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  4. Staatsoper Hamburg - Stück-Besetzung: Ballett von John Neumeier | Beethoven-Projekt

Young Choreographers, Hamburg, "Vesna" Premiere: National Youth Ballet, "If" Premiere: Young Choreographers, "Matamorphosis" Premiere: Young Choreographers, Hamburg, "Aequivocus" Premiere: Young Choreographers, Hamburg, Upon completion of her training, six monts later, she returned to Kiev, to join the Company as a principal dancer. A year later, she joined the Royal Ballet Company November and, at the end of the season, was promoted to Soloist. Spender printed works Date: Journals, magazines, offprints Date: Journals, catalogues, magazine tearsheets, offprints, newsletters, etc.

Press cuttings books Date: Four cuttings scrap books, including published letters and poems by Spender and articles and reviews on Spender's autobiography World Within World English, French fre Extent: Copies of material by and about W. Auden, including correspondence, journals, essays, speeches, and copy drawings of Auden. Includes covering letters, some original. Forty cassettes of interviews, readings, concerts etc. Twenty-one cassettes of interviews, readings, concerts etc. Twenty three cassettes of commercial audio and radio recordings, including language learning cassettes.

Six video cassettes of Spender-related material, including a copy of the Channel 4 obituary of Stephen Spender The archive of the poet, writer and literary critic Sir Stephen Spender Also 14 pages on Theodore Roethke and 5 on Edith Sitwell. David Hockney and Stephen Spender", manuscript draft text, pages. Loose-leaf and partially bound intermittent journal entries, some of which may be later copies by Spender, 7 Jan May ,?

Books Box Pierino Und Die Schöne Isabella German Edition By Nicola Hollenbach Fb2 B00adslxfk

Two loose leaf entries, which may be later copies, for 20 Jul, 4 Aug Notebook with miscellaneous notes and two journal entries for Jul Photos of Spender's diary 4 Nov Dec , while in Barcelona, etc. Photos of Spender's "September Journal", 3 Sep Includes a typescript poem Rilke , ,? All photocopies and transcripts of letters to and from Spender, including poems, c.

Isabella's Defense

Includes a corrected typescript memorial of W. Includes a manuscript copy of the poem Reflections of Japanese Poems and O. Includes a letter from Bottrall to Mr. Includes a signed typescript poem Elegy to W. Includes typescripts Extracts From Diary ; W. Comprises a typescript circular entitled Enquete de "Tempo Presente" , n. All photocopies of Spender's letters to Collins. Includes 3rd party copy letters from Mervyn [-] 8 and 26 Aug and 10 Oct , , , c. Includes translated poem A Thought From Propentius , a potted biography of Connolly, a manuscript of Connolly's memories of Auden and galleys of Connolly reviews and articles.

Also includes photocopy Spender letters to Charles Monteith, 8 Jan ; an undated letter to 'John'; and to Christopher [Isherwood] with a copy of the poem Auden at Milwaukee , , c. Includes copy letters between Curtius and TS. Looking for Hemingway , Awake , , , , , n. Includes a covering letter from Jill Day-Lewis to Natasha Spender, , enclosing additional photocopies of Spender's letters to Day-Lewis, , c. ELIOT, , , Mainly photocopy but includes original letters and one invitation from Valerie ELIOT, , , , , , , , , , n.

Includes the poems The Lost World , Chorus , Surely , Cuthbert , Mandella , , , , , , , , , n. FORD, George, , , , , n. September , November , Journey 1 , Anecdote of 3 a. Includes a photocopy typescript of The Song of a Very Special Bike , , , , , , , , n. HOPE, Francis, , n. Includes a manuscript and typescript political speech on the 'Promotion of homosexuality', , n. One incoming original letter but otherwise photocopy correspondence, , , , , , , , n. Includes essays on human rights and Dr. Photocopy letters to Spender.

Includes postscripts from W.

Includes at end an undated letter from? KING, Francis, , , , , n. LIST, Herbert, , , the letter of includes a small pastedown photo. Mark , , n. Photocopies of Spender's letters to Lehmann. Includes typescript poems opening "From all these events [ Includes a photocopy Spender poem Mein kind kam heim , a poem opening "What I expected was", The Prisoners and Missing My Daughter , , , , ,? Includes letter from Levi to Mrs. One original letter from Lewis but mainly photocopy Spender letters to Lewis. Includes a copy manuscript Spender poem opening "They went off six in the car [ All photocopy Spender letters to Marshall.

Includes a typescript poem entitled Permanent , , , n. Includes a photocopy typescript of Spender's Introduction to Henry Moore's Lithographs of Stonehenge and a photocopy corrected typescript Spender poem Sculptor and Statues , , , , , , , , n. Includes a signed typescript poem Cycles , c. Includes corrected galleys of corrected McCarthy articles in Encounter and transcripts of Natasha and Stephen Spender quotes. Includes an unlabelled manuscript music score and an unlabelled photocopy Spender playscript, , , , , , n.

Mainly original Spender letters. Includes a draft Spender poem Peninsula and copies of Obst academic articles, , , , n. Mainly photocopies, , , , , , , , n. Includes a selection of copies of correspondence from, to and about Pasternak, , with covering letters from Includes multiple typescript poems, an essay on Sonia Orwell and a short story Homage , , , , , , , , n.

A photocopy letter from Spender to Purdy, Includes a small paste-down photograph, , , , , , , , , , , n. Mainly photocopy Spender letters, , , , , , , n. Includes signed typescript poem Die dreissigen Jahre , , n. Includes manuscript poems To Be , Yin and Yang , O and typescript poem Verbal Behavior , , , , , , , , , n. Includes typescript poem s Words in Wrath and Jealousy , , , , , , n. Includes signed typescript poem La Vigne by Philippe de Rothschild and prose on Pauline in French, , , , , n. Includes a photocopy Spender poem Poem For New Year and a letter to Natasha Spender from Reresby Sitwell enclosing photocopies of Stephen's letters to Edith, , , , , , n.

Stephen Spender photocopy letters only, n. Karl , STERN, James, , , , , , , , , , , , n. Includes typescript poems The Buried Lake , , , , , , , n. Illustrated correspondence, including manuscript poems Greek Beauty. Includes the question and answers to a Questionnaire for Laurens , , , , , , , , n.

A file of literary agreements, including correspondence with Ed Victor Ltd. WAIN, John, , , , , , , , , n. Includes clippings of Wishart articles , and a typescript Michael Wishart essay Arundel Cathedral , , , , , , , , n. Mainly photocopies, , , n. Cuthbert, , , n. Original Michael Josselson letters to Stephen Spender regarding Encounter , with some copy carbon and photocopied Spender replies.

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

Includes letters addressed to W. Auden, Frank Kermode et al. Editorial correspondence regarding Encounter , including papers relating to statements by the Board of Trustees of Encounter , , , Correspondence with Dwight MacDonald regarding Encounter , , , n. Correspondence with Melvin Lasky, Correspondence with Irving Kristol, , , , , , n.

Correspondence with Malcolm Muggeridge and the British Society for Cultural Freedom, , , , , , n. Correspondence with Frank Kermode regarding Encounter , , n.

Google Ebook Download Android Pierino Und Die Schöne Isabella German Edition B00adslxfk Fb2

Photocopy letters from Isaiah Berlin concerning Encounter with covering letters, , Photocopy William Hayter correspondence regarding Encounter , , , Two letters concerning the launch of a new magazine sent to Isaiah Berlin and John Gross, Photocopies of correspondence relating to the Congress for Cultural Freedom and the founding of Encounter , mainly correspondence with Mike Josselsen and Nicolas Nabokov, Photocopies of Congress for Cultural Freedom and Encounter correspondence, , , , n.

Photocopies of Congress for Cultural Freedom and Encounter correspondence, , n.

A Portrait With Background , c. Correspondence concerning errors of fact in Hugh David's biography, Correspondence and papers concerning objections to Hugh David's book, c. Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life , Correspondence concerning working engagements, , , Greetings cards and ephemera, including a painted card and pasted-down photographs, c. Mainly incoming, complete letters with unreadable or partial signatures or unknown addressees. Fragmentary correspondence from unidentified senders, , , , , , , , , , , n.

Letters and papers from Matthew Spender, Stephen's son, including his certificate of baptism, a small painting and a birthday speech for Stephen Spender, , , , , , n. Elsa Ecroyd, , n. Includes covering letters from and Schuster family papers including a transcript of a short memoir by Paula Schuster; some shorthand notes with a transcript of memoirs by Hilda Schuster and some typescript and printed papers by Ernest Schuster, , , , n. Spender family history papers mainly family trees , , n. Loose leaves separated now in a folder in this box: Includes pencil drawing on cover.

Juvenilia and early poems, including some photocopies, , , n. Notebook with manuscript poetry, prose and sketches including the poem Out of the Envelope , c.

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Fragment of a notebook with a list of poems including Rimbaud and Salzburg, plus a corrected poem card of A Skull Changed to Glass c. Manuscript and typescript poems, most with corrections, , Loose and bound manuscript and typescript poetry drafts, Signed colophon of Hockney's Alphabet , Notebook with a draft poem opening "Remember how, in ", plus notes on computing and the fall of communism, c. Manuscript poem opening "O ye men, my brothers, you who find me hostile", n. Manuscript poem opening "O what it must have cost the angels not to", n. Three poetry notebooks, one poem opening "Son of a genius father", one notebook with a single poem opening "They thought that it was", n.

Photostat copy of a poetry notebook, including a poem opening "Wild rose unruffling ruffled", n. Copy of a quartosize notebook, including a poem opening "Lingering and leaving - precarious", n. Copy of music scores by R. Reversed, the notebook contains a sketch for Cantata , Auden; drafts on Cyril Connolly; reminiscence of congress in Valencia, etc.

Auden; "Poetry and Drama"; fragments of Antigone. Eliot and Peter Ackroyd's biography, etc. Auden's early poetry; etc. Eliot, particularly the plays. Leavis and Geoffrey Thorp, etc. Movements and Influences in English Literature.

A Writer's Journal on Writing , n. Matthew Arnold introduction, n. Reflections on the Underground Press, n. Untitled piece on W. On Bloomsbury, and W. Heavily revised chapter Vll of T. Eliot , "Poetry and Belief", c. On Malcolm Lowry's novel Under the Volcano , n. On Cyril Connolly, c. Auden in the Thirties, n. What I Believe essay, n. Small group of late book reviews etc.

Wilson 4 Sep ; plus copies of a letter from Gavin [Buchanan] 9 Oct , c. Further short pieces and fragments of prose, n. World Within World typescript fragments, n. Typescript and manuscript copies of the essay Christopher And His Characters , n. Separated Material A portrait photograph of Spender from c.

Staatsoper Hamburg - Stück-Besetzung: Ballett von John Neumeier | Beethoven-Projekt

Manuscript and draft essays, reviews, prefaces etc. Essays, reviews and open letters, c. Three small notebooks with notes on Jerusalem, Lake Garda, and P. Four notebooks including notes on Henry James, Salman Rushdie, totalitarianism, World Within World , and a poem opening "4am is not just the".

Duplicated script two volumes. The Prince of Homburg. Alternative version of pp. Typescript of The Backward Son. Volume One, The Younger Poets noted as 'copy 2 corrected'. Loose leaves separated from between fols. Typescript of The Temple , c. Fragment of typescript, some corrected, from the published edition of The Temple , c. Pages of corrected typescript from an untitled novel pages 6, are missing , Carbon copy of The Thorps typescript, n.

Photocopy typescript of The Soldiers' Disease , n. Typescript fiction fragments, n. Printed poetry supplement Landmarks and Voyages , ed. Vernon Watkins for the Poetry Book Society, A Spender Sequence by Monica Hoyer, with covering letter, Concerning the Angels by Rafael Alberti, c. John Sparrow , a poem by A. His interest in contemporary music is documented through his long relationship with the Elision Contemporary Music Ensemble, with whom he has performed frequently since , touring with them to Korea in and Europe in Since conducting the premiere of John Neumeier's "Parzival" at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden in , Simon Hewett has enjoyed a close and productive collaboration with the Hamburg Ballet.

He led the world premiere of John Neumeier's ballet "Tatiana" , also recorded for DVD release, and the premiere of a new ballet based on the life of the celebrated Italian actress Eleonora Duse Michal Bialk was born in in Krakow. Furthermore, he is a permanent guest soloist of numerous orchestras in France, Italy, Germany and Turkey. A special place among his concert activities is his collaboration with John Neumeier of the Hamburg Ballett since Michal Bialk is a first place recipient at international piano competitions in Poland, France, Spain, Italy and Turkey.

He has on several occasions been distinguished for the best interpretation of Polish and Spanish music. Philharmonic concerts have been performed in Hamburg since , artists such as Clara Schumann, Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms being regular guests of the Philharmonic Society. The history of the opera company goes back even further: