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Situated just feet away 2 minute walk from the closest beach access, this 5-bedroom oceanside home within the Ocean Sands community of Corolla is the perfect place to spend your weeklong escape to barrier island paradise. New to the Seaside Vacations collection for , A Shore Thing boasts a prime location on a quiet cul-de-sac just one block away from the sun, surf and sand. The only thing missing at A Shore Thing is you! An elevator provides quick and convenient access to every level, and several large windows throughout the home let in lots of natural sunlight, contributing to the bright and airy atmosphere offered at this incredible Outer Banks vacation home.

The Ocean Sands community swimming pool and tennis courts are also just steps away. Are you planning to treat your four-legged friend to a week at the beach? A Shore Thing is a dog-friendly home that welcomes your furry family member to tag along on your trip! A wide array of excellent Outer Banks restaurants, retail shops and attractions are also just a short distance from A Shore Thing.

The popular Timbuck II Shopping Village—which is home to everything from fine-dining establishments, a pizza shop, fudgery and taqueria to a go-cart raceway, scenic putt-putt course and a company offering parasailing excursions—is just 1. The Currituck Beach Lighthouse —an Outer Banks landmark and must-visit attraction in Corolla —is just a minute drive from A Shore Thing and will treat you to unparalleled degree views of the Currituck Sound, Atlantic Ocean and famous Whalehead Club when you climb the steps to the top of this foot-tall red-brick structure.

Kitchen, living room and dining area. Living room has access to top-level deck and a fireplace. Two bedrooms have access to the middle-level deck and hot tub. The master bedroom at the end of the hall has a dual vanity. This level features all-new carpets, along with a new washer and dryer in the hall closet. One shared full bathroom. Private pool, hot tub, park grill, outdoor shower and fish cleaning table. The nearby community pool and tennis courts are available for guest use. View all 16 comments. Worst book I've ever read in my life.

After this, I think I'm morally obligated to promote every one-star book on my shelf to two stars, because it's wrong to put anything on the same level as this fucking thing. Jan 04, Kate rated it it was amazing Shelves: You already know if you'll like this book or not. Protagonist "Gia" is a short, extroverted girl who loves tanning and putting her hair into a "pouf". Gia's cousin Bella You already know if you'll like this book or not.

Gia's cousin Bella is tall and beautiful with fake breasts and a great right hook. The book begins as the two women leave their families in Brooklyn for an unforgettable summer down the shore side note: They both get jobs, meet losers, juiceheads and preppies, and find themselves in ridiculous but entirely predictable situations. Lengthy descriptions of how these young women prep themselves for a night out were one of my favorite parts of the book. Polizzi and her ghost writer include all the brand names of their dresses and shoes, the methods used to style their hair, and how Gia always finishes her look " The name-dropping of actual businesses and nightspots in Seaside Heights was also enjoyable.

The book features several awesome "smush" scenes that parents might want to know about before they buy this book for their kid. There is also an attempted date-rape and lots of drinking. So while this book seems like it would be appropriate for a young adult, keep all that in mind before you give it to your niece for her confirmation.

Jan 19, Bookaholic reads every mortal thing marked it as to-read. Is it wrong that I'm kinda tempted to read this? Because, to be fair, it actually sounds quite good. Feb 05, Michael rated it did not like it Shelves: As anyone who knows me knows, I'm into politics. It's an obsession really, what with the election cycles, the media conflictinator, and the general fate of the American public in the balance.

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Pushing one message whilst secretly advancing another, mostly by omissions, euphemisms, and good old fashioned lies. For a first time author, Snooki has a decent story on her hands, and she tells it as well as she can. For what we were expecting out of her, this isn't all that bad.

It's just a tale of a couple of girls looking for fun, fashion, and fucking on the Jersey Shore, and there's nothing wrong with that. Before I get into analysis of the text, I ask that you all refer to the picture on the top left; the one that depicts the cover art.

Do you know what that is? It's the only way Snooki could get anyone to look her in the eyes, because let's face it If her public persona wasn't enough of an indicator of this fact, then the "book" she's "written" is more than ample proof.

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I seriously think Valerie Frankel, her "collaborator, who helped translate [her] ideas onto the page" should be credited as a co-author, because there's some "big" words in here I doubt Snooks would ever use. No, I'm not saying the book is funny because it doesn't even perform on a "so bad, it's funny' level. It's actually a "so bad, it's shitty" level of entertainment that puts the value of its entertaining factors in the negative.

If you want to skip reading the book, here's all you need to know: That's "A Shore Thing", a book that's written as if Peter Griffin started telling one of his bullshit stories that rips off something he saw on TV, except it goes on for pages. Here's the main point of the book, as summarized by a paragraph of dialogue: It was a game of chance, luck, destiny, experience -but not too much hard work, as far as Gia could tell.

How hard could it be to show the person you loved that you cared? All you had to do was smush every chance you got and treat them with kindness and respect. Yeah, Gia is one of the pets that she thanks in her opening acknowledgments, and that just happens to be her fictional surrogate's name. In trying to avoid drama, they only create further drama and "comedy". Throw in a couple of Trust Fund douchebags who want to bang JWo I mean "Bella", a couple of mean girls who are out to get Snook It's fitting that JWoww's fictional surrogate is named Bella, because Snooki's basically written Twilight for Guidettes whose attention spans are shorter than their poufs.

Her main characters stumble into everything they want with minimal effort, are popular even when they're awkward, and end up landing the "hawt juicehead gorillas" they've been wanting to bang They build towards what you think is going to be a cookie cutter ending by using all the other cookie cutter parts and ultimately puss out on the ending. This book is so frustrating, I found myself throwing it across the room after finishing it.

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What's sadder is you KNOW MTV is going to want to cash in on the fame of this midget famewhore and should Jersey Shore ever end, you know this is going to be the "launching pad" Snooki will inevitably try to use in order to cross over into feature films. Basically, this'll be the next "Jackass" franchise if we're not careful. That being said, I think Snooki should write another three books in this series. She clearly has a wellspring of ideas, or has at least seen enough movies and been through enough on Jersey Shore that she could rip off some ideas.

She should embrace the Twilight connection and end the series with Gia and Bella giving birth in a vat of pickles, whilst doing shots of Hornitos and Patron and listening to shitty techno Wardrobe by Ed Hardy.

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I fucking dare you! I got a little wound up. Needless to say, this review has exorcised my demons and this mind is indeed clear. I'd like to close with another quote from one of the antagonists who basically sums up why people like myself hate Snooki and her Jersey Shore pals. Thank you for this book, Snooki.

If anything, it's inspired me to read the books of your other housemates and rip them apart much more viciously than I did yours. Thank you for setting the bar so low. Jan 05, Chibineko rated it it was ok Shelves: When I heard that Snooki wrote a book, I couldn't help but think "Gee, I didn't know they made enough crayons to write a book with.

One actually gave me a half hour lecture on how Snooki shames the Italian-American population. She was very intense. I mean, one of When I heard that Snooki wrote a book, I couldn't help but think "Gee, I didn't know they made enough crayons to write a book with. Maybe the writing team yes, this was ghostwritten turned it into a parody? It's hard to take this book seriously with some of the stuff that goes on in it. Dry humping a guy after 1 drink? Tripping over a shark?

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A date that ends with one person whizzing on the other's foot? OK, so that was because of a jellyfish sting, but still Like "feel your IQ decrease about 20 points" awful. It's painfully obvious that the only reason this was published was due to Snooki's infamy. And no, Gia teaching everyone to do some weird dry humping tree hug dance movie doesn't really redeem the book much.

No seriously, the plot of this was bad. It's like Crossroads, only Snooki doesn't sing. I can't fault the ghostwriter for this- you can only do so much with what you're given. Maybe we should take up a collection to help with the mental breakdown she might've had while collaborating. There isn't a lot of imagination here, what with the thinly veiled Snooki self-insert. Yet somehow the book still has a large amount of entertainment value.

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That brings me to another thing that made the book so funny. There's also someone called Bender, which makes me think of the Futurama robot. Is this a must buy? I'd recommend it as a library rental, though. In the end I can't really dislike this book enough to give it 1 star. Although if we're lucky, Snooki won't put out a new book. Unfortunately knowing MTV, we'll probably soon have to suffer through a movie adaptation of this book sometime in the future.

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Just put it this way: Snooki wrote a fiction novel. I hate it when people get published because they're already famous and for what? Being a drunken fat whore? Oh, and Snooki is? Even her ghost writers, the ones who actually wrote this drivel aren't bette Just put it this way: Even her ghost writers, the ones who actually wrote this drivel aren't better than most unpublished authors out there. She's not even in the goddamn book! No self respecting author would DARE put themselves on the front cover of their fiction novel. Jan 13, Wicked Lil Pixie Natasha rated it it was ok.

Even tough guys like Downy softness. Up close, he smelled grungy yet fresh, like a parking lot after a rainstorm.

A Shore Thing

Gia like a smooth chest on a man not to mention back, sack, and crack. Longer summers, less clothes. Yeah, it was scary to stand next to a shark with, like, thousands of rows of needle-sharp teeth. And when you sent me the slippers. And when we smushed on the beach. Even when you peed on me. Jellyfish sting, blah blah blah My final verdict: I hope they paid you well, you deserve it for having to write Sweet Valley High for adults.

View all 10 comments. May 21, Reut rated it liked it. I'll be the first to admit that I am always skeptical of celebrities writing fiction. Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff, and now Snooki. While originally I thought that this would be a trashy YA book, it became clear to me that Snooki is just an average writer, who has managed to create funny, if not 3D, characters, add in an interesting plot, and keep it going for pages, which is not bad for the girl from Jersey Shore. Gia was really the best part of the book. Only a character Snooki wrote would j I'll be the first to admit that I am always skeptical of celebrities writing fiction.

Only a character Snooki wrote would jump up and down, clapping her hands and saying "wee! Bella, however, was a contradiction of herself. It says, right there in the synopsis, that she "always holds her tongue. Well, Bella does some serious butt-kicking, and while I liked it, it confused me. Why not have this be character development instead of part of the beginning of the plot?

Something else that I didn't really mind, but still confused me was who Snooki was writing for. I thought her audience was YA, given the number of teens that watch Jersey Shore. But the characters here are twenty-somethings, making this a book geared toward adults. I read some adult fiction, so I wasn't bothered, but I still scratched the back of my head. Some of the ideas portrayed in this book are ridiculous, the tanning, the drinking, the smushing But it's all part of the lifestyle that Snooki lives and had forever immortalized in A Shore Thing.

If this frightens you, stay away. If you're even the tiniest bit curious, read it. It's entertaining, certainly not food for thought, but think Jersey Shore - in book form. Mar 22, Deltay rated it liked it.

Okay, okay - I know what you're thinking - you're judging right now, aren't you? Sure, Snooki's A Shore Thing may not be heavy on the literary, or particularly academic reading material, but at the same time, it's very Jersey Shore. It's the kind of book where it's just a fun, shallow story that doesn't require a lot of thinking. Which is definitely a more relaxed contrast to the heaviness of say, Marx, Weber, etc.

The whole book is very definitively "Snooki", from characters, to n Okay, okay - I know what you're thinking - you're judging right now, aren't you? The whole book is very definitively "Snooki", from characters, to names, to plot. For example, hair poufs, fuzzy slippers, pickles, lack of bowel control, nicknames, etc. The ending did seem a little abrupt and didn't seem most fitting, considering all the drama that went into the lead-up.

But at the same time, it ends in such a way that it seems, like the rest of the novel, very Snooki-esque. Although not deep nor philosophical, A Shore Thing is a guilty pleasure sort of read in the exact same vein as the hugely popular Jersey Shore. Jan 07, Chelsea rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I have to admit I loved this book. Everyone I talked to before I started it seemed to be against reading it for one reason, the author. But I love anything and everything Jersey Shore, so how could I say no. I finished the book in just two days and couldn't stop laughing the entire time.

If you know anything about Snooki you can see the resemblance in main character Gia, even throwing in a few things she's said, and done, on the show. Even if you aren't a fan of Jersey Shore or Snooki I would still recommend this book. It's an amazing book about two cousins who take a month off to go to the shore and end up becoming better people and even closer friends.

This book has such a cute story and hilarious antidotes. If your looking for a upbeat and good times kind of book to read I would add this to your list. Dec 31, toni marked it as to-read. Leave me alone I do what I want!!! Jan 06, Casey rated it it was ok Shelves: I downloaded the free sample on Amazon, and couldn't even finish the excerpt. It reads like bad Jersey Shore fanfic, which might've been a guilty pleasure if I liked Jersey Shore.

Jan 10, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: First, Snooki's book was a work of fiction, not an autobiography or nonfiction book about life at the Jersey Shore. But it might as well have been about her and JWoww's adventures, because the two main characters were very obviously based on them.

And this book was very obviously not written by Snooki. The "collaborator's" name is not on the cover which is actually pretty uncommon, usually the reality st First, Snooki's book was a work of fiction, not an autobiography or nonfiction book about life at the Jersey Shore. The "collaborator's" name is not on the cover which is actually pretty uncommon, usually the reality stars list the co-author right there.

I heard her describe her "process" as a guest on Jimmy Kimmell Live. Basically, Snooki spoke to someone on the phone about once a week while filming at the Shore house and told this person what she wanted to happen in the book. BOOM - instant novel! It does not sound like Snooki actually "wrote" any of it, but I'm very sure she came up with the descriptions of the characters i. I will give this book credit for using the names of real places, people and historical events fun fact: Snooki, I mean "Gia"'s favorite actress is Brittney Murphy, may she rest in peace.

A Shore Thing: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: irogyrikewyx.tk: Books

It actually really bothers me when they make up fake bands and things like "face-space" and expect us to buy it. And I know from watching my share of The Jersey Shore that at least some of the names of the bars and clubs were real, so that's cool too. Obviously, this is not the next great American novel. But it IS a fun, light-hearted read with ridiculous things happening. I got my copy from the library, putting the benefits of my tax dollars to use. If you MUST buy it, then wait for it to end up in the bargin bin. Trust me, it won't be a long wait. Sep 14, Matthew C rated it liked it.

The main characters, Gia and Bella, are at the Jersey Shore to party and meet guys. The story switches off between the main character's prospectives very well, otherwise the writing is nothing special and lacking the description some people like. There were several parts of the book where certain things didn't really seem to fit but were put in anyway so the story made sense. The story is supposed to show a crazy party life style, but there are some moments where it seems so unrealistic that it's hard to believe that it could happen even to them.