Best Birdhouses for Your Backyard: 13 Birdhouses and Feeder Projects

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It is very inexpensive and the design is very simple. It even includes pictures of unique ways you can paint this birdhouse to really make it your own. What goes better together than birds and flowers? Well, this planter helps you to combine the two in a beautiful way. This little birdhouse is indeed a classic. Being able to build your own birdhouse is a classic family idea as well. If you are looking for simple and inexpensive, well, I have it right here.

This birdhouse can literally be built from one pine board.

53 DIY Bird House Plans that Will Attract Them to Your Garden

And it also has a simple design that makes it very easy to put together and have a functioning birdhouse in no time. This birdhouse is so unique. And it would look beautiful in a garden, in your front yard, or even posted in your backyard too. So if you are looking for a simple birdhouse that is cost efficient and efficient around time constraints then this could be a good option for you.

Nor do you want anything that will even stand out as rustic. Well, look no further. This little birdhouse can be a secret hideaway for your feathered friends. This little birdhouse is super easy to build.

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But if you are looking for something that will serve its purpose then this birdhouse could very well be it. And you can easily nail it to a tree in your front yard and watch your bird friends visit all day long. This birdhouse has a unique look to it. And I bet you never guessed it was meant to be built for a wren, did you? And because of their small stature, it can be built at a different angle with an elongated roof.

This feeder is meant for Orioles. And it is so simple that a child could probably build it by themselves with proper adult supervision. So if you love these little birds and would love to have an easy attractant then this birdhouse could certainly be it. This is a great PDF full of wonderful information. If you are curious about chickadees well this article not only tells you how to build them the perfect house. And I love the design of this house. It is very simple and would be appealing to most onlookers. But it also has a unique charm about it that would add character to any home.

This is an absolutely adorable birdhouse. The actual birdhouse itself looks like a teapot. Then it stands as though it is pouring something into a teacup. So if you want something that will add charm to your yard or garden then this would definitely fit those criteria. You can still have a birdhouse. You might be surprised at how nice and easy this one appears.

This woman actually created a birdhouse and then went back and drew up really nice plans so you could make an awesome and simple birdhouse too. And this birdhouse is exactly why. You can take a sturdy, practically free material and turn it into something completely useful and wonderful. So if you are like me, and absolutely love pallets then check this birdhouse out.

If you really love birds, but you are really on a budget then this birdhouse is for you. Or if you really love birds but are really into upcycling then, again, this birdhouse is for you. And all you need is a jug of milk to drink and you can practically have a birdhouse once you have finished it off. I love this idea! And I also love the post. They did a great job of explaining how to build this birdhouse in just enough detail. And they also give amazing pictures to help you visualize what they are saying to you.

So if you like the idea of being able to watch birds from inside your house then this is a great option for you. This site gives you a variety of bird feeders to choose from. You might get a few clues along the way. This is an adorable bird feeder. I love the traditional style of it. But I also love the paint job. They made it look very appealing visually.

So if you are looking for something super simple that can still add some charm to your house then this birdhouse could be it. Do you have wood scraps left over from another project? Well, put them to good use by creating this bird feeder. It will utilize them and also make something that is very functional around your home.

Maybe you want something a little different than just a regular old birdhouse. So it is basically an open birdhouse, which is referred to as a nesting shelf. The plans are very detailed and it appears to be a simple project. Do you eat a ton of peanut butter around your house? Instead, make it a home for the birds around your house. Have you collected a lot of wine corks over the years?

I know a lot of people do. Well, instead of letting those corks go to waste, turn them into something functional. And in this case that functional piece of equipment could be this birdhouse. This is basically an online book all about the different birdhouse options you could build. They offer a lot of information that will hopefully help you to build the birdhouse you were hoping for. I love this design. It is adorable and looks very antique. Basically, what they did is created a birdhouse to look like an old church.

This is a very original idea. This site shows you how to use PVC pipes to build a unique nest box for your neighborhood birds. So if you have some PVC pipe on hand or are even looking for a less expensive material to build with then this might be a good option for you. This is a great craft idea to try with the kids. If you want an easy activity to keep them busy and out of trouble then use an old cardboard or plastic milk carton.

And create a birdhouse out of it. Then the child can help decorate the birdhouse. Hang it up and let them have a great time observing nature. This birdhouse would be a great way to use up an old picket fence. Or you could even do this one on a budget. Basically, all you need is one fence picket. And in this case, they used a cedar picket. I really like the idea of a nesting shelf.

And this one is really adorable too. You can use a wide mouth bucket or pale of some sort and then hang it up on the side of a tree or solid post. But what makes this design so cute is that they actually painted a metal pale. It looks super simple but would still pop in any yard. Well, then give this birdhouse a try. It has a traditional style and would still look great and blend into most any yard.

And to make it even better, they offer different angles of side entrances for the birds too. So give this unique option a try. If you are a fan of the birds called Martins then this birdhouse is for you. This birdhouse is very appeasing to the eye. And this site does a great job in providing detailed instructions on how to build it. As well as offering great pictures to help you along the way. Gourds are amazing plants. But they can be used for lots of amazing things.

And this birdhouse is just one example of that. Well, if so, give it a second wind. You can do this by creating a beautiful birdhouse out of it. This is another easy DIY project that would be great for a beginner carpenter or as a family project. You will need one board and follow the instructions on the post. And you will be well on your way to having your own unique birdhouse. Just think of all of the beautiful visitors you will get. This birdhouse is a traditional build.

But it is still very beautiful in its own classic way. And the instructions pride themselves on being easy to follow. For step-by-step instructions and more photos on how I built each of these birdhouses, I've included a link to the birdhouse's featured page. Have fun, and build your birdhouses for the birds! Add a little extra style to the basic nest box design with some paint, stain and few re-purposed bits.

2. Flower Pot Birdhouse

A bit of creativity adds whimsy and interest, such as a rusty twist of barbed wire or an old horseshoe, creating a unique rustic cottage birdhouse. These birdhouses are fully functional, and made to fit the bird's requirements. Only the exterior is stained and painted, leaving the natural wood on the interior of the nest box for the safety of the baby birds.

Learning how to build a rustic bluebird birdhouse is not as difficult as it may appear at first. These birdhouses will look great in your yard. The little Country Cottage in this photo was built following the same basic steps as the Rustic birdhouses pictured above, though the dimensions are down-sized slightly to appeal to smaller chickadees and wrens. A folded license plate can replace the wood roof, or it can be added as an accent.

Other variations include wrapping the metal plate around the base, or cutting the plate to cover the front of the birdhouse. License plates are cheap and easy to find at swap meets, flea markets, and yard sales. Each one is unique, making each license plate birdhouse a one-of-a-kind piece of yard art. If you take the time to learn how to build license plate birdhouses you will not be disappointed.

Simple to make, this hexagon birdhouse looks great in the garden and it is designed to attract bluebirds. Traditional dovecote birdhouses are beautifully crafted, with multi-angled rooflines. If you are an intermediate weekend woodworker like me, you might find the compound angles a bit intimidating to conquer. My version of the dovecote eliminates the complex angles, yet the stepped-up roof design mimics the look of an expensive dovecote. Learning how to build a simple dovecote style bluebird birdhouse will attract many beautiful birds to your backyard.

The Country Store Bird Feeder resembles a rustic building from the Old West, and its design adds a bit of whimsy to a basic platform feeder without sacrificing functionality. The platform feeder features a fly-through design that allows birds to approach the feeder from every direction, and the covered bin protects the seed from the rain and snow. The porch roof helps to keep the seed dry on the feeding platform, and the feeder tray has drainage holes in the corners. The feeder is finished with a few simple trim pieces and colored stains to add character to the design.

This attractive birdhouse - or more accurately, this nesting shelf - was made from pieces of salvaged wood. The ends and bottom pieces of the birdhouse were cut from a cedar corner board removed during a remodeling job, and I salvaged the milled side pieces from the railings of a cedar play set. A few slats from an old pallet provide the roof pieces and door trim, and the metal stars tacked to each of the ends are re-purposed Christmas ornaments.

Resembling an old barn or rustic farm stable, the aged wood has a nice weathered patina from years spent outdoors. The shelf nesting box designed to attract robins. In the winter, small birds will take refuge in the birdhouse from snow and chilling winds. Building a birdhouse requires only basic woodworking skills and hand tools, and using salvaged wood keeps useable lumber out of the landfill.

The turret and railing details at the top of the tower says "lighthouse" and though the design may look complex, the Lighthouse nesting box is easy to make. The construction process is broken down into three separate sub-assemblies: The three separate components are then assembled to form the lighthouse. Some trim and a little paint brings the lighthouse to life. The tower is the primary nesting box, and it is designed to meet the requirements of many different cavity nesting birds such as bluebirds, wrens and chickadees.

The smaller shed nesting box is suitable for wrens, though a family of bluebirds chose to nest in the shed rather than the larger tower. Learn how to build a lighthouse birdhouse and enjoy nature from the comfort of your home. Bluebirds prefer open fields, but as farmland gives way to urban sprawl, and with competition from starlings and sparrows, bluebirds have an increasingly difficult time finding suitable natural tree cavities or abandoned woodpecker holes for raising their young.

Plate and Bowl Birdfeeder

Fortunately, bluebirds can be attracted to backyards where they will nest in birdhouses built to proper specifications. These bluebird birdhouses are simple and inexpensive projects to build, and can be made from pine, cedar or redwood boards which are commonly available at home centers and lumber yards. Use these DIY Birdhouse Plans to make several bluebird nesting boxes and create a Bluebird Trail of birdhouses, or give a bluebird house to a friend.

In northern areas of their range, bluebirds begin to nest but the in early spring so it is important to place your bluebird houses by late winter. Enjoy the glory of bluebirds from your backyard and learn how to build a bluebird birdhouse. This version of the Peterson bluebird house is a bit more challenging to build than the basic nest box. Based on the nest box designed by Dick Peterson, the nest box shares the downward slanted front section to deter predators with an over-sized roof, which provides protection against the rain. The original Peterson design features an oval entrance to the birdhouse and, if preferred, you can easily modify the design to incorporate an oval opening.

Some bluebirders prefer the oval entrance, claiming that it encourages more bluebirds to take up residence. The slant front bluebird birdhouse is a fun project to build, and adds a bit of variety to the bluebird trail that I've created in the garden and fields near my home. Make a few of each bluebird house, and give the bluebirds the chance to select their favorite nesting site. Learning how to build a Peterson Bluebird House is a fun process, and the end result looks great.

This specially designed bluebird feeder is easy to make, and the birds learn quickly to enter the feeder to feast on live or freeze-dried mealworms inside. Bluebirds feed primarily on insects, fruits, and berries rather than seeds, and they are especially fond of mealworms. If you want to attract bluebirds to your feeders, try offering them a feeder filled with mealworms or specialty bluebird nuggets.

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Lots of birds like to eat mealworms, and this feeder is designed to keep larger birds like starlings, sparrows and jays from devouring all of the the tasty little worms intended for the bluebirds. The key is the size of the entrance holes: Learning how to build a specialty Bluebird Feeder is a fun process. The screech owl is a year round resident in nearly every state across the county. They primarily inhabit woodlands, but are also commonly found in suburban and urban areas.

Like many birds which rely on tree cavities for nesting sites, loss of habitat makes it harder for screech owls to find suitable nesting sites. Fortunately, screech owls will readily move into a nest box to raise their young, and this screech owl nesting box is an easy project to make from a single 1" x 10" x 8' pine or cedar board. Mount the nesting box between 10' to 30' above the ground. Screech owls are tolerant of human activity, but are known to defend their nests, so it's best to place the nesting box in a tree or pole where it can be seen, yet is set back from paths and walkways.

Learning how to build a screech owl box will be a lot of fun. Building a birdhouse from a pile of driftwood is a lot of fun. Besides all of the little bits and pieces of driftwood that I found on the beach, the rest of the materials list is short and came from my scrap bin.

The exact size of the birdhouse is not critical, especially if you plan to make a decorative piece for display, and you can adjust the diameter of circular pieces and the length of the posts. I designed my birdhouse for use outdoors, and hope to attract a pair of birds looking for a place to nest.

Birds can be fussy when searching for nesting sites, so I used dimensions that appeal to small cavity-nesting birds such as chickadees. The new driftwood birdhouse was only up for a few short weeks before a family of wrens moved in. If you look closely at the following photo, you might see Mama Bird looking back at you! Learning how to make a driftwood birdhouse is a great way to save money. As their name implies, wood ducks inhabit ponds and streams in woodland areas. Like other cavity nesting birds, wood ducks rely on finding natural tree cavities or abandoned woodpecker holes to raise their young.

If natural cavities are scarce, wood ducks will readily move into a nesting box to lay their eggs. In many areas, wood duck populations have increased thanks in part to the placement of nesting boxes. Building a wood duck nesting box is an easy woodworking project. Cedar, redwood, pine and even plywood are suitable materials for building a nest box. Learn how to make a wood duck nesting box and enjoy watching the birds. The American Kestrel is the smallest falcon found in the North America.

Once declining and at risk of extinction, the kestrel population has rebounded thanks in large part to conservation efforts including the placement of specially designed kestrel nesting boxes. Kestrels are cavity nesting birds, but they cannot excavate their own nest site and rely on finding natural cavities in old trees and the abandoned holes of woodpeckers.

When natural nesting sites are in short supply, the kestrels will adopt a man-made nesting box to raise their young.

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  • The nesting box for the American Kestrel is an easy woodworking project, and can be made of inexpensive pine found at any home center or lumberyard. Cedar is another good choice, though somewhat harder to find and the cost is a little higher. Left unpainted and untreated, both woods will weather to a silvery-gray and will last for several seasons. A small fledgling shelf mounted to inside of the nesting box allows the baby kestrels to look out of box while waiting for their parents to arrive with their next meal.

    These little wooden birdhouses are simple six sided boxes made from pine or cedar, and then arranged together to form an interesting condo unit. Each of the birdhouses is an independent unit, and each unit is a different length. When stacked together, the differently sized birdhouses create a staggered look to the trio of wooden birdhouses. The birdhouse trio is designed for smaller cavity-nesting birds such as chickadees or wrens.

    The birdhouse condo can be mounted to a tree, pole or small building mine is mounted to the side of our backyard shed , or add an eye hook to suspend the birdhouse from a tree branch or mounting bracket. Learning how to make these three room birdhouse condos is a little more complicated, but is still a great experience. An exterior cedar trim board was rescued from a remodeling job and provided enough wood for the birdhouse, and the roof slats were cut from a lightweight shipping pallet. Finding reclaimed wood is relatively easy but it can take some time and effort to convert an old board into useable lumber.

    The old wood must be cleaned, metal screws and nails removed, and any split or damaged sections cut away.