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Lowes, Warren Gophers and Tumbleweed: Richardson, John Wacousta, or the Prophecy: Ritter, Erika Ritter in Residence: Schoemperlen, Diane Hockey Night in Canada: Bessette, Gerard The Cycle tr A. Klutschak, Heinrich Overland to Starvation Cover: Roy, Gabrielle Enchantment and Anguish: Quebec Voices ed Robert Wallace tr W.

Google Scholar , ISI. The Poetry of A. Travis Lane Canadian Poetry 19 pp 1 - Bowering, George ' Imagining History: LoVerso Studies in Canadian Literature 12 1 pp 69 - 89 Dewdney, Christopher ' Manifold Destiny: Distinctively Canadian ' A. Keith Essays on Canadian Writing 34 pp 81 - Hood, Hugh Pilgrim's Progress: The Sir Charles G.

Anne of the Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Fiction of W. Klein, David ' A Game's Stances: Kroetsch, Robert ' Novelist as Trickster: Legendre Studies in Canadian Literature 12 1 pp 53 - 68 New Canadian Literature pp - Le Carre, John Smiley's Circus: Lehmann, John John Lehmann: A Tribute ed A. Lochhead, Douglas The Red Jeep: The Selected Journals of L.

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Munro, Alice Alice Munro: Paradox and Parallel R. Roberts, Sir Charles G. Weiss Studies in Canadian Literature 12 1 pp 35 - Tregebov, Rhea ' The Mutability of Memory: Rhea Tregebov's no one we know ' Barbara Carey Quarry 36 3 pp 70 - 6. Berton, Pierre Starting Out: Brook, Stephen Maple Leaf Rag: Choyce, Lesley Avalanche of Ocean: Djwa, Sandra The Politics of the Imagination: A Live of F.

Fowler, Marian Below the Peacock Fan: Fraser, Sylvia My Father's House: Image in the Mind: And of a similar strange mixture are its people, at once the saddest-fated and yet most promising of any people upon earth.

A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature / John W. Cousin

Canada promises either to be the theatre of one of the greatest national entities earth has ever seen, or else, failing this, to be the spot where the race has died out in a crude, vulgar cosmopolitanism, where patriotism has been destroyed by a decadent party system, and all idealism crushed out in a hard materialism. The "race" to which Campbell refers is the British race and the "idealism" that he sees under threat resides in the rural population of northern European and, especially, northern British descent that has made Canada the "Scotland of America" and may yet succeed "in establishing as strong and as elevated a civilisation on this continent as Britain has in the old" 2, In attributing the "northern" qualities that are "needful to make a people really great" to both "climate" and "heredity" 4 , Campbell aligns himself with a tradition of thinking about Canada as an extension of northern British virtues and an alternative to southern American vices that, of course, received one of its earliest and most influential formulations in R.

Drummond, "the gifted author of The Habitant " 85 over any other contemporary Canadian poet Roberts, Carman, Lampman, and Duncan Campbell Scott are not so much as mentioned in Canada 10 is his fondness for the work of writers who shared his imperialist sentiments: Smith has, however, of late admitted his mistake.

He is a delightful and dignified host quite after the aristocratic and old-time manner.

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Not only is the book prefaced by a Campbell poem as was Canada but so also are most of its ten chapters, and quotations from Lake Lyrics and Other Poems are so frequent that the reader comes fully to accept his contention that "there is no portion of the globe more fit" than "the lake region of Canada" for "the mood and dream of the poet and lover of nature" All that spirit of the sea-faring soul, the daring of the navigator, the love of the open, the search for adventure, is here met and satisfied" Lake Michigan is "off the main track of the great waterway from the St.

Yet there is no Canadian lake which has a more interesting history, and the past of Canada and the early discovery and exploration of the West would be incomplete without the story of this remarkable and beautiful body of water" As his remarks on Lake Huron and Lake Michigan suggest, Campbell conceives of the Great Lakes as a region whose natural amenities, historical associations, and spiritual resonances will continue to exercise a positive influence on Canadians as individuals and on Canada as a nation within the Empire. For these as well as natural reasons, the Great Lakes have potent spiritual and therapeutic properties: Here man can, if he sanely chooses, renew his life for a season, and forget that he is a serf or a hireling" Of course, Campbell was not alone in making such claims for "the Canadian Lake region" but merely one of a chorus of writers whose advocacy of the therapeutic benefits of a season away from the "awful business" of the modern city, be it New York, Chicago, or Toronto, led to the construction of the countless summer cottages that now line almost every lake in Canada and the United States.

They are, as the wise Governor foresaw, an effective barrier, shutting Ontario off from the communities to the south and west, so that the Canadian soil, the Canadian seasons, and the Canadian atmosphere, have been allowed to produce a peculiar stock of a British American people, which is already taking its place as a national factor among the ethical forces and race elements of the world.

Beyond its environmental determinism, its Ontarian arrogance, and its racial nationalism, the passage contains sufficient insights into Canadian history and raises enough echoes in the works of George Grant, Dennis Lee, Margaret Atwood, and numerous other thinkers and writers that it cannot easily be dismissed as the mere rantings of an imperialistic crank. An earlier version of this essay appeared in the Journal of Canadian Studies Tausky for valuable comments on the essay.

Karl Baedeker and his three sons began to publish guides to European countries and cities in the s. Both were written by James Fullarton Muirhead. Griffiths and Graeme Wynne. Other touristic works that capitalized on the Evangeline story around the turn of the century are Jeannette A. Of Evangeline Land, Wynne remarks that several of its features, including "its well-worn title [and] its deliberate attempt to encompass the length of the Dominion Atlantic line," indicate that it, too, was "intended to appeal to the tastes of contemporary travellers" on the Yarmouth-Halifax line The exploration of Evangeline by promoters of tourism falls squarely in the centre of what James H.

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A New England Agency was installed Even these men produce their literary pablum in the heart of American or Canadian cities" 7. Victorian Liberal Elisabeth Wallace suggests that American "imperialist ambitions" in the Philippines and elsewhere around the turn of the century caused him "to doubt the wisdom of union with the United States" Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers. At the Mermaid Inn: Poetry and Prose in Reprint. U of Toronto P, McClelland and Stewart, American Nervousness, Its Causes and Consequences: U of Ottawa P, Lawrence and the Saguenay. Canadian Poetry Press, Accounts of Early Long Poems on Canada.

Selected Poetry of Archibald Lampman. The Sense of Power: Studies in the Ideas of Canadian Imperialism, U of toronto P, Bryant, William Cullen, ed. Picturesque America, or, the Land We Live in. Selected Poetry and Essays.

Wilfrid Laurier UP, Campbell, William Wilfred, ed. The Oxford Book of Canadian Verse. Canadian Pacific Railway, Duncan Campbell Scott and the Literature of Treaty 9. Lament for a Nation. Perspectives on North America. Enlarged and Revised Ed. Sampson Low, Marston, Low, and Searle, Grant, George Monro, ed. The Eastermost Ridge of the Continent. Our Picturesque Northern Neighbour.

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  • Grant, William Lawson, and Frederick Hamilton. The Selling of Canada: His Life and Opinions. McClelland and Goodchild, []. The Group of Seven: Art for a Nation. The War among the Poets: Issues of Plagiarism and Patronage among the Confederation Poets. The Crest of the Continent: Donnely and Sons, Passenger Department, Canadian Pacific Railway, Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada. Afterword by Clara Thomas. Carey and Hart, Montreal after Years.

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    Grafton and Sons, Sights and Shrines of Montreal: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, ed. The Dominion of Canada: The United States, with an Excursion to Mexico. A History of Canada. Boston and New York: The Kindred of the Wild. A Book of Animal Life.

    The Land of Evangeline and the Gateways Thither. Dominion Atlantic Railway, []. By Track and Trail: