The Quality of the Informant

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Her nametag read "Linda" and she wore a low-cut top and a short skirt. As she emptied the ashtray her leg rubbed against his arm. She smiled at him and walked away. He guessed her age as close to forty, a few years younger than his.

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Teddy Mora reached into his back pocket, pulled out a bankbook, and handed it to LaMonica. LaMonica opened the book. There were a dozen or so stamped entries to talking about fifty thousand dollars.


He handed the book back. The load will be stashed in a car in the tourists' parking lot on the U. We pick up the load and head for L. He pays us up front and we tell him where to find the package. We triple our hundred grand in one day.

The Quality of the Informant

On our end, it's just you and me. You don't have to meet anyone. There is no way for anything to go wrong.

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On the Mexican side, the deal is insured by my contacts in Mexico City. When I say 'contacts', I'm talking about people at the highest level. I'm talking about the politicos.

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It's taken me three years of living in Mexico to set this thing up. LaMonica raised his eyebrows in an expression of disbelief. Why do you need me?

I've got a lot of money tied up in my bar in Ensenada, and I just bought a head shop down the street from here by Grauman's Chinese. I'm short of bucks. I'm giving you a shot at the deal because I trust you; we walked the yard together. If you'll come in with me I won't have to worry about talking this thing up to investors and taking the chance of meeting a fed or an informer.

But I hope you're realistic enough to see that there are plenty of people who would literally jump on this thing.

The Quality of the Informant – Gerald Petievich – Secret Service Agent and Novelist

Mora picked up his drink and took sips, then set the glass down. His hands grasped the edge of the table. He leaned forward and said, "What I'm telling you is that you can fuck around for the rest of your life with funny money and phony checks and you will never be able to score anywhere near what you could with just one solid coke deal.

I don't have to sit here and remind you that bogus bills have to be passed one at a time, or at best, dealt off in thousand-dollar packages to a parade of sniffling, backstabbing hypes, one out of two of which is a rat. There are guys who have made enough to walk away from everything for once and for all. And I'm not talking about heavies. I'm talking about twenty-one-year-old red-assed punks sailing around on their yachts in Marina del Rey right this very minute. They had the guts to get in their car and make one round-trip from here to Tijuana and back. And what the hell did they have to lose?

Minimum, straight probation for the first offense. Or maximum, a year in a federal camp with tennis courts. Quality of the Informant Author s: The Quality of the Informant Author s: Arbor House Pub Co Availability: Virtual Pub Group Inc Availability: Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.