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How do you tell which should be used? Both C minor and E major keys have the same key signature, so there is no difference there. This relationship is called ' relative key '.

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Each major key has a relative minor one, with the same key signature to find it, descend a minor 3rd or ascend a major 6th from your tonic. Similarly for the minor key.

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To sum up the difference: These two keys have the same key signature but different tonics. The E major key would revolve around the note E , whereas the C minor key would revolve around C. Of course it matters.

Mix - Sonata in E Major K380- Domenico Scarlatti by Hojung Kim (guitar) 김호정 클래식기타

A minor key sounds different than a major one, no matter what notes are included. So, you need to revolve around the minor harmony and not the major. The relative key is not to be confused with the parallel key. The latter is when two scales have the same tonic, but one is a major one and the other is a minor one. In a song that is in C minor, you are bound to see B leading tone leading to C melody line.

On the chords harmony line of the song you'll see V-i relationships, like G -C m etc. Things that will establish that the song is in C minor. Moreover, I'd like to add something concerning your enharmonic reference.

Paganini: Sonata for Violin & Guitar No. 5 in E major (page 1 of 1) | Presto Classical

Enharmonic note or key signature. This example would be really easy to understand on a guitar or piano. C and D are a tone apart. If you ascend a semitone from C, you get C ; if you descend a semitone from D, you get Db. But both ways got you to the same note, each time spelled different. All around the world people learn the guitar. A very guitar friendly key in my opinion is the key of E major.

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I really like this key because I can mix and match chords from the relative minor C-sharp minor but also the parallel minor which is E minor. But its also the relative minor of G Major in which countless hit songs have been written in. Its a great key for singer songwriters. In my second version of chord progression mastery for beginners I go into more depth with progressions that have chord extensions, deal with modulation and variant quality chords along with chords built from other scales.

You can get the first version by clicking this link for less than a latte.

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Keep in mind that if you already know these chords and progressions, my suggestion would be to explore chord extensions. Simply add any note of the scale below to any one of the chords. Fantaisie — Impromptu , Scherzo No.

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Enough of those keys though.