If Only God Would Give Me a Sign!

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Having an awareness and understanding of the nuances of writers and their process is core to our publishing success. Our intuitive publishing team imbues skills that hold sacred the space for a trade book to come to fruition through mind and heart.

If Only God Would Give Me a Sign!: How to Recognize a Sign from God?

We create relationships… with authors, books, publishing professionals, vendors, and a global community of readers… all within an atmosphere that celebrates and honors individual uniqueness. What about the Speed Limit Ahead sign?

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There are no shortages of signs for those who pay attention, live life with an open heart, and read the signs with a sense of humor. Chat about your spiritual journey over a decaf latte with this humorist.

If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! STOP!

Engage in a meaningful dialogue while relaxing in your backyard hot tub. Spirit is in and throughout all things. You have been led, you are led, and you will always be led—just follow the signs! Some journeys are best experienced in polka dot patent leather stilettos, while others demand more sensible footwear.

I needed to be prepared.

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On the other end of the spectrum, I continued, there are those strappy numbers with varying height heels that broadcast a completely different message. Other shoes in my wardrobe of infinite possibility carry their own unique messages as well, I insisted.

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He pretended to listen. Comfortable and light-weight, they work best for short-term commitments.

Oh God, Show Me a Sign!

Long journeys wear them out. These are nostalgic rounded-toe shoes with a strap or two across the top that are reminiscent of my elementary school days. They look a little like tap shoes without the taps. The patent leather versions are particularly suited for church on Sunday.

  • Oh God, Show Me a Sign!!
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A peep toe shoe is open at the tip of the toes, to reveal freshly-polished toenails. Skechers are my go-to shoes…. I focused, instead, on building my wardrobe around shoes that can go the distance while keeping me comfortable. For more information, to purchase a book, or to schedule Linda to speak at your next event, visit www. She is just a little bit passionate about health and wellness being our birthright. Your email address will not be published. Join our Gen R community and learn about workshops and events that regenerate your mind, body, and spirit.

Potter During a recent bedroom-closet intervention hosted by my husband , I was forced to face the reality that I had 74 pairs of shoes.