Mercy - Prophet Muhammads Legacy To All Creation

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He exemplifies mercy in all situations. The story of his life and the emergence of the Muslim community have provided a paradigm to be remembered and emulated down through the ages. As a result of these smear campaigns, he said, the multifaceted human dimension of Prophet Muhammad and his role as a spiritual paradigm or model are obscured or buried.

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Men, women, children, and animals; the environment; the sick and disabled; the poor, orphans and the elderly. By murdering those who slander him, destroying property, or issuing death-threats? The book tries to show that the various attempts to depict the Prophet as a prophet of war and hatred are unfounded and based upon biased scholarship that cannot withstand the close scrutiny of historical facts and sources.

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Once he has been properly and objectively understood, a bridge can be built and more positive approaches can be developed to bring the two great civilizations of Islam and the West closer together. The book has received appraisals from prominent international figures.

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Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia states: By expounding on the role of compassion in Islam and as embodied in the life of its Prophet, the author has rescued a discourse now threatened by misconception, innuendo and Islamophobia and refocused attention where it rightly belongs — on the universal pursuit of peace. A book that should be read by anyone who believes in justice, loves mercy and seeks to tread the path of mutual understanding.

Professor Khurshid Ahmed, a senator in Pakistan, states: This is a dimension that needed articulation based on objective research. It is a unique contribution to the study of the life and impact of the Prophet of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): A mercy to all creation!

He would take children in his arms and embrace them. He was once hugging his beloved grandsons, Hasan and Hussain, when Aqrah bin Haabis told him, 'I have got ten children. So far, I have not kissed any of them. The Prophet forbade his companions to keep the unintelligent creatures hungry or thirsty, to disturb or to overburden them. He commended that kindness and putting them at ease were meritorious acts tending to bring man nearer to Allah.

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Abu Hurairah reports the Prophet as saying: He got inside the well and when he came out he saw a dog licking mud due to thirst. The man realized that the dog was as thirsty as him, so he got into the well again, filled his leather sock with water and carried it out holding it with his teeth.

Thus, he quenched the thirst of the dog. Allah was pleased with this act of kindness and pardoned his sins.

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Once on return from a military campaign, a few Companions took away the chicks of a bird from their nest to stroke them. The mother bird came back and when it could not find its chicks in the nest, it began to fly around screeching. When informed of the matter, Allah's Messenger became angry and ordered the chicks to be put back in the nest. The love and compassion of Allah's Messenger for all kinds of creatures was not of the kind claimed by today's 'humanists'.

He was sincere and balanced in his love and compassion. He was more compassionate than any other person. He was a Prophet raised by Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of all beings, for the guidance and happiness of conscious beings - mankind and jinn - and the harmony of existence.

Prophet Muhammad: A Mercy For All Creation

Therefore, he lived not for himself but for others; he is a mercy for all the worlds. Adapted from the article "The Prophet Muhammad: A Mercy for all Creation" by IslamWeb. Related posts from similar topics: The life of Muhammad Beginnings of Islam: These are offered as a means for IslamiCity to stimulate dialogue and discussion in our continuing mission of being an educational organization. The IslamiCity site may occasionally contain copyrighted material the use of which may not always have been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

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The Prophet of Mercy | Arab News

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