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Resources for mood Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Phrases Related to mood in the mood mood music mood swing the mood takes someone. Statistics for mood Look-up Popularity.

Mood (psychology)

Time Traveler for mood The first known use of mood was before the 12th century See more words from the same century. More Definitions for mood. More from Merriam-Webster on mood Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with mood Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for mood Spanish Central: Translation of mood Nglish: Translation of mood for Spanish Speakers Britannica English: Translation of mood for Arabic Speakers Britannica.

Sometimes that is a tough topic to tackle within yourself and the act of analyzing yourself can bring about many emotions that can keep a person troubled for years. Emo is a case where a person is HIGHLY intelligent, which can cause problems for teenagers when they are wise beyond their years. The contrast forces them to take a good long hard look within. Trust me when I say this. When you put down an EMO it is you that is broken. They are just reacting to their environment. Good luck with your life and all… living without a soul. Stupids you all goin to hell!!

You should learn respect. The business of applying labels or titles to anyone is so ridiculous and only useful when making generalizations to make conversation more concise.

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Furthermore, self-mutilization comes in many forms. There are many legitimate psychological reasons why people would turn out this way which include genetics, heredity, external natural influences, external anthropogenic influences. I am ashamed of those people.

I am ashamed that HUMANS, who are supposed to be so very evolved, so very superior, so very smart, behave so maliciously, so inappropriately, so unproductively. I do not believe in personal karma, only general karma, however, i very much hope that, in this case, what goes around comes around. Ok, first of all, you talking about someone like that will just make them feel worse about themselves. However, there ARE better ways, like therapy and other types of treatment.

I know this because I have depression and a panic disorder. I just know that I am strong enough and if I feel like doing something, my therapist is a phone call away. I think you are mixing a few groups. Emos, as stated so many times before me, are just emotional and introspective people. How did this even start? All of you are dumb emo means VERY emotional and at times in our lives we all get emotional. Emo is how you act well a emotional state not what you wear so telling people their dumb is kind of like calling yourself dumb if you think about it.

DD oh and uh to the losers with the emo thing get a life your dumb! Who the fuck cares wt ur rass. ALL Of you and yea its nice to knw ur likes but no one cares. Thumbs up to emos haters!! U can suck on sometin choke on it. Thums up to emos haters!! That is sooo true. If all you know how to say are curse words than you might as well not say it. This is a pretty impressive list. It would be better if this were left to the literate people that can speak complete english and spell. Errrr… you just ripped these from the Myspace.

Do you think thats funny or something? If you can not be appropriate would you please go somewhere else? Haha thnx… Ur a very genurous person and u hav a very enormous vocabulary.. I could had nvr thought of this many moods! Let me know if you need any mood pictures for your MySpace page or website or whatever. We sell fun mood refrigerator magnets at http: I also have included a link to a huge list of the different moods with the definitions. You can check out all the different funny cartoon faces displaying the different mood swings. That is deep brov DEEP! I used a pen to dig into my hand just because I was nervous and got picked on too much.

That was the second time and in the same class.

Think about the problems the other person could be facing before taking action. They may not be able to help it on their own. Sry for what happened to u.: If it makes u feel any better I used to get picked on every day: Thanks this is helping me on my science project and emo people are interesting if you get to know them. Thank you this helped me. And for you fucking little immature bitches, shut the fuck up and find a different sight to fuck up for real! They helped you and you start swearing at them?

People; I have to admit this mood list IS great and everyone has good ideas. Now then, Emo is just a fucking word! You feel insulted by it, these assholes will keep posting shit about it; because they want you to react in such a way. It will work a LOT better. Thanks, this really helped with my art hw, even if people are a bit over the top about stuff. Hey Dayana i agree with you kids these days just use stupid cuss words that they could get in big trouble for. Thank you so much, this helped me write my poems and short stories in English!

But what I dont get is why everyone is saying this is dumb, it helps for people who care about their grade so they can get a good job in the future and raise their family with a nice home and things they might need! Actually, it would be you who need to get a life and leave these people alone. Maybe instead of just hating a whole group of people you should try to do something else with your life.

Why did you even have to bring that up??????? Your are cyber bullying and i am respectably asking you to stop. Y becos they cut their skin, leaving them wounded. What did they ever do you you? And emo does not mean you cut yourself. Cutting yourself is a coping skill that teens and adults learn from people and things around them. Self harmers cut themself to deal with emotainal pain that is to much to deal with. Jonny deep was a cutter.. Emo is a style and type of music.

So all you emo haters go fuck yourselves. Thanks for all of your time. Speaking of which, most of you should also pay more attention in English class seems how most of you do not know how to spell.

JazzBaragge Wednesday Jam

You are so rite. See what I did there? I spelled it wrong while agreeing with you that people need to learn how to spell right. This is helpful, and i have an emo sort of friend who is genetically depressed, not his fault! I love the authors main blog. Found this one through the link on his other one. This helped me write a report on emo people.

You guys basically wrote the essay for me. Gay people are not people. Infact, they are a figment of our imagination. Homosexuals should haveno right to live. NO, its people like you that have no right to live. Oh, and if ur a christian.. Why are there so many mean people spreading hate? Please stop, gays ARE humans. Just because the community thinks it is bad? Few doubt that the very succesful can have empathy for the poor. That members of this group may seek to make the world a better place……even if many of us disagree with their approaches to this problem…….

What should be asked is why….. Not just with the Native American issue. Her life story is another, If folks outside of Massachusetts could see Ms.

668 thoughts on “Mood List”

That she lives today as a middle class American. Nothing could be furthur from the truth. She never had to struggle financially. For her 16th birthday she received a used MG to drive to school in. And today she lives in a home valued at over six milllion dollars. But, why all the lies?

Live your life the way you want to live it http: Hey this came in handy when i needed to write a mood list for my comments section. Thanks again for the list! Makakatulong na sana pero walang meaning! Emo are so Stupid…. This helped me a lot- especially for homework which we had to create a mood diary for my RE homework. The main reason I pay attention to this web site is simply because I do think you really do usually provide a somewhat different slant on issues to a lot of alternative web-sites so high 5 bro.

Oh its nice knowing all of you can spell. I might not be the smartest person in the world, but I know how to spell words correctly and use the grammar rules I learned in grade school. This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your articles. This is my first visit to your blog! In particular, happy people may be more sensitive to the hedonic consequences of message processing than sad people. Thus, positive moods are predicted to lead to decreased processing only when thinking about the message is mood threatening.

In comparison, if message processing allows a person to maintain or enhance a pleasant state then positive moods need not lead to lower levels of message scrutiny than negative moods. Specifically, a positive mood may lead to more positive expectations concerning source trustworthiness or likability than a negative mood.

As a consequence, people in a positive mood should be more surprised when they encounter an untrustworthy or dislikable source rather than a trustworthy or likable source.

My Moods . Another Video

Like positive moods, negative moods have important implications for human mental and physical wellbeing. Moods are basic psychological states that can occur as a reaction to an event or can surface for no apparent external cause. Since there is no intentional object that causes the negative mood, it has no specific start and stop date. It can last for hours, days, weeks, or longer. Negative moods can manipulate how individuals interpret and translate the world around them, and can also direct their behavior.

Mood - Wikipedia

Negative moods, mostly low-intense, can control how humans perceive emotion-congruent objects and events. For example, Niedenthal and Setterland used music to induce positive and negative moods. Sad music was used as a stimulus to induce negative moods, and participants labeled other things as negative. This proves that people's current moods tend to affect their judgments and perceptions. These negative moods may lead to problems in social relationships.

A second type of maladaptive negative mood regulation is a disabling strategy in which individuals suppress their negative feelings and distance themselves from others in order to avoid frustrations and anxiety caused by others' unavailability.

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Negative moods have been connected with depression , anxiety , aggression, poor self-esteem, physiological stress and decrease in sexual arousal. In some individuals, there is evidence that depressed or anxious mood may increase sexual interest or arousal. In general, men were more likely than women to report increased sexual drive during negative mood states. This can lead to problems in social relationships with others. Negative moods, such as anxiety , often lead individuals to misinterpret physical symptoms.

According to Jerry Suls, a professor at the University of Iowa , people who are depressed and anxious tend to be in rumination. However, although an individual's affective states can influence the somatic changes, these individuals are not hypochondriacs. Although negative moods are generally characterized as bad, not all negative moods are necessarily damaging.

The Negative State Relief Model states that human beings have an innate drive to reduce negative moods. People can reduce their negative moods by engaging in any mood-elevating behavior called Mood repair strategies , such as helping behavior, as it is paired with positive value such as smiles and thank you. Thus negative mood increases helpfulness because helping others can reduce one's own bad feelings. Sleep has a complex, and as of yet not fully elucidated, relationship with mood.