The Imbeciles Guide to Computers and the Internet

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When is a job, you will have good days and no so good days. I find carpentry relaxing. If I would work hours every day doing that as a job, probably will not like doing it as a hobby. I sometimes feel this way too. In fact I find a lot of people are awkward today without their phones. No one knows how to make conversation anymore. I like my computer. I think our problem is we see the fricking truth guys. Too many people live outside their means.

This is why global warming is imminent, among other things. But damn it feels good.

Hang in there everyone. Keep believing and living and loving what we do, and fight the good fight. Really feeling what you wrote here. Mostly my real interests these days have moved from software, hardware, tinkering, and engineering to things that I feel more emotionally and physically connected with: I used to get energized by figuring new things out in my digital world. I think that it is ok to move on to something else, and to embrace that change. Most people on earth do not. Nothing new, think slot-machines. As engineers, we should just boycott that with our keyboards.

Go work on something that matters. Is it another social something? Is it an app that does payday loans? What is the biggest problem of our time? The one thing that can get a billion people killed? Think about it, then go work on it. I am sure sw is related in one way or another. Motivation is correlated to both effectiveness on the job and well-being.

I have to say I do not relate to many comments here emphasizing the hedonistic principle, doing things because they give pleasure, or the materialistic principle, do what pays best. I have lost the spark that would make me cherish the moment I would sit right in front of my computer and tinker around my system to see how things work behind the scenes. It took me over 2 hours on the phone with someone to remotely troubleshoot and bring it back online. That also makes me a slave to them sometimes. Probably my life would be a lot simpler if computers were left out of the loop: I likely could have found other and interesting work to pay for my travels.

It reminds me of money itself. Most people work tirelessly to earn it, and then enjoy spending it to compensate for any ill-feelings. Actually I think less is more; Zen might be: This is definitely a part of it, yes. In fact a lot of people get to that point after a while: Getting rid of bits is great. In general, though, yeah: I actually started doing something again that I did a long time ago but stopped doing back then.

My back hurts, so I started yoga etc. I used to bicycle a lot before I married. Now I read-walk to park and back for lunch to hold on to some of the fitness I lost.

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The 3 mile round trip perfectly fills an hour lunch, and the route is relatively low traffic. The danger is minimized. I have to agree. But I still enjoy computers. I have a personal hatred for voice recognition, by the way. So I play computer games that are offline for the most part. I have an old laptop that does everything I want and I mean, everything. I once ran an entire school off it via virtual machines. My phone is a basic smartphone. I use it to play some puzzle games.

And what do I do for a living? I put iPads into the hands of schoolchildren I did not choose the machine! Failing that, a command line and a copy of gcc. The stuff I write is inferior and outdated and based on old principles in an old languages.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic - Complete Imbecile Guide to installing Gentoo in 20 minutes!

Part of it is getting old. Part of it is technology fatigue honestly could not care what tech is in the news. How much more infrastructure do you want to use to do a simple task? And part of it is almost certainly deliberately isolating myself to a small group or on my own when I do that.

Except there is no VR.

Advanced Brewing

It sounds to me like you intuit the need for a healthy sense of balance in life. People who delve down the rabbit-hole of tech can lose perspective, sometimes to a dangerous degree. We meat-puppets are social creatures who need to interface in person with our fellow meat-puppets in order to stay mentally healthy. Your stated desire to eat in restaurants and engage in the analogue offline world is great. Perhaps someone will still be reading it. That article resonated deeply with my current mindset. So after a couple fun years with the Amiga, which saw me basically just using it instead of programming it even though I did upgrade to bigger machines with harddrives that could host a C development environment , in I finally got my first Linux.

SLS if anyone remembers.

Anything was open source, I could just peek into the source, change something, recompile. I was delighted by some really ingenious developments anyone remember when the O 1 scheduler arrived? I was still mostly a user, but I felt like I was in control and understood what was under the hood pretty well. And if not, I always knew where to find out more. Lots and lots of years later I actually got into assembly again and had lots of fun optimizing the heck out of a compute heavy piece of software, utilizing hand-optimized SIMD code all over the place and even got a diploma thesis out of it.

I did not realize at the time that I was already one of the last dinosaurs. The problem is — we know how things are supposed to work. We know what piece of art a subroutine, a library, or even a whole program can be if someone went that extra mile. But hardly anyone does anymore. Often written by some monkey who just sees programming as a job and thinks lots of LoC produced is going to make him look good to his supervisors. Or producing the fastest results. There are exceptions, like some Linux distros which try to make the best of whatever their upstreams give them to work with, and perhaps even run working bugtrackers and feed back patches.

But that is a closing niche. Techs have pretty much given in to the time-to-market pressure. Take any smartphone, any receiver, any router. Many even run Linux and most still suck badly. No root access, no updates again, exceptions exist but they are very rare. I think what plays a major role in the lack of excitement is that back then, the prospect of a free network run by free software on ever more powerful computers we could fully tinker with seemed like a very bright future ahead.

And that what we got instead is mildly depressing, to say the least. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Leave this field empty. Privacy and legal details. Powered by WordPress and Prototype. AdamW on Linux and more. Personal Technical Mandriva Red Hat.

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That could come off wrong, though. I barely read Twitter. Or…any of those things. Or a Google Home. Or really anything except my computer. One of my major criteria for buying things is whether they can do their job without a network connection I use computers for…well, I use them for reading stuff. Posted in Fedora , Personal. Amir Rahnama November 5, at 2: OriginalGeek November 5, at 2: Bibble November 7, at 5: JustAnotherNumber November 5, at 3: A November 5, at 3: Anonymous November 5, at 5: Jay November 5, at 5: Duvelle Jones November 5, at 5: Well, that sucks to hear.

My question to you is this, do you need computers to be a hobby to keep you interest? Andrew November 8, at 5: Rod April 6, at 6: Jeewan November 5, at 6: He explains connections, the various statement objects, SQL, and several results of objects in loving detail. Siple gives metadata interfaces more attention than most books do and also covers advanced concepts. He walks you through the process of creating what he calls DataBeans, which are JavaBeans--compliant modules that you can reuse to create many different databases.

He also explains how to create a database browser that you can use to browse any SQL92 database. The book wraps up with a java. Though you may want to look elsewhere for really advanced information, this one's a good bet for your bookshelf. Using this book and CD-ROM, you'll proceed from the basics right through to the development of your own database browser: Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

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This is a comprehensive guide to using Java for accessing and using databases on Intranets and the Internet. The book covers several ways of doing this: JDBC has been the subject of much hyperbole. It is likely to be the tool of choice, but it has not been put to use yet so no one can be sure.

This title covers the first real implementations.

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ODBC offers a known way of accessing and using databases coupled with Java. The book gives equal weight to both. There is also important coverage of SQL, the backbone of both technologies. The CD includes test-driven demos of commercial software and sample code in C, Java and SQL code written for specifications that can be put immediately to work. Read more Read less. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. At this point you should realize what a wonderful job has been done with this installer--kudos to Fabio!!!!!

Last edited by javabiz on Thu Dec 22, 9: Thu Dec 22, 8: Some formatting would help make that readable. So whatever it is, it is. Please move this back under install section. This makes Gentoo world class instead of a hard to install distro! Thu Dec 22, 9: Hard to install doesn't necessarily mean What about the time it takes to - read the manual - compile programs -divvy the drive -tweak the kernel -install drivers -attach to the internet -install hundreds of programs -setup the network -check the forums -google on problems -decipher the updates -download the updates -install all the guis you want kde, gnome -install the programmer environments If you have days to do this--you either are financialy independent or wholed up in a prison!

Me, I would rather have everything installed and then start to push the buttons! Thu Dec 22, Complete Imbecile Guide to installing Gentoo in 20 minut. Fri Dec 23, Thank you for not crossposting, or posting multiple threads on the same topic.