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Some of the streams carry a link to a dot com site, which offers American cable news streams, which as can be seen above turn up on Odnoklassiki, the shonky Russian equivalent to YouTube The pond cautions attending the site without some protection of the digital condom kind And so once again American capitalism gets done over by Russian digital ingenuity Does it get any better than this? Meanwhile, back in Oz, the pace has slackened in the Barners affair, with only the Currish Snail maintaining the tree killer front page rage Now the pond could have sought other distractions But even for the pond the vegan-fearing Mark Higgie was just too fucking weird and straight from the angry old man school of the barking mad shouting at clouds Greg Hunters can find him here Worse still, it's just the reptiles compressing two articles already scribbled by Higgsy for the Speccie mob Oh reptiles, has it come to this?

Gracies Pond - Mark R. Fortune - Google Книги

Recycled ranting from the Speccie crowd, and for this you put up the paywall? Besides, these days the Speccie mob threaten to turn into a regular Friday pond feature Speaking of paywalls and even better news, the Terror persists in hiding the Devine, and the pond is all for it. The more that the Devine disappears behind a paywall, the better for New South Wales, humanity, and the world Condemning adultery and upholding standards of sexual propriety? Was it only last week that the Devine was tweeting and scribbling about unhealthy righteousness and a sanctimonious pile-on?

On Gracie's Pond

If the pond never reads another Devine piece, it will be as blissful as never again having to endure root canal therapy But still, Barners called, and the pond could see that the lizard Oz was on the digital case Now to be fair, the earlier piece reporting on our Junie gave every sign of the intrepid reporter from Oz, one Primrose R. Well yes, and as the pond said a few days ago, the pond recalled seeing Jim on a regular basis outside the Prahan markets trying to flog his books, back in the days when the pond was living just down the road in Windsor But there's that line, "Morosi emerged from the past to lambaste the media.

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Did she, or did Primrose ring her up and ask her about her thoughts on being prim and proper? Was it the lizard Oz that helped her emerge from the past, and ask her to pose for a snap, or did she ring up the reptiles to vent? Who knows, but it's an interesting semantic point, as the pond kept on with the righteous lashing handed out by our Gracie Well yes, our Joycie at one time used to parade his family around in honour of traditional marriage and all the rest of it, while at the same time, Julia Gillard was given the boots and all treatment Now life's situations are sources for inspiration.

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Ask the cherubic-faced Gracie which song is her favorite and she volleys back a quick answer. Profoundly moved by images she saw of kids her age and younger caring for siblings, Gracie decided to compile six original songs and sell it as an African fundraiser. Gracie's first CD release, "Showers from God," is comprised of songs written during her daily shower.

Its purpose reaches far beyond the Schram household in Johnson County where Gracie lives with parents Jill and Jon and younger brother and sister Cooper and Lucy. Her initial goal was to raise enough money to build a single fish pond for an African village; the CD quickly became the Schram's family project.

Gracies Pond (Paperback)

Jill and Jon acknowledge that "Showers from God" might be a collection of songs written by a youngster, but the songs also impact adults. Nathan Johnson, Gracie's piano and vocal coach, met his prodigy two years ago when she auditioned for a children's musical at Resurrection's West campus. Immediately struck by her bigger-than-life personality, Nathan saw Gracie's talents. Nathan says "Showers from God" is pure with no studio tricks and was recorded in one take.

He also says Gracie doesn't need convincing to try something new.

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It's my job to keep her age-appropriate as her voice develops. Gracie, among a growing number of philanthropic-minded kids with personal mission statements for helping their community and beyond, says her parents are role models for being good stewards. Jill and Jon agree that the Showers from God non-profit project touches their entire family.


The Schrams work with the Global Orphan Project to help fund the pond in a Malawi village in landlocked southeastern Africa. Since Haiti's catastrophic earthquake, Gracie and her family have decided to help orphaned children in the crisis-stricken country with "Showers from God" proceeds.

Gracie is a positive influence for not only Cooper and Lucy, but also for peers.