In the Teeth of the Evidence: Lord Peter Wimsey Book 14 (Lord Peter Wimsey Series)

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The French fleet is massing in the Basque Roads in a near impregnatable position. The Admiralty orders Cochrane to command an attack, to the chagrin of more senior officers who object to being overlooked and Cochrane's reputation for daring. Cochrane insists that his new friend, Kydd, is in the forefront of the assault armada, a motley collection of rocket, bomb and fire ships that will set the anchorage ablaze - this despite Kydd's almost pathological fear of fire.

The fallout from what follows will see Kydd financially ruined, with only his former shipmates, his oldest friend of all, Nicholas Renzi, and the whisper of hidden Spanish treasure promising the sea of gold that he needs to save himself. A chilling note predicting the deaths of six people is found in a school's time capsule, ten years after it was buried.

But surely, if a thirteen-year-old wrote it, it can't be a real threat Detective Huldar suspects he's been given the investigation simply to keep him away from real police work. He turns to psychologist Freyja to help understand the child who hid the message. Soon, however, they find themselves at the heart of another shocking case.

For the discovery of the letter coincides with a string of macabre events: His initials are BT, one of the names on the note. Huldar and Freyja must race to identify the writer, the victims and the murderer, before the rest of the targets are killed The first in an exciting new series from 'Iceland's outstanding crime novelist' Daily Express Yrsa Sigurdardottir. His first murder case is like nothing he's seen before - a bizarre attack on a seemingly blameless woman.

The only evidence is a list of numbers found at the scene, and the testimony of the victim's eleven-year-old daughter, who isn't talking. While his team attempt to crack the code, Huldar turns to child psychologist Freyja for her expertise with traumatised young people. Because time is running out Captain Sir Thomas Kydd's famous sea action aboard Tyger has snatched his reputation from ignominy. He is the hero of the hour. But though Britain's Navy remains imperious, a succession of battles has seen Napoleon victorious on mainland Europe.

In an attempt to prevent the French from taking control of Denmark's navy, Kydd's great friend Nicholas Renzi - now Lord Farndon - is sent on a desperate diplomatic mission to persuade the Danes to give up their fleet to Britain. But the Danes are caught between two implacable forces and will not yield, opting instead for the inferno of battle. It is and Lord Peter Wimsey has returned from his honeymoon to set up home with his cherished new wife, the novelist Harriet Vane.

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As they become part of fashionable London society they encounter the glamorous socialite Rosamund Harwell and her wealthy impressario husband Laurence. Unlike the Wimseys, they are not in love - and all too soon, one of them is dead. A murder case that only Lord Peter Wimsey can solve. Three of Lord Peter Wimsey's most baffling cases demonstrate his unique detection skills at their most spectacular.

The engima of a house numbered thirteen in a street of even numbers; an indignant child accused of theft, a dream about a game of chess that uncovers the true story behind a violent death.

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Each of the stories introduces a different side of the twentieth century's most ingenious detective hero. This book also features a biographical essay by Janet Hitchman, Sayers' first biographer. An accident, said the police. Murder, said the famous detective Lord Peter Wimsey - and proceeded to track down the killer. They plan to have a quiet country honeymoon. Set in a country village seething with secrets and snobbery, this is Dorothy L. Sayers' last full-length detective novel. Variously described as a love story with detective interruptions and a detective story with romantic interruptions, it lives up to both descriptions with style.

Harriet Vane has never dared to return to her old Oxford college. Now, despite her scandalous life, she has been summoned back. At first she thinks her worst fears have been fulfilled, as she encounters obscene graffiti, poison pen letters and a disgusting effigy when she arrives at sedate Shrewsbury College for the 'Gaudy' celebrations. But soon, Harriet realises that she is not the only target of this murderous malice - and asks Lord Peter Wimsey to help.

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Dorothy L Sayers is one of the best detective story writers. I admire her novels A truly great storyteller. The classic British detective series featuring amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey.

In the Teeth of the Evidence by Dorothy L. Sayers

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Lord Peter Wimsey Book 14

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. My bad that I didn't research enough to know Lord Peter Wimsey was only in one of the stories. Rest others are based on other characters. Nonetheless, good collection of stories. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. He is wealthy enough to do what he wants with his life, and has devoted himself to oenology, bibliophily, and criminology, i. Unfortunately, Lord Peter appears in only two stories in this collection by Dorothy Sayers: He is fond of quoting maxims from "The Salesman's Handbook" and quite frankly, lacks Lord Peter's sparkle and wit.

The rest of the short stories are a miscellaneous collection of mysteries, featuring no one in particular. This book also contains a preview of "Striding Folly" with Lord Peter at his most whimsical after the birth of his son, and a biography of Dorothy L. Reveals Dorothy Sayers' indefatigable research work here teeth and blood types but not her gifts as a novelist. I've now read all the Wimsey novels and most of the short stories; buy this one last.