Kulturgeschichtliche Aspekte zur Archäologie (German Edition)

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  1. Dr. Daniel A. Werning
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  3. Recker, Udo [WorldCat Identities]

The article looks at potential prototypes from Greek, Roman and Egyptian art as well as comparable statues from the same period. Monkey Coffin Faces und anderes: This article focuses on the eminent British archaeologist W. It gives a brief overview over the site, the course of the excavation and the persons It gives a brief overview over the site, the course of the excavation and the persons involved. The paper discusses the influence of aesthetic perceptions, historical concepts and the funding of this project on the results that were obtained and published.

Nevertheless the value of such excavations for new research should not be underestimated as a lot of unpublished material still awaits processing and publication. By highlighting three case studies the potential of working with material from this particular excavations is being demonstrated in detail.

Dr. Daniel A. Werning

Radiocarbon Evidence for New Kingdom Tombs: Sedment and In this paper we present new radiocarbon determinations from two tombs of the cemetery of Sedment tomb and We selected tombs containing Cypriote pottery, as the date of the first appearance of certain Cypriote wares e. White Slip, Base Ring, Red Lustrous Wheel-Made Ware often provides key-arguments for dating the context proper, as well as for discussions on absolute chronology and archaeological synchronisms throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. Calibration and modelling was undertaken using the OxCal 4. But pottery, even in a fragmentary state, might also be reused in a secondary way, having a function which is completely But pottery, even in a fragmentary state, might also be reused in a secondary way, having a function which is completely detached from its primary use.

This case study of a ceramic assemblage from a Ramesside well in the vicinity of the Ramesside Egyptian capital Qantir-Piramesse in the Eastern Nile Delta shows a very elaborate secondary use of pottery. Obwohl dieses System an sich nur die politische Entwicklung beschreibt also Regierungen einzelner Herrscher oder Keramik und politischen Einheiten Dynastien, einzelnen Herrschaften erlauben, wie z.

Im Rahmen meiner Dissertation habe ich im Jahr im Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago fast bislang weitgehend unpublizierte Objekte aufgenommen.

  1. Recker, Udo.
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  4. Cartilage Tympanoplasty: Classification of Methods -- Techniques -- Results.
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Diese kann wichtige Hinweise auf die Rollen einzelner Wissenschaftler in den Jahren bis , sowie die Nachkriegskarrieren der Forscher geben. Der Antrag auf Lizenzerteilung vom This paper presents a document This paper presents a document written by Hermann Grapow in intended to help the publishing house J. Here, emphasis will be placed upon the way in which Hermann Grapow argues in favour of the grant of the licence in his petition.

Late Bronze Age Imports at Qantir: Petrographic and Contextual Analysis of Fabric Groups. Their presence is a tangible testament to the international trade carried out throughout the eastern Mediterranean during this period. A petrographic study aimed to clarify the origin of the LBA Canaanite jars and some other imports at Qantir based on a fabric classification system.

DOKU DOKU Terra X 64 Im Schatten der Pharaonen Senasationen in Ägyptens Wüste

Examining the prevalence of fabrics from two contexts at the site suggests those areas that were likely key exporters, but also indicates other minor producers may have been involved. Where have all the shabtis gone? Petrie excavated the vast cemeteries of Sedment.

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In the course of this In the course of this work a little over New Kingdom tombs were discovered. Subsequently the excavated finds were distributed to a wide range of about 40 museums or left behind. The main reasons for the decision which objects were sent to which museum and which were left behind are to be found in the funding practice of W. Donors wanted to receive a share of finds in relation to the sum they paid.

Therefore objects were chosen according to criteria such as aesthetic value or historic importance. In the case of Sedment this led to a clear preference for objects of the Pre-Amarna-Period while Ramesside object were much more likely to be left behind. Furthermore, in order to distribute specimens of certain objects-groups to as many museums as possible, some tomb groups were spread to a wide range of museums. In the case of tomb the objects of a single tomb were spread to 18 museums in 7 countries on 4 continents. The effects of this practice severely affect any reassessment of an excavation.

In the case of Sedment the biggest problems are: Pharaonen an der Spree: During the excavations of loci QV, Q VII and a well at the neighboring village of Samana a huge quantity of primarily Ramesside ceramic material was unearthed between and This presentation will give an overview of the first This presentation will give an overview of the first results after the primary processing of the pottery was completed in The focus will be laid upon the late New Kingdom and early Third Intermediate Period pottery which gives new insight into the end of the New Kingdom Royal city.

Especially important and insightful are the findings from a lime burning kiln which show that already at this period not only monumental stonework was transferred to Tanis but also limestone was burnt locally. Scherben, Steine und monumentale Lehmziegelarchitektur. Neues aus der Ramses-Stadt. Hinrichs und Hermann Grapow in den Jahren bis Hinrichs in Leipzig, der Ferella Metaphors in Ancient Cultures: Language, Philosophy and Literature , Berlin: Glossing Ancient Languages Open access Wiki http: Spellings, Phonological Interpretation, and Usage, in: Topoi Research Group Articles , Berlin Exzellenzcluster Topoi , pp.

The two schemes of the Emphatic Construction as a detached adjectival phrase construction and as a truncated Balanced Sentence, in: Studia Monographica 15, Hamburg Kai Widmaier, —, online: A Critical Review, in: Studia Monographica 11, Hamburg A typological approach, in: Studia Monographica 9, Hamburg Suggestions for Adapting the Leipzig Glossing Rules, in: Lingua Aegyptia 17 , p.

Recker, Udo [WorldCat Identities]

Lingua Aegyptia 16 , p. Texte aus der Umwelt des Alten Testaments.

Lingua Aegyptia 12 , p. For the related articles , see above.

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