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Prayer Stories By Ernest Lloyd Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. This book, first published in , is a powerful collection of answered prayer stories illustrating the faith of children and showing how God honors their trust and answers their prayers. Prayer Warriors - A Story of Power By Celeste Perrino Walker Prayer Warriors will open your eyes to the struggles going on in the lives of seemingly ordinary people dealing with painful realities.

But more than that, it will raise the curtain on the struggle behind the scenes, where angels and demons fight for the eternal destiny of each human. In every case, angels stand ready to protect the children of God. Picking up where she left off in her bestseller, Prayer Warriors , Celeste perrino Walker continues to weave the remarkable story of ordinary people struggling with life and with their relationships with God.

Prayer--their own and the prayers of those who "stand in the gap" for them--is their only hope as spiritual warfare rages all around them. Behind the scenes, angels and demons fight to influence their minds and their decisions. Prophecy Speaks By Earle Albert Rowell A man named David Dare was inviting all skeptics, scoffers, unbelievers, and infidels to his lectures—and they were free to interrupt at any time with questions or with denials of his statements!

Who could pass up an opportunity like that? But someone sinister has set out to destroy him. Will Christian survive to finish the race or will he be exterminated? Really Living By Don C. Schneider, Ken Wade Find out what happens when ordinary people invite Jesus to change their lives and how you can experience the abundant life He promises to all believers. He also loves a good story and many of his favorites can be found within these pages.

Really Living 2 By Don C.

USC Basketball Legend John Rudometkin Dies at 75 -

These stories will make you laugh and cry; they will inspire and challenge you to get to know Jesus better, to share Jesus more compassionately and to live your life in service for Him. Fern recalls many of the experiences of her great grandparents and grandparents as pioneers in Ohio. When health issues led him away from the game, they led him on a journey toward faith. Samson By Tracy Morgan Truth can be more fantastic than fiction. In the end, the Bible lists Samson among the great heroes of faith, along with King David and the prophet Samuel. Through Samson, God once again shows us that even in our weakness, He can make us strong.

Larsen This Book demonstrates the blessings of true hospitality and Illustrates that even when we are faithful—when we do the right things—difficulties and trials often follow. In spite of that, the influence of one can lead to the conversion of many, often for generations to come. Seasons of Discovery By Kay D. Rizzo From vastly different backgrounds--his quiet countryside, hers the bustling city--two lives are drawn together.

Expectantly they look toward their new life, a wedding, a family. But not everything will be as they expect. Job changes, personal crisis, and the past cloud the future. With their love for each other and strong Christian faith, they face the Seasons of Discovery. The Seventh-day Ox and Other Miracle Stories from Russia By Bradley Booth Against all odds, each of these witnesses placed their trust in God and demonstrated unbroken commitment to their faith—no matter what the cost.

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Dykes was the first Black American woman to ever complete the requirements for a Ph. She went on to devote her life to service. Rizzo She Said No is a love story that turned into rage. Almost from the beginning, the physical nature of their relationship threatened to push Heather and Josh over passion's edge to compromise and ruin. Showers of Grasshoppers and Other Miracle Stories from Africa By Bradley Booth True stories of believers in Africa whose faithfulness in the little things prepared them to be faithful when times were the hardest, and the miracles God worked to save their lives.

As he learns about the Christian God and the Adventist message, he wonders how he can ever take his place as the village chief. Is it time for Chloe to make peace with her past? In this compelling conclusion to the Chloe Mae Chronicles, Chloe again faces difficult decisions that are compounded by an uncertain future and responsibilities she never expected to bear. But what would happen when the one person she thought she'd never see again came back into her life?

Miller The sweetest stories ever told are to be found in the Bible.

Books by Herbert Ford

In this book written for the younger child, you will hear stories of the Savior-Jesus, in a way that will appeal to a young listener. Great for reading to little ones at bedtime or during family time, you will draw them closer to a loving God and speak truth to their little hearts. They Call Him the Miracle Man By Bradley Booth With skillful dialogue and sanctified imagination, based on historical research, Bradley Booth paints a fresh portrait of Jesus through the eyes of those who met Him, and inspires us to adore Him anew. They're All Dead Aren't They By Joy Swift Only a teenager when her children were taken from her in the cruelest ways imaginable, Joy Swift riveted a nation with her gut-wrenching story of love, loss, and renewed hope.

May condemns attempt to kill a Russian spy with a nerve agent

Till Morning Breaks By Elaine Egbert Every October 22, Adventists familiar with their heritage reflect on that black night in when jubilant hope was suddenly destroyed at the stroke of midnight. But not the 25 true stories in this book. Fleeing for safety to the Philippines, they instead found themselves prisoners of the Japanese army, spending the next three years in a concentration camp.

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They were popular, the music industry had given them everything they wanted. But could they follow God and keep hold of their lifestyle? Valley Girl By Paula Montgomery This sequel to Canyon Girl tells what happens to young Hazel Weston whose "dream valley" suddenly turns into a nightmare when the worst snowstorm of the century threatens her family. And only she can go for help. Victory in Christ By W. Prescott Do you need victory over failure?

Victory of the Warrior King: From the first inklings of His birth, until the moment His feet disappear in the clouds, Sally Pierson Dillon makes the story of Jesus come alive as never before.

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Rizzo Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness, the secret dreams of a young woman's heart collide with the mysteries of Providence. What results is an unforgettable adventure with three young children and a widowed scientist that propels Kelli into confrontations with her faith, bouts with wild animals, life-and-death struggles against the elements, and finally, the return of love.

It was another summer, another counseling job at another camp, and another young man had laid claim to Becka's affections. When the Odds Are Stacked Against You By George Vandeman Believe it or not, to a greater degree than you think, your success in life is determined simply by your attitude. He wants you to remember who you are--and what you are worth to Him. This book is especially written for women and would be a great book for personal or group studies.

After each chapter are questions for reflection and a prayer. Youth Prays—God Answers tells true stories that will encourage the reader's faith as they claim these promises. We encourage you to find printed copies the books offered on this site at AdventistBookCenter. Only show eBooks for my: White Notes 4Q18 more. Knight Marvin Moore Kay D. Rizzo Show All Authors. Find a large selection of Adventist Music available as MP3 downloads. Over 2, tracks to choose from. Stories The Race By Della Loredo If he'd been feverish and delirious, Chris Strider could never have imagined that he'd end up in jail, charged with assault, rape, and murder--crimes he hadn't actually committed.

Finley Filled with Bible secrets that can make a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors. They'll discover the peace of forgiveness, the joy of the Sabbath rest, the promise of heaven, the power of prayer, and urgent Bible truth for these last days. She's in for a crash course in seeking God's guidance. And a little black foal called Poppyseed helps her discover how trustworthy and caring He is.

Tory slowly learns to trust God and rest in His care even in the midst of fear, only to face the greatest crisis of her life. A Leap of Faith: From its humble origins in Guatemala during the brutal civil war, God worked one miracle after another to protect the Flecks as they brought hope to a generation of orphans. Rudometkin, 69, was a head-turning basketball star at USC in the early s, a two-time All-American and seemingly inexhaustible scoring machine.

  • Former USC basketball star John Rudometkin continues to fight on — for his life.
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Now, however, the long-term aftereffects of the aggressive measures used to save his life, radiation and chemotherapy treatments among them, threaten to cut it short. Suffering from restrictive lung disease, he has difficulty expanding his chest wall and is increasingly susceptible to infection. For the last year and a half, he has been tethered to a supplemental oxygen unit. A recent tracheotomy and a ventilator help him breathe through the night while sleeping.

You're just out of oxygen. Gazing out a sliding glass door toward a rolling green landscape and bubbling creek below, he says, "Just give me some breaths, so I could go out and take a long walk. So that's encouraging to me. Nearby, reminders of Rudometkin's past and present collide. On a wall in his office, which has been converted into a makeshift hospital room, an image of the young basketball star graces the cover of Sports Illustrated from , when the Santa Maria-bred son of Russian immigrants was at the peak of his powers.

Nicknamed "Rudo the Reckless Russian" by Chick Hearn, who broadcast USC games before joining the Lakers, Rudometkin graduated in as the Trojans' all-time scoring leader, establishing a record that stood for 23 years. Still listed high among the Trojans' all-time scoring and rebounding leaders, the 6-foot-6 center averaged nearly 19 points and In the season, he led the Trojans to the Athletic Assn. His coach, Forrest Twogood, compared him to a ballet dancer, noting that he had "perfect balance while off-balance. But Rudometkin, an early second-round pick in the NBA draft, lasted only three seasons with the New York Knicks and San Francisco Warriors, his ever-decreasing stamina befuddling doctors until tests revealed the problem: In Rudometkin's case, a malignant octopus-shaped tumor had encircled his heart and lungs, literally squeezing the life out of him and compromising a vein that allows blood to flow from his brain into his heart.

That led to swelling in his neck and face. The side effects of his treatment included paralysis, Rudometkin at one point unable even to break a piece of bread. He lost his hair and had to learn to walk all over again. Rudometkin, crediting his faith as well as medicine, wrote a book about his ordeal. A Seventh-day Adventist, he became a vegetarian.