The Emmanuels: A Story About Faith, Hope And Love (Emmanuels)

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His mother got ill and went and worked many miles away. He got a job, place to live and then sent money home to his family. He never gave up! His momma died and gave him the advice of never beg but work hard. Mar 10, Sara Cook rated it it was amazing. Inspiring picture book biography of Emmanuel, born with one good leg, and the tremendous life he made for himself.

Who We Are

Shared it with 6th and 7th graders who were inspired by the story of triumph. Oct 17, Melissa White rated it liked it.

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I thought it sounded amazing and was really interested to see how a man with technically only one leg could bike so far. The story is a simple, illustrated biography about Emmanuel's childhood and inspiration to bike miles across Ghana to help other people with disabilities. This story is exciting and kid friendly even though it "In this world we are not perfect, we can only do our best. This story is exciting and kid friendly even though it has sad thematic elements that include an absent father, the death of his mother, and cultural bias based on disabilities.

The story is powerful and the description of Emmanuel's family life allows the reader to understand why Emmanuel wanted to do something special and important! His childhood is relatable to many students even if they do not have a physical disability because he was left out of games due to being different. Also, many children grow up with loving single mothers and can relate his respect for his mother. The message behind the story is that people with disabilities are capable of doing great things and should not be looked down upon.

One of my favorite quotes is, " It reminds people with disabilities to not limit themselves. The only reason that I would give it 3 stars is because description of his bike ride is interesting and colorful saying things like, "He pedaled as trucks roared past on the narrow highways and wild animals stalked his thoughts. He pedaled through vast grasslands and into the ancient city of Tamale. I think this would have been really useful for young readers because it may be difficult for them to comprehend how incredible this accomplishment truly is without having a visual.

Also, at the beginning of the story the author talks about Emanuel's birth saying that he had two of everything but "only one strong leg kicked. Several other illustrations of him growing up depict two legs and they almost look normal because of the artistic style. This may be confusing to young readers and even confused me as an adult because I had assumed that "only one strong leg kicked. A parent or teacher may have to stop and explain that the smaller leg was deformed and unable to be useful or children may be confused.

Orphanage Emmanuel - Guaimaca, Honduras - Home

This book definitely advocates for people with physical disabilities and work awesome in an SEL lesson for teachers. A teacher may first want to introduce Emmanuel Ofosu Yebaoh by sharing pictures of Emmanuel and a map of his ride. Images can be found here: Map of Ghana with cities: Image of Emmanuel playing soccer: Image of Emmanuel with bike: After reading the book, the teacher could continue student thinking by talking about the organization dedicated to his dream of helping the people of Ghana.

Sep 11, Tasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: Emmanuel was born in Ghana, West Africa, with a deformed leg. His father left the family but his mother continued to encourage Emmanuel to make something of himself. Emmanuel taught himself to crawl and hop, so he was able to hop the two miles to school and then hop all the way back home at the end of the day. At school kids would not play with him at first, so he saved up his money to buy a new soccer ball that he shared with the others as long as they let him play too.

Soon he was playing socc Emmanuel was born in Ghana, West Africa, with a deformed leg. Soon he was playing soccer using crutches to get around. It was at school that Emmanuel also taught himself to ride a bike. Then his mother fell ill and Emmanuel had to leave school to support his family. He headed for the big city of Accra where he looked for a job.

It took time, but he started working as a shoe shiner and for a restaurant that also gave him a place to stay. After her death, he decided to follow his dream to bike around Ghana. He worked to get help with his dream, becoming a spokesperson in his country for people with disabilities. This fluidity makes the book very readable, it also lets her make her points with a grace and brevity that is purely poetic. Where his culture told him that he was cursed and unworthy, he has become a hero. It is also a sort of tangible heroism that children will completely understand.

They will know what his achievement is and how difficult it would be to accomplish. Filled with beautiful people, strong color, patterns and light, the illustrations let the backgrounds fade to white and black and the people come forward and shine. Bright colors ripple across skin, fill cheeks, and color the air around people. A truly inspiring story that shows the creation of a national hero from his infancy through his achievements. Appropriate for ages Jun 17, Garrett Reimers rated it it was amazing Shelves: I chose this book as my multicultural book because it talks about the challenges of growing up with only one leg.

It talks about how his father left because of it. It mentions that other people scorned him when he came into a store because they thought he was begging. Then he also had to hop two miles each way to school each day. He was only able to go to school because his mother carried him at first. It mentioned that many kids with disabilities didn't go to school.

Many people would also not I chose this book as my multicultural book because it talks about the challenges of growing up with only one leg. Many people would also not hire him just because he had a disability.

Faith Hope and Charity - 2007

I made a text to world connection. The story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah and the triumph that he overcame reminds me of all the paraolympians that we have all over the world. They to have overcome their physical disability. They are able to be role models for all the other people that are having a hard time with the physical challenge that they face on a day to day.

It gives them a face that they can see and think that if they did it then I can do it too. Also that there are organizations out there to help people with physical disabilities in need. How did "Emmanuel's Dream" end? How would you characterize Emmanuel? What questions would you ask if you were a reporter assigned to interview Emmanuel? What was the most exciting part of "Emmanuel's Dream"? What did you like the best about Emmanuel? What do you predict will happen to Emmanuel after he accomplished his dream?

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He was awarded a American Gospel Music Award for best international artist.


Criticized for being steered into the mainstream and entering a conformist territory of hip-hop, Emmanuel says ""I'm not turning away from the world-music audience which has supported me," Jal says. I don't try to sound American. I rap like an African, because that's what I am.

In the song 'Warchild,' I say I survived for a reason: I feel a responsibility to do these songs and tell the world what is happening in my country.

Emmanuel: the Plea and the Promise

Jal, whose own childhood was robbed from him, aims to protect the childhood of others through music. It is the only thing that can speak into your mind, your heart and your soul without your permission. In times of war, starvation, hunger and injustice, such tragedy can only be put aside if you allow yourself to be uplifted through music, film and dance. It can be used to communicate messages to the masses and create awareness, to influence the people positively.

A perfect example is Bob Marley: He has also passionately criticised the current state of hip hop culture in the United States. He sees hip hop as a vehicle to communicate an authentic message, rather than a space to pursue street credibility. Karim Chrobog and Interface Media Group.

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Despite his accomplishments in music, Jal's biggest passion is for Gua Africa, a charity that he founded. Besides building schools, the nonprofit provides scholarships for Sudanese war survivors in refugee camps, and sponsors education for children in the most deprived slum areas in Nairobi.

Based in both Sudan and Kenya, Gua Africa focuses on providing children and young adults with an education that would otherwise be unavailable to the majority. As a musician, activist and general inspirational figure Emmanuel is challenging others to "lose" something to help others less fortunate to "win".

He himself will be giving up his home and living as a modern-day nomad for the duration of the challenge. From December to October , the musician ate one meal per day, skipping his breakfasts and lunches to raise funds and awareness for the school, called Emma Academy. The project is a steady effort to inform the world that peace is a possibility. That genocide can be prevented through the power of music and activism.

A Word from David & Lydia

His message of peace is cleverly being promoted alongside his second studio album See Me Mama , released 2 October A percentage of the profits made from the album will of course be used to support Jal's charities. Jal will discuss the role of youth activists in current human rights struggles across the globe. A Child Soldier's Story. Martin's Press, ; St.