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Compare Freudian Excuse when older psychological harm is the driving force, and Then Let Me Be Evil when enough people assume someone is a villain that they run with it. Hero-to-villain Mistreatment-Induced Betrayals can apply if the mistreatment is severe enough. Contrast Trapped in Villainy. Such a character may become a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.

See also From Nobody to Nightmare. The more mundane version of this trope would be Society Is to Blame. Embryo , on top of saving her life , had fed her issues of resentment and fear of abandonment regarding Hilda and Rosalie, making her hate and desire to kill them, and gave her the attention she desired for so long. All of this, combined with the Ragna-mail he grants her to help destroy the people she felt abandoned her, earns him her allegiance. Quite a few examples in Naruto , whose author Kishimoto has turned traumatic childhoods into a fine art.

Driven to Villainy

Gaara comes to mind - upon birth, a demon was sealed inside him, with his mother becoming a sacrifice, so that he could become his ninja village's ultimate weapon. But said demon also makes everyone in the village terrified of him, and he grows up reviled as a monster. Finally, his own father who arranged the whole thing in the first place , finding him growing unstable, sends assassins to kill him. The first assassin is his beloved uncle, the only one who seems to care for him, who reveals that he's actually secretly hated him all these years for killing his sister Gaara's mom, the one who was sacrificed to make him what he was , and that his mother had died cursing the village and hoped that Gaara killed them all - his name, given by her, means "The Demon who loves only himself".

Naturally, he finally snaps, and spends the next few years killing everyone he runs across as a way of proving that he exists. Oh, and the demon in question prevents him from sleeping, less it starts eating away at his mind. Tobi aka Obito Uchiha is an even more literal example. At him as well as in the previous example was bad childhood but he all the same remained kind and responsive child. But after his entire right side was is crushed by a boulder while saving Kakashi, he took with Kakashi promise to protect Rin at any cost. Later he was rescued by Madara, which decides to put his through Despair Event Horizon in order to made him the perfect accomplice for his plan.

So he took under control various shinobi, including Rin , to create a situation where Obito would witness the death of the one person who made his life worth living. Ultimately Obito was witnessed how the love all of his life was killed his best friend who promised to protect her at any cost though Madara himself admitted that it was only a happy coincidence. And despite easily being the most decent of all the Uchiha in the series, not even Obito was immune to the clan's most fatal flaw: If anything, it was worse for him seeing as he was the most idealistic and emotional of all the Uchiha, and thus his sense of love was far deeper than usual.

And also if take into account that Madara placed a seal on Obito's heart which would have prevented him from killing himself should he had abandoned the Moon's Eye Plan and opted for an easier way to end his suffering She is de jure the Big Bad , since all the fighting takes place for her sake but de facto she doesn't even know that her servants whom she considers her family are committing crimes for her and joins Team Nanoha immediately after The Reveal.

Also, very much an example of Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. Johan Liebert from Monster. Hard as it is to imagine, he was once a frightened little boy clinging to his mother's leg before he was systematically warped by secret psychological torture that actually happened to his sister , and that he managed to accidentally create as a false memory for himself and then even more brainwashing to become the perfect little East German super-soldier.

While he was already a full-on Enfant Terrible by age 6 or 7, he wasn't born that way, and would not have become how he ended up without these traumas. It's implied that what actually broke him was, at the age of six, realizing that his mother favored one of the children more than the other when she willingly handed one over to Bonaparta. The knowledge that people were inherently different and that favouritism could drive people to do things like that Mao from Code Geass. A Yandere who shoots C. Also adept at Breaking Speech -slash- Mind Rape , which he uses twice.

However, he is also completely barmy because he cannot shut off the thoughts of others, thus mitigating his moral culpability for his above acts, as C. Aion in the manga version of Chrono Crusade was badly psychologically damaged after discovering the Awful Truth —so badly that it even had a marked physical effect on him.

That event warped him into the Well-Intentioned Extremist we see him as in the series. Ken Ichijouji from Digimon Adventure 02 wished his older brother would disappear , and eventually had to cope with his death in a car wreck. Almost all of the Black Lagoon cast not in major leadership positions. Hansel and Gretel are a particularly sad example.

Jac was actual a pretty decent king before the shinigami killed Maria and Carlos. His origin story is enough to drive anyone to villainy, and yet, throughout the comics and the movies he is shown as not fueled by revenge, blind hate against humanity, or the desire to do evil. His ultimate motivation is to fight for his own kind - the Mutants - which he sees as persecuted by the common humans for being different and perceived as dangerous.

Spider-Man is loaded with these: The Lizard is another example, as long as you don't count that time where they implied that Conners was in control the whole time neither the fandom or writers do, however. Norman Osborn has gone so far as to feign that this is the cause for all his crimes.

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In the Spider-Man comics, the Hobgoblin from the year is revealed to be this. She's the daughter of that years' time traveling Spider-Man, who is forced to arrest her due to crimes that she would commit in the future, and placed in a virtual reality prison, which is programmed into her brain to keep her in a fantasy world. Her boyfriend tries to free her with a computer virus, which instead adversely effects the fantasy, warps her mind and drives her completely insane. True to form, her imprisonment is what caused her insane criminal spree in the first place.

She uses her knowledge as an inter-dimensional researcher to create time traveling equipment and goes on a history-erasing rampage through time. The Homelander in The Boys was never a saint, but he was driven to become a monster because he believed he was already hopelessly murderously insane when he saw images of himself committing horrible crimes like baby eating that he didn't remember.

Definition of 'villainy'

His clone Black Noir dressed up as him and framed him for his crimes to drive Homelander crazy so he could fulfill his purpose: King Sombra from My Little Pony: Although actually an Umbrum that is inherently evil, he was born an innocent with a good heart and mainly driven to evil due to the inaction of Princess Amore who secretly knew the truth about him but did nothing, and ultimately was driven right into the clutches of the red crystal that awakened the evil within him and sent him after the Crystal Empire.

Even at his worst, though, he still couldn't bring himself to harm his one friend Radiant Hope. See Comic Books entry above. Given that he got his new worldview from The Joker while lying medicated in a hospital bed recovering from both a disfiguring injury and a horrible tragedy, you feel sorry for the guy as he performs his horrible acts throughout the rest of the film. Though there was some foreshadowing that he was walking along the slippery slope before the Joker gave him the push. Francis Dolarhyde out of the Hannibal Lecter film Manhunter: As a child, my heart bleeds for him.

Someone took a little boy and turned him into a monster. But as an adult He butchers whole families to fulfill some sick fantasy. As an adult, I think someone should blow the sick fuck out of his socks.

The Foundry - Christchurch

In Pain and Gain , Paul objects to Daniel's kidnapping plan from the start and only goes along with it after he's promised that they won't physically hurt anyone. From there he gets progressively dragged further into the scheme and is eventually urged to kill the victim. His ensuing addiction to cocaine makes him spiral further out of control until he atones for his crimes and professes his guilt to the authorities. This seems to be the case with Major West from 28 Days Later.

Though it doesn't even come close to justifying the horrible things he wanted to do, he seems as if he was a decent person once and a Father to His Men who had crumbled under the pressure of the apparent post-apocalyptic hell they now lived in and been driven to horrific extremes to keep his men from loosing hope and in one case attempting suicide. Andrews has this in the more infamous big bads in the series. The tragic past of the main villain is usually revealed in a prequel.

Kissin' Kate Barlow in Holes by Louis Sachar was a sweet schoolteacher until the town she taught in lynched the man she loved because he'd kissed her, and they were different races. It also turns out that his wife committed suicide, his son was sent to an orphanage, and his great-grandson later reopened the mine and set a bomb in it to destroy the house built on the site by the owner's descendants. In Horus Heresy , Magnus is actually trying to warn his father of Horus' treachery, but the Emperor disbelieves him and sends Leman Russ to capture his Legion.

On the way, Horus tampers with orders to make them say "kill" and to save the Thousand Sons, Magnus is forced to pledge loyalty to Tzeentch. In order to prevent freezing to death, he had to drain people of their body heat which, if he waited too long to do it, would result in their deaths in order to survive, and a case could be made that he wasn't truly villainous, and was forced to kill people in order to survive. However the guy was made such a self-centered, vindictive psychopathic Jerk Ass that the point became moot.

Villainy | Definition of Villainy by Merriam-Webster

Another episode had a girl who had to regularly eat human flesh to keep from starving to death regular food didn't work. She never actually killed anyone, just left them near death from the damage to their bodies.

Seen and Heard

This was clearly a case of Horror Hunger , and in at least one instance, she urged a potential victim to run away. For real tragedy, see Davis Bloome in Season 8. A Nice Guy paramedic, Davis suffers from constant black outs and discovers that he has alien Serial Killer and Person of Mass Destruction Doomsday trapped inside him, and that the only way to keep the monster from taking over and slaughtering dozens of people is to kill individual victims. He thus becomes a Pay Evil unto Evil -type Anti-Hero , murdering those he considers to be deserving of it in order to keep his inner monster trapped.

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This eventually drives him completely insane, and results in his descent into true villainy. In the Criminal Minds episode "True Night", we see a comic book artist become a serial killer after he survived an attack which killed his pregnant fiancee, with his inability to protect her being the root of his villainy. The Queen from Once Upon a Time. She did many horrible things, but they were done because she crossed the Despair Event Horizon after her mother ripped her boyfriend's heart out in front of her. It was also kind of Snow White's fault, though she didn't do it on purpose.

Rumplestiltskin was one of the main villains of the series. He committed many terrible crimes and screwed people over, but the reason he became the Dark One in the first place was to save his son. His son would have been forcefully recruited to fight a losing war against ogres on his fourteenth birthday the reason kids were fighting is because so many people were killed that they were running low on troops.

He was manipulated into becoming the Dark One by the previous one, who was tired of doing the job himself. The power was implied to be corrupting Rumplestiltskin.

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Never mind the fact that Baelfire left Rumplestiltskin because he became the Dark One or more accurately, because he grew too fond of the power given to him by the Dark One's Dagger. Many criminals from The Wire are born into unrelenting and abject poverty, have no positive figures such as caring parents or role models around them, and the societal systems that are supposed to help them schools, police, social services are crumbling or being outright dismantled by Sleazy Politicians and the like.

Is it any wonder many of them turn to theft and drug dealing? River Song in Doctor Who was engineered all her life to be a psychopath to kill the Doctor. In the end, it was the suit she was in that actually murdered the Doctor, not herself. Then she and the Doctor got married. Villainy's debut album Mode. The band then embarked on an eight date New Zealand tour throughout the rest of that month and into April with New Plymouth band Rival State. The third single off Mode. The album's final single "Ammunition" [9] had reached the 4 spot on the chart at the time of writing.

Villainy traveled to Australia in September for their first international shows performing showcases in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne including two performances at the annual Big Sound conference held in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. In June Villainy released "Syria".

This was closely followed by "Safe Passage" the first official single from the new album. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the song by Local Natives, see Villainy song. Retrieved 25 March Retrieved 28 July Retrieved 14 September Retrieved 12 December