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  2. Minnesota photographer Jovan Speller breaks out with 'Black Quiet'
  3. Jovan's Gaze by Aaron Dov
  4. Chapter 22
  5. Jovan's Gaze

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StarTribune Follow Us On: Advertise with us Talk with a business consultant Media kit Classifieds. Now the land of Theris is empty and scarred by plagues of magic; most of the war's survivors Jovan's world is small and medieval. Now the land of Theris is empty and scarred by plagues of magic; most of the war's survivors, people from both kingdoms, marched eastward into the endless desert in a desperate bid for a new start. They were never seen again.

Jovan did not go with them; he lives quietly among a small village of survivors. Jovan also has an obsession; he has become enamored with Skyreach Keep, the seat of power of the old Dark Lords of Krona. After visiting the barren keep too many times, his village casts him out and banishes him to the endless desert.

There he must find a new life, or better yet, wither and die under the scorching sun. Jovan marches east, but he does not die. He comes across a small building, filled with technology which is thousands of years ahead of his own. The people who work there speak a foreign yet strangely familiar language; it sounds ever so slightly like the dark tongue of Krona, the language of the enemy. But these strange people know where Jovan comes from, and they understand his language.

They are, after all, his descendants, and they trace their ancestors back thousands of years, to an exodus which for Jovan is only fifteen years past. Jovan has walked out of the desert and into the future. And something evil has followed him. With its cursed wolf-warriors and high tech soldiers, towering skyscrapers and looming medieval keeps, Jovan's Gaze is unique combination of genres.

Minnesota photographer Jovan Speller breaks out with 'Black Quiet'

Combining his talent for exciting action, fast-paced plots, and detailed worlds full of both sweeping ideals and subtle details, Jovan's Gaze takes the reader on a ride through a fantasy world rife with magic, into a high tech future that is totally unprepared for the terrible things that follow Jovan on his journey. It gave me strength, and I drew on it, drank it in. I could smell it, the energizing scent of total submission to my will. Nesing swallowed hard, and I saw his left hand shake slightly. His eyes were locked to mine, and they were filled with terror.

The ship came out of it just off the coast of Theris, about one mile north of where you and I met. The captain spotted a woman on the shore, waving for help. He brought her back to Fisher's Island, and turned her over to the authorities. He looked to a compad on his desk, but a slight movement from my pistol refocused him. I was too close to let him stop.

That's what everyone thought. They thought she had gone mad from isolation, or taken a blow to the head. She didn't seem to understand anything that was said to her, and she was afraid of everything. This was before there was a military base. The doctor was brought to her. As it happened, the doctor's mother was a teacher, and so the doctor recognized the language.

He'd heard it from his mother's colleagues, growing up.

Jovan's Gaze by Aaron Dov

First she was kept at the naval base where she arrived, and later brought to a military intelligence office in Thela. There are even educators who say that we should stop teaching about Theris altogether, though thankfully the government doesn't listen. At the time, though, a thousand years ago, there was a lot of fear surrounding that isolated, young woman.

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The scientific community worried that the Barrier was breaking down. The military worried about invasion. Everyone worried about what might happen if the magic plagues spilled out into the rest of the world. The politicians worried that if a society had survived the plagues on Theris, that we would have to contend with a nation that still used magic.

Imagine asking us to face a neighboring state that represented everything we had abandoned, everything we feared.

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When Nesing saw my confusion, he held up a hand, begging patience. We assumed that she was," he paused, perplexed. I read it in the news. He was among those arrested in the police raid. Was the fearful Pure Lifer also a willing servant of the Dark Lord?

Chapter 22

Not my student, exactly, but he studied history here for a few years. I knew who he was. He was a student of pre-exodus studies, and very vocal about the military project the department was involved in, helping to run the outposts on the shoreline. It's why he left.

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We all heard about how he went into medicine, and then got involved with the Pure Life movement. I'm not surprised that he jumped at the chance to meet you, or that he told you everything he knew. It went on for years. I don't know the technical details of how they figured it out. Eventually, they cremated the corpse and buried the ashes. One day, when the stress of her situation was obviously too much, she opened a window. The guards assigned to watch her simply didn't get to her in time. It was a great tragedy. I sat in silence, considering just how awful it must have been for her.

My own meeting with Nesing and the two soldiers had been terrifying, Granted, my own confusion had been relatively brief, before Nesing used the nanobots on me. Even so, I had been a terrified, cowering man. I recalled, like a fevered dream, the doctors standing over me, debating what to do. The answer had been more nanobots containing more answers.

The medical nanobots had also been given to me, then, to repair my desert-parched body. And then it struck me! The details of that first night in the Fisher's Island hospital, where I lay in fevered delirium, suddenly came to me.

Jovan's Gaze

The doctors had stood over me, debating what to do. Captain Jin had been there. So had the professor. Yet there were more voices, and one of them, one voice in particular, was the one that now stuck out. The Dark Lord had been there! The military kept very good records, you know.

I was reading through them, earlier. I thought it might help me to help you. I felt a grin form upon my face. It's look was likely just as predatory as the feeling within me. Nesing's eyes widened in fear, and he sat up straight, as though he expected me to pounce.