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  1. PM Modi's 'New India' will redeem Kalam's 'Vision 2020': Jitendra Singh
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We are moving rhinos from overcrowded areas, like Kaziranga National Park and Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, to other protected areas where they can breed. Along with continuing strict protection and community engagement, spreading Indian rhinos out among more protected areas will create a larger, safer and more stable population. From to , IRF and our Indian Rhino Vision partners worked with local communities and park and government authorities to improve protection and monitoring of existing populations, constructing guard posts, patrol roads, and bridges.

Unfortunately, this population has also been tragically touch by poaching — part of a region-wide increase in poaching in After losing eight animals, IRV halted rhino translocations to Manas in to focus on improving security. We are now ready to start building a stable rhino population in a second protected area, and are planning to move at least six Indian rhinos from Kaziranga National Park to the Laokhowa-Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary in But if we closely read Dr.

Kalam believed in developing India from within , making the nation sustainable , and he firmly believed that agriculture was the backbone of the country.

PM Modi's 'New India' will redeem Kalam's 'Vision 2020': Jitendra Singh

He also believed that India had to be self-sufficient in many sectors of the economy. All of this is explained in detail in his books India A Sequel to India With just a few more years left for the deadline of Dr. J Abdul Kalam, the best tribute we could give him is to realize his vision of India come true. While it is not easy as said, we have to put in our time and efforts to work together and make it come true. While it is not a good idea to bank on government and political agents to help the nation realize his dream, we as individuals can definitely make a change, transcending all barriers, as the Missile Man once quoted.

Technology Vision 2020

Not all images in every story are owned by us or by our contributing authors. We, at times, use images from the web that closely represent the story theme. And we make sure to provide due credit to those images by linking back to their original sources. The societal grid consists of: Interconnecting the healthcare institutions of the government, corporate and superspeciality hospitals. Interconnecting the central government and state governments and district and block level offices for G2G and G2C connectivity.

Want to Support the Indian Rhino Vision 2020?

Connecting the PURA nodal centers with the village knowledge centres and domain service providers. Since this is the backbone for rural development, all other grids will infuse the knowledge into this grid for sustainable development, healthcare and good governance. Integrated village knowledge centers will act as an inter-connected delivery mechanism for tele-education, tele-medicine and e-governance services apart from individual access by the people, within and between the village knowledge centres through the PURA grid.

We have, so far discussed all the four connectivities required for the societal transformation.

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These connectivities can form the basis for providing platform for societal transformation leading to empowerment. This will blossom with the enabling environment of trust and confidence in the overall system. Nurturing Development,' I would like to recall my address to the Pan African Parliament on September 16, , at Johannesburg, South African which was attended by heads of 53 member countries of the African unit.

There I announced the willingness of Government of India to provide seamless and integrated satellite, fiber optics and wireless network connecting 53 African countries. This will provide three connectivities: Heads of the State Network for e-governance; Tele-education network for higher education, skill enhancement and capacity building; and Tele-medicine for providing health care and super specialty medicare.

The government of India has already commenced the project in partnership with African Union and it will be completed by early Now I would like to discuss with you another international partnership model for high-tech product development for world market. Design and develop products for world market In order to achieve global competitiveness, the product must be world-class with high quality, high cost-effectiveness and must be available in time within the shelf life of the product. I would like to share a unique experience of design, development, production and marketing of a missile system -- Brahmos, an Indo-Russian joint venture.

What we have achieved through this venture is the development and realisation of a world-class product using the synergy of technological competence and consortium of industries of partner countries.

Vision India 2020 : Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Mission

In addition, the product being internationally competitive, it is able to service a large market with availability in time and state of the art performance at reduced cost per unit. This will put India, a global defence exporter. Moreover, with minimum incremental investment the product has been developed and led to production and induction, at a relatively short time frame, well ahead of prescribed schedule.

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This has enabled early entry of the product into the world market well before any competitor could emerge. I would like the civil industries to emulate this example and design and develop commercial products for international markets. This will lead to a win-win situation for the partner industries and enable availability of product at a low cost for the customer leading to nation's wealth generation.

Our experiences in mission mode programmes I remember, during the s India was in a state of ship to mouth existence in food. If the American ships did not bring wheat, there will be a famine in India. But there were two visionaries who worked together with the farming community and brought the first green revolution.

Today, we produce million tonne of food grains, which is not only sufficient for us but also available for export. Around the same time, Varghese Kurien masterminded the white revolution, which resulted in placing India at the top of the world map of milk producers. In India much innovation and creative thinking took place at various phases of our development. Dr Vikram Sarabhai in the s said that India should design and develop large satellite launch vehicle and put communication satellite and remote sensing satellite in geo-synchronous orbit and polar orbit respectively.

This vision statement ignited hundred of scientists, technologists and thousands of technicians. Today India is capable of building any type of satellite launch vehicle and satellite. Similarly, the vision of nuclear programme led to establishing series of nuclear power plants adding nearly 4,megawatt power to our electrical grid of , megawatt. There is a proposal to increase the nuclear power to 20, megawatt by In the 80s, India had a very low base in information technology.

Some young entrepreneurs with their innovative and creative thoughts and within the difficult boundary conditions of India's rules and regulations, demonstrated how IT enabled services can fetch export revenue. Subsequently, even the government had to bring out innovative and liberalised IT policies. Similarly, the pharma industries are making a positive impact in the Indian economy. Wherever the government works in mission mode, the programme is successful. Directory of Partnerships Two decades ago, there has not been many international partnerships in India. Therefore, one could keep track of all the partnerships entered into by various business houses.

In the recent past there is a trend of increased partnerships by India with many countries. However, we do not have a database on all the partnerships which are presently operational in the country.

Words Essay on India Vision

Since CII has been conducting the Partnership Summit for the last twelve years, I would recommend creation of a directory of existing partnerships, which commenced from the year and publish this as a partnership directory giving details of the country, scope, progressive financial performance, brand image and the benefits accrued to the partner countries. This information placed in the web portal can be updated very frequently. This will enable propagation of real meaning of globalization.

In addition, this will stimulate more partnerships and draw our youth into partnership operations. Conclusion In India, we have seen whenever a vision is generated, missions are created and mission mode operations have succeeded in governmental setup like space programme, atomic energy programme, agriculture programme, milk programme and defence research programme.

Also in the private sectors, we have instances of empowered management systems particularly in Pharma and IT Sectors. However, it can be seen that there is a large funding for rural development is emerging through Bharat Nirman Programme encompassing multi-ministries. There is a big challenge in evolving a management structure and to enable convergence of multiple ministries in the state and central Governments.

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With the background of successful mission mode operations in certain government programmes and the distinction between public and private sector and the illusory primacy of one over the other is vanishing, there is a possibility of evolving a management structure. What is needed is a creative leader. Who is the creative leader? Creative leadership means exercising the vision to change the traditional role from the commander to the coach, manager to mentor, from director to delegator and from one who demands respect to one who facilitates self-respect.

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  7. I am sure creative leadership spearheads all the institutions and the future aspiring institutions. For a prosperous and developed India or any other country, the important thrust will be on the growth in the number of creative leaders and innovative organisations that can create wealth through dedicated management system.

    I inaugurate the Partnership Summit and my best wishes to all the participants for success in their mission of shaping growth and nurture development of their industries, organisations and thereby their nation. May God bless you. What do you think about the story? Number of User Comments: Good Its really wonder.. If we follow our president..