Butterflies Be Gone: A Hands-On Approach to Sweat-Proof Public Speaking

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  1. Butterflies be gone : a hands-on approach to sweat-proof public speaking
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The book comprises of 18 concise chapters which are theoretical in nature. The book is written as a text book for the undergraduate and post-graduate students. The book begins by introducing the need for consumer behaviour and then provides a link with the marketing strategy. The author also attempts to extend the elements of Marketing Mix with Public Image such that the companies can learn how to emphasize on marketing strategy.

The public image concept also extends to the non-profit organization thereby making the reading contemporary. The author has attempted to cover the elements of marketing research and advertisement in line with the consumer decision making process. Further the book emphasises on topics including attitudes, branding, diffusion of innovation, and opinion seeking decision making thereby linking them with the purchase behaviour. The author provides some guidelines to generate positive consumer responses in light of the legal environment.

Butterflies be gone : a hands-on approach to sweat-proof public speaking

Moreover, a separate chapter focuses on the consumer behaviour studies in the Indian context specifically emphasizing on market segments, reference groups and culture. The concluding chapter focuses on the consumer orientation which ponders on marketing research pertaining to consumer behaviour. The book includes a wide list of topics in a crisp way. Public Speaking is one area every professional has to confront. It may be required while representing your company in press, in a meeting, or being a keynote speaker. The author shares real life experiences of some of the famous politicians, musicians and actors who fought with their speaking nerves for the fear that their speaking nerves would endanger their career.

The book is very well organized in seven chapters followed by five appendices. Further, the author talks about the reaction of different parts of human body to the speakers nerves. The second chapter projects the body behaviour during speaker nerve attack. The author compares the speaker nerve attack to the fear that our nervous stimuli feel in front of a tiger. The author further describes the signal that amydala conveys to the various parts of the body like brain, lungs, heart, cheeks, neck, mouth, digestive system, perspiration system and the hands and lungs. The third chapter provided many real life case studies to emphasize the fear that engulfs a speaker and linked these fear traits with the individual personality of the speaker.

Appendix B provides detailed criteria for the speaker to identify his personality traits. Chapter seven provided the ultimate crux, that the brain is the control mechanism of the whole body and the brain is the cause of every problem and the solution. Conjointly, the book is an easy read, emplacing about the common problem.

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Kunal Books, , Pages , Rs. With ever shrinking resources, the managerial role become ever the more challenging. This book teaches the economic way of taking the managerial decisions and discusses the optimum utilization of limited resources in order to best fulfill the desired needs or wants in individual context and for better positioning of firms, or organizations in corporate context.

The book is broadly divided into two parts: The two parts are further divided into various chapters followed by four cases at the end of the book.

2 editions of this work

Each chapter is also collated with the review questions. Suggested readings and website references at the end of each chapter may help the readers elaborate upon the topic in particular. Part one consists of nine chapters covering the meaning of economics, law of demand and supply, consumer behaviour, indifference analysis, analysis of costs, revenues and profits and the theories of production, market behaviour and income distribution.

Part two consist of four chapters including markets and the managerial decisions and oligopoly and its settings. The chapter on analysis of business decisions discusses analyzing risk, production, pricing and capital budgeting for managerial decision making followed by a chapter on International trade that explores the opportunities available in International market.

Looking closely the content, the author emphasized more on micro economics than the macro economics. The book scores as an easy read, ready reckoned for the basic economic concepts. The book may act as collateral to any other detailed economics book for the graduate and post graduate students. Excel Books, , P. With the emergence of the organized retail format on the Indian landscape, and the manufacturing sector responding to the stimulus provided by an expanding economy, the effective and efficient management of supply chains has become imperative.

The same has strengthened the focus of business programs at both graduate and post graduate levels to include supply chain and its management as a curriculum component. The text will find space as a core text on business programs in India. From a content point of view the author discusses the evolution of supply chain management, its concept and philosophy. The elements that are critical to the design of a supply chain, and its interface with the purchase function of a manufacturing or typical operations context is probed in some depth.

The Ultimate Guide to Public Speaking

Issues around planning, forecasting and demand management are treated conceptually as well as from an application perspective, through various examples and mini case discussions. Chapter 8 and 9 engage with crucial theoretical models and concepts on inventory management and aggregate planning. We are living in an information age, where the dynamic nature of the macro environment around businesses is putting a lot of pressure on the managers engaged in decision making. The value chain has potential to render sustainable competitive advantage to firms that can stay on top of their game. This requires the supply chains to be fed timely information, which is actually a result of both processes and IT enablement that the firm possesses.

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The impact of Globalization on the Indian business landscape is also reviewed in depth. The book retains a flow and keeps reader engaged despite the width and depth it offers on the subject. Some retail specific case studies would have added further value. With a rapidly growing organized retail format in India, understanding supply chain implications and challenges for both large and medium size retailers would have been appreciated. This work provides a comprehensive response to the critical and problematic aspects of managing change and improving organizational effectiveness.

While there are numerous works both at an international as well as domestic level, the level of detail, and the approach of the author provides a fresh perspective. The discussion around organizational effectiveness is built through its definition; the same is integrated with numerous models that provide the theoretical underpinnings that are a must for any in-depth engagement with the issue of managing organizational effectiveness.

The author also probes the connect with concepts like MBO, TQM, Business process reengineering and six sigma- all of which are tools and concepts that have received varied responses from the corporate globally. Read more Read less. Save Extra with 1 offer. About the Author Arthur H.

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It was and they had a speech day and a presentation and they asked me. Sally, the only woman to concurrently hold all four major championship gold medals - for m at the Olympics, World, European and Commonwealth level - says nerves were a big part of it. Sally says sport helped her to understand what nerves are, why we have them and to not be scared of them.

I think the first time I had to do a talk was to 3, people and I was absolutely petrified but I just thought, 'right, what would I have done if this was an Olympic final? So I made sure I had all the preparation done and then I visualised, so I actually worked out in my mind that walk on stage, where I was going to stand and where I was going to move to. It is a scary place, but the more that you visualise and see it when you get up there it is just normal.

Actually, see yourself up there, delivering it and standing there with confidence and nailing it. I often shut my eyes — and think 'you can do this, get out there and show them what you are made of'. These are really positive words. I'll often go for a walk and time my walk — for 45 minutes to an hour depending on how long I am speaking for and actually do it in my mind.

By doing the walking that has got it into my mind. This shows that women tend to prepare more - as stated by both Linda and Sally - and backs up why they feel more confident speaking in front of people but nervous when put on the spot. Whether you are male or female, a confident speaker or not, Sally says we all have it in us - it's just about self-belief.

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