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In contrast, children with hemoglobin S-Korle Bu had clinical course and blood cell counts like children with the sickle. Wilson's disease WD is a copper deposition disorder which can result in a number of extrapyramidal motoric symptoms such as parkinsonism. Therefore, this study was carried out to investigate, for the first time, nigrostriatal dopaminergic function in WD in relation to different courses and severity of the disease. Using high-resolution single-photon emission tomography SPET after administration of 2 ss -carbomethoxy-3 ss - 4[ I]iodophenyl tropane [ I] ss -CIT , striatal dopamine transporters DAT were imaged in 43 WD patients and a control group of ten subjects.

The SPET data were compared with clinical data on the course of the disease CD , the severity of neurological symptoms and the degree of hepatic alteration. For the different subgroups a tendency was detected towards a stepwise decrease in the specific [ I] ss -CIT binding ratios from pseudo-sclerosis CD 9. Vertebrate hemoglobin , contained in erythrocytes, is a globular protein with a quaternary structure composed of 4 globin chains 2 alpha and 2 beta and a prosthetic group named heme bound to each one.

Having myoglobin as an ancestor, hemoglobin acquired the capacity to respond to chemical stimuli that modulate its function according to tissue requirements for oxygen.

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Fish are generally submitted to spatial and temporal O2 variations and have developed anatomical, physiological and biochemica Primary biliary cirrhosis PBC may be associated with various rheumatological disorders. To investigate the frequency and significance of 'rheumatological' antinuclear antibodies in the field of autoimmune chronic liver disease , with special regard to PBC. We studied patients with PBC, autoimmune liver disease controls type 1 and 2 autoimmune hepatitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis , 30 systemic lupus erythematosus and 50 blood donors.

Sera were tested for the presence of antibodies to extractable nuclear antigens anti-ENA by counterimmunoelectrophoresis, enzyme-linked and immunoblot IB assay, and for the presence of anti-centromere antibodies ACA by indirect immunofluorescence on HEp-2 cells and IB. Effect of scaling and root planing on erythrocyte count, hemoglobin and hematocrit in patients with chronic periodontal disease. Anemia of chronic disease , a cytokine-mediated anemia, is a frequent complication of many chronic inflammatory conditions. The present clinical trial was aimed to evaluate the effect of chronic periodontal disease on erythrocyte count, hemoglobin and hematocrit and the changes produced in these parameters after the provision of periodontal therapy.

Group A was categorized as chronic generalized gingivitis, and Group B was categorized as chronic generalized periodontitis on the basis of clinical findings. Complete oral prophylaxis was performed for all patients. Patients were recalled after 3 weeks and 3 months. The clinical and hematological parameters were re-evaluated to analyze the changes after provision of phase I therapy.

Lower values of EC, Hb and HCT in Group B showed that mild anemia is associated with chronic generalized periodontitis, which tends to improve after provision of periodontal therapy. Minimal changes in MCV, MCH and MCHC indicated that the lower values are not due to any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but secondary to the chronic inflammatory changes associated with chronic periodontal disease.

Genetic heterogeneity of hemoglobin AEBart's disease: Genotypic and phenotypic features are heterogeneous. We studied the hematologic and molecular characteristics of this disease in a cohort of Thai patients encountered at our center in northeast Thailand. It was found that all these forms of AEBart's disease showed similar thalassemia intermedia phenotypes but those with non-deletional forms were relatively more anemic. Our data confirm that in such area with high prevalence of hemoglobinopathies such as Southeast Asia, identification of rare thalassemia alleles in a thalassemia intermedia patient should not be ignored.

Careful consideration of different phenotypic expression may help in providing presumptive diagnosis of this disease where access to molecular testing is limited. However, molecular diagnostic is useful for predicting the clinical outcome and improving genetic counseling of these complex hemoglobinopathies. Full Text Available In neuronal systems, the health and activity of mitochondria and synapses are tightly coupled. Therefore, the prevention or rescue of mitochondrial dysfunction may help delay or altogether prevent AD-associated neurodegeneration.

Since mitochondrial health is heavily dependent on antioxidant defenses, researchers have begun to explore the use of mitochondria-targeted antioxidants as therapeutic tools to prevent neurodegenerative diseases. This review will highlight advances made using a model mitochondria-targeted antioxidant peptide, SS 31, as a potential treatment for AD.

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Association of adiposity with hemoglobin levels in patients with chronic kidney disease not on dialysis. The article Association of adiposity with hemoglobin levels in patients with chronic kidney disease not on dialysis, written by Hirokazu Honda, Kota Ono, Tadao Akizawa, Kosaku Nitta and Akira Hishida, was originally published electronically on the publisher's internet portal currently springerlink on November 4, without open access. The original article was corrected. Full Text Available Vertebrate hemoglobin , contained in erythrocytes, is a globular protein with a quaternary structure composed of 4 globin chains 2 alpha and 2 beta and a prosthetic group named heme bound to each one.

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Fish are generally submitted to spatial and temporal O2 variations and have developed anatomical, physiological and biochemical strategies to adapt to the changing environmental gas availability. Structurally, most fish hemoglobins are tetrameric; however, those from some species such as lamprey and hagfish dissociate, being monomeric when oxygenated and oligomeric when deoxygenated.

Fish blood frequently possesses several hemoglobins ; the primary origin of this finding lies in the polymorphism that occurs in the globin loci, an aspect that may occasionally confer advantages to its carriers or even be a harmless evolutionary remnant. On the other hand, the functional properties exhibit different behaviors, ranging from a total absence of responses to allosteric regulation to drastic ones, such as the Root effect. Low fetal hemoglobin percentage is associated with silent brain lesions in adults with homozygous sickle cell disease.

Silent white matter changes WMCs on brain imaging are common in individuals with sickle cell disease SCD and are associated with cognitive deficits in children. We investigated the factors predictive of WMCs in adults with homozygous SCD and no history of neurological conditions. Patients were recruited from a cohort of adults with homozygous SCD followed up at an adult sickle cell referral center for which steady-state measurements of biological parameters and magnetic resonance imaging scans of the brain were available.

A systematic review of known mechanisms of hydroxyurea-induced fetal hemoglobin for treatment of sickle cell disease. To report on molecular mechanisms of fetal hemoglobin HbF induction by hydroxyurea HU for the treatment of sickle cell disease. Studies have provided consistent associations between genomic variations in HbF-promoting loci and variable HbF level in response to HU. Three main molecular pathways have been reported: Research on post-transcriptional mechanisms could lead to therapeutic targets that may minimize alterations to the cellular transcriptome.

Rheological Variations among Nigerians with Different Hemoglobin However, previous studies have not addressed whether the ability of lentiviral vectors to increase hemoglobin synthesis might vary in different patients. Among the thalassemic patients, we identified a subset of specimens in which hemoglobin production can be achieved using fewer copies of the vector integrated than in others. Our results suggest two major findings. This approach would provide vital information to select the best candidates for these. We report three rare cases: High tryptophan diet reduces CA1 intraneuronal ss -amyloid in the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

FH - Neurology Impact factor: Hb F levels are higher 0. Can glycated hemoglobin act as a reliable glycemic indicator in patients with diabetic chronic kidney disease? Chronic kidney diseases CKD is a common microvascular complication in patients with diabetes mellitus DM which requires adequate glycemic control.

Glycated hemoglobin HbA1c is a conventional biomarker to estimate glycemic status, but its role in diabetic CKD patients is unclear. Therefore, this study aimed to determine whether patients with high HbA1c are associated to develop diabetic CKD. Data were obtained from a clinical registry of diabetic patients who were tre The impact of the treatment method on intradialytic intercurrences and serum levels of hemoglobin , calcium and albumin of the person with chronic kidney disease.

The high prevalence of chronic kidney disease has led to the development of renal function replacement techniques as a treatment for individuals with the disease. Hemodialysis HD is the most commonly used method for the treatment of patients with the disease. Even if it has improved a lot, the intercurrences during dialysis continue to be a reality. The literature is not consensual when it relates the modalities of treatment and the benefits and harms associated with them.

If on the one hand there is evidence that hemodiafiltration HDF has fewer implications for patients than hemodialysis, others do not show significant differences when comparing the two treatment modalities. A prospective, comparative, quasi-experimental study was developed over a period of 8 months to determine if there were differences in the number of intercurrences and serum levels of calcium, albumin and hemoglobin observed in each treatment modality, HD versus HDF.

The data obtained show that there are no statistically significant differences in the number of intercurrences and serum levels of calcium, albumin and hemoglobin observed in each treatment modality. Biochemical Properties and Clinical Correlates. Diseases affecting hemoglobin synthesis and function are extremely common worldwide. These variants alter hemoglobin structure and biochemical properties with physiological effects ranging from insignificant to severe.

Studies of these mutations in patients and in the laboratory have produced a wealth of information on hemoglobin biochemistry and biology with significant implications for hematology practice. More generally, landmark studies of hemoglobin performed over the past 60 years have established important paradigms for the disciplines of structural biology, genetics, biochemistry, and medicine.

Here we review the major classes of hemoglobin variants, emphasizing general concepts and illustrative examples. Sickle cell disease is a growing global health concern because infants born with the disorder in developing countries are now surviving longer with little access to diagnostic and management options. To inform future screening efforts in Haiti, we assayed sickle hemoglobin mutations using traditional hemoglobin solubility tests HST and add-on techniques, which incorporated spectrophotometry and insoluble hemoglobin separation.

We also generated genotype data as a metric for HST performance. We found 19 of individuals screened with HST were positive for sickle hemoglobin , five of whom did not carry the HbS allele. We show that spectrophotometry and insoluble hemoglobin separation add-on techniques could resolve false positives associated with the traditional HST approach, with some limitations.

We also discuss the incorporation of insoluble hemoglobin separation observation with HST in suboptimal screening settings like Haiti. On the dopplars SS A new family of X-ray sources has recently been proposed including SS Particularly relevant for the verification of the model are the observations at the phase of minimum shift. Acute non-atherosclerotic ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in an adolescent with concurrent hemoglobin H-Constant Spring disease and polycythemia vera. Full Text Available Thrombosis is a major complication of polycythemia vera PV and also a well-known complication of thalassemia.

Coronary artery angiography revealed an acute clot in the right coronary artery without atherosclerotic plaque. He was treated with plateletpheresis, hydroxyurea and antiplatelet agents. The platelet count decreased and his symptoms improved. This case represents the importance of early diagnosis, awareness of the increased risk for thrombotic complications, and early treatment of PV in patients who have underlying thalassemia with marked thrombocytosis.

There are no strategies to prevent SR and treatments are extremely limited.

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The present study evaluated 1 the retinal pigment epithelial RPE cell as a hemoglobin producer and novel cellular target for fetal hemoglobin HbF induction, and 2 monomethylfumarate MMF as an HbF-inducing therapy and abrogator of oxidative stress and inflammation in SCD retina. The production of hemoglobin by RPE suggests the potential involvement of this cell type in the etiology of SR. Monomethylfumarate influences multiple parameters consistent with improved retinal health in SCD and may therefore be of therapeutic potential in SR treatment.

The Hemoglobin E Thalassemias. Hemoglobin E HbE is an extremely common structural hemoglobin variant that occurs at high frequencies throughout many Asian countries. Alpha chain hemoglobins with electrophoretic mobility similar to that of hemoglobin S in a newborn screening program.

To characterize alpha-chain variant hemoglobins with electric mobility similar to that of hemoglobin S in a newborn screening program. Clinical and hematological data were obtained from children who attended scheduled medical visits. The following alpha chain variants were found: Two associations with hemoglobin S were found: There was no evidence of clinically relevant hemoglobins detected in this study.

The hemoglobins detected in this study may lead to false diagnosis of sickle cell trait or sickle cell disease when only isoelectric focusing is used in neonatal screening. Additional tests are necessary for the correct identification of hemoglobin variants. Pharmacist-led, primary care-based disease management improves hemoglobin A1c in high-risk patients with diabetes.

We developed and evaluated a comprehensive pharmacist-led, primary care-based diabetes disease management program for patients with Type 2 diabetes and poor glucose control at our academic general internal medicine practice. The primary goal of this program was to improve glucose control, as measured by hemoglobin A1c HbA1c.

Clinic-based pharmacists offered support to patients with diabetes through direct teaching about diabetes, frequent phone follow-up, medication algorithms, and use of a database that tracked patient outcomes and actively identified opportunities to improve care. Baseline HbA1c averaged In predictive regression modeling, baseline HbA1c and new onset diabetes were associated with significant improvements in HbA1c.

Age, race, gender, educational level, and provider status were not significant predictors of improvement. In conclusion, a pharmacist-based diabetes care program integrated into primary care practice significantly reduced HbA1c among patients with diabetes and poor glucose control. Phylogeny of Echinoderm Hemoglobins.

In contrast, very little is known about hemoglobins in echinoderms, a phylum of exclusively marine organisms closely related to vertebrates, beyond the presence of coelomic hemoglobins in sea cucumbers and brittle stars. We identified about 50 hemoglobins in sea urchin, starfish and sea cucumber genomes and transcriptomes, and used Bayesian inference to carry out a molecular phylogenetic analysis of their relationship to vertebrate sequences, specifically, to assess the hypothesis that the neuroglobin and cytoglobin lineages are also present in echinoderms.

The genome of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus encodes several hemoglobins , including a unique chimeric domain globin, 2 androglobin isoforms and a unique single androglobin domain protein. Other strongylocentrotid genomes appear to have similar repertoires of globin genes. We carried out molecular phylogenetic analyses of 52 hemoglobins identified in sea urchin, brittle star and sea cucumber genomes and transcriptomes, using different multiple sequence alignment methods coupled with Bayesian and maximum likelihood approaches.

The results demonstrate that there are two major globin lineages in echinoderms, which are related to the vertebrate neuroglobin and cytoglobin lineages. Furthermore, the brittle star and sea cucumber coelomic hemoglobins appear to have evolved independently from the cytoglobin lineage, similar to the evolution of erythroid oxygen binding globins in cyclostomes and vertebrates. The presence of echinoderm globins related to the vertebrate neuroglobin and cytoglobin lineages suggests that the split between neuroglobins and cytoglobins occurred in the deuterostome ancestor shared by echinoderms and vertebrates.

The ratio of hematocrit Hct to hemoglobin Hb in the people with normal red blood cell RBC morphology is generally three to one. The Hct and Hb levels were derived by automated analyzer. A ratio of 3. Relativistic jets in SS The most unusual characteristic of the star SS emerged in the late 's when a series of optical spectra showed intense, broad optical emission lines whose profiles and wavelengths changed drastically from night to night. These features are interpreted as strong Doppler-shifted Balmer and HeI lines. The modulation of the Doppler shifts are observed as being cyclic with a period of about days.

It was hypothesized that these phenomena were caused by two collimated, colinear, jets which were ejecting in opposite directions from SS Most authors believe that velocity variations of the emission lines are caused by a cyclic rotation of jet axis inclined to line of sight. This rotation being the result of precession, which leads one to suspect SS as a member of a close binary system. This hypothesis has been confirmed from recent optical, radio, and x-ray observations which are discussed in the article. The combination of optical and radio observations of SS , described in the article, gives an accurate measure of the Kinematics of the system and some confidence that the Kinematic equations are understood.

However, the specific physical processes of this ejection are poorly understood. Some theoretical difficulties regarding this are given. Data were obtained from a clinical registry of diabetic patients who were treated in a district hospital in the Northeast of Thailand. Blood samples are widely used for PCR-based DNA analysis in fields such as diagnosis of infectious diseases , cancer diagnostics, and forensic genetics.

Also, electrophoretic mobility shift assay was applied to investigate interactions between inhibitory proteins and DNA, and isothermal titration calorimetry was used to directly measure effects on DNA polymerase activity. Whole blood caused a decrease in the number of positive digital PCR reactions, lowered amplification efficiency, and caused severe quenching of the fluorescence of the passive reference dye 6-carboxy-X-rhodamine as well as the double-stranded DNA binding dye EvaGreen.

Immunoglobulin G was found to bind to single-stranded genomic DNA, leading to increased quantification cycle values. Hemoglobin affected the DNA polymerase activity and thus lowered the amplification efficiency. Hemoglobin and hematin were shown to be the molecules in blood responsible for the fluorescence quenching. In conclusion, hemoglobin and immunoglobulin G are the two major PCR inhibitors in blood, where the first affects amplification through a direct effect on the DNA polymerase activity and quenches the fluorescence of free dye molecules, and the latter binds to single-stranded genomic DNA, hindering DNA polymerization in the first few PCR cycles.

Hemoglobins Hbs corresponding to non-symbiotic nsHb and truncated tHb Hbs have been identified in rice Oryza. This review discusses the major findings from the current studies on rice Hbs. At the molecular level, a family of the nshb genes, consisting of hb1, hb2, hb3, hb4 and hb5, and a sin Approximately , Americans have sickle cell disease SCD , a group of recessively inherited red blood cell disorders characterized by abnormal hemoglobin , called hemoglobin S or sickle hemoglobin , in the red blood cells.

Red blood cells that contain sickle hemoglobin are inflexible and can stick to vessel walls, causing a blockage that slows or stops blood flow. When this happens, oxygen cannot reach nearby tissues, leading to attacks of sudden, severe pain, called pain crises, which are the clinical hallmark of SCD.

The red cell sickling and poor oxygen delivery can also cause damage to the brain, spleen, eyes, lungs, liver, and multiple other organs and organ systems. These chronic complications can lead to increased morbidity, early mortality, or both. Tremendous strides in treating and preventing the complications of SCD have extended life expectancy. Association of grade of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and glycated albumin to glycated hemoglobin ratio in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

This retrospective, cross-sectional study was performed with data obtained from T2DM patients. NAFLD was defined as ultrasonographically detected fatty liver and was graded as normal, mild, moderate, and severe fatty liver. Profile of glycated- hemoglobin , antioxidant vitamin and cytokine levels in pulmonary tuberculosis patients: Uncontrolled blood glucose, which marked by high level of HbA1c, increases risk of pulmonary TB because of cellular immunity dysfunction.

This study aimed to analyze profile of glycated hemoglobin , antioxidant vitamins status and cytokines levels in active pulmonary TB patients. Study subject consisted of 62 pulmonary TB patients, diagnosed with positive acid fast bacilli and chest X-ray. Mean HbA1c was 7. This study supports the importance of performing diabetes screening among pulmonary TB patients.

Further study needs to be done to determine the feasibility of TB-DM co-management. Bizarre spectrum of SS SS is an emission-line star, a radio source, and an x-ray source centered in a supernova remnant, W Through observations and spectroscopic studies much has been learned of this object. The spectrum of SS is characterized by Doppler-shifted emission lines of hydrogen and helium. This implies the presence of a gas. The wavelengths of these lines vary. Some of the moving lines of the spectrum are red-shifted and some are blue-shifted.

Since the wavelengths of the Doppler-shifted features change rapidly with time, the velocity of both approaching gas and receding gas is changing. Also, the variations in velocity are periodic, with a day period. These characteristics of the spectrum of SS are explained by assuming the following hypothetical model.

The object responsible for ejecting two jets in opposite directions is thought to be part of a binary system, consisting of a comparatively normal star bound in close orbit to a neutron star, which is in the process of pulling material away from the companion by virtue of its strong gravitational field. The gas streaming from the normal star forms a rotating accretion disk around the neutron star, and it is from the faces of this disk that the two jets are ejected in opposite directions.

Precession of the plane of the disk is presumably what causes the axis of the jets to rotate, hence the day period. Oxygen transport is altered in hemoglobinopathies. To study the distribution of hemoglobinopathies in Andean subjects without African ancestry. The frequency and type of hemoglobinopathy was established by capillary and agarose gel electrophoresis. The frequency of hemoglobinopathies was The structural variants found were: Quantitative variants found were Hb A-Beta thalassemia All techniques showed good correlation and capillary electrophoresis demonstrated a greater detection of hemoglobin variants.

The frequency of hemoglobin variants in the analyzed population was high, which is an important public health indicator. Capillary electrophoresis can discern any Hb variants present in the population. Both low and high hemoglobin levels lead to more physical diseases , and both are linked to mortality. Low hemoglobin , often classified as anemia, has also been linked to more depressive symptoms, but whether both hemoglobin extremes are associated with depressive disorder and potentially.


Streptococcus suis serotype 2 S. Due to the failure of the current inactivated vaccine to protect against the disease , development of a new attenuated live vaccine against S. Our previous results have shown that Ss Pep plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of S. Sickle cell anemia is caused by an abnormal type of hemoglobin called hemoglobin S. Hemoglobin is a protein inside red blood cells Adults with sickle cell anemia Hb SS are inconsistently treated with hydroxyurea. We retrospectively evaluated the effects of elevating fetal hemoglobin with hydroxyurea on organ damage and survival in patients enrolled in our screening study between and An electronic medical record facilitated development of a database for comparison of study parameters based on hydroxyurea exposure and dose.

This study is registered with ClinicalTrials. Three hundred eighty-three adults with homozygous sickle cell disease were analyzed with 59 deaths during study follow-up. Hydroxyurea use was not associated with changes in organ function over time. While alkaline phosphatase was lowest in patients with the best fetal hemoglobin response Our data suggest that adults should be treated with the maximum tolerated hydroxyurea dose, ideally before organ damage occurs.

Prospective studies are indicated to validate these findings. Sickle cell disease is one of the commonest and most studied genetic diseases in the world. Abnormal Hb S molecules suffer polymerization physiologically provoked by a low oxygen tension, acidosis and dehydration. As a result, red blood cells take on a sickle cell form, which causes microvascular occlusion with varying consequences. The objective of this study was to review the importance of fetal hemoglobin in the clinical assessment of sickle cell.

Utility of Capillary Electrophoresis. A very tiny peak of Hb CS of the mother was easily ignored on the high performance liquid chromatography chromatogram while it was clearly seen on the capillary electrophoresis CE electrophoregram. This is of potential benefit for prevention of new cases of Hb H-CS disease. Management efficiency improvement promotion of SS ; SS no unei koritsuka sokushin. Full amount fund petroleum product marketer and Sumisyo petroleum of Sumitomo accelerate management efficiency improvement of service station SS.

National about places have been developed in within the year Within SS , it aims at break-even point achievement of gasoline, coarse advantage 10 yen per light oil of 1 liter in 84 all tied SS stores.

hemoglobin ss disease: Topics by irogyrikewyx.tk

But, by doing personnel configurations and operational procedures, that they reexamine the balance management, etc. Technology has transformed the practice of medicine and surgery in particular over the last several decades. This change in practice has allowed diagnostic and therapeutic tests to be performed less invasively. Hemoglobin monitoring remains one of the most commonly performed diagnostic tests in the United States.

Recently, non-invasive hemoglobin monitoring technology has gained popularity. The aim of this article is to review the principles of how this technology works, pros and cons, and the implications of non-invasive hemoglobin technology particularly in trauma surgery. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Nonlinear photoacoustic spectroscopy of hemoglobin. As light intensity increases in photoacoustic imaging, the saturation of optical absorption and the temperature dependence of the thermal expansion coefficient result in a measurable nonlinear dependence of the photoacoustic PA signal on the excitation pulse fluence.

Here, under controlled conditions, we investigate the intensity-dependent photoacoustic signals from oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin at varied optical wavelengths and molecular concentrations. The wavelength and concentration dependencies of the nonlinear PA spectrum are found to be significantly greater in oxygenated hemoglobin than in deoxygenated hemoglobin. These effects are further influenced by the hemoglobin concentration.

These nonlinear phenomena provide insights into applications of photoacoustics, such as measurements of average inter-molecular distances on a nm scale or with a tuned selection of wavelengths, a more accurate quantitative PA tomography. Louis, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, Missouri United States. Advanced drug delivery nanosystems aDDn Ss: Significant progress has been made in nanoscale drugs and delivery systems employing diverse chemical formulations to facilitate the rate of drug delivery and to improve its pharmacokinetics.

Biocompatible nanomaterials have been used as biological markers, contrast agents for imaging, healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, drug-delivery systems as well as in detection, diagnosis and treatment of various types of diseases. The classification of drug delivery nanosystems DDn Ss is a crucial issue and fundamental efforts on this subject are missing from the literature. The classification was based on their characteristics such as: The aDDn Ss can be classified as hybridic Hy- or chimeric Chi- based on the nature - same or different respectively - of biomaterials and inorganic materials used.

The nature of the elements used for producing advanced biomaterials is of great importance and medicinal chemistry contributes effectively to the production of aDDn Ss. Genetic hemoglobin disorders rather than iron deficiency are a major predictor of hemoglobin concentration in women of reproductive age in rural prey Veng, Cambodia. Anemia is common in Cambodian women. Potential causes include micronutrient deficiencies, genetic hemoglobin disorders, inflammation, and disease.

We aimed to investigate factors associated with anemia low hemoglobin concentration in rural Cambodian women y and to investigate the relations between hemoglobin disorders and other iron biomarkers.

Blood samples were obtained from women. Hemoglobin electrophoresis and multiplex polymerase chain reaction were used to determine the prevalence and type of genetic hemoglobin disorders. Of the nonpregnant women, By using an adjusted linear regression model, the strongest predictors of hemoglobin concentration were hemoglobin E homozygous disorder and pregnancy status. Multiple biomarkers for anemia and iron deficiency were significantly influenced by the presence of hemoglobin disorders, hence reducing their diagnostic sensitivity.

Further investigation of the unexpectedly low prevalence of IDA in Cambodian women is warranted. A study assessing the association of glycated hemoglobin A1C HbA1C associated variants with HbA1C, chronic kidney disease and diabetic retinopathy in populations of Asian ancestry. Glycated hemoglobin A1C HbA1C level is used as a diagnostic marker for diabetes mellitus and a predictor of diabetes associated complications. Genome-wide association studies have identified genetic variants associated with HbA1C level.

Most of these studies have been conducted in populations of European ancestry. Here we report the findings from a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of HbA1C levels in 6, non-diabetic subjects of Chinese, Malay and South Asian ancestries. We also sought to examine the associations between HbA1C associated SNPs and microvascular complications associated with diabetes mellitus, namely chronic kidney disease and retinopathy.

No other variants achieved genome-wide significance in the individual studies or in the meta-analysis. No convincing associations with chronic kidney disease and retinopathy were identified in this study. Full Text Available Glycated hemoglobin A1C HbA1C level is used as a diagnostic marker for diabetes mellitus and a predictor of diabetes associated complications. Resting blood lactate in individuals with sickle cell disease. The most common hereditary hemoglobin disorder, affecting 20 million individuals worldwide, is sickle cell disease.

The vascular obstruction resulting from the sickling of cells in this disease can produce local hypoxemia, pain crises and infarction in several tissues, including the bones, spleen, kidneys and lungs. The present study is characterized as a case control study, with the aim of identifying the baseline blood lactate concentration in individuals with hemoglobin SS and SC diseases. Sample analyses were performed with 3 mL of blood during fasting. This corroborates the initial research hypothesis. The baseline blood lactate of SS and SC individuals is 3 to 4 times higher than that of healthy subjects, probably due to the fact that these patients have a metabolic deviation to the anaerobic pathway.

Background The most common hereditary hemoglobin disorder, affecting 20 million individuals worldwide, is sickle cell disease. Objective To determine red blood group genes in a Brazilian populations. Methods The present study is characterized as a case control study, with the aim of identifying the baseline blood lactate concentration in individuals with hemoglobin SS and SC diseases. Conclusion The baseline blood lactate of SS and SC individuals is 3 to 4 times higher than that of healthy subjects, probably due to the fact that these patients have a metabolic deviation to the anaerobic pathway.

Hemoglobin affinity in Andean rodents. Full Text Available Blood hemoglobin oxygen affinity P50 was measured in three Andean species and in the laboratory rat control, all raised near sea level. Chinchilla lanigera Molina, has an altitudinal habitat range from low Andean slopes up to m. The laboratory type guinea pig, wild type guinea pig Cavia porcellus, Waterhouse, , and laboratory rat Rattus norvegicus were also raised at sea level.

The Andean species had high hemoglobin oxygen affinities low P50 compared with the rat. Chinchilla brevicaudata had a higher affinity than Chinchilla lanigera. The wild type guinea pig had a higher affinity than the laboratory type. As has been shown in other species, this is another example of an inverse correlation between the altitude level and the P50 values.

This is the first hemoglobin oxygen affinity study in Chinchilla brevicaudata. Hemoglobin Wayne Trait with Incidental Polycythemia. Hemoglobinopathies, caused by mutations in the globin genes, are one of the most common inherited disorders. Many of the hemoglobin variants can be identified by hemoglobin analysis using conventional electrophoresis and high performance liquid chromatography; however hemoglobin DNA analysis may be necessary in other cases for confirmation.

Here, we report a case of a rare alpha chain hemoglobin variant, hemoglobin Wayne, in a year-old man who presented with secondary polycythemia. Capillary zone electrophoresis and high performance liquid chromatography revealed a significant amount of a hemoglobin variant, which was further confirmed by hemoglobin DNA sequencing as hemoglobin Wayne.

Since the patient was not homozygous for hemoglobin Wayne, which is associated with secondary polycythemia, the laboratory diagnosis in this case was critical in ruling out hemoglobinopathy as the etiology of his polycythemia. Hemoglobin and heme scavenger receptors. Heme, the functional group of hemoglobin , myoglobin, and other hemoproteins, is a highly toxic substance when it appears in the extracellular milieu. To circumvent potential harmful effects of heme from hemoproteins released during physiological or pathological cell damage such as hemolysis Two major systems, which essentially function in a similar way by means of a circulating latent plasma carrier protein that upon ligand binding is recognized by a receptor, are represented by a the hemoglobin One Large Health System's Experience.

To characterize and quantitate hemoglobin Hb variants discovered during biometric hemoglobin A1c HbA1c analyses in a large multiethnic population with a focus on the effect of variants on testing method and results. In total, 13, individuals had their HbA1c measured via ion-exchange high-performance liquid chromatography. RBC indices were also evaluated for possible concomitant thalassemia. Of the 13, individuals evaluated, 3. The prevalence of each variant was as follows: This study represents one of the largest epidemiologic investigations into the prevalence of Hb variants in a North American metropolitan, multiethnic workforce and their dependents and reinforces the importance of method selection in populations with Hb variants.

For permissions, please e-mail: Blood hemoglobin level and treatment outcome of early breast cancer. The effect of preoperative blood hemoglobin level, nodal status, histological grading and hormone receptor status on disease -free survival was determined for both treatment modalities using a cox regression model and visualized by kaplan-meier plots.

This was independent of other known risk factors for breast cancer patients, as determined by multivariate analysis. By contrast, the blood hemoglobin level had no prognostic significance when patients were treated with MRM. Reduced radiosensitivity due to diminished tumor oxygenation may be the underlying cause. Confirmative trials and studies intended to elucidate the underlying mechanism are warranted.

Features of systemic sclerosis-rheumatoid arthritis overlap syndrome SS -RA overlap syndrome. Full Text Available Objective. A part of pts was also evaluated with magnetic resonance imaging of hands. Genotyping of DRB1 alleles was performed. Hemoglobin levels and new-onset heart failure in the community. Background In established cardiovascular disease and heart failure HF , low hemoglobin levels are associated with unfavorable outcome. Whether hemoglobin levels are associated with the development of new-onset HF in the population is unclear.

This study sought to investigate the relationship. The narrow therapeutic window of glycated hemoglobin and assay variability. Glycated hemoglobin is measured by a variety of assays, each of which has a unique normal level. Our purpose is to show that among the different assays available in the United States, using the same patient's blood sample, assay results may vary widely and may more or less easily achieve a glycated hemoglobin value within the normal range.

The following assays were compared using the same patient's blood sample for each pair of assays: Our analyses indicate that a relative ranking can be established for the ease of achieving a normal glycated hemoglobin level. The ranking indicates that the most stringent or difficult assays for achieving a normal level are the Isolab and DCA assays.

The intermediate assays are the IMX and Bio-Rad Variant, and the easiest method for achieving a normal value is the gel electrophoresis assay. Our results indicate that various glycated hemoglobin assays vary widely and are associated with more or less difficulty for an individual patient to achieve a glycated hemoglobin level within the normal range. These results are especially significant with respect to 1 the clinically narrow therapeutic window of glycated hemoglobin values in type 1 diabetes to avoid rapidly advancing severe hypoglycemia rates and chronic microvascular complication rates, and 2 the glycated hemoglobin threshold for rapidly advancing macrovascular disease in both type 1 and type 2 patients.

When a child has diabetes, hemoglobin A1c levels are followed to see how well medicines are working. If a child with diabetes has a high hemoglobin A1c level, it may Characteristic emission in glutaraldehyde polymerized hemoglobin. Hemoglobin with different modifications has been investigated using spectroscopic techniques. A new emission at around nm has been observed under excitation of nm from glutaraldehyde polymerized human hemoglobin.

Intensity and peak position of the emission are dependent on both oxidation state and ligand environment and the emission has been identified from the hemoglobin oligomer. Full Text Available The importance of the present work falls on the pitting corrosion behavior investigation of SS and SS alloys in 3. The impact of solution temperatures on the pitting corrosion resistance at 3. The results show that a significant decline in the pitting corrosion potential Ep values of both stainless steel alloys in chloride and bromide solution during temperature increase attributed to the pitting corrosion potential decreased arises from the modification of the passive film properties.

The surface examination using optical microscope and scanning electron microscope prove the occurring of higher pitting density over SS in chloride solution than that observed in bromide solution with a non-circular lacy cover pitfall out at the center and falls inside the pits hall in comparison to the isolated circular lacy cover pit formed on SS in 3.

MedlinePlus Lab Test Information. What is a Hemoglobin Test?

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A hemoglobin test measures the levels of hemoglobin A kinematic model for SS It is considered that the radiation, with emission lines which show variable Doppler shift, is emitted by hot matter ejected by the central object at high but nearly constant velocity in oppositely directed narrow streams, possible along a magnetic axis.

Rotation of the beam axis provides the observed radial velocity variations. The red and blue shifts of SS measured by a number of workers on 55 nights during and folded with a d period are shown, from which it is predicted that on or about 1 July the two moving emission line systems in SS will briefly merge into one, similar to a previously reported episode, and that for the following 40 days the lines will separate again, but by an amount much less than previously observed. Hemoglobin Function in Stored Blood.

Several advantages over ACA are important. Blood stored in CPD maintains higher. However, ATP levels do Levels of 2,3-DPG determine oxygen affinity and thus hemoglobin function. Our data suggest that adults should be treated with the maximum tolerated hydroxyurea dose. Oxidative stress in preeclampsia and the role of free fetal hemoglobin. This review summarizes the current knowledge of a new potential etiology of the disease , with a special focus on hemoglobin -induced oxidative stress.

Furthermore, we also suggest hemoglobin as a potential target for therapy. Gene and protein profiling studies have shown increased expression and accumulation of free fetal hemoglobin in the preeclamptic placenta.


Predominantly due to oxidative damage to the placental barrier, fetal hemoglobin leaks over to the maternal circulation. Oxidative stress in general, and more specifically fetal hemoglobin -induced oxidative stress, could play a key role in the pathology of preeclampsia seen both in the placenta and ultimately in the maternal endothelium. Hemoglobin as an important prognostic factor in concurrent chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced carcinoma of the cervix.

The objective of this study was to examine a possible association of hemoglobin with clinical outcome in patients with locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix who were treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy CCRT. The mean age was In the treatment, standard radiotherapy was performed accompanied by concomitant chemotherapy using cisplatin.

Pre-treatment hemoglobin was defined as the earliest hemoglobin level prior to the initiation of treatment. Weekly nadir hemoglobin levels throughout treatment were averaged and used as average weekly nadir hemoglobin during treatment AWNHg. The mean follow-up time was The mean pre-treatment hemoglobin of The levels of pre-treatment hemoglobin and AWNHg were significantly associated with tumor response to treatment.

The 5-year cumulative disease -free survival and overall survival rates for all 75 patients were AWNHg was one of the most powerful independent predictors of overall survival in patients undergoing CCRT for locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. Given healthy dogs fed abundant iron and protein-free or low protein diets with sustained anemia and hypoproteinemia, we can study the capacity of these animals to produce simultaneously new hemoglobin and plasma protein.

Reserve stores of blood protein-building materials are measurably depleted and levels of 6 to 8 gm. These dogs are very susceptible to infection and various poisons. Dogs tire of these diets and loss of appetite terminates many experiments. Under these conditions double depletion standard growth mixtures of essential amino acids are tested to show the response in blood protein output and urinary nitrogen balance.

As a part of each tabulated experiment one of the essential amino acids is deleted from the complete growth mixture to compare such response with that of the whole mixture. Methionine, threonine, phenylalanine, and tryptophane when singly eliminated from the complete amino acid mixture do effect a sharp rise in urinary nitrogen.

This loss of urinary nitrogen is corrected when the individual amino acid is replaced in the mixture. Histidine, lysine, and valine have a moderate influence upon urinary nitrogen balance toward nitrogen conservation. Leucine, isoleucine, and arginine have minimal or no effect upon urinary nitrogen balance when these individual amino acids are deleted from the complete growth mixture of amino acids during 3 to 4 week periods.

Tryptophane and to a less extent phenylalanine and threonine when returned to the amino acid mixture are associated with a conspicuous preponderance of plasma protein output over the hemoglobin output Table 4. Arginine, lysine, and histidine when returned to the amino acid mixture are associated with a large preponderance of hemoglobin output. Various amino acid mixtures under these conditions may give a positive.

Hemoglobin Labeled by Radioactive Lysine. This paper reports on the utilization of tagged epsilon carbon of DL-lysine by a dog both anemic and hypoproteinemic due to repeated bleeding plus a diet low in protein. The experiment extended over period of days, a time sufficient to indicate an erythrocyte life span of at least days based upon the rate of replacement of labeled red cell proteins. The proteins of broken down red cells seem not to be used with any great preference for the synthesis of new hemoglobin.

Enormous periodic doppler shifts in SS We have previously reported prominent ''moving' emission lines in the visible spectrum of Stephenson-Sanduleak , the optical counterpart of a variable radio and X-ray source. Further observations show that despite the implausible velocities and changes in velocities implied if the moving features are interpreted as Doppler-shifted Balmer lines, this explanation is indeed correct. Spectroscopy of SS on 51 mights in reveals that the unidentified features are two sets of Balmer and He I lines, one with large and changing redshift, and the other with large and changing blueshift.

Combining our data with published earlier observations, we obtain Doppler shifts on 80 nights in the period June to June. We discuss in addition a variety of interesting short-term spectroscopic details, including minor but highly significant deviations of the radial velocity from the sinusoid, and nightly line profile changes, sometimes appearing as mirror-image events in the redshift and blueshift systems.

The behavior of SS is unprecedented.

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Kathleen; Franke, James E. Methods and apparatuses of determining the pH of a sample. A method can comprise determining an infrared spectrum of the sample, and determining the hemoglobin concentration of the sample. The hemoglobin concentration and the infrared spectrum can then be used to determine the pH of the sample. In some embodiments, the hemoglobin concentration can be used to select an model relating infrared spectra to pH that is applicable at the determined hemoglobin concentration. In other embodiments, a model relating hemoglobin concentration and infrared spectra to pH can be used.

An apparatus according to the present invention can comprise an illumination system, adapted to supply radiation to a sample; a collection system, adapted to collect radiation expressed from the sample responsive to the incident radiation; and an analysis system, adapted to relate information about the incident radiation, the expressed radiation, and the hemoglobin concentration of the sample to pH.

Crystallographic analysis of human hemoglobin elucidates the structural basis of the potent and dual antisickling activity of pyridyl derivatives of vanillin. Crystallographic analysis reveals the structural basis of the potent and dual antisickling activity of these derivatives. Vanillin has previously been studied clinically as an antisickling agent to treat sickle-cell disease.

In vitro investigations with pyridyl derivatives of vanillin, including INN and INN, showed as much as a fold increase in antisickling activity compared with vanillin. The compounds preferentially bind to and modify sickle hemoglobin Hb S to increase the affinity of Hb for oxygen. INN also led to a considerable increase in the solubility of deoxygenated Hb S under completely deoxygenated conditions. Interestingly, while INN binds and directs its meta-positioned pyridine-methoxy moiety relative to the aldehyde moiety further down the central water cavity of the protein, that of INN, which is ortho to the aldehyde, extends towards the surface of the protein.

Abdulmalik, Osheiza; Ghatge, Mohini S. Pulsed-dosing with oral sodium phenylbutyrate increases hemoglobin F in a patient with sickle cell anemia. Increasing hemoglobin F HbF appears to be beneficial for patients with sickle cell anemia. The high doses and need for daily therapy, however, have limited its use. Here, we report a patient treated with pulsed-dosing of OSPB for over 3 years.

This patient developed a modest, but sustained elevation in HbF over the course of therapy without side effects. Effect of some high consumption spices on hemoglobin glycation. Formation of glycation products is major factor responsible in complications of diabetes. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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