The Oklahoma Land Run History Literature Unit Study

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  2. The Oklahoma Land Rush: A Unit Study
  3. The Oklahoma Land Rush: A Unit Study – DIY Homeschooler

In Their Name , edited by Clive Irving. Forward by Billy Graham. Commemorative volume on the Oklahoma City bombing in It Happened in Oklahoma by Robert L. Oklahoma by Doug Sanders. John Ross by Felix Lowe. Excellent reader with nice pictures about John Ross and Indian Removals. The Journal of C. The Journal of Jesse Smoke: Journey to Cahokia by Albert Lorenz.

Although not specifically about Oklahoma, this children's picture book gives us a glance at the moundbuilder culture. Covers the cattle trails and life on the trail. The Man Who Painted Indians: George Catlin by Nancy Plain. Young Native Americans Today. Mounds of Earth and Shell by Bonnie Shemie. Using actual historical events as a backdrop, this brand-new children's novel teaches lessons of American history and the Christian faith. You could use this along with the videos below for your elementary requirement.

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Oklahoma , A MyReportLinks. ISBN , 48 pgs. A book of Internet resources specific to Oklahoma History as well as a brief history of the state. This is the approved textbook for elementary grades in public schools. You will not be able to get the answer key, but you can get the textbook from Amazon. ISBN , Nice color illustrations and a brief history of the state. Colorful illustrations, easy to read. Gives a short history and information on the government and geography.

Up to date information on the OKC bombing. Oklahoma and It's Heroes by James Smallwood. Oklahoma Facts and Symbols. Presents information about the state of Oklahoma, its nickname, motto, and emblems. Out of the current offerings of books covering the state of Oklahoma, this is one of the best for primary grade readers. It has 48 pages, bright colorful illustrations, and east-to-read text. The contents include maps, fast facts, a brief but interesting history of Oklahoma, information about the people, the land, economy and commerce, politics and government, culture and lifestyle, and notable people.

It also includes a timeline, state events and state attractions. Use this as the basis for your lesson plan outline, covering one chapter per week, add library books and writing activities that relate to each lesson, and you have a twelve-week unit. The Oklahoma City Bombing told from the viewpoint of fifty Oklahoma children, ages 3 to Portrait of America by Steck-Vaughn. I only put it here so you will know what it's about as other homeschool stores are selling this.

Red-Dirt Jessie by Anna Myers. A fiction story about a 12 year old girl and a dog set during the Oklahoma Dust Bowl and Depression. S is for Sooner for by Devin Scillian. Rhymes tell the story of the people, places, and landmarks of the Sooner state. Buy it used on Amazon or other bookstores. Based on truth, this fiction story is about a boy, a group of robbers led by William Coe, and the Robbers' Roost in the Black Mesa.

The Story of Oklahoma by W. Published by the University of Oklahoma Press, this makes an excellent high school level history textbook. It includes field trip ideas that reinforce the lesson. The Story of Oklahoma by Lon Tinkle. This is a Landmark Book. A wonderful story about Oklahoma written in story format.

An oldie but goodie. Summer of the Monkeys. A fiction book set in Oklahoma. All ages will enjoy. Uniquely Oklahoma by Reuben Anderson.

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Covers basic information about Oklahoma including geography, climate, state symbols, a brief history, government, food, and much more. For those who just want to get it over with, this would make a very simple Oklahoma history course for 4th grade. Read the book, add some activities like the Oklahoma Big Activity Book and you're done. Another oldie but goodie! A wonderful book about Oklahoma told in a story format.

The Oklahoma Land Rush: A Unit Study

Who is Maria Tallchief? An Osage Indian who became America's first prima ballerina. Junior and Senior High Books: A compilation of photos and primary source writings from witnesses of the Tulsa Race Riot and the relief efforts of the Red Cross.

First published in Angie Debo's study of the Five Civilized Nations in Oklahoma in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Read this for an accurate account of the Indian Removal. Boys' life of Will Rogers by Harold Keith. Written in , this books tells the story of Will Rogers' boyhood and youth through his early twenties. Very interesting reading and will interest all children. You will have to find it used or at the library. Buckskin, Calico, and Lace by Glenda Carlile.

Another resource for stories about Oklahoma women is Petticoats, Politics, and Pirouettes by the same author. Learn facts and information about the Oklahoma Land Rush through comic book coloring and writing format.

The Oklahoma Land Rush: A Unit Study – DIY Homeschooler

After reading and coloring frames, students re-write the story using blank speech and fact boxes on comic designed handouts. Easy to understand, basic facts that include: Writing-Expository , Native Americans , U. In this unit study the student will read a Fictional story based on Actual facts about the subject and then do a unit study based on that story. Thematic Unit Plans , EBooks. The Oklahoma Land Run. This is a single five page unit from Reading Through History documenting the events surrounding the Oklahoma Land Run. There is a two page reading about the process of the land becoming available and the series of land runs, including the spectacular Cherokee Outlet run of Reading , Social Studies - History , U.

Activities , Handouts , Printables.

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  4. Oklahoma Land Run Unit. This is everything you need to teach students about the Oklahoma Land Run of From a presentation to reenacting the Land Run at your school, this is full of wonderful resources! Social Studies - History , U. Oklahoma Land Run Gallery Walk. During this activity, students will walk through a "gallery" while examining and discussing primary source photographs from the Oklahoma Land Run of This high interest activity will have your students thinking about the Land Run, discussing it with their peers, AND moving around the room!

    History , Other Social Studies - History. Land Run and Pioneer Day. Up coming classes always look forward to this day. I teach and reenact the Land Run in the morning, and teach and do pioneer activities in the afternoon. This specific worksheet is over the Women's roles during the Land Run. Students will read the given text, illustra. Worksheets , Activities , Literacy Center Ideas. Land on the Run. Students learn about landslides, discovering that there are different types of landslides that occur at different speeds — from very slow to very quick.

    All landslides are the result of gravity, friction and the materials involved.

    Both natural and human-made factors contribute to landslides. Earth Sciences , Environment , Engineering. Through the Year Calendar Holiday Cards. Make note of upcoming holidays and classroom occasions with this set of Through the Year Calendar Holiday Cards.

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    The set includes 2. Over cards are included in the set! Print desired pages and cut to remove each holiday car. The would-be settlers next demanded that some of the reservations be opened. Then followed the Cheyenne and Arapaho land in , and Cherokee Outlet in , the largest land run in U. Subsequent openings were made by lottery, in which prospective settlers registered to participate in a drawing. The first person whose name was drawn had the right to choose his homestead first, the second person drawn claimed a homestead next, and so on.

    Opening reservations by lottery instead of by land rush brought some sanity to the procedure. They often hid out until the rush began, then appeared on the scene to drive away the lawful settlers. Men who worked for the government were particularly bold about staking claims early, since they did have the right to be in the territory.

    In spite of all the promises made to the Indians that their lands would belong to them forever, towns full of white men sprang up overnight throughout the land rush era. Indian Territory, once covering almost all of modern-day Oklahoma, quickly dwindled to only the eastern half of the region, while the western half became known as Oklahoma Territory. In one last effort to save their property, the Indians requested admission to the Union as the State of Sequoyah, but eastern politicians refused to have two new western states, especially if one was populated by Indians.

    Both Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory were combined into one. Oklahoma gained admission as the 46th state in the Union on November 16, Oklahoma Land Runs Information about each land run with maps, photos, and links to further reading.