Recognizing the Fourth Dimension

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  1. Dimensional Consciousness
  2. Common Aspects of Fifth Dimensional Consciousness
  3. Recognizing Fifth Dimensional ConsciousnessAwakening to the Fifth Dimension
  4. Recognizing Fifth Dimensional Consciousness
  5. Сведения о продавце

Much of our third dimensional life also exists upon the fourth dimension in a format of a higher vibration, but we are not aware of it because that reality is NOT in sync with our physical time and space. We can have a dream of an entire lifetime and wake up to find that only five minutes of our physical time has passed. Our astral reality, as well as our other physical incarnations, is not perceivable to our third dimensional self unless we have remembered our Multidimensional Consciousness. The Astral Plane is the realm of dream life.

Our fourth dimensional Astral Body possesses advanced dreaming, imagination, psychic ability, intuition, magic, and creativity. As we expand our mind to frequency of the fourth dimension, we can experience more and more of these qualities while in our physical form. However, our astral body does exist and its highest vibration is our Spiritual Guidance.

A Beginner's Guide to the Fourth Dimension

Much like a person upon a mountaintop can observe and guide the residents of the valley below, our higher astral self can observe us upon the third dimension and give us guidance. Through the expanded perception of our fourth dimensional self we can create great changes in our physical world. However, the fourth dimension still has the polarization of light and dark, and this realm is not necessarily more loving, especially upon the lower sub-planes. Upon the fourth dimension, thought and feelings create reality much more quickly than upon the third dimension, and fear can create evil as easily as love can create beauty and joy.

There are different planes, which are increases in frequency, which we can access by expanding our conscious. The Lower Astral Plane holds the invisible emanations of all the fear and negativity that is projected into it from the physical plane. The Lower Astral has been known as Hell, with Purgatory being above that.

Dimensional Consciousness

Fourth dimensional consciousness feeds into and extends third dimensional emotions. Faerie acts as respite after we have forged our pathway through the fear and darkness of the Lower Astral Plane. After we have experienced Faerie, we can travel in our fourth dimensional consciousness or fourth dimensional bodies into the Emotional Plane, also known as the Astral Plane, to learn about the master of our emotions. From there, we can travel up into the Mental Plane to learn mastery of our thoughts. In the Causal Plane, also known as the Higher Mental Plane, we can learn the cause and effect of how thoughts and feelings create our world.

One of the maps there are many maps of the sub-planes of the fourth dimensions with the highest vibration on the top is:. The fourth dimension is like a stream that creates a bridge into the higher dimensions. The base of the bridge is where the physical and astral bodies overlap. This area is known as the Etheric Body. The Etheric Body is of a vibration between the third and fourth dimension.

This body encompasses the physical body and extends beyond it a few inches. Each of the sub-planes of the fourth dimension has a correlate body, with every body resonating to a higher vibration than the latter.

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The Emotional Body , also known as the Astral Body, is higher in vibration than the etheric and physical bodies and extends beyond them. Overlaid on the lower frequency bodies is the Mental Body, which is also of higher vibration, and extends beyond the Emotional Body. Then the Causal Body , again another increase in vibration, overlays the other bodies and extends beyond the Mental Body. All the fourth dimensional bodies exist over, under, around, and through the physical body, but they cannot be seen by our five physical senses.

If we can perceive the fourth dimension consciously, we can expand our awareness enough to cross the Rainbow Bridge into our Superconscious Mind of the fifth dimension. We navigate out travel into and through the fourth dimension with our desires, thoughts, and emotions. A metaphor of this would be sailing the ocean. We are the boat, the ocean is the Astral Plane, the location we wish to reach is our desire, our thoughts are the sail and the steering, and the wind is our emotions.

Common Aspects of Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

If our emotions are fearful and tumultuous we will have an uncomfortable ride. Even though our desire is for the higher planes of the fourth dimension, our personal imbalance will limit our entry to the Lower Astral Plane where fear, which is the lack of emotional balance, rules. If we wish to journey to the higher planes of the fourth dimension we must keep our thoughts harmonious and our feelings centered in the infinite balance of love. In that manner, eventually, we can experience all the planes of the fourth dimension.

I step into the fourth dimension.

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I see my connection to all of life and to my third dimensional selves on the step below me. However, I still experience myself as an individual.

Recognizing Fifth Dimensional ConsciousnessAwakening to the Fifth Dimension

My reality is very mutable now. Persons and places change quickly, but I am aware that it is my thoughts and feelings that dictate these experiences. My fearful thoughts create frightening situations, and my loving thoughts bring me happiness. If I follow my fear, I go down into a world of torment and sorrow.

Fifth dimensional consciousness is awareness of length, breadth, height, time, and spirit. Linear time and space do not bind consciousness here, and there is NO illusion of separation or limitation. The primary consciousness of this dimension is androgynous, stellar beings living in Lightbodies. These Lightbodies are light based rather than our carbon based physical bodies. Our Lightbodies have the awareness of our lower selves without the physical limitations.

These forms have no need for pain to learn their lessons.

Recognizing Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

Therefore, they do not need the protection and warning signals of the physical body. All actions on this plane are based upon love because, just as a dead leaf cannot survive the higher vibration of a fire, fear cannot survive the higher vibration of the fifth dimension. If we were to experience fear while in the fifth dimension, our vibration would drop and our consciousness would instantly be lowered to the lower sub-planes of the fourth dimension. It is only within the consciousness of fifth dimensional Unconditional Love that we can maintain a conscious connection with our Spirit SELF.

Every being, place, situation, or location that is desired becomes instantly manifest. If we do choose the experience of movement, it feels like a combination of flying and treading water. Our Lightbodies, like our fourth dimensional bodies, are mutable and can easily change form. The fifth dimension is the beginning of ascension. Hence, all consciousness there is naturally multidimensional. The awareness of the fourth and third dimension are as automatic as looking at our hands and feet. Since there is no sense of separation, we can experience our third and fourth dimensional realities within the same moment that we are experiencing our fifth dimensional Lightbody.

Just as our third dimensional consciousness is aware that we are also made of the minerals, water, genetic codes, and biological matter of the first and second dimension, our fifth dimensional self is aware that we are also third and fourth dimensional beings. In fact, our fifth dimensional self serves as a guide to the lower aspects of our consciousness, as well as to others. There are also sub-planes of the fifth dimension, but awareness of, and therefore writings about, them are minimal.

Сведения о продавце

It has been my experience that there is a threshold upon which we wait for our Divine Complement. I am upon the step of the fifth dimension and see that there are many steps above me. I am aware of and united with the portions of myself upon the lower steps, as well as my other fifth dimensional realities. Love and fear, beauty and ugliness, are only polarities of a single concept.

I live in unity with the male and female expressions of my being. I have learned to Unconditionally Love, Unconditionally Accept, and Unconditionally Forgive all life and the portions of that life that I identify as myself. I have a sense of personal identity within the unity of All That Is. My thoughts and feelings are instantly manifested, and my body of Light lives forever in the NOW. Understanding Dimensions of Consciousness.

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In "Recognizing the Fourth Dimension," S Alexakhin draws on a wealth of diverse yet connected material to help the reader exercise her awareness of spacial and temporal dimensions: Underlined in all of these exercises, however, is the idea that we have the chance to understand ourselves as four-dimensional beings, as not simply possessing bodies, but possessing time-bodies. Plato holds the idea, 'that the soul is immortal and has been born many times'. The idea of recollection and remembrance gave the title of this book, in which we try to recognize the fourth dimension in our everyday life and to recollect this kind of experience for our soul.

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