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  1. He Sings Sea Songs By The Sea Shore
  2. Song of the Shore to the Sea by Robert Fanning | Poetry Magazine
  3. Francesca Ancarola

Secular Music Various Artists. This Is Your Year: Joe Glazer discusses the role of music in the American Labor Exploring Composition Using Limited Tones.

He Sings Sea Songs By The Sea Shore

The Music of the Mardi Gras Indians. Oh, John the Rabbit: From Story to Song.

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Song of the Shore to the Sea by Robert Fanning | Poetry Magazine

One night in , a depressed Brian Wilson sat on a beach, gazing out to see and feeling desperately insignificant. The next day, he started writing 'Til I Die.

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Even if you're not in such a parlous state of mental health as Wilson was, the sea can have that effect. In most songwriters' imaginations, it is immense, overwhelming and dreadfully lonely. Even the bawdiest sea shanties celebrated on last year's Rogue's Gallery compilation arose from the knowledge that not all the people who first sang them would live to see dry land.

Song of the Seashore

None of this column's themes has attracted fewer songs by black artists. The magnificent title track of the O'Jays' indignant masterpiece Ship Ahoy explains why. There were also a few people there are always a few people wearing sundry accessories from the undifferentiated past: Scott F via Flickr. Sea chanties derived from the French chanter and variously spelled shanty, chantey, or chanty were originally work songs; sailors would sing them in unison while hoisting sails or pulling up anchors to coordinate their movements and enliven their labor.

Lacking full-fledged verses and choruses, they were closer to call-and-response shouts than the folk songs performed at conventions today.

Francesca Ancarola

These original sea chanties appeared at a specific era in maritime history. After the War of , there was a boom in maritime shipping. Ever looking to cut costs, American packet ships began using larger and larger vessels with smaller and smaller crews.

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Sailors were expected to maintain work tight schedules; the romantic idea of a life at sea, laboring in time with the wind and the tides, gave way to modern ideas about discipline and efficiency. Today, musicologists divide chanties into those for hauling and those for heaving, with rhythms and pacing suited to each. Though people have been singing songs in time to manual labor for centuries, the era of true sea chanties was only about 50 years and all of it well after the golden age of piracy.

Even in the 19 th century, these chanties were viewed with nostalgia.