Soul Surgery: Biblical Guidance to Help Discern a Persons Spiritual Condition

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  1. 4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits
  2. Spritual Gift of Discernment
  3. The Latent Power of the Soul
  4. "The Latent Power of the Soul," Chapter 2, Watchman Nee

Another thing this spirit is very good at doing is causing a lot of in-fighting, back-biting, and malicious type gossiping among the people that are caught in its web. This kind of spirit knows exactly how to cause major dissension and strife even among the best of friends. The children will be fighting abnormally among one another. Each spouse will be fighting with the other, as well as with the children. This spirit is a major peace disturber and it will cause all kinds of havoc and trouble in the family unless it is quickly dealt with and exposed. If this spirit gets into the middle of a ministry or church, it will again try to get people to start fighting with one another so it can ruin the harmony and unity of a group or church.

Same thing goes if this spirit gets into the middle of an actual company or corporation. It will try and cause as much strife and dissension as it possibly can so it can try and bring down the entire division or company it has targeted. I wonder how many companies have gone out of business over the years as a result of the destructive influence of this kind of spirit operating on the inside of their company?

You walk into these environments where this kind of spirit is running rampant and unchecked, and you can literally feel the negative and oppressive energy in the air itself. Another major strategy of this spirit is that it will always go after those who are in any type of leadership position. This would include pastors of churches, youth ministers, worship leaders, leaders of prayer groups and Bible studies, husbands as the head of households, supervisors, and upper level management of different companies and corporations.

If this person is working for a church, it will try and work its way as far up the ladder as it can so it can get very close to the pastor himself, and from there, start to work to bring him down just like Delilah did with Samson. Pastors especially have to always be on the alert for this kind of spirit, as this spirit is always looking for a way to get a direct shot at them so they can bring them completely down and destroy their entire church.

I do not have to tell you how many pastors have lost their ministries over the years because they got seduced into having an affair with a woman who had this kind of spirit on her. Lust and adultery have brought down too many good men of God over the years, and it was all because they fell under the seductive spell of this evil spirit. If this spirit infiltrates a prayer group or a Bible study class, it will try and work its way to the top so it can be the leader of the group. Once it is the new leader, it will then start its attacks so as to completely destroy the group with false teaching, false prophecy, spreading false rumors about other people in the group, causing dissension among the people in the group, along with trying to poison the people of the group against whoever the leaders of the church are.

The reason this spirit wants to take out those in any type of leadership position is because it wants that leadership position for itself. And if it cannot get that leadership position for itself, it will then try and completely destroy it so there is nothing left of it. This is how some marriages end up in divorce, and this is how some churches end up closing their doors and going out of business — all due to allowing this kind of spirit to run rampant and unchecked in their environment for too long of a period of time.

This kind of spirit is thus able to give its host false prophecies, false words, false dreams, and false visions — all in an attempt to make its host look more spiritual than they really are, and to also lure as many other people into its web that it can so it can build up its own base and following. Since this spirit is operating at a higher level of intelligence than most of the other demons are, you really have to closely examine any words or prophecies that the host will be getting.

Another very interesting thing that I have seen occur on several of the cases I was allowed to watch and observe, is that this spirit runs in tandem with what is called a mocking spirit. One of the underlings to the Jezebel spirit will be what is called a mocking spirit, otherwise known as a blocking type spirit. Many deliverance ministers have first come across this mocking spirit when trying to deliver someone from the Jezebel spirit.

This spirit can actually be quite funny and comical at times, and has literally made some deliverance ministers laugh right in the middle of an actual deliverance. This spirit will try and distract you and get you off center so you do not stay too focused on trying to get to the Jezebel spirit. This mocking spirit will make fun of, make light of, and make jokes about anything and everything, and it is quite funny and comical when it does. However, do not let this mocking spirit fool you with its dark humor and jokes. And it also hates anyone who is actively involved with spiritual warfare in the Lord.

The reason it hates these two types of people is because prophets and those well trained in the area of spiritual warfare are its greatest threat. Prophets and those who are trained in the area of spiritual warfare can easily spot and pick up when they come across this kind of spirit, and they will then know how to get rid of it if the person is open to receiving an actual deliverance. If you want to test a person to see if they have a Jezebel spirit on them, just bring up the subject of prophets and spiritual warfare and watch how this spirit will well up with anger and disgust, and from there, will try and change the conversation to something else.

You will hit a nerve every time you do this with this kind of spirit. This spirit also hates any form of prayer to the Lord, as it knows our prayer life with the Lord is what keeps us in the center of His perfect will for our lives. This is why it loves to infiltrate and attack prayer groups of any kind, so it can attempt to prevent people from staying close to the Lord in their own personal relationships with Him. Another amazing thing I have seen occur with this kind of spirit is when it seemingly wants to let its guard down when the host is having their picture taken.

You will thus see a real, live, Jezebel spirit captured on the actual photo itself. What I saw was not only pure evil and pure hate, but I saw an old, ancient spirit with a high degree of intelligence and cunning in it.

You could also see that it had a very seductive quality in its personality, and that it would use that seductive quality to lure people into its web so it could eventually eat them up alive and devour them. You could also see that this thing has absolutely no mercy in its personality and it would kill you in a second if it could do so.

This thing is as creepy as it gets.

Gift of Discernment

The saddest thing about these types of cases is that most of the time, the host will not know they even have this kind of spirit operating on the inside of them. These people never feel it moving on the inside of them, nor do they ever hear it trying to talk to them. This spirit is very good at hiding behind the scenes, but yet at the same time getting the host to do exactly what it wants them to do.

The reason these people are usually clueless that this spirit is operating on the inside of them is because this spirit is so smooth and so cunning in the way in which it operates. This is why this spirit will try and fill the person up with as much pride as they can, so these people will be totally incapable of admitting that they could even have this kind of spirit in them in the first place. This is how well deceived these people are, and how well this spirit has played and manipulated them during the entire time it has been on the inside of them.

As a result, many of these types of people will never receive a true deliverance from the Lord. And this is all because they have too much pride operating in their personalities, which will prevent them from admitting that they could ever have this kind of spirit operating in them in the first place. Read below or add a comment Does satan use this spirit also through false prophets and apostles to instill it into more people?

My GOD from Zion!! Because of this outside female, we are currently separated and my husband closed down his church. The strongest weapon we all have is prayer. Seek spiritual guidance and pray that this evil curse is broken. We may not see a way out but I just believe that God will not let me down. The Jezebel spirit is alive and well and is roaming the earth seeking its next victim. The key is to educating yourself on how it operates and teaching it to others and by all means having a strong prayer live.

I pray that all will work out for you as well as for me and my situation. All of these points are phenomenally insightful. I want to corroborate specifically point I am a professional photographer. I was photographing a woman I suspect is infiltrated with Jezelbel Spirit. In most of her portraits she is charming and pretty. But in one instance, her attention was completely absorbed in something else, and I called her name out of the blue as I trained my camera on her.

Just as she turned to look in my direction I snapped her photo. The resulting photo scared the living shit out of me as I was experienced enough with narcissists to know that the photo had somehow captured an evil spirit lurking inside this woman. The photo exactly fits your description of simultaneously being evil and seductive at same time. I am currently going through bad times I feel like I have a jazabel spirit In my life right now she has attached her self to my boyfriend. It started 2 years ago she seduced him and our lives has been a wreck. All we did was argue he would defend her she would call none stop, text and just do the most.

The next day she was right back talking to him like we never had a conversation.

4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits

Thought to myself nobody is that funny that was sign number. After that she started putting things in his head like she will sleep with him but he has to leave me alone or the reason she wont sleep with him is because of me sign 3. She always asking for money, wanting him to do things for her and he does it. She has turned my life upside down this article opened my eyes because everything I read is what she is doing.

Let go let God, it will hurt. This spirit is so evil and cunning, once your boyfriends allow her in — this spirit will enter him too. Do what the prophet of God, Elijah did. Run away from it as far as you can! Know that you deserve better. If your boyfriend refuses to see it, it will take over him and can possibly transfer into you. God will put the right one in your path but the key is to seek God and not a man. I just need to clarify demons were not created by Elohim but but are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim that were killed in then flood.

Not all the characteristics mentioned here embodies Jezebel as it depends on the influence of the demons under it as the strongman. This is why I am angry, resentful, regretful, and apprehensive about being fully embedded in church again. I was attacked by a Jezebel Spirit, 8 yrs ago.

And my life is still in shambles. Everything that you wrote about fit me to a tee. The depression reference really hit home. After a few months of dating, I became severely depressed and lost everything. I tried to committ suicide several times. Declare scriptures over your life. Practice the presence of God, pray without stop, ask God to lead you to the church that he has for you and the Lord will strengthen you by his Holy Spirit releasing you from all satanic work. God has given you authority to command him to remove his work from his life so start practicing that authority given to you because God wants to use you to destroy satanic work from others.

Father God I thank you for Brian and I ask you to guide them and to bring healing into his mind and heart. Holy Spirit give him strength by showing him how much he is loved by his Heavenly Father. I have also been attacked by a few of these. Its very very trying but you will also learn lots from it and be much wiser… Your life is your testimony, this is part of your testimony… the Lord is our Redeemer. I will pray for you Brian.

Anyone who has been brought to this article is here for a reason whether affected by the Jezebel spirit in some way or personal experience with it. But it is to open our eyes. The spiritual realm is very much alive and we honestly need His help to hold strong, build armor and a defense system against the spirits that seek us.

The most amazing thing though is that, God is and always has been in complete control. He is the most powerful being out there, so nothing that happens here on earth or in the spiritual realm is beyond Him. He knows and allows these things to happen to strengthen us and our trust in Him. Have faith in Him and know that if you came across this article there is a purpose for it beyond your understanding that will be for your ultimate best future.

The best medicine and in fact the only real fix is to immerse yourself in the bible. Start at the beginning and aggressively and relentlessly chow down on that manna until you read all the way through. I promise you, you will get your hope and dreams back. Keep doing it until you are restored then you can eat less.

God is faithful and you w be reestablished. All of this fits my mother to the letter. I have only recently discovered and researched about this, first looking into narcissism and the like. She would never accept fault for her choices, having emotional outbursts in public or around company. She would try to charm her way into anything. There was an incident where her melodrama was so great she threatened to kill herself in front of both my brother and I. She was so obsessive and controlling she had my brother who is a year younger and I in the same grade for 4 years so she could keep an eye on, never allowing us to be independent well into our teen and early adulthood.

This was wonderful to read. Much of what you covered in this article describes her to a tee. Sadly, they have a child together and one on the way. She has my brother-in-law in such a stressed state that he takes prescription drugs just so he can deal with her and keep his sanity.

She has called both my mother-in-law and myself toxic because we have committed the unforgivable sin of stealing the spotlight from her in the past. Either to free this woman from this spirit, or free the family from this woman, either one works for me. My wife was doing some research and found this article, and it describes our former roommate almost perfectly. She had been in an accident as a child and eventually became a partial amputee as a result, and I think part of that resentment from being scarred allowed this kind of spirit to inhabit and make its home within her.

Door to Door was rated at the very bottom of effectiveness. But they did not stop there! They then went to the churches in the St. Several questions surrounding ministry matters were discussed in this inteview, including… In our day, a lot of churches, and ministries, pastors have abandoned personal separation standards. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg.

Available for download now. Keys to Discerning the Will of God: Why I Am a Baptist Mar 08, The Word of God: Our Baptist Heritage Oct 07, Bringing Children to Salvation Apr 22, Dating, Courtship and Betrothal: A Call to the Ministry Oct 11, Seven Steps to the Marriage Altar: Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Jody has the gift of a prophet. She is a truth teller.

Jody is likely to speak up in any given situation. Jody voices her insights, particularly when discerning injustice. Jody doesn't necessarily seek to be a public figure but her wise counsel draws people to her. If Jody addresses your issue and gives you counsel, she will also follow up to make sure her guidance is applied. Did you see yourself in any of these examples?

You can be assured God will use your spiritual gift as His hands, feet, and mouth to share the good news and to bless many. There are more spiritual gifts listed in Scripture. The gifts listed above help to illustrate the purpose and manifestations of the various gifts of the spirit. How do you know if you have the gift of discernment? Those who possess the spiritual gift of discernment can see right through smokescreens and obstacles as they uncover the truth.

The source of the gift of discernment is God. Discernment springs from the truth taught in His word. The insights that come from discernment stem from solid knowledge, understanding, and a firm belief in God's word. Let me share some manifestations of the gift of Discernment. If you have this gift the following expressions will ring true to you:.

  1. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate?
  2. The Wounded Healer as a Spiritual Guide (Henri Nouwen) - Soul Shepherding.
  3. Guarding the Heart |

If this depiction of discernment describes you, thank God for entrusting you with this extraordinary gift. There are many ways to use this ability. If you possess the gift of discernment, you will have the aptitude to minister as:. Every Church is blessed with members who possess the gift of discernment. God uses those gifted to discern truth from lies; pure motives from evil intentions; and to help to settle disputes by communicating a clear picture of what the truth looks like.

If God has gifted you with discernment, beware of the dangers that come when used apart from God. Arrogance is a sure sign you are not submitted to His Lordship. Arrogance reveals your lack of understanding that this gift is not inherent but it is God Himself who placed this gift in you. Your gift was given to bless others and glorify Him. A warning comes with each gift. A gift, not totally submitted to God will be misused.

Those gifted with discernment may be tempted to feel superior because of their keen insights. They may be tempted to take personal credit rather than glorify the one who gave them this gift. Beware of pride, arrogance and the pitfalls of claiming the gift as inherent to you rather than bestowed on you by God.

A spiritual gift is a treasure to be cherished. Use it to honor God and bless the people He brings into your life. It is important to know the gift s God entrusted to you. Here is an online test that will help you identify your gift s. I am a true believer in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I feel pretty sure I have the gift of discernment.

How can I research this more? I know that God has given me the gift of discernment, but how can I explain this to an unbeliever? You don't need to explain your gift to anyone. Just use it as God leads you to. If you see something play out in your mind and you shake it off and do nothing about it, and later it happens, does it mean you have the gift of discernment? Are you a believer in God? Do you study his word to grow as a believer? This article is based on what God says about discernment. If you have answered yes to the above, I would suggest you ask God to take this ability away if it is not from him.

My daughter used to have the same sense of 'knowing. This article is on the gift of discernment. How do you know? My resource is God's word. He is the one that gives gifts to his children. It is through God's word that we learn about the gifts he bestows. References are listed above in the article under other spiritual gifts. Have you ever heard of someone receiving a spiritual call? Like a phone call but in the spirit.

Usually, I can hear it regarding suicide or abortion or someone cries, help me, and begins to tell their situation. No, I have never experienced or heard of anything like this. Do you know the Lord Jesus? If you do, pray and ask God the Father to show you what to do with this information. I have the gift of discernment. How can I use my gift daily? Who can I use it on? I also possess the gift of prophecy. What do I do with that? If God has gifted you with discernment, he will show you how to use your gift, same with prophecy. Stay close to him, study his word, ray often and be submitted to him in all your ways.

I normally see things in my imagination, especially when I look at the Mary statue. Does this mean I have the gift of discernment? It does not mean it indicates the gift of discernment. I would say your imagination is active, but beyond that, I have no clue. Recently, there was a bad wreck on my block all three people were dead on impact. I went out to see if I could help and something came over me so strong I could almost smell death and that bothered me, Is this just part of discernment?

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I see things that no one else will never ever observe. I can calmly perceive evil in a person when they talk but not alarmed by it.

Spritual Gift of Discernment

I can sense an event of evil about to happen in the near future but don't know to whom it happens to but I know it's nearby. I believe in God and Jesus son of God. I don't often attend Church and never read the whole Bible. But I have this ability to see right through nearly everything. I know that I'm special but don't know how and why. I'm just an ordinary person. Lora, It's nice to meet you and know that you, too, possess the gift of discernment. You asked how to use it. First, know that this is not only a gift but a responsibility.

Those gifted with discernment will test teachers to see if they are of God or not. Their authority, of course, is the Word of God and in one sense, all believers are accountable for what they believe. But those with discernment are gifted to see with spiritual eyes as they compare scripture with scripture with what is taught or implied. False prophets use deceptive language. To unmask these false prophets, the Lord uses this gift and enables his church to turn from lying spirits to the one Spirit of truth. The power and influence of spirits are picked up through words, deeds, and appearances.

Every word about God or that supposedly comes from God must be carefully tested and examined in the light of Scripture, which is God's very word. The enemy communicates in words that are inconsistent with Scripture and carries a false message - a lie. Those gifted with discernment are able to distinguish truth from lies. God gives the discerning the insight to expose imitations and deceptions that most Christians would take as genuine.

The truth is under attack more today than at any other time in history. The purpose of the gift discernment is primarily to protect other believers and to protect the local church where false teachers have infiltrated. The article includes scripture references for further study.

The gift is used to separate truth from error, discern the will of God, identify where the Spirit is working, to spot worldliness, settle disputes, and to protect new believers. Now, your question about dreams? I do not have an answer for you, it is out of my realm of experience or understanding. I implore you to seek God and ask Him why he is allowing these dreams to occur and ask him to take them away if they are not from him. God Bless you, Lora! I also have dreams that come true; I watch the dream like a movie, then it repeats the next night with more info like a longer movie; then the dream becomes reality Fadi, are you a believer in Jesus Christ?

Do you spend time in God's word learning His will for you? I cannot address your question as I know nothing about you spiritually. Let me encourage you to spend much time in God's Holy word. Make sure you are led by the Holy Spirit in all that you do and say. Whatever i dream always come to pass sometimes even i tell people before it happen does that means i have a gift of prophecy. Stephen, I would love to hear your testimonial. If you would like to share it, send it to my contact email located under my picture at the top of the page.

I can usually or most of the time see a good heart and in the eyes I can see their demons or the light of God. Is this discernment of spirits? Sometimes and it shocks my wife that I will speak about something and sooner or even a short time later it will appear,it could be about anything. This almost sounds prophetic? I get word from God a lot from people even if they are not believers because there is no way it could be anything else.

It's like He uses them to talk to me. I quickly see gifts from the Lord in the form of unnatural coincidence, I don't believe in luck, I believe it's God clearing a path or steering me one way or another. I've always had the right people at the right time,in the time of need.

I look back at my life and I mean my whole life and see where God has taken me especially out of harms way. This is all God I know this to be true. I had a stroke 4 years ago and it has changed my life and have a good testimonial. Hi Pamela, From your description, I would say God gifted you with discernment and you use that gift to glorify him.

Isn't it amazing to think of the ways He works through His children? Thanks for the read and comment, I hope you are well, my friend! I believe I have this gift, but I would like to always dig deeper. As a nurse for many years I found several times that I could see a problem or a need that my patient had but not made clear. Also, it seems when I need to make a decision, I always ask the Lord to give me a clear sign, and He does. I don't know if these examples are always a result of discernment, but I always give God the credit.

Dear Angela, I cannot answer your question because I do not have enough details. But I can tell you that God's word is always the foundation of truth. Trust in Him and ask Him to use you as a vessel for His honor and glory. Hi Alan, both Pastoral and Missionary roles involve the gift of teaching. God can use your gift in many areas. Stay close to Him and ask for his guidance.

We belong to the King of Kings. January 7, I was sick and emergency room and God took control of my life when I got home the Holy Spirit was filled in me strongly. I said some things that I know was not from me because I could have never have known them. I want to know if that was the Holy Spirit speaking through me. I am very curious to know what you think. Suppose I have a gift of Pastoral and if I don't want to use that gift, instead I want to be a Missionary.

Thank you, John Thomas, for stopping in for a read and leaving your words on my page. I pray also that the Lord imparts wisdom as we live in perilous times. God has been soo good to me, and blessed me so much. Dear Mil, thank you for stopping in for a read and some feedback. Yes, with God nothing is impossible! Thank you for reaching out to this generation and know this God's mercy and Grace is sufficient and for us to know what is not known or taught by man it is only diserned by his spirit and in truth being appointed and annoited by and through the holy ghost for we may only know in part and God knows all things and all things are in subjection unto him for nothing is impossible for God and if we are the few and are called and the chosen we will be a willing vessel for the glory of God bless you all and.

Lexi, I am not familiar with encaul, so I cannot answer your question.

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  • Over on the Dry Side (The Talon and Chantry series Book 7).
  • 2. The Spider Web Analogy.
  • I am so glad to hear how God pulled you out of the dark and into his glorious light. You are right, no one gets to the Father but by the son. Thanks for your visit. May God strengthen you in your faith as you spend time in his work. Question, is this gift the same as the gift of second sight?

    I was born encaul in amniotic sac and I've always linked my ability to see beyond the veil as a result. I have always been aware of this world's smokes and mirrors, always rooting for the underdog, sometimes to the detriment of my own peace of mind, or even sanity.

    I started dabbling into the occult, and with entheogens, I almost lost myself in the realms of the underworld, mostly hellish realms, where seducing spirits did their best to make me join their side. That's when God pulled me out of there, let me to the Word. And now I've renounced all this occult stuff, I realize where everyone gets misled, the tactics of the ennemy, and how I could help, thanks to my discerning abilities.

    I really hope and pray God strenghtens me and uses me. No one gets to the Father but through Jesus Christ. It grieves me so little people understand this simple truth There's no knowledge to be found from dabbling into the dark without Jesus Christ guiding us.

    I pray he is always with us, brothers and sisters. Marie, God's grace and His love for His children is unfathomable. He freely bestows gifts on us and enables us to use them to bless others. I pray you will find peace in Him and use your gift kindly and with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit! William, my daughter used to have this same ability. She is a believer in Jesus and in God's word. I told her to pray and ask God if it was from Him to show her how to use it.

    I also told her to ask God to take it away if this ability was not from Him. God took it away. I can't thank you enough for this amazing and informative web-page. I praise God that you have risen up to do this great deed. This anointing and gift is one of paramount responsibility.

    I have so much to learn, many to forgive, so many areas to grow in mature in, however I desire to grow and to be used as His holy servant and an instrument to the church; to the city. I often feel ill equipped and unworthy. Then at times I feel this Life Spring; it's difficult to explain. I cannot do His work without His ever present Spirit lined up with His word. But still so many don't want to hear the Justice part of His word and I am at times more passive than perhaps I should be. My heart often breaks at what I witness within the church body.

    Skyler Grace, I am unable to understand your message. There is a language barrier. I appreciate your visit to my site and wish I could respond. In my younger years I could tell what a person would say before they said it and see events in the future. Is this rare sense discernment or ESP! Mildred, I am assuming you have a close relationship with Jesus and spend much time in his word.

    Discerning Between The Three Voices You Hear in Prayer

    If these two things are true, ask Him to reveal the purpose of your dreams. What are you to do with these revelations? Yes, God can use you when you discern people are hurting. I would, however, be kind and patient in your approach. You do not need to confront but engage out of a sincerely caring heart. Pray that God opens a door of opportunity as you ask a simple question like, how are you today. Listen, love, support and pray for wisdom. Don, if you really want to hear from God, let me encourage you to dive into his word. Ask God to help you find a spiritual friend who will walk beside you because has created us for community, we need each other.

    The Latent Power of the Soul

    Also, I am recommending a book to help you discover the gift God has given to you. This book is by an author I trust. I dream about things and they happen which can be very scary at times and I recently have a strong sense of feeling someone's emotions and when I ask they woul tell me I right. I recently saw this lady at my child's nursery school and I feel a ball like pain in my chest as if she is probably going through a hard time. Rosesred, it certainly does sound like the gift of discernment. Stay close to the Lord, seek his wisdom and ask how he wants you to use this gift.

    Blessings from the one who loves you most! Dear She, my heart hurts for the abuse you have lived through. If your family fails to acknowledge what has been done to you, there is not much you can do other than choose to forgive. When you forgive, it benefits you because you no longer hold the pain in your heart but turn it over to God so he can heal you. I believe you are decerning in this area of who is safe and who is not because of what you have lived through.

    God uses even the worst situations to develop good things in us. May God bless you as you strive to live for him and connect with some healthy friends who support you. I have been through sometimes. God has brought me to me knees. I want to hear from God on my gifts and direction. MarkThomas, Will a gift be taken away if it is not used for His honor and glory? According to the parable on talents, the answer is Yes, it will. How long before that happens? I do not know, the Bible doesn't address it in minutes, hours or days, only that it will happen.

    MarkThomas, please use your gift, it is a precious gift, one that ministers to others. After meeting people, I can often tell right off the bat whether they are genuine or fake. Often, these people are very well liked, which makes it difficult for me to watch while knowing people are falling for their fakeness.

    I even had an acquaintance who I knew was fake, that became a pastor. All I could do was pray for her congregation. Would this be coonsidered a version of discernment? I know God has given me the gift of discernment to know who's safe. I was raised in an abusive home, many men took advantage of me growing up.

    "The Latent Power of the Soul," Chapter 2, Watchman Nee

    I've tried to reveal my gift to my family after being silent for 55 years only to bee ignored and scoffed at. I wonder at this time in my life if trying to heal family relations is even worth the effort. They see me as someone trying to be smug, but my heart has and always will be to reveal truth above all else. I've been wondering if others with this gift have had this problem. How long or many times will God allow you to ignore the Gifts gave to you, even if you are aware of what you possesse. I have 3 testimonies to prove my gift.

    A though I still choose to ignore it. Hi Rose, It does take discernment to recognize when the deceiver is at work. Keep going to God and ask Him to shed His light and reveal the truth.. Thanks for the visit and your comment!! I believe I have the gift of discernment. I can feel wrong or right and by feel it's deeper then that I want to bring people close to God I ask that God gives me the guidence I need to guide people away from the deceiver of light. Dear CW, thank you for sharing your story.

    Yes, when we expose evil people do not like it. The comments on pride are a warning and I do not believe everyone with the gift will end up tempted by pride. May I encourage you to dig into God's word and allow Him to teach you and to draw you even closer to His heart. His word is alive and not like any other book. He has chosen to speak to his children through his word.