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Snow Angels (film) - Wikipedia

A clear sidewalk can help ensure safe access so that they can access medical appointments and receive care, and also help other neighbours get around throughout the winter. If you're feeling unwell or are at risk of an injury, decline the request and we'll find another Snow Angel.

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What is Pittsburgh Snow Angels?

Request a Snow Angel Are you a senior? How it works With every new snow fall, make a new request when you need assistance A Snow Angel will be assigned to clear the public portion of your sidewalk. They do not shovel your private property pathway. If your sidewalk is not cleared within 48 hours, follow up with us and we will reassign a volunteer. Snow removal Check our priority locations for removing snow and ice.

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It was directed by David Gordon Green , who also wrote the screenplay adapted from Stewart O'Nan 's novel of the same title. The film premiered in the dramatic competition at the Sundance Film Festival. It is a character driven film centered on several characters dealing with loss of innocence in a small town. Snow Angels was released on 7 March The film abruptly flashes back to a few weeks before, to a Chinese restaurant that employs a high school boy named Arthur, his ex-babysitter, Annie, and her best friend, Barb.

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Arthur, who's a bit of a misfit, has a troubled home life caused by his constantly clashing parents, both of whom often forget about him. Annie's life isn't faring much better: Glenn is now on the wagon and becoming a born-again Christian in order to prove that he is responsible enough to spend time with Tara.

Depressed and lonely, Annie is having an affair with Barb's husband, Nate, which eventually serves to only make her unhappier, as she feels great guilt over betraying her best friend. Desperate to prove himself and still harboring deep feelings for his estranged wife whom he suspects is seeing someone , Glenn gets a new job and spends as much time as possible with Tara.

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Meanwhile, Arthur finds himself growing close to Lila, a new student at the high school who has a knack for photography. The film focuses heavily on how people's lives can cross in a small town, especially when Tara wanders out of the house and goes missing while Annie, having just lost her best friend over the affair and suffering from a bad cold, falls asleep on the couch. The whole town spends hours desperately searching for Tara, before Arthur finds her body while smoking pot with his friend.

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