What You Should Know about Gum Disease

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What You Should Know About Gum Disease: Medicine & Health Science Books @ irogyrikewyx.tk

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What are the Stages of Gum Disease?

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Gum Disease: The Facts You Should Know

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Please try again later. You basically learn how to pull out all the stops, if you are desperate to save your teeth as I am. There is definitely some good advice for some things to do and I learned some things. I give him credit for that. This is by far the best part of the book. It's a fairly quick read. The author is most likely being compensated in some way by Hydro Floss and the manufacturers of some of the chemicals he is plugging in this book, in my opinion. Or, he is selling Some of the products direct from his website to make a profit, I can't tell which, frankly.

This set off my "conflict of interest detector" constantly, so I felt I had to filter out what is good advice and what was sales pitch. This feeling was bolstered by my going to the websites he promotes as being information sources, finding them to be retailers, and seeing the author's face plastered all over them. As others have said, way way WAY too repetitive. You have to skip over huge portions of the book to get to the meat. You are paying for a book that is in part an advertisement, or it sure seems like it is anyway.

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May 5, Again, I wanted to say that this book has been a help to me. And I have followed the advice in this book and my Gum heath has improved. And I follow a daily waterflossing and brush after meals and snacks, eat a healthy diet. Recently I had a dental checkup and my dentist and hygienist said my gums were a healthy pink and pockets 1s and 2s with one 3.

This has taken me time and very hard work, but it has been so worth it. I still have to have cleanings EVERY 4 to 5 months due to my tartar, but my gums and teeth are healthy now. My opinion is that Gum disease can be controlled but it is an ongoing process.

And daily dental home care is a must. Updated review February 6, But if you have puffy, red gums that bleed easily when you brush or floss, you could have gingivitis. There may not be pain associated with gingivitis, which is why the signs may be overlooked. The most common causes are improper oral home care and improper technique.

Getting into a good, solid mouth-cleaning routine that involves brushing and rinsing twice daily, plus daily flossing, can reverse the early stage of gum disease known as gingivitis. If these symptoms appear, make an appointment to check in with your dentist to identify the cause and to get your teeth and gums assessed. What are methods of prevention and treatment?

What is Periodontal Disease and How Does it Happen?

Preventing gum disease comes down to brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, visiting the dentist on a regular basis, and avoiding activities that may trigger gum disease such as smoking and chewing tobacco. You can usually treat gum disease with a variety of medications, and the disease need not be serious if it is caught early on.

5 Things You Should Know About Gum Disease

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