Trust in Me (Lean On Me Book 3)

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This is a story about many women and men. Each with his or her pain, concerns and fear. Underneath everything else it is a book about forgiveness for those who hurt you, for those who you blamed and lastly for yourself. Depending on how you count, this is a book of 3, 5 or more romances and the trouble people can feel while trying not to do the wrong things for others. It is not always an easy book to read.

The abuse and inability to prevent it, the blame and pain it causes, and the toll that adults put on the children, deliberately or accidentally, is so realistic it hurts. The resolutions of each situation are not pat answers, but bring healing and an awareness that love and support can be achieved with openness and love.

Trust In Me

I look foreword to her next ones. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. While redemption is the theme of this story, it is troubling that redemption excuses bad behavior. The tones of redemptive trials and change are here there is still excused behaviors like battering but education makes it go away , fornication and pregnancy outside of marriage but since I talk to God and went to divinity school it is ok , etc.

Flawed characters like Beth and Ron were well done.

Doc and Tucker were well developed and redemption was apparent in theses characters, the abuse of others characters was glossed over. As someone who has worked with domestic abuse survivors, this romanticized risks and behaviors these women and children endure. This is the only book I've read of Kathryn Shays, so I didn't know what to expect. When I first started reading it, my first reaction was to delete it from my Kindle. The sex, drugs and language in the first chapter isn't the genre I enjoy reading.

I decided to give it more of a chance and continued to the next chapter. I am happy I did, they grew up and started dealing with real life problems.

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There was still some drugs and sex but not the descriptive way it started. I felt I knew how the book was going to end but enjoyed the journey to get to that conclusion. One person found this helpful. These six friends have been through everything together. They had a rough time in their youth. When it really mattered, some feel like they let Annie down. Beth is so strong and she doesn't want to have anyone help. Margo is afraid to trust. Joe is seeking forgiveness. Linc wants Margo to accept him for who he is.

Tucker was not part of the group but he is still seeking forgiveness. They will all be there for each other but it is the forgiveness and trust that needs to be given and earned. This book was absolutely amazing. It dealt with very real life issues in such a positive way. I loved every character, every story within.

3 Books You Should Read Before Implementing Lean Software Development – Playsoft

I hated when it ended. The ending was so good. I would recommend it to anyone. I felt so connected to the characters and their lives. I found this book initially difficult to get in to, then impossible to put down. The characters are well developed, and you can understand their feelings, what they did, and why. They are true to life, and with whom you can identify and understand.

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One can see the reasons behind what they become, and how they battle with their ghosts of the past. They are all real, believable people, with whom you can identify. Have you ever eaten a meal so delicious you didn't want to take the last bite or had such a wonderful day, you didn't want it to end well this book, I didn't want t end. Very tough subjects were handled with understanding and thoughtfulness.

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We start out with this book as more of a refresher in Scrum principles. As with any skills, like meditation or running, you must first master the basics before you can advance. Even in these two examples, you must return to the beginning to hone the basics. Something to remember is that Scrum is a methodology by which to produce your game, but it is not completely separate from the Lean software development process, as it was developed in part with Lean management in mind. These were our key takeaways and bullets to remember:.

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I can sense you scratching your head. Let me explain why we recommend this book. To make a major change, a proper foundation must be laid and tested. Continuing on the establishing a strong culture theme, you must also establish a strong sense of trust within your teams. I once had a weight training coach who told me as I was doing front raises that I must keep my core tight during the exercise or else it would be like firing a cannon out of a canoe.

This book is told in a story format and goes beyond the primary dysfunction of a team lack of trust and explains how to help your team rebuild. What do you think of our foundational pack of books? These were our key takeaways and bullets to remember: Make it work for you.