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One Serious Crater - This giant crater was formed by a huge meteor collision long ago. The impact destroyed the civilization that flourished on the moon, which is how Culmina Crater came to be. The crater itself is so massive, you cannot see the bottom. Seeing the Bright Side - From here you can observe galaxies shining in ways you never could from home. Culmina Crater features vistas entirely unique from those you can find on the Dark Side of the Moon and Honeylune Ridge.

If you're feeling down or disheartened, just take a look up at the Milky Way from here. If you look closely, it seems to resemble the city hall in New Donk City. Some think it's based on New Donk City Hall. According to researchers, it might be one of the last remnants of the civilization that once flourished on the moon.

But with little evidence, this theory lacks credibility. A Lone Pipe in the Crater - This is the only pipe that connects to the lunar interior. If you find it, we don't recommend jumping right in. What awaits is a trial so harsh, it lives up to the name Culmina Crater. I wanna die everyday. All I can think is what's the point. People love me but I don't deserve their love.

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I deserve nothing when I can't even find the energy to care anymore. Dj Frederixk 2 days ago You might not read all of this Hey listen, i have depression and my girl just broke up with me today but trust me- your not alone- you may be on the edge like me but people do love you and would hate for you to leave them- you have to stay strong for people, dont take anyones pain for yours- dont cause yourself pain in anyway because if anyone saw that- its would hurt them too Liam McIntosh 2 weeks ago Not sounding cliche but I really have never connected on a level of an artist in my entire life like x.

He spoke truth and he exposed his inner demons, it helped expose mine and his music got me through tough times. Never have I heard such pain and emotion in a song. X will always have a place in my heart because of how I can feel his pain, and how he can feel mine through his songs. He connected with me when I thought nobody could feel such pain.

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Lucy Wanjiru 2 days ago Me too Life is a bitch. Dammon T 5 months ago May his soul rest and live eternally in peace. I'm over this crap 5 months ago the tears won't stop. Lil Boyardee 5 months ago Every time i listen to a musician and like them they die or break up. I don't want to do this anymore.

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  • Maybe his just tryna spread the message. You don't have to be that cruel. Lizbeth Candlefeather sso 3 weeks ago Shut up, seriously. This is a serious thing that X has died, and you're just gonna copy and paste? Genesis Goode 3 weeks ago How long did that take? Nasty yy 1 week ago Wow your so.

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    FearLyssRiot 3 days ago Hamza S. Idelane 1 month ago He made a community. We are a family and we are gunna go through this together. We are a huge family. Timeless Volunteer 5 months ago It was for clout. My dick is unbelievably small, But 5 months ago Francisco O. Rodriguez I know what you mean you felt a connection to him through his music and he has helped me out om some dark places in my life. Jeremy Parshall 5 months ago umm because he lived that life style. My dick is unbelievably small, But 5 months ago Jeremy Parshall exept he didnt live that way.

    He always spreaded positive energy and tried to make up for the things he had done in the past. Kubix 5 months ago Hes alive tho Jeremy Parshall 5 months ago Christoffel Lubbe I guess smacking a girl in the face in a instagram post is spreading positivity as well. My dick is unbelievably small, But 5 months ago Jeremy Parshall The girl said it was fake and that they were just playing. Jeremy Parshall 5 months ago Christoffel Lubbe ooo ok I guess beating his pregnant ex is fake too??

    My dick is unbelievably small, But 5 months ago Jeremy Parshall He has helped alot of lives and probably saved alot too. I dont care if he was arrested for robbery he was awesome and was the reallest artist to live. My dick is unbelievably small, But 5 months ago Jeremy Parshall He helped me with my depression but you are saying people dont change so does that mean I am going to kill myself. Have respect for the dead and at least have respect for the fact that he has helped many people like me that felt alone in this world. My dick is unbelievably small, But 5 months ago Kubix that video is almost a year old.

    Look at the profile pic that video was because of the stunt he used to promote riot. Jeremy Parshall 5 months ago Christoffel Lubbe I never said people with depression can't change I have had severe depression and anxiety my whole life. I never said anything about people with mental issues can't change. Jeremy Parshall 5 months ago Christoffel Lubbe i get it he made good music nut how do u know he wasnt doing criminal activities when he wasnt making music??

    My dick is unbelievably small, But 5 months ago Jeremy Parshall And fuck your statistics. Jeremy Parshall 5 months ago Christoffel Lubbe what is to say he was part of the percentage who don't change? Jeremy Parshall 5 months ago Christoffel Lubbe but how can you forgive someone I don't know??!! Jeremy Parshall 5 months ago Christoffel Lubbe how do u know he actually changed? Jeremy Parshall 5 months ago I understand that his music touched you but you don't know him. My dick is unbelievably small, But 5 months ago Jeremy Parshall Btw tupac was acused of asaulting a girl but he is seen as a god.

    Prince Lamar 5 months ago edited Jeremy Parshall you say that he made good music to make money and he was a bad guy but why would he make his music and help millions of people if he was a bad guy and saying that he's probably putting a front right now to earn money that's going way to far, like the guy who has replied to you said have some respect for the dead especially since his death was only yesterday.

    Women dont ever realize how much shit we as men can take, then they keep hurting us and pushing us till we snap. Its not right but some men just snap with all the bs stress the women causes. Everyone is only human and only take so much. Kid Gamer 5 months ago Let's hope he say's hi to the legend's idk how anybody can kill somebody with that kind of smile. Kieran 5 months ago uzoma onwuatogwu soldier. My dick is unbelievably small, But 5 months ago Aye it's your boi I know as we are stil defending him even in death I think back at all the times before where I would just debunk the stupid shit everyone posts but now I cry everytime I tell someone how he helped me and everyone els like me.

    Millie lostsoul 5 months ago Lucas Tishler Just shows that envy exists, pure hatred, and cowards definitely exists cause pussies that did it first didn't even give face and second had to use a gun so i hope they don't think they gangsta cause they not and i also hope they dont have to worry about predicting their own death cause everyone can already tell them Let's not jump to Conclusions.

    His girl made false accusations for clout and money. She knew she would probably win given his past. Kaelen Matascastillo 5 months ago Jeremy Parshall dude, if you dont know what you're talking about dont talk. Kaelen Matascastillo 5 months ago Kubix Ur so gullible.

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    • Kaelen Matascastillo 5 months ago Jeremy Parshall Dude what's your problem. You dont know what your talking about.

      Kaelen Matascastillo 5 months ago Jeremy Parshall Ur arguement is based off of statistics that dont mean anything you act like you know this man inside and out yet you clearly have not done any digging before just deciding to be a dick to fans he liked this man a lot. Go be toxic somewhere else. CreepyPasta 5 months ago Lucas Tishler hes not dead!!!!!! RockAngel 5 months ago Lucas Tishler He got sacrificed AlexDmt 5 months ago Solidier. Purp 5 months ago He has a history of violence..

      Noah Olsen 5 months ago Jenny Fierro u dumb as hell drake didn't do it always tryna accuse people with proof STFU don't talk if you don't know what u talking about. I bet you feel stupid af for blaming an innocent person Knowing he ain't even do it. Ari 5 months ago Lucas Tishler some would say he was robbed, which yes he was. Dillzyy 5 months ago put it like this, if someone has 20k usd in a bag would u kill him? XX T0 5 months ago Well. They tried to rob him. Then they went into his car and took his lv bag.

      Isaac Gonzales 5 months ago People want to take away the chances that you got that they could never get. X will always be alive in our hearts and minds, may the God himself rest easy, but may his music be alive with us always. Veahh 5 months ago No actually Soldier. He chose Jahseh because he wanted to be the only Triple X. He then created the story he killed him and deleted posts to get people to follow him he went from like 4k to k in 2 days.

      K-391 & Alan Walker - Ignite (feat. Julie Bergan & Seungri)

      The gang leaders chose Dedrick and them to kill him because they already had charges against him and they were already gonna go to jail anyways. Trudian Foster 5 months ago Lucas Tishler. Hunter Kraemer 5 months ago Lucas Tishler exactly Sarah 5 months ago He better get rapped in prison. Cheryl Blossom 5 months ago geneva got jumped and admitted to it she lied and gave him a bad image.

      X was all about positivity and people shouldn't spread a negative lie with his name since he isn't here to defend himself. Chloe Price 4 months ago Stop spreading negativity people, this is exactly what he died trying to change. Yes, he did do some unforgivable acts but everyone does at least once, he just started to change. Trent Hubbard 4 months ago Francisco O. Rodriguez same, I don't even know what to do. I'll never understand this fucking world. Haley Smith 4 months ago with success comes people who would rather see you fall over nothing rather then just sparing that one life that could have to absolute ability to touch people Kenzie Kirby 4 months ago They killed him because no one likes people who have power.

      He was killed because the amount of money he had and the amount of people he had following him and believing in him. He was killed because of jealousy,it makes me sick. That botch was lying. Maria del Mar Yamin 3 months ago Neither do I. Jah most likely was what most men inspire to be They will rot, he will shine on. The killers' target was the Lui bag, when he wouldn't give it up they shot him. Brazyy Bharbie 3 months ago Exactly but that just prove thatttt some ppl are walkin demons 0. Ignacio Romero 3 months ago charges dropped vro Noey person 3 months ago Beacuse something is truly wrong with us humans a person with depression and a person without it see the world very different, the people with depression she the world without a filter Ugly, grey, Evil, scary, dark, ruined and the people without it see it with a filter Getting worked on, beautiful but truly it's both, Beautiful, ugly, getting worked on, dark, ruined, grey, Evil, Scarey.

      Now of course there's more bad stuff than good it just depends on your mindset to see which one more. KamiKage 3 months ago I do XD hes famous everyone famous is target especially the gods: It wasn't anything about that. Rachel Vargas 3 months ago sam greer theirs so many other people to rob. Leonard Hornsby 2 months ago Lucas Tishler frfr sad thing is hes from my county i was lucky to meet him once.

      Leonard Hornsby 2 months ago Lucas Tishler cousin set him up Zamani Jones 2 months ago yeah Sup Lol 2 months ago Jeremy Parshall 3 months late but she dropped the case before but then the court put it back up for some dumb reason, then after his death she dropped it again so u might say because X fans threaten her but y did she dropped it before his wayyy before his death? Besides she was lying of course n she wasnt pregnant so get ur shit right!! Lil Driller 2 months ago shellie Rosales boi fuck u. Nick Ponticelli 2 months ago same reason he hurt a bunch of people its a fucked up world man.

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      One of them ran round to the other side of the car and jumped in and the other guy shot him and then they took off. If x had given up his goods he would still be alive. Unfortunately his machismo kicked in and as a result he was shot and killed. We all know he could fight and he preferred fists and knives to guns but the reality is that once you are making a million dollars plus a year you need armed security especially if you want to mix with people and try to be yourself otherwise you leave yourself open to killers, robbers, bullies and the jealous as well as the fame hungry and the crazies.

      He could have made back any stolen money with one concert. Hell I would have given them the car as well and said enjoy it cos you are just trying to get yours, the only way you know how. After all what is money worth next to your life. Remember the guys who killed him probably had the same sort of upbringing as xxx - he was charged with numerous robberies and burglaries with a gun when he was younger. He was just lucky he didn't shoot anyone but maybe that was because he had some restraint. A few weeks later when 69 was hijacked he gave up the money and instead of trying to fight he ran and ran fast and so he is still alive.

      Just think if 2pac had been killed at 20 he would have hardly left anything! Preston S 2 months ago I feel one of the deadliest sins was present. And that would be the sin, known as greed. YvN6 JaY 2 months ago Jeremy Parshall you contradicted yourself with that whole "you don't know if he's doing criminal activity when he's not making music" speech Depressed Doggo 2 months ago I know right. Makes me disappointed in the human race. Ronald Martin 2 months ago The obsession of money is the root of all evil. Christian Washburn 2 months ago same i would never understand why someone would just shoot him out of nowhere.

      X tried to change and get rid of his pass, he helped me got through so many thing Dominic Guerrero 2 months ago Jenny Fierro tf is you talking about hoe? Nicole Segobo 1 month ago Exactly ,he was only Kiraina 1 month ago Dude Like, fucking why would someone want to kill anyone? Sara Mcdaniels 1 month ago Lucas Tishler IKR like he was such a sweet man he saved people from killing there selves like Nukku Matti 1 month ago Xv.

      Queen riyaaa Helper 1 month ago Xv. It appeals to MY sadness and it's amazingly beautiful. But I didn't know he has been recently killed! Do some research before you talk crap about a dead man. Sebastian Fila Skateboarding 1 month ago maybe to make him feel better I feel so sad now TBEKorupt 1 month ago Greed. People who have no soul and don't have remorse. People who hate themselves so much that will do anything to see people hurt to make them feel a little better. People who wanted what he had and were too lazy to go an get it. People who don't feel and want people to feel sad so they feel good.

      Sickens me to see such a positive human go in such a negative way at such a young age. The next generation will never understand the impact he had on millions of people. Klaus Heisler 1 month ago Xv. Genna Jones 1 month ago he was successful. The beauty queen Heather 1 month ago Exactly. He was a great singer. He was one of the people that made me happy every day. Kian Nogueira 1 month ago cj ballerxx revenge.

      Kian Nogueira 1 month ago cj ballerxx people kill for that no matter the cost. X was a smart man, but made the wrong choice. His ex lied and it was confirmed. Sofiedavida 2 weeks ago: Freeman Battle 2 weeks ago Same bro I feel you! Erkin Kalkan 1 week ago Jealousy and hatred is a bad things bro very bad so bad.. Jacob Craft 1 week ago Lucas Tishler u would never understand the depression me and other people go through then. Wanting to cut one more time hoping to end it all.

      Irrational Squid 1 week ago TragiicScopeZ it's debatable whether he did or not. Crusty Musty 3 days ago and count his money after? The funny thing is "kill me" was play A cAv 1 month ago B! Abstract Wxlf 2 weeks ago B! JJ 1 week ago X ain't dead He talks about selling his soul to the devil.

      2006 coloring pages of indians high tech coloring pages of indians free page adult keeping watch

      Ehchs 1 year ago YKO Ijin if you listen to King of the Dead by x it says "fuck the devil for his wealth" so I don't think he sold his soul. Solitude 1 year ago Shits all metaphorical, he's not a satanist. Just has the meaning of giving into temptations and doing things that are probably not always seen as good.

      Raphael Ureta 1 year ago Where is Jocelyn Flores? Janiya Robinson 1 month ago edited X: