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We'll ask you for meter readings and keep in touch until you've switched. Get an energy quote. With an SSE online account you can view your bills, make payments and give us a meter reading to get an instant balance.

Paying by Direct Debit

Log in or register. Smart meters can make it easier for you to save energy and money.

Find out more about smart meters and see if you can get one installed. Small changes can help reduce how much gas and electricity you use.

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Learn how to save energy at home with our free help and advice. If you switch to a new tariff on this website, you'll stay with your current SSE brand. We may review your Direct Debit to make sure your payments cover your usage and any debit balance you might have. If we need to change the amount you pay, we'll write to you confirming the new amount.

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The estimates included in this application do not include Green Deal Charges. We will write to you separately to confirm if a Green Deal Charge applies.

What you need to know before you apply We rely on a mobile phone or wireless signal to get your smart meter readings. If these fail, your bills will be estimated. This includes your confirmation of contract, tariff information, terms and conditions and cancellation form.

Electricity distribution

If we're taking over the supply of energy from another supplier, you agree to your current supplier transferring the right for us to collect any debt you owe them in the event we're obliged to. Full terms and conditions For further information about our tariffs, please read our terms and conditions below. With a fixed price tariff your unit rate per kWh energy prices will stay the same over the period of your contract.

All our exit fees are clearly stated. If you think you, or someone you know, could benefit from extra support we suggest you register for our free Priority Services so that we can provide you with extra help during a power cut. Don't let a power cut keep you in the dark, download our free Power Track app and stay updated with faults in your area. Our app allows you to receive live updates in a power cut and even has some helpful advice on what to do if the lights go out.

Emergencies - North of Scotland. Emergencies - Central Southern England. Send us a message.

New customers

Restoration Times We promise that we'll always provide a restoration time in a power cut to enable you to plan your day. Power cuts Power cut support and advice Power cuts.

Andrew Roper - Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Live updates on power cuts Take a look at the map for details of any power cuts affecting customers in our network regions. Priority Services We offer extra help during a power cut to customers who join our Priority Services Register. Preparing for a power cut Preparing for a power cut makes it easier to cope if the lights go out.