What God Starts, God Completes

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  1. God Finishes What He Starts | Devotional by Rick Warren
  2. October 2018
  3. God Finishes What He Starts

I hear folks talk about their identity in terms of their heredity - I am English or I am a Choctaw Indian. I am both of those things Some say, "I was adopted" or "I was orphaned" or "My father was a drunk and my mother insane," and that is their identity.

God Finishes What He Starts | Devotional by Rick Warren

I could, myself, use those phrases to describe my life That is who I am. Some reading this will not like my saying that. They will want more. They will want "depth. I am as deep as this: I have only Him. Right after the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and were going into the Promised Land, God had them create a memorial to remember what he had done for them. Each person picked a stoned and used it to build a memorial. If you were to build a memorial, what would you want to remember?

What would it stand for? I invite you to pray a prayer of remembrance right now. Say these words back to God in your heart:.

October 2018

God, help me to remember your grace and to be gracious. Mount Rushmore was carved in 14 years. The Empire State Building was completed in 1 year and 45 days. The Statue of Liberty was carved and assembled over a year period.

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God Finishes What He Starts

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