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  1. How to Survive a Deadly Traffic Accident
  2. Feds to Americans: You Need to Prepare for Life Without Electricity
  3. TIME Magazine -- U.S. Edition -- August 27, Vol. No. 9
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Trust us, they'll do you more good than that second tube of glittery face paint.

How to Survive a Deadly Traffic Accident

Bring a roll of black bags to keep your stuff dry, wear as ponchos if the weather is dire, sit on to keep your ass dry and to shove all your filthy clothes in for the trip home. Want to live your best life? Sign up to the exclusive U magazine newsletter and be the first to hear about the latest fashion drops, beauty must haves and life hacks.

How to Pack for the Apocalypse - OOO with Brent Rose

Everything you need to know. No one wants to be lost in a mud swamp or have their phone die just as they lose sight of their mates in the crowd. Check out the essentials below — you can thank us on Monday. Subscribe to our newsletter Want to live your best life?

Feds to Americans: You Need to Prepare for Life Without Electricity

Most Shared Most Recent. Here is how one creative Irish expat makes up to candles a go i New Camera Phone, New Instagramm Explore the road less travelled, and capture those best moments, wi Keeping up with the Spotdashians This multi-tool is 4. But in that small package are 21 tools, including scissors, pliers, wire cutters, multiple knives, screwdrivers, a can opener, bottle opener and a saw.

Whether you need to open a can of beans, cut the wire to get through a fence or saw off some tree branches to build a fire, a multi-tool like the Leatherman Surge has you covered.

TIME Magazine -- U.S. Edition -- August 27, Vol. No. 9

A camp stove takes care of those needs, but portability and fuel are both issues. It can burn virtually any biomass, including whatever twigs and sticks you can scrounge up, and it does so extremely efficiently and without smoke. You can cook on the BioLite CampStove 2, boil water or just keep your hands warm. BioLite says it will boil a liter of water in just less than five minutes.

Also, when the fire burns, it charges an integrated battery. This battery powers a fan that makes burning more efficient and can be used to top up your mobile devices. Having light is a big deal in an emergency situation — not just for safety and signaling others, but even for keeping up spirits. A flashlight is already covered off with the Midland Emergency Crank Radio.

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But having a lantern to light up a room, shelter or campsite is also important. This tiny 8oz lantern can stand on folding legs, be hung with its hidden hook or be attached to metal surfaces with its magnetic base. It has multiple light settings, including the ability to light up a small room, and a low-light mode that lasts up to hours on a charge.

It can even be used to top up mobile device batteries in a pinch. It may seem silly to stash a smartphone case in your survival kit, but think about it: Your smartphone likely will become a lifeline in a disaster. Most people like to use a slim and stylish case. But in a disaster scenario — with challenges such as water and simply being banged around — that slim case offers little protection.

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So, pack a rugged case. Maps would be nice.

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So would how-to guides. On paper, these are heavy and would take up a lot of room in your survival kit. Its 4GB of storage can be loaded up with hundreds of first aid guides, maps, survival books, cookbooks, plant identification books and other valuable reference material. It has lighting so you can read everything at night, while the E Ink display has no glare issues even in direct sunlight.

The battery lasts for weeks , and it weighs under half a pound. The PaperWhite will allow you to load up with some novels. Waiting for rescue with no power, no TV and no internet can get boring. Slip in an optional portable solar panel and you can recharge the Sherpa without having access to electricity. View as One Page.

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  2. 10 Must-Have Items for Your Emergency Kit.
  3. SOL Origin Survival Kit: Worth the Price? – Boys' Life magazine.

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