Tears: Flowing Matters

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  1. Sweat is fat crying – start the tears flowing!
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And what a great metamorphosis as well: Inspired, possibly, by the shape of the room, I always think of Jonah and the whale whenever I visit Tomba Emmanuelle, the ceiling curving like gigantic ribs above me. A wonderful sense of being consumed, this is what the Vigeland mausoleum offers its unprepared first-time visitor.

But the feeling does not fade through repetition. As if the knowledge of what awaits you heightens rather than diminishes this overwhelming sensation. At the same time, with regard to extenuating circumstances, Vigeland was obviously loyal to a solid tradition of monumental art, enough to be forgiven his excesses to a certain extent.

Sweat is fat crying – start the tears flowing!

This violence, at the same time, and I tremble as I say it, is the heart of death: The ambiguity of this human life is really that of mad laughter and of sobbing tears. As a visionary, Vigeland saw what Bataille saw, that the things which threaten our very existence and the things which keep us striving for more, are often one and the same thing.

Where would we be, as sexual beings, without the knowledge of death?

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How strong would our passions be, separated from our fear of dying? We want to live, sure. Thanks for all your good works! PS Nick I love all that you do to make the world a better, happier place — thanks so much for being wonderful you!!!!! Nick, your example of generosity and loving-kindness is what will change our world. Healthy touch is sooo important to our well-being. Thanks for your continuing to make that difference.

I am a great hugger from way back and I sit in my comfortable living rom with my own tears gently rolling down…What an inspiring, lovely story. Thank you for sharing. I love the idea of this subject about hugs, because being a teacher I found a lot of kids had low self esteem problems, which greatly affects their learning. Stories are always a great way of getting the message across.

Even though I am retired now I am looking forward to reading this beautiful story and keeping it with my other favourites for when I get grandchildren. Holding you in Love and Light! What a brilliant way to celebrate the birth of your first child Nick. Welcome to the world baby June,…you and the book are a beautiful gift to the world. With a biggest Bear Hug and love,…. I am so impressed with you Nick. I know that your new book and its theme is intended to change attitudes in everyone. But I do think that men provide a particular challenge to this entire notion of showing feelings.

I am a man but I will be the first to admit that many men are not comfortable with showing feelings and emotions. Perhaps men have been conditioned to be this way by the male role models of the past- the tough guy image. I am hopeful that future generations of men will be different. You are a man so confident in himself that he is unafraid to show the world that he cares deeply for others. Thank you for providing us with a great role model.

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Thanks for the book! I will order some later from home!

Tears Quotes - BrainyQuote

I am currently reading the Tapping Solution and thanks also for the short videos about tapping…I enjoy these too! My teaching career started in and know the positive impact of not only physical affection, but affectionate words used in the classroom. I knew I was breaking the rules by giving hugs when needed or by just placing my hand on the shoulders of a student who needed extra love and support.

Love is powerful and I hope I was able to NOT only show my students how to show love in positive ways to others but also empowering them as well to loves themselves, no matter what. Now I only teach part time had to resign in due to medical issues but went back to school to get my coaching certifications, so I still am working with youth, just in a different capacity. I am very impressed with what you have done and will make sure every elementary school in our district will have a copy of your book in their libraries along with a copy to each guidance counselor at that school level.

We need more people like you, with compassionate hearts, to help lift the spirits of those living in darkness.

Tears Quotes

I commend you for your inspirational efforts and wish you the best in every endeavor. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children! He has 6 children, has lost his job and is being evicted all before the holidays. He asked if he could tell me his story and I heartfully agreed. Use this tactic in combination with other ideas listed here for a killer power move that will bring an end to your tears.

Don't blink at all Alternatively, if you feel a cry coming on, open your eyes as wide as they will go - this could help to cut off the tears before they even start. Look up Looking up lets the tears pool slightly at the bottom of your eyelid so they don't immediately run down your face.

By Essilor News

Looking up can also help cut the flow of tears and get you back to the right frame of mind. Change your thought patterns Changing the way you think in the moment is probably one of the most effective, but also the hardest way to stop yourself from crying.

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  7. Instead of focusing on the reason for crying in the first place, try to think of something entirely different. Think of a happy moment from your past, a funny scene from your favorite movie, or a time in your life that you're particularly proud of - anything to take you out of the moment.