites, that we reduce traffic accidents, that we enable the flow of vehicular traffic, along with assisting in the overall transportation safety for the city, and assist these same contractors in completing their tasks in a safe and efficient manner looking out for their safety as well and that we represent about the only uniformed presence walking the city streets.

Simultaneously being a deterrent to crime and assist in and make arrests. Yes, we actually make arrests. Now some of these same companies have convinced the Boston Herald to take a run at us. Slight problem though, that Representative Martha Walz D-Back Bay , and the Boston Herald failed to get their facts right how unusual, why let the truth get in the way of a good story.

The FACT is; that we, the Boston Police Patrol officers are not to blame for the increase in crime, that we are not the reason people are shooting each other in the streets. That we are already governed by rules and regulations that prohibit us from working excessive hours, Unless of course we are ordered to BPPA By the way, Representative Martha Walz, D-Back Bay , the district you claim to represent is one of the biggest benefactors of those arrests and that police presence. Those officers are being compensated by private companies, NOT city of Boston taxpayers.

Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation, remember the taxpayers? Oh, and by the way Mr. That some of the same critics that slam the Boston Police force day in and day out are the same people that herald the State Police for keeping the roadways safe, that preach the importance of State Police details on our state roadways. Oh, but not in Boston, the citizens of Boston do not deserve the same protections that the rest of the state is entitled to. By the way, do any of you critics realize just how inexpensive it is to keep these same www.

Forgive me I digress, back to the point at hand and the newest twist, which is the absolutely ridiculous notion that police officers working paid details are increasing crime. Could someone, anyone, PLEASE explain to me, how working a paid detail to earn the extra money that I require, to pay the expense living in the city of Boston, and provide my family with a few necessities and possibly some minor conveniences, increases the chance of a crime being committed.

Conversely, I would hate to think what this city would be like without those officers on the streets daily. Find out just how much more today. Contact your local rep and mention group This organization receives financial support for allowing Liberty Mutual to offer this auto and home insurance program. Liberty Mutual is an Equal Housing Insurer.

Thank you for your strength. I know many found this to be disappointing insofar as it reflected an apparent feeling on the part of the command staff that this Department is incapable of investigating critical incidents involving its own personnel. Do you agree with that? I have the highest respect for the Massachusetts State Police, and I am aware that they did not ask to become involved in that particular investigation.

When a critical incident involving a member of the Massachusetts State Police occurs the matter is investigated by the State Police as you would expect. I have never seen the State Police stand aside and allow a local police department to take over such an investigation. That being said, it occurred to me in this Holiday Season that perhaps if the trend continues in the future the activity level at the Police Department might be very different. So in the spirit of the Holiday Season here, once again, is our faint attempt at humor.

Not a cop was stirring from District One to Seven. The gun belts were hung in the guard room with care, In hopes that a radio call soon would be there. So when a little old pit bull so lively and quick, Was shot by an officer on the eve of St. So if someone throws a cigarette butt on top of a wall, Now dash away! Dash away to ATF call. So whenever our objectivity is called into question, The brass punted the cases without reflection.

And then in a twinkling they heard on the roof, Cases disappearing with barely a poof! Outside agencies arriving, every time you turn around. Down the chimney like St. Nick they came with a bound. If it happens inside a place built with walls, The building inspectors will come make the calls. The older cops nodded their heads, white as snow, We used to have Internal Affairs, you may know.

The cops simply sat around every station, While Special Agents outside tried to locate South Station. Outsiders looking at street maps with a frown, Trying to find witnesses who live in Charlestown. And the Super called upon the cops with a twist of his head, And soon they knew they had nothing more to dread.

The cops spoke not a word, but went straight to their work, And filled all the case files, then turned with a jerk. And laying one finger aside of their nose, And giving a nod, up the chimney they rose. And they sprang to the cruisers, gave their sirens a whistle, And away they all flew, like the down of a thistle.

But I heard them exclaim as they drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. As always, we continue to look forward to working with all of you. Joe, has never let the facts get in the way of a good story. The sub prime lending crisis, a US dollar that is worth less than the Canadian dollar, for the first time in 35 years and here in Massachusetts we are told we face a billion dollar tax gap in the state budget. This is all hanging on pessimism about any surges in state tax collections. In a recession there is not going to be any surge of collections, there is going to be increased program spending.

Our society is not free. Public safety, schools, elderly services and trash pick up is essential for society to operate. Taxes must be paid by everyone based on what people make. It is the glue that keeps us going forward as a society. The BPPA has helped weather this crisis before. The police unions urgently called on the public to support the needed revenue to help protect the public. We are ready, willing and able to again assist the Massachusetts Legislature with the struggle to provide funding to keep people safe on our streets and in their homes.

If that is the unpopular track of raising taxes, so be it. We need to do it. Because if you ask most people; do you want to be safe and are you willing to pay for it? Well it is all connected, the schools, elderly, roads, and a myriad of other government services. What planet is Carla living on? Carla shut off the lights because if this passes it will be all over.

Can you believe it! Knowing the facts though, Joe reported the total opposite. What do you think Joe? Next up, we have not seen her since her silent picture appearances and radio heydays of Jerry Williams, but here she is Barbara Anderson, of Citizens for Limited Taxation. What can you say about Barbs. She once was somebody, that would be 27 years ago. Next in line, Moneybags Michael J. Widmer is the mouthpiece for Mass Taxpayers. Citi, Eastern, Sovereign, plus well connected law firms like Mintz Levin.

Yes the same folks that we pay for insurance, banking and consumer goods are bankrolling this dope. Last, but certainly not least, is the nutty professor, David G. Tuerck of Suffolk University. Dave peddles himself as the man who knows everything. He does know everything if you have the dough. Academia gone mad or worse.

Just tell Professor Tuerck what color you want it in. He been sighted down in Texas selling snake oil to those poor folks. In the City of Boston, police details are determined by the Commissioner of Public Works through a city ordinance not a state law. Prevailing theme through most of the speakers was that police details are not part of the problem.

Another classic example is the police details. Every other state in the United States and country in the world uses civilian flagmen. Cite the law, Barbara. There is no law that requires that. It is not a legislative problem. None of them give a hoot about the cops, the city, or anything else except their own agendas.

If any of these media outlets, politicians or companies cared at all about the well being of this city, the well being of the police or anyone else for that matter, the reasons for an increase in crime etc. Why is it necessary to point out a wage? Why attempt to convince people that the everyday cop, the man or woman that puts their life on the line for the public, that guy or gal that works the street and answers those calls for help are the ones making big money. Now flying nonstop from Boston Logan to: The ones we can all count on to be Rock Solid.

Boxing plus Backyard Brawl

Most unionized employees who are also covered by Civil Service, including those in the BPPA, have the option to challenge discipline under either Civil Service or arbitration. The Civil Service statute, Mass. Until a series of decisions from our state appellate courts issued over the past seven or eight years, this requirement was viewed as mandating that an employer present evidence before a civil service hearing that justified the discipline imposed on the employee.

But in a series of cases, including Boston Police Department v. Civil Service discipline is determined and appealed in separate hearings. The hearing officer makes all rulings pertaining to procedure and the introduction of evidence. Needless to say, those rulings generally favor the Police Department. That discipline may then be appealed to the Civil Service Commission. The officer did not testify at the town hearing, but he did before the Civil Service Commission. In a decision with potentially very negative results for employees, and particularly police officers, the SJC criticized the Commission and reinstated the day suspension.

Public employers will read the case as making it easier for an employer to prove its case before the Commission. If a town decision creates a presumption of validity, then an employee is denied the promise of a new hearing. In Falmouth, the Town. Remarkably, the SJC found that these differences were immaterial. The fault here lies not with the Civil Service Commission, but with the appellate courts who have seen fit to re-write Civil Service law to give increased deference to employers.

And to explode another myth about construction-zone safety, Massachusetts has THE BEST safety record for workers around construction zones, according to all national statistics. People will usually slow and stop for blue lights, but in Massachusetts, a flagman commands zero respect. Unfortunately, the anti-detail opposition has been successful in using false accident-rate comparisons in order to further their agenda.

For example, they will use the total accident rate statistics for Massachusetts regardless of whether a police detail was within miles from the insurance industry and then somehow try to relate that to police details, thoroughly ignoring the irrelwww. The phonies at the Beacon Hill Institute Suffolk University Professor David Tuerck attempted to use such false comparisons back in when they issued their manufactured report slamming details. When they were called on the carpet, they had nothing to say, because they knew they had employed false, irrelevant and intentionally misleading comparisons.

Figures lie, and liars figure. The Beacon Hill Institute, by the way, also issued a report a few years ago critical of Cape Wind, the company attempting to install windmills within view of the rich and famous. The people who raise this phony argument seem to think that police officers remain in a state of suspended animation awaiting our next shifts, eschewing the requirements of modern-day life in Boston to make a living and provide for our families.

The arrogance and disdain for police officers is plainly evident in this most specious and false of arguments. You go home to Brookline and organize a garden party. We combine an unwavering customer focus with in-depth experience and leading-edge technology to offer an unrivaled breadth of products and services to the global investment community. For more information, please visit www. All you typists are going to test this out A cat has 32 muscles in each ear. A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds. A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.

A snail can sleep for three years. I know some people that could do this too. Almonds are a member of the peach family. February is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon. In the last 4, years, no new animals have been domesticated. If the population of China walked past you, eight abreast, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction. Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite! Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. Good thing he did that. Now you know everything! The Marine A large group of Al-Qaeda fighters are moving down a road when they hear a voice call from behind a sand dune: The voice once again calls out: After ten minutes of battle, again silence.

There are two of them. Non-Golfing Guests and Partners are very welcome at a cost of Euros p. A donation from your team for this worthwhile charity would also be very much appreciated. They want us to respond with lights and sirens to every call, regardless of the nature or acuity. They want us to transport patients in the same manner, again regardless of their condition.

And now they want to take your jobs if you get in an accident. For all of those members who may be unaware as to our current standing, the administration has been cracking down on those of our members who are involved in a motor vehicle accident and many are now subject to suspensions and other disciplinary actions.

Drive to Survive A number of recent incidents have focused attention on emergency operations driving in the city, both inside our organization and out. The recent tragedy in South Boston should serve as a somber reminder of the inherent risks involved each and every time we turn on our emergency lights and siren when responding to a call. Similarly, a fatal ambulance accident in Vermont has drawn criticism and increased attention to the issue of emergency vehicle operations during the transport of non-critical patients.

Although the administration has chosen to treat any and all calls as the same, time and experience have taught me otherwise. I have included copies of both the Massachusetts General Laws surrounding am-. Operation of emergency vehicles Section 7B. The driver of any such approaching emergency vehicle shall comply with the provisions of section fourteen of chapter ninety when approaching a school bus which has stopped to allow passengers to alight or board from the same, and whose red lamps are flashing. The use of the siren and rapid transportation of a patient is rarely indicated.

If the siren is being used intermittently, it must be in operation continuously when approaching and passing through an intersection with a red light or stop sign. In the latter, I want to call attention to the first two sentences: The biggest issue at stake of course is safety, not only for the patient, but for the ambulance crews and the general public which is at risk every time the emergency lights are activated.

As anyone who has ever worked in the back of an ambulance can attest, it is not a good place to be in the event of a collision. In addition to loose equipment and an abundance of sharp corners, seatbelts are rarely worn for the simple fact that we need mobility in order to care for the patient. In fact, as everyone knows, the primary.

Due to chronic understaffing which has gone unaddressed for decades, the system is reliant upon the rapid turnaround of front line ambulances in order to deal with the call load. If ambulances were tied up in traffic, thereby increasing their transport times, the whole system would probably shut down inside of a week. The life you save just may be your own. We welcome anyone who wants to drop by or who takes the bump to 16 to help yourself! They recognize us as the third service of and know what we do and respect it. It only takes me 12 mins without traffic from Southie.

And Boy is it worth the ride!! It is 46, feet of machines, weights, basketball court, boxing gym, yoga, judo, spinning room and babysitting. You could yell as loud as you wanted at one end of the place and no one would hear you at the other end.

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So obviously, no waiting for a machine EVER! Best deal in town! Please God give us something new. To emphasize this point it went on to call for a boycott of WMD training. I cease to understand how can education be a considered a liability instead of an asset? In the beginning, the WMD program stressed hot zone, warm zone work.

This met with a great deal of resistance and probably rightfully so. That was a new world for most of us and we struggled to grasp new concepts. Look at some of the topics we have covered over the last two years: Now about this call for a boycott of WMD training. This is not a nice neat world anymore.

Whether it is an act of domestic or foreign terrorism, a transportation accident, or a natural disaster, the world of emergency response is not an orderly place. It is confusing, hair-raising, loud, profane, and sometimes lonely. This was a large auditorium filled with students from around New England. A department that never stops training. That never stops introducing new ideas. The hospital-bound ambulance slid off a snowy highway and rolled over Wednesday, killing Mary Catanzarite, 80, of Massena, N.

Police say speed and slippery roads were factors in the crash. The driver, who was wearing a seat belt, was not hurt. Local and national experts say ambulance services can take steps to improve driving, but making the ambulances safer for patients and EMTs is more of a challenge. Dan Manz, head of emergency medical. Jim Finger, president of the Vermont Ambulance Association and chief executive administrator of the Regional Ambulance Service in Rutland, said drivers in his service are now required to stop at red lights.

They also travel with a computerized system that warns. Patty Murray with a fundraiser in Washington state. The seat is considered a safe one for Democrats. But Murray, a Seattle resident, is leaving nothing to chance, particularly after her narrow victory with just 52 percent of the vote in , her closest Senate contest yet. At the same time, Obama is seeking. Musing on the GOP candidates who are vying to win his job next year, Obama said: But he returned with passion to the gun issue during the Murray fundraiser.

Bemoaning the many shooting sprees the nation has experienced in recent years, the president said: It is not inevitable. It does not have to happen. There are ways to protect our children and protect our rights. The treatment to increase blood flow utilizes a specialized infrared light therapy using light emitting diode technology. This technology was orig-. Peripheral neuropathy is a result of damage to the nerves, often causing weakness, pain, numbness, tingling, and the most debilitating balance prob- Figure 3: The blood vessels will grow lems.

The low level light therapy is of nutrient flow. The light therapy will allow the blood vessels to grow back around the peripheral nerves and provide them with the proper nutrients to heal and repair. We combine this when medically necessary with super pulsed cold laser therapy to decrease pain and accelerate nerve healing.

The investigation into the Umpqua Bank robbery at E. Police began working with FBI investigators Wednesday. Bank surveillance photos show the robber is a gray-haired man in his 60s. He wore glasses, a dark-hooded. Police report he brandished a handgun and demanded money from a teller. He fled on foot with an undetermined amount of cash. Anyone with information about the robber is asked to phone the Police Department at This series also will serve as an informal audition process for anyone interested in joining the Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble for the season.

Participants are asked to commit to the full five weeks, with meetings Tuesdays through Nov. To find out more, phone the Mandala Center at or see www. Admission is free, and all women — married and single — are welcome in this supportive discussion group from The public is invited to attend. If you have any questions, please call The amount of treatment needed to allow the nerves to fully Figure 2: When these very small recover varies from person to blood vessels become diseased person and can only be deterthey begin to shrivel up and the mined after a detailed neuronerves begin to degenerate.

This neuropathy severiness, tingling, burning, and ty examination will consist of a detailed sensory evaluation, many additional symptoms. Weider will be offering this uncomfortable. There is now a neuropathy severity examinafacility right here in Port Ange- tion for a limited time les that offers you hope withCall to make an out taking those endless drugs appointment with Dr. Weider with serious side effects. Happy was ready for release a bit before Grumpy. So she waited until the evening of Oct.

They had seen other saw-whet owls in the vicinity, so they knew this was good habitat. Director Jaye Moore and her crew urge people who find injured wildlife to phone the center immediately. If you find a young bird outside the nest, though, wait to see if it is actually abandoned and not merely learning how to fly, she said. If you find a baby animal such a deer fawn, Moore added, leave it alone to allow it be reunited with its mother. Set them free First, they held the owls in their hands like teacups.

Then, as the sky darkened, they opened their hands and set the birds free. The saw-whets flew away on silent wings. This is releasing season for the raptor center. Two bald eagles and four young crows are also among those recently returned to the wild. Two dozen birds — hawks, eagles and owls — are living at the center now. But Moore expects an influx with the hunting season and the onset of wintry weather. Eagles come in with bullet wounds. Moore runs the raptor center, a registered nonprofit, on donations and with the dedication of volunteers such as Welch.

Which would suit Welch well. She has loved volunteering at the center since her first day this past spring. The grub-a-thon continues today. After about seven months of convalescence, they were released earlier this month. Diners will consume 9, crab before the weekend ends, he said, seven bins of corn on the cob and an immeasurable quantity of cole slaw. Some patrons found their way to the seats inside the main tent. Still others simply stood where they could find shelter from the rain to eat. Moore feels just as strongly after all these years, but she is ready to retire.

She misses the two saw- urbani peninsuladailynews. He said he was from Canada and declined to give his name. But when she overheard his comments, Jane Vanderhoof of Port Angeles spoke up for the event and for the weather. But you taste great with stay , or at jcasey peninsula melted buttle Until this time next year. Officials look to tighten PT council panhandling law in PA to discuss sients, particularly behind his store. Gallagher said one downtown trip: They told the officer they made bage. Police Department has had no com- goods store at W.

Store owner Evan Brown said reached at , ext.

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To raise money for such a study, the Freddy Pink band is donating a concert Saturday. Selby has joined with Gordon Yancey, lead singer for the regional soul band Freddy Pink, to promote the event, a concert and auction that will begin at 5 p. While the exact path is yet to be determined, the extension would have three segments: At that point, it would connect with a trail in progress that will parallel and in some parts join U.

One of the most challenging segments in extending the Larry Scott Trial would be crossing state Highway 20, Selby said. Selby estimates about 10 possible routes for an extension. The final list of routes will depend on topography and the ability to acquire land or purchase rights of way so the trail can pass through private property.

Jefferson County Editor Charlie Bermant can be reached at or cbermant peninsula dailynews. The meeting will begin at 6: Council office hours, during which members of the public can discuss any topic with a member of the City Council, take place from 2 p. Tuesday and from 3 p. Other city committee meetings are: Tuesday, third-floor conference room, City Hall at Madison St.

County commissioners The three Jefferson County commissioners will discuss third-quarter budget appropriations and extensions for various county departments when they meet Monday. The meeting will begin at 9 a. The hearing is part of a regular process where departments seek budget adjustments for the current fiscal year. They are expected to set a Nov. Items on the consent agenda include: Port Townsend schools The Port Townsend School Board will consider its policy on enrollment rights and services for homeless students when it meets Monday.

The meeting will begin at 6 p. The board also will consider the bid requirements policy. Port of Port Townsend Port of Port Townsend commissioners will discuss sponsoring a feasibility study that supports a new Quilcene septic system and consider the budget when they meet Wednesday. The meeting will begin at 1 p. It will be preceded in the same location by a public workshop at 9: The budget will be presented as an action item at the afternoon meeting. They will discuss bid results for the Armory Building fire protection system. Chimacum schools The Chimacum School Board will hear reports on school improvement plans and a superintendent evaluation overview when it meets Wednesday.

The board will meet at 6 p. Got sports news or a score? Phone the sports desk at include your phone number in case we need more info or email sports peninsula dailynews. To view silent auction items for the Saturday event, go to www. For event information, go to http: At one point this summer, all beaches in Clallam County were closed for shellfish harvesting because of elevated levels of paralytic shellfish poisoning, known as PSP. On Friday, the state Department of Health reopened the rest of the beaches along the Strait.

Sequim Bay remains closed to the recreational harvest of all species of shellfish. Discovery Bay and Kilisut Harbor, including Mystery Bay, remain closed only to the harvest of butter and varnish clams. A seasonal closure is in effect on all Pacific Ocean beaches in both counties. Commercially harvested shellfish are tested for toxins prior to distribution and should be safe to eat. Danger signs are posted. A closure of all species means people should not harvest clams, oysters, mussels, scallops and other species of molluscan shellfish.

Crab meat is not known to contain the biotoxin, but the guts can contain unsafe levels. Marine biotoxins are not destroyed by cooking or freezing. Symptoms of PSP Symptoms of paralytic shellfish poisoning, caused by marine biotoxins, can appear within minutes or hours and usually begin with tingling lips and tongue, moving to the hands and feet, followed by difficulty breathing and potentially death. Recreational shellfish harvesters should check the shellfish safety map at www. Sean Ryan, 53, of Port Angeles — who is challenging appointee G.

Michael Gawley, 72, of Sequim for the Position 1 seat in the Nov. OLYMPIA — State shellfish managers have postponed the fall start of razor clam digging on ocean beaches because of high levels of a marine toxin in the clams. The problem is the level of domoic acid, a natural toxin produced by certain types of marine algae. It can be harmful or even fatal if consumed in sufficient quantities. Cooking or freezing does not destroy domoic acid in shellfish. Toxin levels have dropped since May and June, when several digs were canceled, but concentrations still exceed the state health guideline of 20 parts per million.

Ayres said if levels continue to decline, some clam digs may be scheduled in mid- or late November. Since , when the toxin was first detected on the Pacific coast, outbreaks of domoic acid have prompted the cancellation of three entire razor clam seasons in Washington state — the last one in Too many chiefs Ryan said he believes the district is top-heavy. We are way overstaffed up top.

Other debates The forum featured four races. In addition to the Fire District No. James Russell, also running for Position 7, declined to attend and did not send a representative. Goodman, 74, of Sequim, a retired Coast Guard captain, was the only candidate for Park and Recreation District 1 to attend. His opponent, Bill Jeffers, 46, of Sequim, a retired banker, did not attend and did not send a representative.

Throughout the duration of the project, the Port Angeles Police Department will be waiving parking restrictions and not ticketing. Vehicles along Lincoln Street will not be ticketed for parking more than the posted two-hour limit. Cars parked on 4th Street are already exempt from this requirement. Generally, the project scope consists of the following: Removal of existing areas of asphalt, concrete, and landscaping 2.

Installation of bio-retention cells, rain gardens, porous asphalt, landscaping 3. Other work typically associated with a project of this type and complexity. Our staff are specially trained to provide individualized care to meet your personal needs 24 hours a day. The perfect blend of professional care and personal attention in a smaller, home-like environment.

Beginning Monday, October 12, , demolition in the main courthouse parking lot will begin, with a scheduled end date of December 14, Right now, all four of those guys are very. It is a difficult job. The district currently has 61 adult volunteers and 64 explorer volunteers, who are high school students. I would rather have five volunteers that stay with us for a long time than 10 volunteers who are going to drop out in a year or two. He proposed offering incentives, such as medical insurance.

The two agreed that a shortage of volunteers has driven up the cost of fire insurance for district residents, especially in the Lost Mountain area, where the station is unmanned. The meeting will begin at 5 p. The fifth-grade program overview will be from 5 p. The ninth-grade program overview will be from 7 p.

The 10th- and 11thgrade program overview, with written information only, will be from 5: The 12th-grade program overview will be from 7: The meeting will include a preview of videos and curriculum students may see in the classroom concerning HIV prevention strategies. The state mandates that AIDS prevention programs be provided to students from grades Can excuse kid After viewing materials, parents who wish to have their child excused from participating in the programs can sign release forms provided at the meeting.

State law requires that parents and guardians attend such a meeting before they can have their children excused from participation. For more information, call the district at The talk by Rob Wamstad will be at 7 p. It is part of a series of Evening Talks at the center. Refreshments will be served, and visitors are encouraged to bring potluck items. He led groups into the colony during breeding season and has over 1, hours observing the animals and their interactions. Wamstad also volunteered for three years at Point Reyes National Seashore, informing visitors about elephant seals and gray whales.

He was an education docent, leading tours at a marine mammal hospital, and has cared for harbor seal pups. Here is a taste of his presentation: There is a certain tension in the air around the harems. Bulls are eyeing and tracking bulls in this alpha male society. The journey includes a discussion of the life cycles of the animals, as well as their unusual characteristics and why they are important to current research.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children (Progress in Psychiatry Series) book download

Since the late s, whalers had reduced their number to possibly less than animals at Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico. The northern elephant seal has rebounded to slowly building colonies northward, with a recent colony reported on Vancouver Island. Evening Talks are supported by the Rosmond Forestry Education Fund, an endowment that honors the contributions of Fred Rosmond and his family to forestry, education and the Forks community.

For more information, contact Frank Hanson at or fsh2 uw. Forest Service wants more controlled burns in Washington forests to help make them more resistant to summer wildfires. But The Seattle Times reported that rules administered by the state Department of Natural Resources are a roadblock to this fire prevention approach in Washington. Controlled burns are endorsed by scientists as an. The state rules that keep this firefighting tool from being used more often in Washington include rules aimed at keeping smoke from driving into communities.

The owner of the boat, James Kruse of Orcas Island, was out of town and the vessel was unoccupied when the storm hit, Slade said. Vessel Assist was involved in two other vessel rescues Friday, one in which a boat sustained a shredded sail and another in which a sailboat lost its foresail and engine power near Marrowstone Island.

Tore hole in boat The Phoenix is made of ferro-cement, a durable compound used in boatbuilding, but the force of its contact with the breakwater tore a large hole in its port side, according to Slade. It had just spent several weeks in the Boat Haven. Slade said divers are inspecting the damage and determining whether to use flotation devices to dislodge the boat from the rock wall. He predicted that removal efforts would begin today. No pollutants leaked into the water, Slade said.

Emergency dispatchers received a call at about The two occupants were shooting off flares from the foot boat about 1 mile north of the Fort Flagler lighthouse on Marrowstone Island, Beezley said. Sailboat rescues The boat had lost its foresail in the stiff wind and 3-foot waves, and the two aboard feared it would capsize. They were not hurt, he said. While the Coast Guard helicopter took up station nearby, Marine 16 secured the sailboat until Vessel Assist could arrive.

Vessel Assist took the sailboat under tow into Port Townsend Bay. The occupants of the boat, a man and a woman, declined to provide their. Vessel Assist also rescued the Little Audrey, a sailboat headquartered in Bainbridge Island, after the wind shredded its sails outside the Boat Haven. No one was hurt, he said. County y Commissioner ner District 1 D Visit markozzias.

There will be no meeting this Monday due to the Columbus Day holiday. The meeting sponsor is the Sequim School Neal District. Seats are available for those who are not having lunch. The soup of the day will be clam chowder. This intense program explored the contemporary issues impacting the law enforcement profession. The academy provided particiCameron pants with courses on crisis management, leadership and terrorism awareness, as well as the opportunity to engage with fellow senior law enforcement leaders from across the country.

Topics discussed included mental health issues, public perception of police and community safety. Students received lectures and instruction on domestic preparedness and response to major events. They were placed into simulated events and monitored by facilitators. The academy was funded by the Department of Homeland Security. Intrigued, I asked about them, knowing that, with tinnitus and diminished hearing in one ear, the day would come when I will need such a device. He gently removed one to show me the tiny receiver that fits in his ear, attached by a very slender tube to the small, flesh-colored behindthe-ear case that housed a miniature microphone, amplifier and battery.

Hearing loss is usually gradual, and people. Snacks and beverages will be offered. For more information, visit www. Still others regard hearing aids as unattractive devices that make them feel and look old in a society that prizes youthfulness. Not covered by Medicare But perhaps the more important reason people fail to get hearing aids when they are needed is the cost, which is rarely covered by insurance and not at all by Medicare, unless the device is for a child.

Properly fitted, up-to-date digital aids for both ears, like those Hammel wears, cost thousands of dollars. The same lack of insurance coverage is often true for eyeglasses, incidentally. Unlike cofthree cups a icine, owned by naturopathic Dr. Fifth owner of the Elite Training Cen- fee, tea does not seem to 21 percent St.

That is, and liver disease. Defense instructor, a number of studies have looked at carcinoma, liver steatosis, liver Halberg is a licensed Heartcombat sports and conditioning on more than , people and associations between tea and Math coach with additional cirrhosis and chronic liver discoach, and an FL Athletic Comfound that drinking an addihealth.

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She recently completed addiSt. Nine prospective cohort studtogether in her new class, 21 percent. Are you kidding me? When I checked the Medicare. Carol Volk discusses Tax-Aide, a local program that helps people with free tax services Second segment: Are you starting a new business? The Peninsula Daily News is happy to mention news of your business in our daily Business Briefly column. Photos are always welcome. These need to be addressed as paid advertisements.

For questions, or to get a Business Briefly form faxed or mailed to you, please call weekdays. It is also not unusual for people to purchase hearing aids that then spend all or most of their time in a drawer. Partly this results from a common misconception:. Fried said, referring to the per-barrel price.

The departures were measured between July and July The migration likely has more to do with improving employment opportunities in the Lower 48, Fried said. People historically come to Alaska when the rest of the U. But in any case, out of the state at its highest even if the economy is parpoint in in the past quarter- ticularly bad in Alaska there will still be a lot of century.

A new report by the Alaska Department of Labor shows that about 7, Top vehicle sellers more people moved out of The top-selling vehicles the state than arrived in fis- and the total number sold in cal year Ford F-Series, 69, 1 , when 15, people 2. Chevrolet Silverado, left during an in-state reces- 53, 2 3. Ram, 36, 3 sion. Honda Accord, 33, 4 appear to be caused by the 6.

Ford Escape, 28, problems because they came unranked in August before oil prices dropped, 8. Honda Civic, 28, 8 Department of Labor econo9. Toyota Corolla, 26, 9. Car of the Year finalists: December silver put on 5. The cost should include the fitting and one or more adjustments.

Check the Consumer Reports buying guide for detailed information at www. Critical to being properly fitted is to be examined first by a medical doctor, preferably an ear, nose and throat specialist, who can check for correctable medical conditions like impacted ear wax. Thorough exam Next is a thorough audiological exam, conducted in a soundproof room, that checks each ear for the ability to hear consonants and whole words.

If an aid is deemed necessary, the audiologist should discuss your various hearing needs and situations that you find most challenging, and describe the different options and costs. Finally, after getting the selected aids, practice using them is critical, with return visits to the prescriber for needed adjustments. Holiday Inn Express, E. Washington St, Sequim Seating is limited and reservations are highly suggested. As a friend told me: Modern aids can also be synchronized wirelessly with Bluetooth to a smartphone.

Some have a directional microphone, enhancing the audio signal in front of the user more than sounds coming from the sides. Some aids can also be fitted to improve hearing in the increasing number of theaters, sports arenas, and concert and lecture halls equipped with hearing loops. A hearing loop is a thin copper wire that radiates electromagnetic signals,. There are many types of devices, each with its own pros and cons. Some fit completely in the ear, others behind the ear. Some fill the ear canal, others only partly.

Let me help you pick the right loan so you can grow your dreams into reality. Give me a call today! More than 50 automotive journalists from the U. The winner in each category will be announced at the Detroit auto show in January. The winners will come from the following lists of vehicles:. Unlike eyeglasses, which can usually give the user something close to vision, hearing aids do not restore normal hearing.

Still, they are far better than not being able to hear and becoming increasingly isolated as a result. A more A meta-analysis of recent study agrees. For each additional two times before by assuming cups per day of tea con- that what we see in associasumed, the risk of develop- tions in cohort studies will ing diabetes dropped 4. What is tea not associ- to see that fall apart in ranated with? It does not seem domized controlled trials. The majority of studies to be linked with a reduced have been done in Asian risk of fracture. And a systematic review countries where tea drinking from found that black is much more common than tea was not linked to a in the United States.

A meta-analysis found that green tea, but not Limited response black tea, was associated Finally, there seems to be with lower rates of prostate less of a dose response than cancer. Few A meta-analysis of the studies could detect could not find a significant any response with fewer association between tea con- than three cups of tea a day. Half of these trials took They found 51 studies place in Japan and only one containing more than in the United States.

The evidence found that Only one was a random- green tea produced a small ized control trial, however. Moreover, most of the But the difference was studies were done in Asia, not significant. Regardless, the authors Green tea catechins, antifelt there was insufficient oxidants found in the drink,. Two more meta-analyses confirmed these findings. But 11 trials that included patients found that green tea and black tea can reduce other cardiovascular risk factors. Both were found to reduce low-density lipoprotein an average of 0.

These results should be interpreted with caution, however, as they focus on risk factors and not necessarily outcomes. There were also few studies contributing to each of these findings, so the results may not stand up to further scrutiny or replication. I admit that this is an interpretation, and others may disagree. The lack of a dose response in many of these trials, coupled with the fact that so many were performed in countries with markedly different tea consumption from our own, makes these results less generalizable than those of coffee were.

But the conclusions I would make are similar. Drink it if you like it. It, too, seems to be a completely reasonable addition to a healthful diet. The major gift promotes integrated community learning that strengthens ties between students and their communities and enhances academic outcomes, according to a news release. Awards for the funding period that closed Sept. For more information, contact McCormick at or karen. Carroll is a professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine. The massive tunnel-boring machine called Bertha is shown at the bottom of a rescue pit in March in Seattle.

Jefferson Healthcare is looking for healthcare professionals to be part of a vibrant team. Join your talents and skills with others who want to make a difference in the health of our community. The Department of Transportation said in a statement that it filed the lawsuit against Seattle Tunnel Partners in King County Superior Court to preserve its legal rights in.

Transportation spokeswoman Laura Newborn said the legal action was taken Friday following court filings by STP and its insurance companies. Bertha, the machine digging the tunnel, broke down in December , and crews have been struggling to repair it ever since. The four-lane toll tunnel was supposed to open to traffic at the end of this year.

It is now scheduled to open in March The additional money reflects extra spending on administrators, engineers, consulting firms and office space. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages because of the delays caused by the breakdown of the tunnel boring machine. Newborn said the state would ask that its lawsuit be stayed until the 2-mile tunnel project is completed.

She said it was hoped the contractor would also agree to delay legal action until that time. The expense requires his family to rent an apartment in Campbell, Calif. His daughter has excelled in high school, but Aguirre has urged her to attend community college to avoid the debt that ensnared him. School loans that span multiple generations within families. Data analyzed exclusively by The Associated Press, along with surveys about families and rising student debt loads, show that: This group accounts for 35 percent of education debt, up from 25 percent in , according to the New York Federal Reserve.

Contributing to this surge: Millennials, who are 34 and younger, have roughly the same average debt, according to a report by Pew Charitable Trusts. A result is that many of their children will need to borrow heavily for college or pursue cheaper alternatives, thereby perpetuating a cycle of family debt.

The multigenerational debt cycle reflects a rush to pursue college as a path to middle class security. Roughly 25 years ago, federal policies began to encourage borrowing on a mass scale to cover soaring college costs. Policymakers figured that borrowers could afford the debt because college degrees would all but guarantee comfortable incomes. The reality played out somewhat differently. Roughly 6 million Gen-X households still owe student debt. Some, like Aguirre, are forgoing home ownership. Others have moved to remote stretches of the country to qualify for loan forgiveness programs. Successful careers increasingly require graduate degrees — and thus, ever larger debt loads that take longer to repay.

At no point in the past, experts say, has such a large share of the U. Different paths Nathan Anderson received his first student loan in His time at Johns Hopkins University overlapped with the start of the lending boom: The government was raising borrowing limits, introducing unsubsidized Stafford loans and incentivizing private lenders. But the wider availability of debt instead helped fuel rising tuitions, according to research this year by the New York Fed.

Majoring in psychology, Anderson hoped to become a child psychologist. But after suffering a shoulder injury while playing soccer, he found relief only from an acupuncturist. The treatment led him to study Chinese medicine after graduation and become a licensed acupuncturist himself in Now 42 with a blended family of five, he runs an acupuncture clinic in Tucson, Ariz. The student lending boom never fully appreciated how many students might switch major or careers, nor that incomes would stagnate as debt levels rose. No choice but debt Part of the problem is that job opportunities can require workers to return to school and borrow at a time in life when savings traditionally become a priority.

With a population of , Ashland is 50 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart and an hour from hamburgers at the closest Sonic Drive-In. The family is on track to be debt-free when Jonathan turns Limiting the sales of large magazines for big guns is one thing. But the gun control lobby and the NRA are very strong. Needs to be a disconnect between gun sales and people with mental issues. We have rights to bear arms.